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  1. Dennis Edmunds

    Life was going very well for the young Dennis, who had aspired since a child of being someone who studies the world and all it's beautiful inhabitants. For Dennis, he wanted to travel the world with the girl he loved and learn all about people of different backgrounds, and societies brought by a different upbringing. It was his freshman year of high school when Dennis knew exactly what he wanted to do. He was in his prime, a young and eager learner whom had previously read over hundreds of books covering an ancient tribe in the South Americas known as the "Second Incan Empire" hidden deep in the Andes Mountains. As part of a recent discovery made by a team of scientists during the early 2000s, a tribe had made a return deep in the Amazonian jungles of South America near the Andes Mountains known to the team whom rediscovered this ancient civilization as the "Second Incan Empire." With this discovery came almost a slew of news reports, articles on the web, and a ton of interviews when the team returned back to America. This had inspired young Dennis to choosing the career he was now pursuing, with such an excitement to begin work, he enrolled at Yale University four years later. "So when will I be finding out what dorm I'm staying at?" Dennis said with excitement to his college dean. "Soon enough, probably in a few days, we will email you back when and have you move in. Your classes start on the 28th of August, do be paying attention to your school email!" The dean said, with a slow, monotone voice after a long day at the office. Dennis couldn't wait to get in and discuss to his roommates about his adventures to Spain the year before, and show them the pictures of the culture and area of such an amazing sight only few get to see. Edmunds sat down in his car, and closed his eyes, breathing heavily and taking one last look at his college before he drove home. *YEARS LATER* "You ready?" Dennis' professor said to him, whilst Dennis was sliding his shoes on. "Yeah, almost, give me one more moment," it was quite hard for Dennis to contain such an exciting moment in his life. For the first time, Dennis would be going on a trip with his college professor, Dr. Richards, to visit the Second Incan Empire like he imagined when he was a kid. This afternoon, they'd be flying out from Bradley International Airport and would be headed to Colombia, where they would begin their hike through the mountain range early tomorrow morning. Edmunds grabbed his duffle bag and ran out the door, with Dr. Richards following closely behind. *NEXT DAY* "Listen, this is gonna be my first hiking trip, so try not to be too hard on me about do's and don'ts, alright?" Dennis said to Richards, placing his watch onto his wrist. "Now, I know that you're supposed to be the lead when talking to those people because you speak their language, so I'm supposed to let you handle that, right?" "Yes, exactly, just stay behind me and let me do the talking and everything will be alright, we don't exactly know what we're getting ourselves into," Richards says, placing a 9mm handgun into his concealed carry holster. Placing on both of their backpacks, they leave, and head out the door, hiking the trail that would eventually change their lives forever. *FEW HOURS LATER* "Oh my fucking God, this is it?" Dennis says, looking up at the tall pyramid overlooking most of the valley they're now in. "This is fucking crazy, my God, I just.." Edmunds says, turning to look at his professor. "Stay behind me, and don't do anything sudden, they will not take kindly to us entering their hallowed ground," Richards says, gently moving Dennis out of the way and moving ahead of him, jumping down to the rock below where adults are practicing throwing spears at blood-painted targets. Quickly, one of the important figures in the tribe shouts a command, and suddenly everyone practicing stops and turns to face the two strangers now in their territory given to them by the Gods of Nature. "¿Maymantataq kanki taytay?" the figure asks Richards. "...manta kani United States, ¿Runasimita rimankichu?" Dr. Richards begins to respond to the strange figure wearing a wooden mask and decorated feathers on it. As this conversation is taking place, naked men come to Dennis and begin sniffing him, and feeling around his bag. They turn to the leader, and the leader begins to ask Richards what he's doing here and what is in their bags. Richards explains that there is nothing important in the bag, and that they are tourists from the United States who have come to participate in the daily activities of such a tribe. The leader, seemingly not fond of their