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  1. Harper


    I just need to hop in game and get over my fear about not being good at rp like i used to be


  2. Harper



  3. Harper

    Tips on getting back into things?

    Oh my, i totally forgot about this. Thank you so much!
  4. Harper

    Tips on getting back into things?

    This may be a weird thread. But i need some help. So i have been MIA the past year and finally got to the point where i can play again. In that year i have grown apart from people in the community, and im looking to get back into the server. The thing is i feel very awkward and self conscious that my RP will not be up to par like it used to be. Also playing alone is very weird to me since i join the community with a couple friends. Does anyone have any tips on playing alone, getting my RP back up to par and things like that? I would appreciate all the help. Its good to be back in game (hopefully).
  5. Harper


    idk why jumping back into the server alone after a year is so hard for me.

  6. Harper


    Comeback time? But all my friends are gone :((

  7. Harper


    Gonna pass on this one chief, after looking up the Devs lol. Hopefully they will prove me wrong.
  8. Trying to grab some opinions. Currently in Korea till June, is DayZ RP playable with over or around 200 ping? I am dying to jump back into things

    1. Strawberry


      yes, thats my ping when I play on US servers

    2. Harper


      Im moving to Italy in June, not sure how it will be there, but maybe better than here?

    3. Strawberry


      yeah Italy will be better. But as long as you play on a US server expect 100+ ping

    4. Stradic


      I'm in Australia with 300-350 ping and other than the odd lag spike it's alright for me to play.

  • Harper


    Maaaan.... I miss yall. Cant wait to have better ping so i can jump back into things

  • Harper


    6 more months in Korea! Then off to Italy for 2 years! :D

  • Harper


    Korean timezone sucks btw

  • Born in San Antonio, Texas to a military family, Dex was never home a lot. His Father Leo Harper, was a PJ (Para-rescue) in the United States Air Force. Moving all across the US and even Europe as he grew up. Leo was always gone, so Dex had that missing feeling inside, he needed that father figure in his life. As time grew on Dex also got very interested in the thought of becoming a PJ himself. After much thought and discussion with his father. He was shipped out back to San Antonio for Air Force basic training. After a short 8 weeks, Dex started his selection process to become a PJ, he knew it would be hard, but not this. After all PJ's are responsible for the daunting task of rescuing the most elite soldiers in the US military. After months and months of Training. He finally earned his Maroon Beret. He was so proud of himself, so was his father. Not soon after, his father passed away of a tragic car accident. Leaving Dex with that same empty feeling he felt as a kid. Pushing through to more recent times. Soon after his fathers passing he was put on stand by in 2009 for the bloody civil war, just in case anything happens. Well little did he know, he was in way too deep. On a routine training mission him and his fellow PJ's and pilots crashed. Leaving them stranded. Dex was the only survivor. Lucky for him, the only thing hurting was his head, with a 2 inch gash across his forehead. By this time things have already fell into chaos. Later he met some of the members of the "Brotherhood" by accident. After being somewhat skeptical of what they were up to and their view on everything. He finally decided that the military was not coming for him, he was just a disposable PJ, if they even if the PJ's are still a thing. After getting to know everyone he was adopted, he was now a brother. As for now, the rest of the story is unwritten. Only time will tell what is next.
  • Harper


    The ping is too bad here in korea :((( 

  • Harper

    Brotherhood [ Recruitment Open! ]

    Lets gooooo!
  • Harper


    Maybe its time to hop back in game! ?

    1. FalkRP



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