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  1. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    When me and @Pirate roll up on the Mercs' compound at a bad time and watch an innocent man get sprayed down at point-blank range from one of the upper floors.
  2. Nathan Osbourne

    Nathan Osbourne was born in Hollywood, California in 1998 to two wealthy parents whom owned a beach house just outside of the city. Nathan's parents enrolled Nathan into many acting schools to ensure that Nathan's career would take off as soon as he finished high school. Nathan's mother, Mary, experienced many doubts that Nathan's academic skills would land him anywhere, and that many colleges would not accept his low scores on his ACT exam and SAT exam. In 2017, Nathan barely finishes high school and enrolls into an acting school, where he finishes in 6 months as a guaranteed A-list actor and is offered roles in many TV shows starting his acting career to a full-blown launch, including the popular "American Horror Story." In just a few weeks, creator of AHS's Ryan Murphy invites Nathan an all-expense-paid, several-day trip to the set of the show to get familiar with and begin practicing his lines. Nathan's parents, realizing the gracious potential of such an opportunity, eagerly send Nathan on the trip. Nathan's mother and father follow him to the airport just a few short days later with his things, and exchange their goodbyes. Looking down at his watch, Nathan reads "3:30p.m." and begins to look around as he steps off the private jet onto a tarmac that looks incredibly unfamiliar to him. "Yeah, so, where are we, exactly?" Nathan asks his pilot, whom begins to step out of the pilot seat behind him, following him down the steps. Pulling out a cigar from his compartment and lighting it, the pilot begins to speak in a soft tone, "We're in an eastern European Czechoslovakian country known to the locals as Chernarus, anyways, you need to get registered into a hotel while we get the plane ready for another trip. Go check into a hotel for the day and I'll shoot you a text tomorrow when we'll be ready for you to return." Reluctantly, Nathan grabs his over-weighted duffel bags and begins to call a taxi, looking around at the mysterious fog settling over the coastal runway of Balota airstrip. Soon after, the taxi pulls up and Nathan throws his bags into the backseat and finally sits, sighing heavily. Using google translate, Nathan lets the driver know he's headed for Chernarus's fanciest hotel located in Chernogorsk, the International hotel. Realizing that he has a long night ahead of him, Nathan drifts off and lays back in his seat. The next morning, Nathan wakes up to a hotel phone call from the director of the TV show giving his "sincerest apologies" but expressing to Nathan how urgent it may be for him to stay in Chernarus for a little bit because of their inability to fly him out completely due to "problems on the set." "When will I be able to get there? I mean, I can't stay in this place forever, I don't even speak these peoples' language and I'm sure they don't really appreciate foreigners here with the way they looked at me coming in and just in general," Nathan says, groggily wiping his eyes and sitting up in bed. "Just relax, it may just be a few weeks and then we'll have them fly you out, by the way, don't worry, your pilot already knows the deal, we let him know too. Anyways, call you back sometime soon, toooodles!!," the director says, just before hanging the phone up. Weeks ahead into Nathan's worst nightmare, Nathan is now trapped in his mind and is in for a world of hurt as he begins to acknowledge that the world around him is falling into complete and utter chaos. With just his rifle, his knowledge, and his determination and motivation, Nathan must now traverse the landscape once unknown to him, seeking an answer to what's going on and a way out of the mess.
  3. @RogueSolace Enjoyed your medical RP today along with your other friend who was an exceptionally good EMT sidekick! (I'd tag all of them but I don't know their names ) You guys were really awesome and it was good getting to meet you as Dennis. I don't want to give too much away but you'll see more of Dennis in the future with more returns to Berezino Hospital. There's more to Dennis than what you know now and many mysteries to come forward surrounding him!
  4. Kovar's Market ID requirement [Open Frequency]

    *Nathan rolls out of bed, throwing the covers off of him and sits up. He gets up, walks over to the CV radio and slides on his pants whilst turning to the correct radio frequency for a reply to the original transmission.* "Listen, if you have a problem with this guy, I'm a big fan of Kovar's Market. I'm not saying I'm a mercenary or anything, I've never really done anything like that, but if something's going on and it's bad involving this dude, I'll put an end to it. Just let me know, I'm Nathan, by the way. You've encountered me and some of my friends before.. We're here to help the Market as much as we can. Feel free to let me know what's going on as you find out." *Nathan turns around just as he hears the unknown female behind him tells him something, and the transmission of his PTT ends.*
  5. Nathan's Chernarus Adventures

    What's not to like? Quality content only found here.