presence in the area, nods, and shows them around their village. Dennis, very interested, begins writing down all of the distinct features from previous generations of Incan civilizations shared by the newer generation. The leader explains to Dr. Richards that their village has been around for some time, and that "men in bright cloaks" have come to them for the same previous encounter. The "men" he was referring to was not openly discussed by Richards and Edmunds, as they exchanged looks during that phrase, knowing exactly who the tribe leader was talking about. *NIGHTFALL* Edmunds and Richards are told they will be allowed to stay only until morning, and then they must leave. As per the agreement made between Dr. Richards and the Incan tribe leader, they are to leave their bags and belongings in the temple as the Gods would watch over them. Before bed, Edmunds and Richards are asked to drink a discolored liquid from a cup as part of their tradition for visitors in the area. Edmunds and Richards agree, and shortly after, Edmunds heads to his shelter and begins to climb into the giant bed made from clay and leaves as he begins to smile at the wonderful thought of now having accomplished his childhood dream before drifting off to a deep sleep. Dennis, unaware of what's about to happen to Richards and himself, is left in a n unconscious state until awoken by a sharp pain in his left arm. Coming slowly to consciousness, he sees a blurry red and orange sight of what appears to be a ceremony with tribe members chanting their native language. Attempting to get up, Dennis realizes his legs are numb, rendering getting up a very difficult task. He looks to his left and right, and realizes he is in an open field. Ahead of him, lies the pyramid, towering over the whole village. In his head, he hears what sounds to him like "demonic unintelligible speaking" and he's suddenly overcome and overwhelmed with fear. Realizing that he and Richards may now be in trouble, be looks around before two Native men grab his legs and arms, lifting him up and carrying him to a clay seat in front of the burning monument. Richards is now beside him, looking over, however, both men are unable to speak due to the solemn numbness of their entire bodies. The tribe leader discusses in their native language that they have "found a weapon of the Gods power," raising the gun into the air and firing a round into the night sky. Dennis realizes in this moment, things are about to take a turn for the worst. In his slurred and broken, blurry vision, the tribe leader points to himself and Richards, speaking a chant, which is picked up upon by the voice of a few others, and then tens of others chanting the same. At this point, Dennis' energy to walk has come back to him slightly, but his motor skills to walk completely are still impaired. Four native men grab Richards and Dennis and take them to seperate areas, Dennis, turning around to see Richards, tries to speak words to him but is unable to. This is the last time Dennis would ever see Richards again, as the tribesmen sought Dennis to be the next inductee of their clan. Unfortunately for Richards, inducting Dennis would prove to be costly on Richards, as his age proved to be too old and rendered useless to the tribesmen. Dennis is brought to a very large circle of stone, about 25 feet wide, and 10 feet long, filled with a murky, but blood-red liquid. It is here, where Dennis' transformation into the Incan Empire will begin. Dennis watches the two men dunk Dennis under the water, and bring him up quickly. Chanting is heard all throughout the village as children, men, and women watch the men paint symbols of unknown origin with clay onto Dennis' face. Richards does not come back, and Dennis is brought to what is referred to as a "feast" for his induction into their tribe. Women of all ages bring out meat that is "fresh" and very bloody. The men begin to bite into the food as Dennis watches them. In English, to Dennis' surprise, the tribe leader says "EAT" in a loud, booming voice as he slams his fist into the clay, mooshing into around and denting their table. Dennis grabs what looks like a muscle and tears into it, swallowing it with a hardy gulp. Dennis tears up as Richards head is brought onto a wood plate and is placed in the middle of the room. Looking down at his "food," Dennis realizes that this is no ordinary meal. He thinks to himself that this must be the final step, cannibalism. Almost vomiting over the thought, he falls out of his chair and passes out unconscious. Little did Dennis know, there was no escaping this behavior and eventually would lead to his journey ahead...
  2. Kovar's Market ID requirement [Open Frequency]

