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  1. @Jerry Like I said, people are bored of the roleplay because there's less people online and no new faces. .63 will bring people back. Do I think it'll be the great savior of the server? No. The veterans who haven't logged and waited for this update since nam will look at the new rules and be like: "What the actual fuck has happened?" The rules, we're all basically one big happy family in game because we have to be. There is no perfect solution. People hated hostilities, now that they're gone, people want them back. wat. I can't even begin to imagine the toll this must take on Roland. We can't just give up though, this is the only thriving RP community, not only that but this is our community and everyone here has some sort of passion for this game and roleplay. We owe it to each other and ourselves to try. To some it seems hopeless, they feel as if their voices are not heard and to them I am truly sorry. It's a frustrating battle I know. I don't know what the hell to do or if I should be in a place to give advice but come on guys. Please? I end this lame ass cringe post on this note: Let's get creative.
  2. Three was born on February 24th in 1995 to a couple of junkies from Chicago who gave her up the second she was born. They didn’t want her, and even if they did they couldn’t afford her. She was named “Three” because she was the 3rd accident baby her mother had. The only reason she wasn’t aborted was because her mother loved the attention and “perks” that come with being pregnant, plus abortions cost money. Or maybe the ol’ coat hanger was deemed too brutal even for a drug addict. So off to the orphanage Three went, going on to never know her parents which was probably for the better. She wouldn’t get adopted until she was 13 and her new parents renamed her, but Three preferred to continue to go by her original name. Life with her new family was awkward to say the least. Three was a troubled child on the inside even though she never let it show, you could sense something was wrong and she never really felt at home. You could tell there wasn’t any love going around in the house so the second Three turned 18 she set off on her own. Not having any real skills in terms of practical or social, Three turned to crime to make a living. At first it was simple things like the occasional small robbery or pick pocketing but eventually it wouldn’t be enough. Things changed when Three’s newfound criminal friends introduced her to the dark web. It made everything so easy, they could sell drugs, weapons, and even killing services. It was then Three cemented herself as a hired killer, she was good at it too and would be recognized by a rival killer and the two would compete and scuffle throughout the years. The two initially met at a high class event, both were undercover and ended up botching their missions by becoming romantically involved for the night. Eventually their true identities would be revealed to one another and the relationship became very complicated. In the end Three’s rival would end up dead, and she would end up avenging the death which put her in some deep shit and she fled to Mexico. Mexico was supposed to be a place where Three could lay low, let the heat settle, but that didn’t last long. At a sketchy ass club Three met a gorgeous girl and the two became very close. The girl though, turned out to be the daughter of one of the leaders of a renowned gang, and if Three was going to be serious, she’d have to get serious and do jobs for the family. Three’s newfound love would end up cheating on her, so off to wherever-the-fuck she went. Recently Three has been hired to kill someone in South Zagoria. It was random, but it paid extremely well so she took the contract and off she went. Little did she know she’d end up in the middle of the fucking apocalypse. Trying to play it smart she’s been hiding out in a city on the coast, but it’s time she ventured out.
  3. DayZRP DayZForums Yeah it's boring at times, but then again you have to remember that a lot of our members are waiting for .63 and there's really no new faces other than people's alts coming around. A lot of people are also saving their juicy new characters for .63. As for the OOC stuff... If DayZRP had a theme song it would be a parody of Gucci Gang by Lil Pump where instead of "Gucci gang" it's "metagame".
  4. Honestly as far as realism goes the removal of dynamics was damaging. For example if your daughter were to be held hostage and tortured you'd bet your ass you'd go in there and kill every last one of them no questions asked but you can't do that unless you're in an official group. A while back I had an idea that I didn't really flesh out completely but the basics of it was to have a dynamics page similar to the groups page where you have to create a dynamic and get it approved with a maximum of 3 members, and with lesser requirements than of the groups. I don't know, again it's not a fully developed idea just thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe instead of outright removing dynamics completely Roland can alter them somehow to fit his vision?
  5. I honestly didn't think anyone remembered or cared about Scout but today was a pleasant surprise. Feels good seeing old faces. Shout out to @Dirty Dan @Gallo @jangoskull
  6. turtlemilk

