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    Image result for please dont go gif

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    I say this with love but hakuna your tatas, you're treading on thin ice... ;-;

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    Stop it son

  4. ItzzNate

    [Invalid kill - Firefight x4, Attempted Invalid Kill Appeal - 6 days

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  5. ItzzNate

    LouieRP appreciation thread

    “Requesting @ItzzNate for his POV in the report.” Nate’s POV: you piss me off dude but I love u and literally wouldn’t trade u for anything u angry [email protected]
  6. ItzzNate

    Warning points appeal

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    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

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    Purchase #220554C61-1B3A-4D69-8153-373B11C786D5.thumb.jpeg.5d3b166f8012b70dcfc09d1bbc6f30d9.jpeg

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    2. OskuRP
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    I was so certain you were outski.

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    Whats with the profile?

    1. ItzzNate


      the b r e a k til .63

    2. Lucas

      He's having a mental breakdown 

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    Image result for hug gif anime

  13. ItzzNate

    "Anarchy, we have hostages. Negotiate or we kill them."

    *David would press the PTT down* Woah, that’s a weird way to say “We surrender to Anarchy.” *He would release the PTT.*
  14. ItzzNate

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    David Anderson's POV: Alright so we set up an ambush on the BR's in Vyshnoye, I'm up at the castle when @VictusRP initiates on the dudes in the town. Myself and Lucas cannot engage our dear friends in the castle until we initiate on them. Knowing full well that if we dont get all the way up into the tower or at least up a majority of it, they'll be able to hold it and we wont get up it, so me and Lucas head up the stairs and the BR's sitting on the tower just immediately kill Lucas and shoot at me, so I ran out of the tower, waited for them to come out, and shoot at them since they now engaged me with gunshots instead of an initiation, due to our dynamic having to be INITIATED on instead of immediately shot at.. Regardless, we run, they run, the situation ends with @G19RP using his execution rights on @Anoymouse for previous hostilities, domes him, ending in myself and g19's retreat. I think the issue is the immediate killing of @CaliforniaRP, @Lucass, and @SlinKillington without initiation, resulting in a KOS or invalid kill - firefight without initiation.
  15. ItzzNate

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    @Oliv @Spartan @Ark @Aiko @Roland *the man would bump the post above; we did literally everything the loremaster asked of us to change on the group page and still havent gotten a response*