    *Nathan rolls out of bed, throwing the covers off of him and sits up. He gets up, walks over to the CV radio and slides on his pants whilst turning to the correct radio frequency for a reply to the original transmission.* "Listen, if you have a problem with this guy, I'm a big fan of Kovar's Market. I'm not saying I'm a mercenary or anything, I've never really done anything like that, but if something's going on and it's bad involving this dude, I'll put an end to it. Just let me know, I'm Nathan, by the way. You've encountered me and some of my friends before.. We're here to help the Market as much as we can. Feel free to let me know what's going on as you find out." *Nathan turns around just as he hears the unknown female behind him tells him something, and the transmission of his PTT ends.*
  3. Nathan's Chernarus Adventures

    What's not to like? Quality content only found here.
  4. The Valley Below...

  5. Lopatino Castle

  6. The Dam

  7. Stand-Off

  8. "Just finishing up here.."

  9. Menace

  10. Anthony Costello

    Tony is a man of the fine arts of con artistry, who coined he "owns the game" after a successful bank of Downtown Chicago robbery. This was the life of a man who did things his way, when he wanted to, how he wanted to. This, of course, did not mean that his value of human life was gone, it did mean, however, if you stood between what he wanted and what he didn't, he'd push through you to get it. Tony was no average man, this was the great-grandson of a famous mobster in the late '30s and early '40s. Costello knew what he was destined for, fast cars, good clothes, money, and a bright, bright future. It all started when Tony had to take over his father's crime family. His father, Davie, was handing down power to his next of kin whilst he was in the hospital. Davie had a serious form of cancer, and was predicted to pass in the next coming few days. As his guards and entourage sat around him in the hospital room, eventually an eerie silence fell upon the room once the flat-line did all the speaking. Everyone was quiet, including Tony, who was standing at the end of the hospital bed staring in front of him, looking at his deceased father laying peacefully and calmly in the bed. "Listen, Tony, we'll make sure he's taken care of, but your father would want you prioritizin' the business he built for you back home, you should go and swing by. Make sure everything's alright, yeah?" Nicoletti said, brushing Tony's shoulder and then turning toward the doorway, signaling for a doctor. Tony looked down at his jacket pocket, pulled out his watch, and tucked it back in. 1:30p.m., the watch read. Tony knew what he to do, it was for the best and the good of the family. Walking outside the hotel room, he passed by at least twenty to thirty other mobsters in the hallway, all of them against both walls to his left and right wearing full trench coats. They knew by the look in Tony's eyes the news already, and as Tony passed them, they took off their hats and covered their hearts. Outside, his black Cadillac was waiting for him. "May I take your coat, sir?" One of his henchmen asked. Tony slid his coat off, and got into the backseat of the car. Pulling out his phone, Tony dialed a few of his father's good friends, knowing just who to call. Establishing a meeting later on that day, he took a deep breath, and closed his eyes for the journey back home. Tony went to the end of the round table. The room was filled with the smell of Cuban cigars, and the only light that emitted were the lamps hung along the walls on both sides of the room, except for the light of the sun in the afternoon which shown in the through the closed blinds of the window behind Tony. Pulling his chair up to the rounded, long desk, Tony waited until all fifteen men had sat down before he said anything. Dipping his cigar ash into the tray, Tony sighed heavily and looked up. "We have a problem, I was looking through some of our financial records and.. we may not have enough money to cover another run out of the country to Peru, now I know what you may be thinkin', what are we gonna do? Well, I already covered for that.. We uh, we're gonna have to uh, do something big, something that can be done swiftly, and can get a lot of money in one run, any thoughts?" Tony asked, to which no reply but silence was met as everyone exchanged glances with each other, and then back to Tony. "...Alright, well, we may have a pretty damn big problem then, I'll think of something soon and let everyone know something in the coming days, until then, be on the look-out for ways we can get out of debt from our good ol' friend Uncle fuckin' Sam," Tony said, sliding his out from underneath the table and walking over to his private quarters, shutting the door quickly behind him. *TWO DAYS LATER* "Alright, I figure I've found a way to get our shit outta the gutta', we're gonna need a lots of fuckin' guns, you got that? Get 'em ready, we're gonna need the cars too. Have that shit ready before 5:00p.m., we need to get this show on the road," Tony leans to his associate and says. *FEW HOURS LATER* Tony prepares an announcement to his henchmen, and stands on a small stool to overlook everyone. "Now I know what you're all thinking, it should be one thing right now, with all the equipment we have, it should be something big, right?" Everyone nods at his statement, some exchanging small talk between each other. "Alright, alright, back to me. It is something big, keep this on the low, but we're gonna be robbing the Downtown Chicago bank, this is the big one. After this, we're gonna need to lock the place up and make sure all the equipment gets hidden away somewhere. I've already gotten some men on that, so we wont have to worry about disposing of anything besides the guns. With that being said, we're gonna lay low in a safehouse not far from here. We'll hide the money, then have some boys wire-transfer that shit outta the country to a foreign bank account I have in a western European country near Russia. I realize that not everyone was planning on leaving for very long, but we've gotta lay low with the money outside the country so the law enforcement and good ol' Uncle Sam will forget about trying to track it after a while. Once that's done, we can come back. Sound good? I've already went over the planning board with most of my associates, so we should be good for this, you just listen to them, and they'll guide you through it all. Alright? Make all the calls you need to your family, have them start packing, we'll pay for everyone's trip over. Now, let's fucking do it," Tony says, raising his fist in the air and hopping off the stool. Walking over to the black cars, everyone loads up and begins a journey that makes many men nervous and itchy. *THREE MONTHS LATER* "Keep movin'," Tony says, whispering to his some of his henchmen falling behind. One of them reaches for the canteen he's carrying and drinks from it. He places it back, and zips it away into his backpack. "We've got a long fuckin' journey ahead of us, shit was never supposed to happen.. Let's hope they haven't forgotten about us out here. Surely, they haven't," Tony says, as he stares down an infected shambling down the street, and turns back to his men..
  11. @Ed979 Indeed! I sure enjoyed your company, you'll have to come around again soon.
  12. Nathan Osbourne

