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  1. Psycho

    Why don't you get in game?

    Yeah, it is crazy unfortunate. However lashing out at others or complaining about it won't solve anything. If you are upset with the current system then either change it or completely destroy it and start from scratch.
  2. Psycho

    My time has come.

  3. Hurting people is so much fun The hardest battles are the won's fought shamelessly. Jacob was born in a shitty hospital, grow up in a shitty town, and lived a shitty life. He pulled himself out from a life of long solitude and despair and rose up to higher heights. After reaching the peaks of online fame he made himself a name and branded himself into the conglomerate world. He go by in life being himself and all went well. Chernarus was yet another nameless vacation of his. A mistake that his life went to shit with the quarantine of the country. He was in Chernarus when it happened. He always had a fascination for blood and murder. And always enjoyed the simple pleasure of pain too. Needless to say his success in life wasn't just simple luck. It was entirely and wholely dependent on his disorder. And his fault was that of being a psychopath. God made Heaven but Man made Hell.
  4. Psycho

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    Don't worry about it. Just think of your time in staff as an amazing learning experience and leadership role and move on to better places. Thats the best anyone can do.
  5. Psycho


  6. Psycho


    Update This is what the save screen looks like and also a pic of the first image I saw when starting a new game. Holy fuck I can tell I'm gonna be playing the shit outta this gem tonight. Also, the music is so EDGY and incredible already gahhhhh :3
  7. Psycho

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I am high a lot
  8. Psycho


    Alright so we reached 10 posts. Story time... -So, I'm going off to college in like 2 weeks and I just came to terms with a lot of shit - I decide that I want my new dorm room to be super ME and be decorated with all the shit I love - I end up breaking and deciding to go all out and ask my mom if I can buy the stuff - I get tons of anime posters, figurines, pillows, and shit - And don't worry, I already plan on buying some body-pillows and shit cause that stuff is hilarious - Anyway, so I know have started my ascension to WEABUDDHISM - Ya'll can catch me later - I've started the beginning of my lifelong anime figure collection - and buying a fucking body pillow in like 2 weeks. - CYA NORMIES LATER on R/greentext
  9. Psycho


    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Psycho


    What WEEB shit have you been up to? This is an open thread meant for discussion of what shows, anime culture, and other weeb shit you've been up to recently. All posts should be made themed around the anime culture. An example of a post appropriate for this would be: a discussion of how you did or did not like a recent anime on Crunchyroll. Another good example would be posting images of POP anime figurines you just bought and showing them off to everyone in the community. Or maybe bragging about how many shows you have completed on your MyAnimeList. Essentially this is the biggest WEEB thread to hopefully ever exist and any and all kinds of anime posts are appreciated and loved Alright, now go nuts sharing your stories, merch, and other anime related things down below! Don't forget to always love life! :3
  11. Psycho


    Greetings and fair tidings weary traveler
  12. Psycho

    The REDS (Recruiting)

    Congrats lads
  13. Psycho

    Real life picture Thread

    I got my hair dyed so here are some dope ass pics of me Before After
  14. Psycho

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    Man I remember that game... good times.
  15. Psycho


    Entering The Other World - [Day of Lorenzo Hunt's Exorcism]