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  1. Jobs and professions?

    In the process of landing a job at intel in Software Engineering and Computing Chip Design. College Student | Bachelor’s in Computer Science
  2. Sorry I had to do this

    u better be sorry u fuckin shmuck EDIT: that was a meme dont point me staff
  3. natERP's Aggravated Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Well, from what I can perceive reading the verdict states that "Knowing full well the OP is AFK, you chose to make a demand against him that would force him to either move or die. This is shown at 04:12 of the OPs video." Right, so, we can all agree that for the absence seizures that the OP is dealing with, that's a pretty urgent reason to have to go AFK, and a pretty valid one at that. However, the wording in the delivery of the final verdict made it seem like no one even bothered to read my POV. I literally state in my point of view, which is both shown in the video as well, that I am not there when Panda is told the OP has to go AFK in the OOC chat. At this point in time in the video, I am running from Kabanino to where Panda is on the hill to catch up to them after falling behind. Knowing full well that they have a hostage and that the hostage is complying to their demands, I really have nothing to worry about until I arrive with Panda's character who's with the hostage. Upon my arrival at the hostage, Panda tells me to watch over the hostage until he gets back from dealing with the reinforcements coming to save the hostage. (At this point, both ICly and OOCly, none of us know whether or not the people who wore the white armbands, identifying with the same one the OP was wearing, are coming to legitimately kill us, all we know is that if they are coming back, they must know that the man we're holding hostage, has been TAKEN HOSTAGE.) He IMMEDIATELY runs off to help our other boys, and I take over. Not aware that the hostage is obviously AFK because of the lack of communication from me listening for gunshots in-game and dealing with the hostage at the same time, I give the hostage simple demands without a threat at first, "Move, move, come on" is something along the jist of what I said. When he doesn't move, I begin a countdown, I reach the end of the countdown, I hesitate, check his pulse to make sure his game didn't crash at the last bit of the countdown, and I dome him because of the fact I dunno whether dude's could literally be watching me waiting for me to either kill him or get out of the way from behind him so they could possibly take me out. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Now, again, here is my POV from the report where I literally state that I did NOT know the hostage was AFK. Had I known that the hostage was legitimately AFK and dealing with his seizures, sure, I would have legitimate leniency. But let's be honest, he didn't even state that that's what he's dealing with in-game, he just says "// AFK 30 Seconds" out of the blue. In all honesty, the verdict made me seem like the only reason I killed him was because I wanted some free gear from an innocent person having a seizure outside the game that no one even knew about until a report was made explaining it. (As if gear even matters on this server to literally anyone?) What would you like to achieve with this appeal: If this reiterated explanation wont earn me an unban at all, let's shoot for at least a downgrade from an aggravated ban to a standard "invalid kill - roleplay" punishment. What could you have done better?: I guess we could have all communicated a bit better, Panda and I were both muted which is why we exchange a conversation in-game to hear gunshots and deal with the hostages if need be. I asked if we could close the report because of the fact that myself and the OP had talked about it, in the case I legitimately did do something wrong, I apologized anyway and made sure he was satisfied with closing it. In fact, closing it was entirely his decision. We just came to an agreement to do so because the entire situation was one really big misunderstanding and obviously talking about it would have prevented it from happening again. It happens, you know? I dunno, if it didn't work out and I ended up getting into a second report killing someone for being AFK, I would have understood that because then it would seem that my intentions would have been just to kill someone, and in my opinion, would have seem justified to have even aggravated as done in this report. EDIT: I also went to find the part of the rule discussing about being AFK whilst in-game being "at your own risk" as my argument, but can't seem to find it anymore. Does that mean that going AFK holds no value anymore? Can you just go AFK anywhere and that not be in anyone else's favor as far as robbing your or even killing you, if in a situation where it permits it? Where is the clarification for either side, people that go AFK or people that encounter AFK's if there is no more clarification in the rules? First-time situations for this for people deserve an aggravation?
  4. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    I talked to the OP in TeamSpeak and we came to the decision to close the report, would this be possible now that the report has been discussed? @Anthony_Kriss?
  5. Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    glad u enjoyed it fam <3
  6. Cya

    i love u elmo my third dad
  7. Something people might find interesting

    That was actually super fuckin’ cool. +1 tbh didn’t expect this philosophy at 10am
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      Adopted son

  8. NateRP

    back at it again with the petty reports i see

    nothing changes lol

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      Rip Lil Peep btw

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      Kinda like petty status updates amirit?! Yeaaaaaa! I'm really cool. Ur still a good guy Nate. Why is our group so big?

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      urite urite

      listen im only here for RP

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      @JoffreyRP I miss you come back :(

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      Image result for eye roll gif

  9. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    For @Stagsview's statement on the accused having video, I do not have video evidence, only the OP does, from what he said in his previous statement. @Brayces My POV has already been posted. I would also like to note that the "// lmao" I placed in chat was after the OP had died and was due to another circumstance that was happening in Novy Sobor, not anywhere near the OP had died and not because of him.
  10. NateRP

    u guys putting your weapon permit apps in the radio thread make me wonder if life is even worth living anymore


    1. BorisRP


      *walks up and ask for permit*

      We:its down in the green guard post //pm to

      *10 seconds later its on the radio*

    2. Mr.Panda


      When they Do //And fill it out over OOC chat is my favorite xD 


    3. Mexi


      > puts an entire permit form on a radio thread 

      > others making you not want to live

      > profit?

    4. RandyRP


      When you tell them to give it to David Anderson //pm on forum


    5. NateRP


      starting t

      I love how I can’t edit posts anymore

      Starting to think that’s the end goal @Mexi


  11. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    David Anderson's POV: I took over from @Mr.Panda's hostage situation because Mr.Panda was going to back up one of our teammates because we thought enemies were moving in on our position. Knowing they were wearing white armbands, similar to the one the OP was wearing, we had to hurry. I was not even aware that Anthony had even typed // afk 30 seconds in chat, because Mr.Panda was with him before he had to run off and because of being in a high-intense situation, had to run off to back up a teammate, and was the one told "// afk 30 seconds." Anyways, regardless of what you were doing OOCly, not that any of us were even aware what you were doing besides dropping a random // afk 30 seconds, we were in a tense situation, I gave you a countdown to move, you didn't, and I shot you in the head. You go AFK at your own risk.
  12. NateRP

    "Is this the way it's gotta be?
    Ignite the fire inside of me
    Embrace the life of tragedy
    A tide of war and broken dreams
    I am torn in two...
    Hold on, hold on, we're barley alive
    I am faded through...
    Hold on, hold on, the fallen arise
    I will fight this world for you
    And let the dawn of love survive
    Broken, I crawl back to life"

  13. NateRP

    3:1 KD but i died when i crashed

    whoever got the kill on me, luck favors you my friend

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      I took ya down chap jk I didn't

    2. NateRP


      thank god

      i want to die

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      rude haha


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      You're bad at pvp shut up

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    any and all lowkey shade targeting anarchy members should at least be posted in the community memes section pls and not a private slack or discord



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      most accurate representation of us imo

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      Where's the water tank?

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      one thing missing- my shit bucket.

      i lied not accurate

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      I think there is a sleeping bag where Nate molests me in there somewhere too.

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      urite major

      it happens more often than people think

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      "Hostile RP is stupid lets go to our camps"96463-203673-gamingconventionjpg-620x.jp

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      Tbh we are all memes.

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      I love me some private memes where can I report this?

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      I identify as the fat kid as clearly I am a sweaty fat hostileRPer nerd