  6. You don't have to, what I'm stating is that the rule is there to prevent power-gaming from occuring. You can make up an RP Reason as most do for not being able to execute someone because the roleplay needs to continue, or end instead of being resolved by executing him because he denied your request for execution. For example: "Say goodbye, hold onto this for me." *The man points a magnum at the other man's head* // Permission to execute? *Man that is being asked for execution replies with //no* Therefore, you have to make an RP reason up for the fact that he states you cannot execute him. This is that exception. The man pulls his magnum back into his chest holster and states that death is too easy for the man being executed and decides something else to do with him, because of the fact he cannot execute him unless he has his explicit permission.
  7. Under the argument that your character was not aware of the deaths that had transpired inside (making the executions valid), you still have to face NVFL and Bad RP charges. Your character, regardless of whether or not they were a "super soldier", should not have felt confident enough to attempt to hold up four heavily armed (with fully automatic weapons) men all by herself, nor should she have felt any RP reason to do so. The Lore Wipe that happened made it so that the outbreak has been in effect for a mere three weeks, and you've admitted in game that your character had no knowledge of any of the people inside the house prior to the infection. This means that your doctor, with little firearms expertise (who also uses a bow, primarily), and with a slowly deteriorating mental state, felt that it was necessary to hold up four armed hostiles single-handedly, in order to save individuals that she'd known for less than a month. You also state that you realized it was a bad idea, and then ran off, which, as was already stated, makes very little sense unless someone could pick up where your initiation left off. Nobody that you were aware of could have done that for you, so your initiation itself is invalid under that argument. Seeking "Revenge" and being "Bi-Polar" is no excuse for the actions performed by your character. I also would like to point out that the initiation happened AFTER you said //afk in OOC chat. You shouldn't have been aware that you or any of your friends were getting held up so it doesn't really make any sense to have put your hands up whilst stating that you are AFK. Therefore, you are metagaming OOC information ICly by already knowing your friends are being held up and that you're initiating on the house for the revenge IC information your friends are being taken hostage. All the information passed around while you are AFK. You state "//afk" 4-5 seconds before the initiation, therefore, all information you learn about friends being held up, taken inside the house, or knowing that any kind of hostile interaction happened AT ALL should not have been learned unless you came inside the house and discovered, which you didnt and stated you were outside the house the entire time before you ran from your own initiation and did not see on the inside at any point. The information passed around in the situation AFTER you went AFK cant be acquired because of the fact being AFK is excluding you from being part of the RP situation. This is what grants the right to kill you for being AFK, because we cannot interact with you ICly whilst you are AFK. After we're all dead, @Classic is the only one alive in the house as you come back at the last moment and initiate. Everyone else in the house had their hands up, so they obviously cannot relay to you the information that they were being held up inside the house. You simply are gone AFK the entire time and as SOON as you come back from being AFK, you initiate because your friends are in danger or that somehow you've obtained information that something bad was happening whilst you were AFK. This is all taken from your past POV from the above one quoted, and the one you stated in a report filed for the same situation that went against us. Here is where you state that you never came in the house from the previous POV, only up to it after breaking free: Eden's POV of never coming in the house. Now, you claim that you have no idea what is going on inside the house from your previous POV's from other reports because you have no idea we died and that the doors were shut and that you remained outside the house the whole time. You have absolutely no idea what is going on in-game because of your exemption from the roleplay because your character was AFK and is still trying to understand what is going on. You claim you never came inside the house or knew what was going on at all. After coming back from AFK, I wouldn't be upset if you had walked in and saw what was going on or saw dead bodies or any reason that would give your character the idea ICly that something bad has happened, however, as you come back from being AFK, you initiate and for you all know ICly, we could be inside having a friendly discussion and trading or we could all very well still be alive, but you initiate, and again, this would take a jab at NVFL knowing that you are by yourself, you dont know if anyone else is around the house outside that could be with us, you dont know that we're dead, you don't know anything besides you are alone and we are in the house. The video in the previous report as mentioned by Kyle Jones straight in the beginning has Hunter Hope state "As soon as she goes AFK, he holds us up," so are you stating Anouk, that you were initiated on and then went AFK, because then that would