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  1. David, asleep in bed, awoke to a heavy knock at his apartment door. Raising himself up and throwing his covers off his bed, the knocking began to get louder as he approached his door. Groggily eyed, he pulled the door open with a slight tug and wiped his eyes out. In front of him stood two men, both dressed in United States' Army fatigues. Behind them stood a Humvee that toted American patriotism as loudly as their uniforms did, and suddenly, before the two men were able to utter a word, David's mind flashed in an instant to his brother, who'd been serving in Afghanistan for quite some time previously. "Are you David? Caleb's brother?" The man asked, with a deep concern and slight empathy to his voice. "I am, this.. this isn't about him, is it?" David asked worryingly. "I'm.. I'm afraid to inform you that yesterday morning, your brother was traveling with an EOD squad to defuse an IED in a small village outside of their forward operating base. On the way there, they were ambushed by roadside explosives, and in the fight, your brother was killed in action.. We're.. here to inform you of your loss. As a result, however, several higher-ranks on base here in town have already informed your parents and out of courtesy in knowing him on a personal level, have paid for his funeral expenses. His remains are being transported here by plane and will be placed into the casket soon.. As such, we have to return now," one of the two men said, walking away from David and back toward their Humvee. In a moment's notice, David's mind and face instantly flushed with sadness, anger, and stress all at once. Caleb, the brother David looked up to, was now dead. With this realization, David understood that his family would never be the same again. Thinking out of anger, David got clothed and instantly felt a cold-chill rush down his body when he realized that the Army life was never what his brother intended for him, but for David to feel peace again, he would continue to carry his brother's legacy with him. Close To Four Years Later.. Upon being discharged from the Army, David found the return to life as a civilian was increasingly difficult. Without a useful skill-set, David would never find work, even in the lowest of paying jobs. Sitting down on his bed, he faced the window-sill across from him. The light shone in through a tiny crack in the blinds. Repeating the saying over in his head, "The man leaves the war, but the war doesn't leave the man," to himself over and over, David became increasingly concentrated on his firearm, laid up against the corner of his dresser pointed upwards towards the ceiling. It was in this moment, David decided he would become private security for a contracting agency he'd seen an advertisement for online involved in Eastern Europe. Not understanding the full extent of what he'd be doing, David didn't care, as long as it took him away from the constant drinking and misery he'd found himself in back home. Several Months Forward.. On board a helicopter en-route to an Eastern European country known to his contracting buddies named "Chernarus," David became increasingly anxious when told they'd be wearing hazardous material clothing in preparation for a wild infection spreading. Due to the lack of armed forces in the area, private security teams had been hired to dispatch of some "local populace" surrounding some of the outskirts of major cities. Fixating his helmet, David strapped his chin-strap underneath his chin and prepared for the nightmare of what would lie ahead.
  2. ItzzNate

    [Invalid kill - Firefight x4, Attempted Invalid Kill Appeal - 6 days

    -User got warned for this post-
  3. ItzzNate

    LouieRP appreciation thread

    “Requesting @ItzzNate for his POV in the report.” Nate’s POV: you piss me off dude but I love u and literally wouldn’t trade u for anything u angry [email protected]
  4. ItzzNate

    Warning points appeal

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  5. ItzzNate

    The Northern Stalkers [Open Recruitment]

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  6. ItzzNate

    "Anarchy, we have hostages. Negotiate or we kill them."

    *David would press the PTT down* Woah, that’s a weird way to say “We surrender to Anarchy.” *He would release the PTT.*
  7. ItzzNate

    S1 - KOS x3/Attempted KOS at Zub Castle - 25/05/2018 04:30

    David Anderson's POV: Alright so we set up an ambush on the BR's in Vyshnoye, I'm up at the castle when @VictusRP initiates on the dudes in the town. Myself and Lucas cannot engage our dear friends in the castle until we initiate on them. Knowing full well that if we dont get all the way up into the tower or at least up a majority of it, they'll be able to hold it and we wont get up it, so me and Lucas head up the stairs and the BR's sitting on the tower just immediately kill Lucas and shoot at me, so I ran out of the tower, waited for them to come out, and shoot at them since they now engaged me with gunshots instead of an initiation, due to our dynamic having to be INITIATED on instead of immediately shot at.. Regardless, we run, they run, the situation ends with @G19RP using his execution rights on @Anoymouse for previous hostilities, domes him, ending in myself and g19's retreat. I think the issue is the immediate killing of @CaliforniaRP, @Lucass, and @SlinKillington without initiation, resulting in a KOS or invalid kill - firefight without initiation.
  8. ItzzNate

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    @Oliv @Spartan @Ark @Aiko @Roland *the man would bump the post above; we did literally everything the loremaster asked of us to change on the group page and still havent gotten a response*
  9. ItzzNate

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    yo admins hit us with official ye?
  10. ItzzNate

    Newbs unable to find roleplay.

    dude its like a 5 minute read lol take some initiative if you wanna RP
  11. ItzzNate

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    be waiting for u guys to initiate on me in stary yar by myself today if u gon talk like that boi fun roleplay from u dudes
  12. ItzzNate

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    enjoyed the gunfights with svoboda and black roses 3-0 KD nibbas
  13. ItzzNate

    Slava Chernarus, Dlouhá Zivotní Svoboda

    David would reach for his radio, unclip it from his belt, and lay it on the table, hot-mic'ing it in front of him. "Rightttttt.. There's nothing that screams "we're the good guys!" like gassing random civilians at a peaceful meeting. But hey, more power to ya?" David would unhot-mic his radio, and would clip it back to his belt.
  14. ItzzNate

    Anarchy Announcement.

    *David would stop walking, reach for his radio, and press down on the PTT.* "Holy shit, you figured out our whole entire plan in one sentence! You're too smart for us." *David would clip the radio back to his belt before walking into Stary Sobor.*
  15. ItzzNate

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    so kinda like how you took @Zanaan's feedback to good use on your group page?