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  1. Lucas Karter's Adventures

    Pics taken whilst playing as Lucas Karter...
  2. @Grayfox - You were amazing as a navigator and I really enjoyed getting to know your character a lot more @isaac lineheart - Really appreciate you patching up my wound, and you totally surprised me with how crude your jokes are @plach - You were great fun to talk to and I enjoyed the company @Randy - Your an awesome hunter and you fit your role rather perfectly, loved the time spent with you watching my back @CaptainFailFace - You only hung out with us for a little bit but you definitely made your impact. Really enjoyed the backstory about you fighting a wolf with a knife @Keira - It was interesting to meet your new character, albeit she was a bit rude at the end, I hope we cross paths again in the future @Jack the Ripper - finally got to meet the husband of the woman who's body was dumped in Stary And anyone else whom I forgot to mention, you know who you are you sexy thang
  3. Dio Brando

    Once again I have written a new Journal entry for Lucas, this time from Jupiter, his new personality.


  4. Getting the team back together (Private Frequency)

    *Lucas Karter is running head on at an infected with a knife in his hand and he charges the knife through the infected's head throwing the lifeless corpse to the ground in the process. His radio begins to buzz as Alistair's voice transmits over the private frequency he had set the radio to earlier. Unzipping a pouch on his jacket he picks it up and holds it in his right hand. Leaning against a barricade along the coastal road, his back pressed against the wreck of a car, he switches the radio to transmit and speaks into the receiver as Jupiter* "District 7 huh, kinda far but I can run a fucking marathon without a problem. I'll head there at the allocated time, you can count on the two of us showing up at that area of Neo-Tokyo. First things firth though, gotta find a pedestrian that knows where the fuck that factory is and can tell me." *He flicks the radio off transmit and stuffs it back into a pouch on his jacket, and then continues to do what he had been doing before, looking for Synths to brutally kill.*
  5. What Ken and Everest think of Hotspots

    That's also currently my mood with Stary
  6. Thanks to @The Traveler @Randy @plach It was really fun running into a dynamic and RP'ing with you guys, especially Traveler, you were great. Also, a quick shoutout to the Ukrainians that held Lucas up today. It was great fun getting a new scar for being "Affiliated" with the Black Fangs. I found it hilarious since my char fucking despises them and you thought I had connections with them.
  7. Offworld Heist. Do or Die time.

    This looks awesome Joff, well done!
  8. An unsettling broadcast (Open Freq)

    *Lucas is laying his back against a tree on a coastal road somewhere in Chernarus. He stares up towards the starry sky and tries to count all of the stars before giving up eventually. Pulling out a recorder and radio from his bag he holds the two close together. The recorder in his left hand and the radio in his right. He first presses down on the PTT button of the radio, transmitting to a random frequency and then he presses the play button of the recorder, letting the recorded audio track play over the frequency's airwaves.* http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/8zgmhgkc5q/Jupiter_sounds_so_strange_NASA_-_Voyager_recording.mp3 *After the recording ends he continues to hold the PTT down for a minute, letting the silence sink in to the minds of the listeners. You can hear distant waves crashing against a shore in the background of the silence as well as grasshoppers. He changes his regular voice being sure to exaggerate the difference so that nobody can recognize him later. After doing so speaks into the transmitter end of the radio in his altered voice saying but a single thing* https://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/mjvjxgczv3/Not_-_way.mp3 *He releases his tired thumb off of the PTT ending his transmission. A crude and disturbing smile curves its way up his face from his lips and after relishing in the thought of others hearing his intentionally disturbing transmission he lays his head back against the tree, still grinning*
  9. Dio Brando

    Edgy and spooky

  10. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Orion vs the motherfucking world... and himself.
  11. Screenshots

    Pics of stuff taken from in-game
  12. Hall of Shame

    I think it's fun to see who has the most "opinions" compared to everyone else on forums. Idk I like it.
  13. Dio Brando

    Just finished making some major changes to my active character's page

  14. Dio Brando

    It's beautiful... 


    This is amazing.jpg

  15. Dio Brando

    Time to introduce phase 2 of Lucas Karter...