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"how does anyone even still play this shit lol"

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  1. groovy nate

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    aw shitt lets RP gamers
  2. groovy nate

    What do you listen to ?

    literally the saddest music video ever
  3. What if instead of doing this to regular people's characters, we use that thread (One I can't link to because I have no idea where it's at) that allowed people to basically give what character they want preyed on by like an admin or gamemaster as a way of sending them private PM's in-game that affect what their character is doing at that moment in time? For example, I post a character in that thread that has schizophrenia, right? I list his weaknesses, his strengths, his fears, etc.. And an admin finds me when I'm in-game, alone, and plays sound clips of that whole "I see you" shit. Right? Idk, might be a good idea, food for thought since we haven't really done anything with that thread and allows people to actually give consent to hearing those things and whatnot since they aren't ACTUALLY in lore, right? (Ghosts and random paranormal voices and shit, I mean.) No right-minded, mentally-stable person is going to hear that normally. Usually it's people who are prone to mental conditions and whatnot. Sorry if I worded that like a 'tard, it was kind of hard to explain.
  • groovy nate

    What do you listen to ?

    homesick and what separates me from you are their best albums
  • groovy nate

    What music describes your character

    There's definitely a turning point that David realized once he woke up from his coma. I think this song accurately describes all of the changes he's undergone in the past year and a half with all of his associations after learning what's happened during the time of him being asleep.
  • groovy nate

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    I will personally send you money on PayPal to add that shirt in.
  • groovy nate

    Post your Rainbow 6: Siege clips

    god I miss boston, he needs that tag out of his name too
  • groovy nate

    Proper initiation

    “You’re being detained” and then proceeding to handcuff someone seems pretty clear.
  • groovy nate

    PVP and translating into RP

    So.. just out of curiosity, it's CDF that contributed to the reason why one of your group goals from the start of the revival of Pamyati involved initiating on them the first encounter? Are the only two options for groups surrendering, or to fight back now? I'm just genuinely curious to know your take on this.
  • groovy nate

    Revealing the Sentinels

    Mykyta would be rubbing the sleep deprivation from his eyes when suddenly, the radio on the center desk in the hospital is brought to life with the sounds of unfamiliar voices. Interested in what they begin to say, Mykyta would jog to it and begin listening when hearing of more settlements moving into Berezino. Mykyta would pick up the radio microphone once the voices are done speaking, and would begin to speak into it. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation being had on a public frequency.. I should introduce myself, I am Corporal Mykyta Petrenko of the 31st NBC Unit. We're certainly glad to hear you've made yourselves at home in Berezino.. However, you should check in with us at our compound before you start OFFICIALLY getting yourselves settled in. Come talk to us and get things settled with the local CDF agents first." The radio would end swiftly, calmly and hopefully.. awaiting a response of confirmation.
  • groovy nate

    What do you listen to ?

  • groovy nate

    Put an age limit for characters?

    Agreed, when I was in Anarchy as David Anderson, some of the bigger impacts on him from a moral standpoint were child characters played by @Phoenix, @Brayces, and @Malthis.
  • groovy nate

    Put an age limit for characters?

    Can you tell us what’s weird about it? I don’t think it’s weird at all. I think it’s very plausible to have kids adapt to the apocalypse like adults have.
  • groovy nate

    31st NBCP Media Thread

  • groovy nate

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    So.. just curious, why are you guys working with Jaysh Allah if one of your goals goes against that very stance?
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