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    how dare my disgusting PVP-self and friends have very RP-oriented character pages and well-developed characters!

    updated the character page go check it: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3566/

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      sexy as fuck. 

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    ur too good to me
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    i'm a shitpost with two legs tbh @DustyRP
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  6. Pouring sweat, David wipes his forehead across with his palm whilst holding his hat and sets his rifle between the wall corner and doorframe. Sliding the radio off his tactical belt, David switches to a public frequency and places his face into his palms. Pressing the PTT down, David speaks with a serious tone, one different than what anyone has heard before. "This is a message to the Black Rose boys. Today, I heard some rumors poking around town that the Black Rose boys were talking shit about the Anarchists and looking for a fight. Well, we've earned quite the reputation around here if I do say so myself, so with that being said, we came to town to get shit done... and boy, did we do it. Listen, boys, walk away with all those dead numbers on your hands and just end this shit already. Come on, you suffered a heavy loss and that should be enough to do what's right by swallowing your pride and surrendering. I don't wanna see you guys in Severograd again, that shit belongs to us. If anyone sees you, they know to report straight to our radio frequency and let us know. No more. By the way, one of your boys, Erin Wellington, denounced his loyalty to you guys in exchange for his life. Might wanna get actually loyal people to join your cause, seems like he just kinda backed down when there was a gun in his face, but what do I know?" David lets go of the PTT and sighs heavily, wiping the sweat away from himself and looks to his rifle across the doorway. Smiling, David brings the PTT to his face for the last time and presses it. "If you know what's good for you, you'll listen to good ol' David. This is him, signing off." David lets go of the PTT, slides the chair out from under him, gets up, and walks back outside, basking in the cold air brushing against his face.
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    What a massacre..

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      yep yep they wanted the fight we gavee it

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      this is so cringey and you and @LawRP know it

  9. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    David Anderson's POV: So my nibbas initiate on those dudes in ratnoe and kill like 2 of them, and like Kyle said in his POV, we give the two dudes that lived some good quality campfire hostile RP, and then we let one of them go back into severograd with a majority of their items and then let the other go toward Tisy. This one guy decides that it's a good idea to wait inside of the pub upstairs to take on like 8-9 dudes by himself so like ???????????? and so anyways boris gets shot in the head from the dude inside the pub and we run around to check out where he is, and we go to a two story green house up the hill and some dude whos like completely unaffiliated with the party since the guy said he was by himself randomly shoots @pandaRP in the legs but completely whiffs his kill and good ol campfire rp'er boris guns him down. Anyways, afterwards reviving boris, the guy goes inside the bar to pull two dudes who were inside the pub out when he gets gunned down and we hear that, so i run into the back room of the pub upstairs and i exchange shots with the dude hiding in there but somehow my 13 shots that landed all in his rucksack get sucked through a blackhole and i die, leaving him to kill @KyleRP and then afterwards I think @G19RP kills the dude. End POV.
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  10. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    POV being posted soon. Allow me to wait my hostile timer and I will edit this post, @Chewy (AKA mom)
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    It's Time for change

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