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  1. I have been sick so much the past couple days, if i didnt have a personal stash of tetra or whatever else i can take to cure it. I would have died so many times over. I hate when i get into some good RP we all get sick and then everyone asks for meds, super annoying. Would love to see this mechanic gone. +1
  2. With knowing how buggy cars are at the moment, there is no way i can trust a helicopter. As cool as it would be, its a no from me.
  3. If only it didnt cause server issues it would be great. :(( No from me..
  4. Always love RPing with you guys! Thanks for the good times! @River @Lamb @Blisna @Harvey @Miamomoh @Unii @Cormac01 @Brayces @Searoz
  5. There should be a little flag icon next to one of your characters thats not being used. That is the activate button. Apologies for not stating that.
  6. If you wish to play a new character you will have to make a new one all together. This can me done under the "DayZ" tab then "Characters" and finally click "Create new character". Or if you have one made already click manage characters and make sure that one is set as the active character!

    1. Eddie


      Loving the beat!

  8. Welcome to the community!! Hope you have a great time here!
  9. Personally ive used gas masks with speakers on them to make it more clear in person, but i dont know how this would be done in game.
  10. Welcome! Good luck with the whitelist!
  11. Welcome to the community! Glad you are enjoying the server!
  12. Welcome guys! @Blisna & @Unii. Glad to have yall!
  13. Welcome!! Enjoy the community! Glad to have ya here!
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