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

  7. turtlemilk

    Ken's Death Video

  8. turtlemilk

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Now I'm going to be honest, at first I didn't like "the boiis". I was under the assumption that they were all PvP and no RP, drop weps 10 secs, toxic, and previous experiences with them left me with a bad taste in my mouth. However, now, after seeing them in action recently for some time, I can tell they've made a change for the better and they've completely turned my old opinion around. I think @LouieRP is a good leader and is genuinely striving to make this group better and better each day. He takes in the complaints, works them out with the community, and cracks the bad eggs in the group if need be. An example of their change would be when I walked into Stary Yar on my Potius Cras character and I thought for sure I was going to be dead because in previous radio broadcasts they said (not an exact quote) they and everyone else hated the corporation and would kill them if they saw them. They didn't kill me, they didn't search me or take my weapons, they talked and RP'd it out with me. I understand why @Roland is concerned about them given their history and it's possible they could go back to their old ways but at the end of the day we're on this server to RP and we're lucky DayZRP exists, none of us want to throw that gift away, even Anarchy. That being said they're not only making this change because they feel like they have to, they're making this change because they want to. Big difference. If anyone has an issue with Anarchy you need to tell them. They can't fix it if they don't know it's broken. TL;DR: Anarchy has and continues to change. OOC stigma is hurting the server.
  9. Scout Tucker was born and raised in Utah. She was born on June 24th in 1997 to parents who weren’t really ready to be parents. In fact, all her siblings including her were “accidents”. Scout was very loosely thrown into the Mormon religion, though she didn’t much care for it. Her childhood was a complete shitshow to put it lightly and as she got older it never really got better. Due to her little sister being born and her parents not being able to be there, Scout had to dropout of high school to help raise her which would ultimately bite Scout in the ass in the end because you can’t really get anywhere without a high school diploma. A few suicide attempts later and a whole lot of pills and doctors, Scout seemed to be getting back on track. Though most of the credit belongs to a friend she made who would go on to be her best friend, forever. He helped her through everything and finally Scout could grow and flourish. She could never kick the depression though but she meandered her way through life as best she could. Finally being able to pursue her passions Scout starting taking photography very seriously and eventually it would pay off. She got an offer from a producer to work on a documentary out of the country. The documentary would be about the history about Chernarus. Scout jumped on the offer somewhat reluctantly because she hated traveling but it was a good opportunity for her. Turns out, it was the worst decision she could have ever possibly make. The production team arrived in Chernarus shortly before the infection broke out and when it did break out, Scout had watched her crew be brutally torn apart. “Fuck that” she said as she bolted away to safety. Being in a foreign country, Scout had absolutely no idea where the hell to go so she ended up hiding away in the forest living off the vegetation until things calmed down. Scout’s been in the country for some time and seen some shit. She doesn’t really trust anyone but will try to stay on people’s good side as best she can. She’s done some shit she regrets but then again she regrets pretty much everything she’s ever done in her life already so that’s nothing new. It doesn’t look like she’ll be getting out of the country anytime soon, so she trudges on through.
  10. Growing up, Hayley was what most would call an angel child. She would go on to become valedictorian, head cheerleader, and win any achievement she sought after. To most, she was perfect. In high school she dated one of the top athletes, Cain Galloway. Hayley was beautiful, she was popular, she had it all. Things changed though while hanging around the Galloway family. Cain had a twin named Destiny, and Hayley become very infatuated with her. Eventually Hayley would break things off with Cain and pursued his sister Destiny. Cain seemed very weird about it. But life went on. The Galloway family was extremely fucked up Hayley would soon come to find out, but she loved Destiny, so she stayed. Being around them altered Hayley’s perception, it took a toll on her mentality and Hayley became cold and distant towards her family. It was almost as if she were in a trance. The time where the Galloways would decide to flee from their deranged father came around. The twins chose to run far away from their father to a place called South Zagoria. Hayley decided to go with them, as she felt they were her true family and she couldn’t have her love leave her behind.
  11. turtlemilk

    Potius Cras

    Good group, great people. By far the most fun I've had in DayZ. But, it's time for me to go solo.
  12. Jennifer Jones was born on February 24th, 1997 in Fredericksburg, Texas. She grew up on a farm with her mother, father, and brother. It was hard work but everyone in the family had to contribute. She always looked up to her older brother, Eliot. Eliot was a good role model, he had a good work ethic and was very protective, and they were very close. When Jenny came of age Eliot and her father took her hunting for the first time, and she turned out to be a natural at it. It wouldn’t be long before Jenny was tagging and bagging her kills left and right. But things changed when Eliot got into a relationship. He seemed to pay a lot less attention to Jenny and this upset her. In an attempt to get his attention back she would act out, rebel, and put herself in bad situations on purpose. Years later, one day, the two siblings regained their closeness decided to go on a hunting trip out of the country. Chernarus seemed to be the ideal place to go so the two packed up and set off on their adventure. Unfortunately, while they were in the country, the infection broke out and all hell broke loose. Turns out they would be hunting more than deer.
  13. turtlemilk

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Will there still be a weapons embargo?
  14. no loot at any of the military places wat.