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"The world is up for grabs."

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  1. Paradox

    New mixer coming today! Unfortunately my mic is back ordered :( 

  2. In Viridian - Battle Cry

    loved loved loved reading this! Seriously cant wait for more!!
  3. Paradox


  4. Paradox

    Bought a new studio mic, and a mixer so hopefully i can have better stream quality and i can start streaming some more! :D

    1. Eddie Sorella

      Eddie Sorella

      Hey man what's your stream name so I can throw you a follow 😆.


    2. Paradox


  5. Paradox

    ios 11 isn't bad actually, thought i would hate it.

    1. Shane


      any chance of a TL;DR? xD 

  6. Pulse

    This is so good! Cant wait for more! Following!
  7. Paradox


  8. Paradox

    Ill be at basic training for, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years... :(

  9. [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    sure, im a nice guy.
  10. Paradox


  11. Paradox

    New mouse HYPEEEE

  12. Mischief's Art!

    This is so good!
  13. Gremlins

    Best of luck!
  14. Paradox

    23 mins of wallsits later, i cant walk up or down stairs right lmfaooo