    Nathan was born in the Berezino Lakeway Hospital in the year of 1995, whilst his father was in the United States' Army serving overseas just off the coast of Chernarus. Not much of Nathan's childhood is known, but up to middle school is where Nathan's early life and career interests spurred. Nathan became very interested in acting when watching a play at his school's theater arts drama club film festival, and signed up to be in Theater Arts, where he became top of his class in several national competitions. As Nathan entered high school, it became very apparent to him that his acting career in middle school could be carried further into the real world, where he could become something of an actor. During Nathan's freshman year at a UN-established American school, he met his love interest Mary Katherine Rogers. They began seeing each other shortly after, and eventually became something larger. During Nathan's sophomore year, Nathan began to explore many potential colleges in the surrounding South Zagoria district, until he was offered a part-time job in the United Kingdom working for a British Broadcasting Station and eventually, becoming a teenage actor for a popular children's show. His mother showed concern for his well-being and safety whilst he took the offer over his Sophomore summer, and flew to the company that offered him a paid way in. After two concurrent summers of doing the children's show and the part-time commentating, Nathan considered heavily the difference between going to college, and producing a full-blown career out of the opportunities presented in his Senior English IV class one day. He woke up from a day-dream when he overheard some students in the back of the class discussing what sounded like a wild man biting at people just a few towns over one night. "He was just acting really fuckin' crazy, like this dude was super fuckin' wasted or something, haha," Angela said, as she leaned over to Lucas. Nathan sat for a minute and just brushed it off, continuing to day-dream about the future of his life. *2 MONTHS LATER* "Alright class, today, we will be discussing the fundamentals o-" The class instructor was interrupted by a very loud broadcast that came on his smart-projector and the TV. Everyone knew that this situation was different than the rest of the reports that had come on, because none of them came on by themselves, interrupting all other programs and/or things that were already locally projected. *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUGv9WEaw54* Everyone rose from their seats after the broadcast was over, some panicking and students rushing to ask the English teacher questions. Some of the statements made that Nathan heard were "I have to get home RIGHT now," or "What the fuck is going on? What's gonna happen?" Nathan's teacher quickly assured everyone that everything would be fine, suddenly, a man with a blue beret and military clothing wearing a respirator rushed into the door, pointed at Nathan's teacher, and shouted something in Russian. To Nathan, it wasn't clear what the man said or what he meant, but the teacher knew and started ushering Nathan and his classmates out of the classroom quite quickly. Nathan pulled his phone out of his pocket and began to dial his mom's phone number. "Pick up, please, pick up," Nathan said, as he began pacing back and forth and running his hands through his hair. "Please, pick up Mom, please, PLEASE," Nathan said as he got no answer. "FUCK!" Nathan shouted. "Over this way, you need to get to the trucks outside, Nathan" his teacher said, ushering him along the door along with all his other classmates. Helicopters are heard outside as Nathan looks up, Russian MI-8's are flying overhead off the coast. "Nathan, what's happening?!?" Nathan turns to see his girlfriend of four years crying and loading up into the back of the trucks. Nathan closes his eyes and begins to think about what's going on around him. Panicking and not thinking about what he's doing, Nathan begins to think about jumping from the truck. Realizing that his opportunity is slipping, Nathan decides it's the best decision. "Yo, dude, what the fuck are you doing?" His friend Daniel asks. "I'm making sure that my mom is good, stay here and listen to what they tell you," Nathan says as he leaps from the truck onto the gravel, rolling and his backpack falling from his grip. Running from the truck, he hears the truck stop suddenly and scrap brakes. "STOP," he hears a Russian guard shout from behind. Nathan turns around to see the officer with the blue beret pat the guard who shouted on the shoulder, telling him to get back in and leave Nathan behind. The soldier follows his orders, places his gun on his back, and hops back into the truck, driving the truck down to the loading dock of a big, massive cargo ship. Nathan runs all the way home, kicking in the front door. "MOM, WHERE ARE YOU?" Nathan runs around every corner and peeks in to no avail finding his mother. The kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, and no luck. His mom had simply vanished. Suddenly, his phone rang. Nathan checked, and to his success, it was his mother. Nathan's mother tells Nathan that the helicopters being exchanged earlier that some were American, which had his father aboard. Nathan, curious to find the location of his father packs his things in his house, grabbing his father's prized possession service rifle, and heads out the door. His mother, whom is still on the phone with Nathan, begs and pleads with Nathan to get on board the boat, but alas, it is too late as the intercoms over the city tell that the last boat out is now leaving in 30 minutes. Unfortunately for his mother, the boat has more people than allotted, and Russian soldiers are forcing some men off the boat. Letitia tells Nathan that she loves him, but that she has to go. It is this, when Nathan's mother hangs up, and begins to notice someone vomiting off the side of the edge, and scratching at a wound underneath the sleeve of their jacket. She prays, and Nathan heads into the woods in search of his father, armed with a compass, map, a rifle, some ammunition, and a strong determination to find his father, Richard. Knowing that a dangerous road is ahead of him, Nathan continues to walk deep into the woods, aware that his journey is about to change his life forever..
  13. What is "Good" Hostile RP?

