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    False Report?

    I mean, that's literally the basis of the entire report is about it being ruleplay. It's literally in the title of that very report. "S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00" How does that not fall into the topic of debating it not being a false report?
  2. ItzzNate

    False Report?

    So initiating is not a good way to go about being punched? I can just shoot them outright and be completely within the rules even if my life isn't "in danger?" EDIT: Sure, maybe if Dusty had a knife and stun lock is a thing like it is now, I could see killing Dusty, but Dusty literally punched him, once. Punching isn't a direct threat to your life like having a genuinely lethal weapon is, it's just grounds for initiating hostile roleplay. Initiating was a way better option and knowing full well that you have friends around, even if they were caught up in something else, is no direct danger to you. That is 100% the textbook definition of ruleplay for gunning down Dusty.
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    looks like an offbrand EFT but with monster NPCs and radiation ill pass tbh
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    What do you listen to ?

  5. ItzzNate

    Old games that you want to see getting a modern reboot.

    bonus song ez choice
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    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    Just curious if you could riddle me why a speeding ticket that shows up on whitepages premium account subscriptions as a criminal record/public court record/public court records, whatever you want to call it, impacts my ability to join a group on a DayZ online roleplaying community, or really, why any of that's necessary to know, even if it is public information? Sure, I get like good ol' Rolando said, researching usernames on google to see if someone's get a VAC ban or an account on a game-cheating website, right, but why is the former needed and why does it become involved in the decision-making of joining the group? I would hope that you understand that if you live in the US, you need a REALLY good reason to run official background checks if they are run through any kind of an actual, legitimate police database rather than just for the reason "but they wanna join my DayZ RP group." Not trying to come off sounding like a dick, just genuinely curious about that statement, and if you're as open to answering questions about it as you seem to be, I'd really like to hear your reasoning for these things.
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    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    ready to kill foreigners esketit
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    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    intense fight about to be on the come-up? play this also this, trials hd and trials evolution on the xbox were the fucking shit
  9. When the infection came, Aleksei faced a menacing force that threatened all global superpowers. When the infection began to push harder, it drove the superpowers out, leaving any hope that was left of the Chernarussian natives to extinction, forcing them to fend for themselves. Aleksei didn't give up, and began to persevere until meeting a like-minded group of guerrilla fighters like him named "Kamenici." It was here where Aleksei's talents began to shine brightly, and his morale began to rise again like it once was, returning his vision of the future to it's former glory of seeing a beautiful and independent Chernarus once more.
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    What do you listen to ?

  11. ItzzNate

    Real life picture Thread

    im blonde now, so thats new
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    What do you listen to ?

  13. ItzzNate

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  14. ItzzNate

    What do you listen to ?

  15. ItzzNate

    Jackals Media Thread

    I see the round drums helped out.
  16. ItzzNate

    Night time finally!!

    NVG’s first; then we implement night time. For now, while zombies can kick my ass and kill me even in day time, I think we should hold off on sun down, that’s just my opinion.
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    What do you listen to ?

  18. ItzzNate

    Bad Version, Server Rejected Connection

    Yo, I've been trying to play on the server now for a little bit and I keep getting this error: I've tried several things so far, I've made sure: 1.) I'm not on an experimental branch or any other branch of DayZ that differs from stable. 2.) I've removed all my other mods EXCEPT the "DayZRP Mod Pack" in an ATTEMPT to make sure that maybe that might have been the problem, it was not. 3.) Verified the integrity of my game cache. 4.) Uninstalled and reinstalled both the mod pack and the game itself. No luck. Running out of solutions, so I'm resorting here. Anyone got an answer?
  19. *The faint whirring of an A-10 is heard, grazing a trench in the hot desert sand of Afghanistan. Yelling is heard in the background, gun shots and explosions surround the remaining US Marines, sand kicking-up and covering a majority of them.* "PUSH UP, KEEP MOVING, WE HAVE ONE OF US INJURED," a familiar voice is heard on David's left. Very dazed and vision-blurred, David lifts his head up off the sand for a second before setting it back down again. Staring up at the hot, blinding sun for a second before an M1 Abrams trucks heavily over a slight hill to his right loudly, David is rushed over to by a fellow Marine. Looking down, blood can be seen covering his uniform in a majority of spots. Squinting, David feels a hand press against his chest as he's laid back down again. "Stop looking at your wounds, focus on me and me alone, keep awake and don't fall asleep, do you understand me?" Lance Corporal Ryans says to him. *A loud winding noise is heard before a bright, white hospital light is shined on his face. David's eyes would squint, trying to focus his eyes on the light that now illuminates the entire upper-half of his body.* "So where did you guys find him again?" An unknown voice says to another. "Found him in Novy Sobor, he looked battered, bruised, and full of gunshot wounds. One of the medics found him with an incredibly weak pulse, but they managed to plug him into life-support and keep him alive all this time. To be honest, boss, we should pull the plug on him, I honestly don't think he's gonna wake up.. I mean, the guy's been out for how long now? Like half a year now? I'm surprised you guys have been so lenient with keeping him alive and taking care of him," he would say to the other man. "He's important, I don't think you understand who this is, this guy.." David would suddenly open his eyes fully, attempting to process the environment around him before blacking out once more. "Fuck! Get the doctor in here, NOW, go!" The man says to the other, rushing him out the door, the other attempting to check David's pulse. One more final month passes, and David is awoken again. The heart-rate monitor has been unplugged, but the life support machine is still going strong, despite most of the power to the hospital being gone at this point. Turning to his right, IV's are plugged into his wrist, no longer pumping fluids into his now-weak body. Ripping them out, David throws the covers off, and a massive headache begins to wrap David uncomfortably. Stepping up from the bed, David almost falls over as he grabs the wall firmly, his vision still dazed from his deep sleep. The room looks very unfamiliar to him, yet, a comfort washes over him as he remembers the safety net this room provided him from his near-death experience. Walking out into the hallway, papers scatter the floor as David notices a rifle slung around a chair, hanging firmly from the back of it. Gripping it tightly, David walks out to the houses surrounding the hospital. A deep fog has settled across the town, and a feeling of uneasiness washes over him, a feeling he hadn't felt since his service days. Stripping out of his hospital gown and into a plain gray t-shirt and some jeans, David begins to think about the current situation plaguing him. Remembering back to the moment he briefly awoke, he heard the man discussing a large chunk of time had passed since David's brutal attack. "Fuck..," he would whisper out loud to himself, grabbing a backpack from the adult bedroom of the house, heading out the door into the unknown to explore what's changed since six-months have passed. David's Relations:
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    [Invalid kill - Firefight x4, Attempted Invalid Kill Appeal - 6 days

    -User got warned for this post-
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    LouieRP appreciation thread

    “Requesting @ItzzNate for his POV in the report.” Nate’s POV: you piss me off dude but I love u and literally wouldn’t trade u for anything u angry [email protected]
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    Warning points appeal

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    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

    -User has been warned for this post-
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