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  1. Psycho




  2. Psycho


    New Childish Gambino song is pretty neat 

  3. Psycho


    Remember when they said .63 beta would be coming in just a few weeks. Yeah... me too.

    unless I missed it or something *cough* *cough*


    Btw the new god of war looks great... also I'm not ded. Also, why can't I post video's in status updates anymore. TF?


    1. Cuntstable


      They said stress tests. And they have done 5 so far and the most recent one was stable , so i would guess 2 weeks until experimental. 

    2. Psycho


      Oh? My magical powers are back. 


      And thanks for filling me in @Saints. I really appreciate the news flash as I've been in the dark for quite a while on all things DayZ...


    3. Cuntstable


      Then do you know you can play singleplayer 63 right now and it's official by the devs.

    4. Zero


      Pepper-Ridge Farms remembers.

    5. Psycho


      Nope, I did not. Although even when .63 comes out I probably won't be playing that much until I have WAAAAAAAAY more free time to do so at a leisurely and enjoyable pace.

  4. Psycho


    Can I make a MEME DUMP Media Thread?


    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      hells yeah

  5. Psycho


    I swear I would burn Novy Sobor down to the ground if I had more free-time #LMAO 


    1. Wulf_jon


      DO IT!!!!


    2. BorisRP



  6. William

    • William
    • Psycho

    yo bro can I get a hit of ur juul

    1. Psycho


      Sorry bud but I don't own a pusy azz juul, I own a MAN's vape 

    2. William


      dont call my juul a pussy

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  7. Psycho

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    That's fine with me. A musician shouldn't be able to stop a group of 8 people who have him restricted from losing a finger. In my eyes this brutal way of things won't ruin or destroy potential RP it will create it. Now the musician has to find a new way to play or has a reason to stop playing music at "safe" hot-spots and act more wary of those around him. And if things go the way I envision them to go I don't think people will abuse the permascar rule but rather the opposite. If people are always able to permascar it will remove the hype/importance of perma-scarring which will make people less likely to perma-scar every single victim they capture. At the same time this rule will prevent badRP'rs from getting away from a hostile situation with only a few bruises because they denied permission for permascar even if they should have clearly been perma-scarred by their captors. I have faith that making perma-scarring allowed will have the opposite effect of what your worried about. And I believe that perma-scarring should be a regular thing that shouldn't be prevented by so many rules but accepted as a normal thing that just happens. But we could always come to a middle ground on this and make a new rule that would for example allow 1 perma-scar per victim so long as the victim is captured by an official group and the group has 5 or more members there. In a scenario like this a single perma-scar should always be allowed no matter what the victim wants. You shouldn't be able to act like god and say, "I don't want you to permascar my character" in a scenario where your character clearly wouldn't get that sort of choice.
  8. Psycho

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Smile, you son of a bitch!" - Jaws
  9. Psycho



  10. Psycho

    Allow the robbery for items once again.

    The apocalypse is mean, gritty, and lawless. If I want to kidnap some stranger off a main road and drag them into the woods and do unspeakable things to them I should be able to. The new rules restrict this and make such a mundane and common trope associated with the post-apocalyptic fantasy setting impossible for the common bandit. I think this is dumb and the rules need to change and have much less restrictions on hostile RP. If people actually had a reason to be afraid of every stranger they met because there was a slim chance a stranger wanted to do bad things to them then it would actually feel like the apocalypse and less of a SIMS game. Honestly, all I see nowadays is people with their guards down acting like the "Friendly Neighbor" whenever they meet a stranger on the road. My brutal idea of what the new hostile rules should be: Remove them. Yeah, as in remove them entirely. There should be zero rules stopping someone from acting hostile towards another person. And I believe that everyone should be able to permascar 1 thing into any victim minimum with zero "Permission" to do so. People shouldn't complain about shiny guns being taken away or getting a finger cut off. These are things to expect in an apocalypse. Keep the BadRP rule in place but remove the rules that limit hostile initiations and edit the rules that limit TortureRP. Keep the GearRP rules in place but be more lax with them as robbing another person should feel natural and not restricted in any way. Make new rules that prevent abusing other players by holding them captive too long, harassing them by constantly initiating on them too frequently, or by re-initiating on them the second they release them. Heavily enforce the rule/idea that ALL WOUNDS received from battle need to be RP'd out and become permanent additions to your character. Just the other day I witnessed someone get shot twice in Novy Sobor. Instead of actually acting like they had gotten shot he quickly bandaged himself and then began running around town screaming and shouting and sprinting everywhere. If you were shot twice in real life you wouldn't be doing that so why the hell would you think that doing this is OK here? I encounter too many scenarios like this on a daily basis. Players need to be FORCED to RP out all wounds so that shooting your buddy or punching him in the middle of town because of the excuse that, "Your bored" doesn't just happen. The apocalypse shouldn't feel like a whimsical joyride it should feel like a terrifying roller coaster of constant developing struggle.
  11. Psycho

    "My way or the highway" vs. BadRP

    Essentially, if the problem is to be fixed we need to bring back FEAR. Let us rob people, let us hurt people, let people actually fear strangers rather than approach them like a blind sheep to a shepherd. The apocalypse is supposed to be gritty, mean, and unforgiving but with the current state of things people can't be hostile unless they spend hours of time devoted to creating a reason for their hostility. As soon as the rules are fixed and the possibility for someone to walk up to a stranger and point a gun at them is allowed once again then the dilemma will go away. Without FEAR the "Apocalypse" is just a word. It doesn't mean anything until the world truly feels like it has ended and has been replaced by a new lawless one.
  12. Psycho

    i return

    Good to see your finally back. Word of advice though, the new hostile rules are going to seriously make or break your attempts at hostile RP. After all my hostile group got put down like a race horse with a hurt leg. Anyway, I'm happy to see you back in action buckaroo. It'll be good to see how new hostilities play out in the new lore after the horror I stirred up. Best of luck if you go down the path I am assuming your planning to go. Really want to see the care bear RP put to an end or at least minimized. Seems like good times and friendly strangers are all I run into nowadays and its starting to ruin the whole "Apocalypse" feel. Sharing is caring right?
  13. Psycho


    - Zero Context Posts are my fav -

  14. Psycho

    Reminiscing Childhood TV Shows

    I essentially grew up watching the Golden Era of Cartoon Network shows Code Name Kids Next Door, Ed Edd n Eddy, The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly dog, Flapjack, Chowder, Adventure Time (Early Seasons), Total Drama Island, Destroy Build Destroy, Hole in the wall, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, etc. It was a great time for Cartoon Network and the greatest time to be a kid. I loved Cartoon Network and I still love going back and watching old shows every now and then to relive that feeling they gave me as a child.
  15. Psycho

    Svoboda Movement