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  1. Wow, what a journey i have been on in the past few months! As some of you may know i left for US Air Force basic training in November! And i havent had access to my gaming PC till now! I recently got orders to South Korea, so that is where i will be heading in June! I missed you all so much! Im so glad to be back! Bought myself a new gaming laptop due to a pipe breaking at my house back home and ruining my desktop. Plus shipping a Desktop to korea would be a pain! So happy to be back and cant wait to hop back in game! :D

  2. Well, I am ready for the new journey. I leave for United States Air Force basic training in a few weeks, and with this massive new life style change i have to give a few things up. Including DayZRP and gaming as a whole. :( I could go a year or more until i could be back. Thank you all for making this community amazing. I shall be back! Until then.. Farewell! 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Skinner said:

    If you set the XLR mic to be your default communication device in windows, I would double check it in teamspeak to make sure people can hear you (we can test it for you in the help desk if you want) and then double check in-game that you have the correct VOIP Transmit (aka push-to-talk) button bound to the button you think it is. Lastly, if you literally just hooked it up, I would try rebooting your computer in case it had to finalize any device drivers and then re-launch dayz and try again.

    People can hear me on teamspeak, and i have only this mic in windows activated. I have my push to talk on caps lock, which i have been pressing as well.

  4. So i just got this new XLR microphone, that i plugged into a mixer. But people cannot hear me in game. Does anyone know why? Cant seem to figure it out. I have set the mic to be the default communication device, and everything. And steam is picking it up when i test it. 

  5. I almost fell off a cliff in a Glacier National Park, I was with my grandparents at the time so they were not into the whole hiking thing. Anyways, long story short, me and my brother went on this trail. Stay too far left and you fall on to a road below. (trail was carved into the side of a cliff.) A Mountain goat was above us on this cliff so i went to look upward at him while still walking. I slipped and one of my legs fell off the side of this cliff. Luckily the rail was a chain close by, so i gripped that and pulled my self back up. And that's how i almost died.

    Picture of the trail. (Trail gets really narrow at some points.)


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