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  1. InactiveNate

    The Time.

    Will we ever see the return of such a glorious town? lets hope lmao congrats on approval
  2. InactiveNate

    Gun attachments.

    Be interesting.. I could really only see doing something like that with like a sight or something. Something like a buttstock would be interesting to think about how you would go about duct taping something like that.. Sights would be more practical for duct taping on stuff.
  3. InactiveNate

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone actually take points for coming off genuinely respectfully, while openly showing criticism at the same time. but then again i've never really seen the latter so dont crucify me inactivenate for a reason
  4. InactiveNate

    Natural Lighting or Artificial Lighting

    Need an option for both, tbh.
  5. InactiveNate

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    A good TL;DR, but I'll raise you this one instead:
  6. InactiveNate

    X's Profile Pics

    The mac miller ones are fucking awesome.
  7. InactiveNate

    STFU about this staff bias shit.

    Ah yes, nothing makes me want to hear someone out more than when they title a forum post telling me "Shut the fuck up about this so-and-so topic." I would have just went with what Para said, because honestly, all this is gonna do is get people who won't change their minds to debate with other people who aren't gonna change their minds either and eventually you're just left with a thread cluttered with 6 pages of debating that'll just end up with a ton of back and forth.
  8. Born in Los Angeles in 1994 to a set of loving and wealthy parents, Nathan was a gifted child from birth and inherently learned quick to adapt to the rare lifestyle of such financially bountiful parents. He grew up different from other children, and went to a private school throughout all of his childhood. Whilst in school, Nathan grew attached to classes such as theater arts after participating in his school's play dedicated to their parents, and enrolled in all the theater classes he could take in his high school years. His teacher noticed his talent throughout all the plays and individual acts he conducted, and suggested taking up a follow-up in a degree for acting in college. Nathan reluctantly agreed hearing this, and when his high school years fly blew by, he enlisted into Stanford as an acting major, eventually resulting in his flight and landing into an acting job on Sesame Street playing himself alongside some of the characters. However, it wasn't until a few years later in 2017, that he was offered a position in another country where a new movie would be shot, featuring other A-list actors in it. His parents, eager to hear Nathan's decision, were met with his approval, and before long, Nathan was headed out. Excited to see the world at 22 years old, Nathan realized another opportunity would never come like the one he'd been offered, and rushed to pack his bags to board the flight that was set for a hotel near the movie-shooting site. During the flight, unexpected turbulence shook the plane, and forced the pilots to make an emergency landing at the airstrip near Balota, in Chernarus. As per-usual, the Chernarussian Air Traffic Control requested that Nathan's pilots identify themselves, and did so, requesting for a landing due to dangerous weather for flight. Accepting the request, Nathan's plane parked on the runway. Suddenly, Nathan's phone rang, greeting him with the director's name sprawled across the white screen. The director suggested Nathan spend a few nights in a hotel near them, and reassured Nathan that all the expenses would be paid for him due to the weather inconvenience. Disappointed, but faced with no other option, Nathan agreed and was bound for a hotel in Berezino. Looking out the car window, Nathan wasn't used to seeing such rural landscapes and barren countryside, but he thought to himself how it wouldn't take long for nasty weather to pass.. However, things would take a sudden and dark turn for him once the rumored infection began to spread, threatening world super powers and bringing the Chernarussian country's population close to extinction.
  9. InactiveNate

    False Report?

    I mean, that's literally the basis of the entire report is about it being ruleplay. It's literally in the title of that very report. "S1 Bashnya Ruleplay 2019-04-10, ~03:00" How does that not fall into the topic of debating it not being a false report?
  10. InactiveNate

    False Report?

    So initiating is not a good way to go about being punched? I can just shoot them outright and be completely within the rules even if my life isn't "in danger?" EDIT: Sure, maybe if Dusty had a knife and stun lock is a thing like it is now, I could see killing Dusty, but Dusty literally punched him, once. Punching isn't a direct threat to your life like having a genuinely lethal weapon is, it's just grounds for initiating hostile roleplay. Initiating was a way better option and knowing full well that you have friends around, even if they were caught up in something else, is no direct danger to you. That is 100% the textbook definition of ruleplay for gunning down Dusty.
  11. InactiveNate


    looks like an offbrand EFT but with monster NPCs and radiation ill pass tbh
  12. InactiveNate

    What do you listen to ?

  13. InactiveNate

    Old games that you want to see getting a modern reboot.

    bonus song ez choice
  14. InactiveNate

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    Just curious if you could riddle me why a speeding ticket that shows up on whitepages premium account subscriptions as a criminal record/public court record/public court records, whatever you want to call it, impacts my ability to join a group on a DayZ online roleplaying community, or really, why any of that's necessary to know, even if it is public information? Sure, I get like good ol' Rolando said, researching usernames on google to see if someone's get a VAC ban or an account on a game-cheating website, right, but why is the former needed and why does it become involved in the decision-making of joining the group? I would hope that you understand that if you live in the US, you need a REALLY good reason to run official background checks if they are run through any kind of an actual, legitimate police database rather than just for the reason "but they wanna join my DayZ RP group." Not trying to come off sounding like a dick, just genuinely curious about that statement, and if you're as open to answering questions about it as you seem to be, I'd really like to hear your reasoning for these things.
  15. InactiveNate

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    ready to kill foreigners esketit
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