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  1. Hudson

    SSZ Propaganda Thread

    Quick someone ban that man! He is out of control!
  2. Best of luck guys! maybe I'll meet you again sometime!
  3. The Squeak though aha Nice hip shooting though, how comes you don't use your scope? damaged maybe?
  4. Good so see another military group! Admins please Instantly approve this!
  5. Hudson

    Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    Thats how you initiate extra safe and ruleplay-like
  6. Hudson

    Disallow stealth radio usage: Rule 11.5

    When I came back and read the rules I thought 11.5 was gonna make things sucks, but it actually allows you to prepare to hostiles to arrive if you are speaking to one of them because they'll either be describing you or the current location. Then either you can initiate on the lone guy and do hostage RP or wait for the rest of them to come and have hostile RP I like the rule; stops metagaming or allows for rule breaks to be detected, and means people have to be clever about their comms and initiations. The emote is just OTT, you can have a PTT anywhere on your body. between your legs, under the armpit even under your hat. and not all PTTs make clicks when pushed down so you might no hear 'their' one.
  7. Hudson

    WTF! Most expensive DLC pack. Collect them all !

    Jesus why? no one needs that many trains
  8. Hudson

    [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Welcome Retro! "hello its ya boi Iphonelewis" haha
  9. I hate that forest now! the cursed forest of the black wolf we shall call it aha. Hate to be a scrooge but doesnt this belong in Media?
  10. Hudson

    [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    You too prof! maybe you have meds to spare
  11. Luke Winters joined the police force after college and served for a few years, before being promoted to the Firearms unit know as SCO19. The training was tough, enough to break a man 3 times over. Due to the amount of gun crimes in the UK SCO19 is usually not called to any shootouts or armed robberies. SCO19 is usually only deployed when the security threat is High in the country, mostly sent to large social events and football games. Luke grew impatient, Not being able to use his skills was very frustrating for him. It started on the 10th of July after the Russian Airstrike on a storage base, totally wiping it out, That's when the Interpol offered to send in security Instructors. Luke was on the team to help with the NATO and UN effort, the Instructors job would to be help with civilian chaos while the military dealt with containment. As he was driving to the Base from the airport, he got stopped at a checkpoint, A guard was checking Luke’s papers when gunfire broke out from the otherside of the checkpoint. One man that was running away from the checkpoint fell over and got attacked by a man covered in blood. A bullet struck Luke’s car, panicking Luke floored the pedal and crashed into a barrier. The car wouldn’t start again, he had to go on foot. Making a dash for the forest, Luke looked over his shoulder to see people getting attacked and ripped apart, “what the hell is going on?” Luke thought to himself. He had to contact someone that knew what was happening and could help him, maybe someone could get him back home. In the meantime he better start surviving.
  12. Hudson

    [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    That was quick!
  13. @Rifleman why you do this to me?
  14. Hudson

    [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Congratz on five people!
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