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  1. Nope, that was not the one I hid )
  2. Well, it's a very generous gift! Thank you! _\\// Live long and prosper ^) EDIT: I found that it was stolen when I logged in today. I was hidden in 111-063 behind slope in the fir-trees. Strange.
  3. Please reply! Today I've met a man named Vlad, who agreed to give me a ride in his Camo-UAZ. But when we searched the buildings for jerry-can he apparently got disconnected. I hid and guarded his UAZ for about 15 minutes, but decided to hide it instead, because there was much traffic in that place. IGN Vlad (?) please PM me, and I will tell you where I hid your car, man! Just to make sure it is you, answer a simple question: What waepon did you have in you backpack and what weapon we found in a military tent and left there?
  4. Привет - mostly refers to 'Hi' in English. 'Hello' is - "Здравствуйте" or "Здрасте" as a shorter and more common form Russian is my native language (Made in USSR). YOu can say that Ukrainian is also my native language, as after the USSR broke up I live in Ukraine. And yes, I can speak a few sentences in English ofcourse, because it is the language of 'Potential Enemy' we all learned in schools P.S. "What is your name and rank? Who is the commander of your unit? Where are your comrades hide?" Brake face. Rinse. Repeat.
  5. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    Um... Okay... I guess.
  6. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    I was already on the ground. Unarmed. After you said 'it's not a robbery' I thought 'OK, that's good, now I can pick my weapons up'. I may have NOT heard your first warning, so I picket it up. But after that I CLEARLY heard a WINCHESTER shot, and my screen got grey. MAYBE it was not you, I didn't see you at that moment because I was facing in the wrong direction. But after I've been injured I turned to you and saw you standing in the doorway pointing your Winchester at me.
  7. Native Ukrainian. Fluent Russian. More or less I can speak English (terrible accent ), but much better in written form. Edit: Sorry. Russian would be the first one. I was born in USSR. Ukrainian I learned when I was about 8-9 years old.
  8. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    That is for GM's to decide. As fo the rest, IMO, make your intentions clear, be persuasive and bold, follow the rules - and you will not get banned. If you say 'it is not a robbery' - act like it's not a robbery, even if you plan to rob this person later. If you say 'friendly' - act like friendly, even if you plan to rob this person later. If you say 'it's not a robbery' and act like it IS a robbery - you're a fool, and your kill will not be legit if the victim show no threat. Saying 'It's not a robbery. Relax. DROP YOUR WEAPONS!' is like to say 'Hello. How are you? I wish you dead!'. Just as dumb as it sounds.
  9. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    Jesus Christ are they robbers are not, you can't just change it when it suits you! Can an Admin please explain why they couldn't shoot him on behalf of me; as i WAS ROBBING him and told him not to pick up his weapons; so surely I then have the right to shoot him? I presume the guy who tried to rob me without weapons (the 'robber') - is you. Poze is 'Winchester-culprit'. Poze's friend is 'AK-74 wookie'. I used this nicknames to describe the situation because I didn't know your IGN's. Then who did? Because I was apparently shot at, as I described earlier. That is why I turned to you. Oh, God, the culprit is banned and had a character reset. Why do I bother to explain something more than I did already?
  10. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    Ok, why didn't you say something like 'Ok, Spok, you're going with us. We are taking you as a hostage'? You didn't made your intentions clear. You said 'it's not a robbery' - so why can't I take ma weapons and leave? If it is NOT a robbery it DOES NOT mean that this is a hostage situation. I can see no logics here. I was not a threat to anyone. And had no intention to shoot anybody. Just to make it clear - you didn't even know WHAT it was yourself. You freaked out that you were in the doorway, looking at my butt. For the second. Noone forced you to stand in the doorway like a practice target. You could've hide behind a 'wall'. P.S. I don't suffer any butthurt about you KOS'ed me. I play by the rules on a roleplay server. I just want to play with the adequate people. Who FOLLOW THE RULES. I don't want people get banned either. Maybe character reset for 'misunderstanding'? Eh, Zorial?
  11. Spok

    Banned Wrongly

    Before I entered the tents I was in the treeline just north of them. The guillie guy with AK-74 (friend of Winchester-culprit?) told me to 'Lay down!'. I did so. Then he said 'Ok, you are free to go'. Minute later, when I was making to the tents, the same 'AK-74 wookie' again told me to 'Stop! Don't turn around!'. I did so. He approached, looked in my backpack (obvious robbery), and said something like 'Ok, go, you don't have anything useful on you anyway'. I moved on. Very pissed off. When I entered the left large tent some unseen guy tried to rob me (the 'f*ck you' line was regarding him). I was in the tent and dropped all my weapons. But then AGAIN the 'AK-74 wookie' approached and stopped the 'robber'. The 'robber' admitted that he is unarmed and tried to get easy catch on me. So I proposed 'AK-74 wookie' to kill the 'robber' or let me do it myself. So I picked up my weapons, after somebody said: 21:21:58 : (Direct) Eirik: we're not robbing 21:22:03 : (Direct) Eirik: just relaxe 21:22:06 : (Direct) Eirik: lay down I layed down. Facing away from the doorway. I didn't even get up. I must say that the V-chat was littered by 'AK-74 wookie' and 'robber' conversation. So it is very likely that I might not hear the 'Winchester-culprit' who was standing in the tent entrance (I don't know if he and the 'AK-74 wookie' was together). But when I picked up my weapons (facing AWAY from the entrance) I heard a shot, and my screen got grey. After that I didn't listen to any sh*t they were saying and tried to shoot the 'Winchester-culprit' like a rabid dog. 21:22:33 : (Direct) Eirik: STOP AND STAY IN YOUR CAR OR I WILL SHOOT YOU 21:22:44 : (Direct) Eirik: HAHA THIS I didn't even know that you were talking to me! What car? I was in the tent! Also Quote taken from here http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rdm-stary-sobor . I was NOT talking to anyone. I had my mike put away. And I have a very bad ukrainian accent when I speak. I just want the gamemasters to make a just decision. I don't want to ban someone. I don't whine. I just want people to follow the rules. If you're 'NOT robbing' why can't I pick up my weapons and go away? I'm no bandit-kind. I never rob or shoot people.
  12. Thank you for the answers. Yes, that was pletty like 'screen flush', when you mentioned it. And yes, I'll reinstall my videodrivers just to be sure. And MAYBE I got computer internal cooling problem. Just need to clean it from inside.
  13. While playing just a few minutes before I suffered this issue. In random moments screen just goes black and I can see only 'Loading...' label in the center, while zombies eat me! It happened twise. First time I got eaten to death and lost all my loot (M4A3 CCO!). The secont time was after my respawn in 10-15 minutes after first one, but I had to Alt-TAB and kill ArmA2 process to NOT get eaten by zombies. Sorry, but I had to (I found toolbox, axe, knife and matches). Why would it be this way, can anyone tell me? Maybe someone got similar issues?
  14. Absolutely agree! No canteen, no backpack, no flashlight, and no map! That would be hardcore
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