be lying in a formal report. Evidence found here that we initiate after she goes AFK here: Video Of AFK before Initiation You even state above "My problem is you guys chose the second I go AFK to hold us up, why not when I'm actually NOT afk? Thankfully my sounds were up to even hear the initiation," so again, you went AFK before the initiation happens. I also would like to share the screenshots of the conversation between Shifty and Eden after the situation had happened and the situation of the hold-up in Gorka had finally stopped where Eden claims she was "at the computer talking to her father for some of it." Image of Eden's Conversation of Sitting At Her Computer Whilst AFK Let's say you come back from being AFK and the only thing you know is that you are handcuffed and alone outside, you have no idea who has handcuffed you, you could have been betrayed by them for some RP reason that you have yet to find anything about, but you come back and just decide to drop an initiation out of no where. NVFL for ICly assuming all four of us are still alive, but you still decide to initiate? I don't understand that at all. I'm not going to say that you cant decide how you want your character to be, but to all of us, your RP about being mentally unstable and wanting to kill yourself in-game by aiming an MP5 at your head thirty minutes before being calm enough to be able to initiate and remaining calm before running seems inconsistent to me and I would honestly say that may be BadRP to some degree. Not only this, but the execution discussion stands with me and @Shifty1441 by knowing full well OOC that we died inside the house. In roleplay situations, me and Shifty have to pretend in-game like we were only injured. HOWEVER, the rule states that: Now, think of it in the way of a gunfight. Me and someone else enter a gunfight, which is obviously a hostile situation that would grant execution rights had me and that someone else ran from it and lived. I die, or that particular person dies in the gunfight. Both myself and him lose those execution rights because he died in-game at the gunfight, regardless of the RP reason he claims he was "just severly wounded in it," he died in that fight. Those kill rights or execution rights are now gone. Only a NEW hostile situation can give you those rights once again, no hostile situation was committed by Tony or Aldo afterwards when you initiated on us at the safehouse in Gorka, the only hostile situation provided was by you to us, which would only have granted us execution rights, had we lived through that situation because you and your group participated in that hostile situation. With that being said, you're not understanding the point of rule 9.4, which states that regardless of what hostile situations happened BEFORE or during the Gorka house hold-up, I and Aldo died in the house, we and you lose execution rights for either party until a new hostile situation is enacted. Even if the other things can be pardoned, the execution right is now gone and can only be looked at as powergaming due to a lack of asking permission in OOC to execute. Also known as "Invalid Kill (roleplayed)."
  8. Anthony Costello's POV: So Classic above has posted information pertaining to my side of the POV, but to clarify my side, I'll explain in full detail. This particular POV relates to the hold-up which took place in Gorka, but because of this situation, also pertains to my invalid execution (roleplayed). As stated before in the other report, it was a hold-up gone wrong and I died in the house due to a quickdraw'ing hostage. As I died and Brody went unconscious, along with Hunter Hope's death and Ryan's death, Eden has come back to initiate on the house against what her character can only know ICly as four armed men in the house. Since she was AFK during the time that we died, she has no way of knowing that this is her opportunity to strike at advantage because of our deaths in the house. Instead, she runs up to the house and demands all four heavily-armed men to come outside with their hands up. Personally, I feel like this takes a deep jab at NVFL being heavily outnumbered with no one else outside to help her, and with no one inside to help her because she is on her own. She's going against incredible odds to save people she knows ICly, regardless of whether her character is best friends with them or doesn't know them at all. We also feel like it's strange, inconsistent RP to have experienced Eden Ripley being able to calmly handle herself in a manner to take and initiate on a very famous crime family after threatening to the mayor of Gorka prior that she was going to commit suicide because of an altercation between herself, and him. After this, she begins to run off after what seems like a very brief amount of time after her initiation on the men (In this case, OOCly, her in-game character has no way of knowing the odds are in her favor). With this being said, as stated in the other report, she hears gun shots exchanged as she's running and heads to Kabanino. A few days later (in-game, of course), she runs into Tony Costello and friend Aldo Schmidt in their safehouse in Gorka, hiding out because of the recent events that have transpired into a manhunt for the two. Coming down, she is with Sam Hobbs, who happens to be the mayor of Gorka. Once inside the safehouse, a brief roleplay experience occurs in which she's trying to gather information and a formal apology from Tony, who declines said apology and refuses to apologize for his "wrongdoings." After this, the men outside begin to initiate on the safehouse, and Eden, along with Sam Hobbs, and Aldo