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  1. Natasha “Hydra” Nickles was born on July 25th, 1991 in Denver, Colorado. It is believed she was an orphan, bouncing around in foster care unable to find a real home, thus she has nomadic tendencies and became very jaded. Hydra joined Potius Cras relatively early on in life compared to most, dedicating her life to the cause. During her time in the corporation she ranked up through hard work, loyalty, and politics with the hope of creating a better tomorrow. Due to her time in the corporation she has developed a variety of skills and is a quick learner, making her very useful in most situations. She specializes in communications and diplomacy but is also well versed in combat. Hydra has returned to Chernarus from her highly classified mission in [REDACTED] to aid with the ongoing corporation activities in the country and will likely migrate to Livonia to assist the corporation there.
  2. Is DayZ worth coming back to?

    1. Joe
    2. Koko Boy

      Koko Boy


    3. Zero


      Yay you’re not dead. 

    4. turtlemilk


      Almost was ngl

  3. *Scout would be sitting in a shed she deemed home for the night and picks up her radio, presses the PTT* This is Scout. I'm alive. *Audible chuckle followed with a very sarcastic tone* Unfooortunately. *An infected screeches in the background and begins clawing at the shed, Scout subconsciously leaving the PTT on* What the actual fuck these things all of a sudden have super sonic hearing now? *Radio turns off*
  4. @Zero I love you

    1. FalkRP



    2. Elmo


      I guess he's taken

    3. Zero



  5. OOF that hurts knowing more than just the few we encountered are doing this. My golden rule of DayZRP: "Never assume everyone is going to follow the rules" I really do appreciate and respect you for this.
  6. @JkpFrog tfw you can't find Ace


  7. As someone with a potato computer, fighting more than 1 zombie at a time is a death sentence and shooting them is impossible with my lag. That being said though, I'm not basing my vote off that. They've become rather tedious to kill, I've had zombies absorb up to 10+ hits with an axe and I wish I was exaggerating. Doesn't help that the new melee is kind of... Well... Shit imo. The fact that it's better to fight a zombie with a small knife because it stun locks them is kind of dumb but that's what we have to do because that's just the way it is right now. I've found it kind of fun though having to sneak around towns. I don't think they need huge nerf, just a small one.
  8. TFW you want to play DayZ but your ancient computer can't run it and you're in so much medical debt you can't do shit about it :)))))))

    1. Zero



    2. UncleB


      Get this lady a patreon. Sell feet pics to all those weirdos for EZ bucks. 

  9. Good to see you are not dead, I was worried because of almost two months of inactivity. ?

  10. Yooo

    1. Jamie



    2. GaryCash



    3. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo


  11. People get away with doing things that are 10x worse 


    1. turtlemilk
    2. Eagle



    3. Coreena
  12. is your face claim for your character the "coming out" song girl.?

    1. Alexis


      her name is like allie I think.

    2. turtlemilk


      Ally Hills, good catch, thought no one would know hahah

    3. Alexis


      girl i see you

    4. turtlemilk
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