    To me, it seems like the hostile RP I've ever encountered would make sense nearing the beginning of maybe 6 months-1 year after the infection has broken out but if I'm not mistaken, we're a few good years into the apocalypse already. I feel like in all honesty that I run into more encounters where I'm getting robbed and encountering the same stale roleplay as everyone else is discussing in here, while nicer encounters and people with "hero" ideals become less frequent. I think this far into the apocalypse, things should have calmed down by now instead of getting robbed every time you breathe in someone's general direction. I think this much in-game hostility would make sense if the apocalypse is fresh on everyone's mind and still a new thing to everyone. When you think of the start of the apocalypse, well, for me when I think of it I think of all this hostility like we're all experiencing in-game currently. People are turning on each other at a moment's notice, people are killing everywhere, people are robbing and looting stores, all that. I expect to see this after the lore-wipe, the craziness of the apocalypse just now kicking in since no one is used to knowing what the apocalypse is like. To me, it just seems like the good, hostile RP should start at the beginning of the lore-wipe with new, fresh experiences instead of being robbed twice in a row in less than the time period of three hours and getting the same robbing experience I got three hours prior and just asking me "Hey, didn't we just rob you a while back?" and then starting at square one again without doing anything different. I think there's been a lot of good points made in here, specifically: I'm inclined to agree with getting the same roleplay from people, in fact, that's the point I had just made where someone gets robbed by a group twice within the span of three hours and the only thing that's different in their roleplay interactions with you is "Hey, weren't you the same guy we robbed a little bit ago?" and maybe them sharing a chuckle or two about the statement.
  14. Desperation {OPEN FREQ}

    *The radio fuzzes with static while Daniel flips switches on the radio, trying to get the radio to work right.* "Is thi.... *The radio fuzzes out, cutting off part of what Daniel has said* thing on? I've been trying to *STATIC* damn radio working again and I've been trying to all morning. This is total bullshit, dude..." *Daniel beats the radio with his fist, which is audible to all channels listening* "I fucking hate old technology man, this old Soviet shit doesn't work at all man. Alright, I think I've got it working now. Can anyone hear this? I would disclose my location but after a few run-in's with the same people that I'm calling for help over now but they'd come finish me off. I'm bleeding pretty bad out of my right side and it..l *Daniel accidentally touches the wound and he reacts sharply to it* ..fuck, that hurts so bad. If anyone's a medical expert, I'd really appreciate help. I'd like to talk to anyone listening, please, someone respond to this. I'm getting really... *Daniel yawns audibly over the channel* sleepy and I'm so afraid to fall asleep over this shit." Please, anyone..." *Daniel sets the CV radio down, and slides his back down the wall, sitting on the floor. He slings his dad's service rifle off his back as to unpin it from between the wall and him. Daniel prays to God someone finds his frequency by morning, as he drifts off to sleep with a slightly bandaged wound on his right side.*
  15. It was certainly a pleasure meeting you, indeed! Such an interesting character with a perfected Russian accent and style. Very Slavic indeed Surely, we'll keep in touch! @Boston