Schimdt places their hands in the air. We all step outside and get against a wall as the men tell us to, and Eden is given back her gun, only to join them and betray the mayor of Gorka along with finalizing her plan for "revenge" on Anthony and Aldo. On the journey, Sam Hobbs is sent back to the Police Station in Gorka where he exchanges a conversation between one of the men. It is here where the journey to the execution spot occurs. One of the many men tell I, Tony, and Aldo to start counting to 100 out loud, threatening us if we do not speak and repeat the count once reaching 100. Sam comes back down the hill, only to get taken away from us by a small group of 1-2-3 men back the way he came, and his fate becomes unknown to us afterwards. After this, finally reaching our destination, they begin to torture us here. Trying my best to roleplay without waking my neighbors and parents who are asleep at around the time this is taking place (real early AM, probably 3-4AM EST), I text emote screams in detail, along with expressions as they try their best to keep their composure long enough until Eden sees fit to execute both men with her "execution rights." Below is a video composed of the kills committed against the both of I, Tony, and Aldo Schmidt. You can see that in the video, Eden's steam messages are transmitting through her feedback in her microphone. I believe this to be a bit of BadRP because of the immersion breaks due to the easily recognizable noise OOCly, as it was really hard to focus on the roleplay due to the fact she was constantly talking to someone during that time, none of which we were able to hear through her in-game radio speaking to them. However, this is one of the many things wrong as displayed by the context of the situation this video covers. At about 0:48, I question where her OOC permission to execute is, as they begin to prepare for it through roleplay. Maybe this was a bit too early to ask, but alas she responded OOCly with the fact that she needed none because of "// i have permission from last night." This didn't make any sense to me at the time as to why or what she was getting at because of the NLR rule and the death we both experienced in the house. Afterwards, it seems very unlikely for her to have a legitimate reason to execute me, as the second time around they ask in OOC "//permission to execute?" which happens to come from Hunter Hope directed at me, Tony. If someone is so confident that they have execution rights by having to ask the second time around in OOC for the person's permission to execute in OOC chat, I'm really having trouble understanding the reason for that, especially considering the fact Aldo died with no OOC permission besides asking for a "permanent kill." Connor makes very useful mention above that in roleplay scenarios, you're required to roleplay that you were only injured in the moments of your death. HOWEVER, OOCly I am now dead, which again is stated as: With this being said, the only hostile situation that's been enacted is the fact they have given us execution rights by initiating on us in the safehouse days afterwards, which now, they no longer have those execution rights solemnly because my character, along with Shifty's, has died. To respond to the argument that people in the situation could have been with them that recognized me and may "carry those execution rights" I will add that "the kill rights cannot be re-acquired from other allied characters." We gave no hostile situation afterwards and only Eden's party gave one, which turned the tables and gave us the execution rights on them, as I stated before. (Just want to make sure people are understanding what I'm meaning by that, as it's hard to explain just exactly my thoughts on the context of NLR, and it's many variables) I believe this to be an interesting POV at that because of the information not only presented above, but in the video and the inconsistency of the logic behind "execution rights" and the story behind why they should still have them. I would also like to make mention of the deaths of the house were taken into account OOCly by Eden through Shifty, who is Aldo in-game. HOWEVER, in-game, Eden's character, Eden Ripley has not been made aware ICly that Tony and Aldo died in the house during the hostage situation. In the logs, it also makes mention of Eden's relog, as stated by Spartan. In the middle of the interaction, it was a bit awkward to have her relog in the middle of it, it would have been nice to have had her OOCly ask for permission to relog, but unfortunately there is none. Here is the video of the executions and roleplay in the woods, as aforementioned above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPTN-J-D66s
  9. Anthony Costello's POV: It's a hard, rainy night. Johnny, (my boy @Shifty1441), Tommy, myself, and Brody are all nearby. We're headed back to the green house near the time Sam dies from hypothermia, I'd say we're in the church parking lot as we see him chop down a tree, and that's when he tells us as Connor stated. Heading inside, @Shifty1441 sees his hat fall over and I'm like "aw crap now we gotta get up there" so I go up to the door, enter, and everyone's surrounding his body, stripping it of the loot that's on it. I throw some insults at Eden, whom is giving my character an ugly look in-game, grab his backpack, whilst they explain to me that the man who died is taking a deep sleep and walk out the door. Johnny, (@jutcie) runs up to me after Eden blatantly tells him over VOIP for someone to "come get the stuff because he's stealing it" which my character overheard, and continues walking with Johnny