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  1. I really be on the Inactive hours... 😞


  2. a fukin groove


  3. Hang in there... it gets easier 😭

  4. +1. Love the way this looks. Why not add it!
  5. Gonna try runnin solo for a little.

  6. They had no business going this fkn hard

  7. Got home from work, as soon as i walk through my door, there is a spider sitting eye level with me and i fuckin walked into it.... nice.

  8. Mom. Pick me up im scared. I dont like being an adult 😭😭😭

  9. Is it friday yet??? 😩

  10. Back to 12 hours shifts tonight for the next 5 days. I do not have enough caffeine for this...

  11. Coming back to this thread is always awesome. Amazing work as always!
  12. All my friends are drunk without me... 😞


    1. HarveyLR



    2. Imagine


      sad gamer hours

    3. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Can I be drunk too? It would make this shift easier.

    4. Imagine


      Im not stoppin ya! Ill have one for ya! 🤣

    5. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Heck ya there eh bud. I’ll have some big girl drink and big girl smoke when I get home I think. I think I can say for both of us, screw 12 hour shifts lol 

    6. Imagine


      Couldnt agree more haha

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