to the police station. Johnny then proceeds to ask I have the stuff, to which I reply "I'm keeping it and placing it into his storage in the police station so that they don't take his things, he's gonna be in a deep sleep for a few hours." My character and Eden's group have a major trust issue, so that's where my character doesn't really have to explain to them why he's taking it and why he only told Johnny the reason for taking it. After this, my character goes back up and starts discussing with Eden why she made such a remark about my reputable business-man reputation is being tainted by her comments, and why she continues to run her mouth. This leads to a stand-off outside where all is quiet, my boys and I look at eachother knowing exactly what I'm about to do since all 3 of them are literally lined up and could easily be robbed, and start to switch positions to get better angles. It's during this time when they don't really know when an initiation will take place, but do indeed know it's going to happen soon, indicated by the switching of positions and the level of rising anger in my characters voice. It is here when Eden states "//AFK 1 sec" in chat. If you're pointing out here that a rule has been broken by initiating as she said that, I'm not real sure that there is one against that. You see, many times it's posted in the rules that if you go AFK at any point during roleplay situations and countless videos on the forums in other threads, that's your own fault considering you full well know the consequences of doing-so. We shout an initiation, and everyone raises their hands compliantly. It is here where the immersion and quality of RP begin to decline for a number of reasons, which I will state at some point. Loading the hostages into the house, we have Ryan, Hunter Hope, Eden (if her being AFK outside with her hands up is a hostage), and Moxxi. Inside, we strip them of their backpacks and rifles, and other miscellaneous items that could potentially harm us. My boy, Connor/Tommy Agathon, begins frisking people for restraints. 1.) The powergaming begins here, as displayed by Tommy in-game frisking someone for any type of restraint, including handcuffs, rope, duct tape, anything. One of them replies back with "//no," even though they handcuffs in their jacket/pants. Once the frisking is over with, I start harassing Ryan with my nailed baseball-bat. I demand that he tells her she's gorgeous, to which he replies with no the first time. Tony is no joke, that man means business, so Tony gets just a littttle upset when people don't listen, so Tony gives his bat Betty a little taste of what Ryan's blood is like and sinks the nails into Ryan's kneecap. Ryan let's out a cry of pain and says the bat is gorgeous, after being hit with her and demanded to say it once more. After this, some general conversation happens between us and them about their armbands, who their affiliated with, what they mean, and some general information about themselves. I turn my back to Ryan for a second, and I'm shot almost instantly by a gun he's picked up off the ground. Here is another rule we believe has ruined this immersion: 2.) NVFL - Ryan picks a 15rd CR Pistol off the ground, and as demonstrated in this video, a large hail of rounds, about 7-8, are thrown into me. The rest, most of which Miss and hit the wall around him, about 3 hit Brody's vest and 2 I believe hit his friend, Hunter, which causes Brody to spray into Ryan, killing him. This video, which is graciously been donated by @Kyle_Jones, shows the context of which he has shot us in. In the short video clip provided by himself, you see me (with my back turned obviously) and Brody, along with @Shifty1441 who runs to the corner of the room, and runs upstairs for a quick second and Tommy, who is standing in the doorway. We believe that even if @Kyle_Jones had managed to kill Brody and I both, which he didn't, then we would have viable evidence to believe there was no way to make it out of the situation alive, as @Law o7 has stated above, a 4-1 situation, heavily outnumbered and outgunned. This clearly brought the RP to a grinding halt, so I would just like to make mention of that. Here is the video below, showing the context in which he is pulling a gun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4gMJ9I-orc&feature=youtu.be I died as Ryan pulled the gun, which concludes my POV of this situation. Thank you. Interesting Notes: As for Anouk, I don't know whether using AFK in your situation to come back exactly when the moment's right after two of us are dead is a rule break or not, but the quality of RP by doing is that very disappointing and also contributed to the situation only getting worse, as that would never happen in a real situation, if that's alright to compare RP to a real-world hold-up scenario. The OOC in VoIP on Johnny Stone's end is a bit of an immersion killer too, the constant repeated use of "She's AFK" or "He logged" was something our character's constantly found themselves asking what exactly he meant by that, which again, immersion killer. As for charging you with anything in this report, if you're as new as you say you are, I'd understand. We can get into a Teamspeak lobby to discuss the OOC in VoIP, as I've done the same in my early days before so that we can drop those charges and discuss not doing that again so you can learn from it with no hard punishment, that'd be awesome! As per the rest, I feel like Hall Of Famers and Tycoons and other active members involved especially that have been here long enough to really know these things should be pursued, however. In conclusion, that is my POV.
  10. @Ed979 Indeed! I sure enjoyed your company, you'll have to come around again soon.
  11. Real life picture Thread

    end my life please
  12. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    I was mistakenly wrong about something that I thought seemed like a shorter amount of time. When you're in a heated situation and things are not looking good for you, your track of time, organization, other things start to slip away. So yes, you are right about the one thing of how much time it took to run to where we were. I apologize for that misunderstanding and it won't happen again. You should record in all situations, I don't put it past anyone to think they won't get caught breaking rules. @Coreena
  13. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    I stated 5 minutes for gameplay instant replays in those situations. I apologize that it may have been longer, it seemed like it happened quicker but in all honesty, it had seemed like it was a 5 minute run at max. Coreena's probably right, honest mistake. However, disproving of the time it took to run still doesn't do anything else justice. Might I ask why you can record how long it took to run but couldn't record your POV of this particular situation? @Coreena
  14. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    I'm not really sure what you're getting at, so what you're stating is that the person we robbed is not Tristyn OOC? What I'm stating, is how can that not be Tristyn when I gyazo'ed for you Tristyn's character "Agu Moghali" on the forums in an earlier comment. In the logs, the time stamp is quite clear who I'm talking to when I asked *frisks for a radio* //do i find one? To which Tristyn, who is Agu Moghali and not some rando that you're claiming we found, replies with "no." @Coreena We're going in circles right now, I've repeated the same information as you have and only added one new piece information when I stated that Tristyn had not been tied up until we got to Vyshnoye in the woods. There is no new information and it is just blatant arguing back and forth at this point, I'm very puzzled as to why this is continuing.
  15. #S1 EU 7/13/2017 - Invalid Firefight Kill Report

    Well, first I'd like to take an apology for the behavior, it was a sincere mistake to misinterpret that as anything but being petty and rude. So, we'll jump right back in where we were. First, @Coreena, you've misplaced your marker. I just wanted to state that foremost. Second, in the video, I'm not sure why we'd make a false callout about him being at a helicopter crash so I'm really not sure what you're trying to get at by saying "Tristyn's REAL location." Tristyn's location was at the helicopter crash when you abandoned him to chase after @Dank Mems. Third, I should add that Tristyn was not handcuffed when running to Vyshnoye, which would make the time drastically longer for us to have ran with him, costing us valuable time, and having handcuffed him and would have made us very exposed to anyone watching over Vybor fields that happened to have been associated with your group. Currently, you're making the statement that it took 16 minutes, but in the TeamSpeak video you state that you've checked every town, every important landmark to find us, when you claim it takes you 16 minutes to run straight to Vyshnoye from where you are at Myshkino. I'm very puzzled at these statements and the statements made in the video. Does 16 minutes counter in the fact that you had a second hostage to deal with in RP once you shot the man in front of the other? What about the environmental dangers that pose harm to the "16 minutes" you claim it took to run from where you were like zombies? What about the terrain of having to travel up-hill, costing precious time? What about following the roads, that also takes time? Your further west than we are, not including all the other factors that take into effect in the time you said it takes to travel that distance.