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  1. Jacklyn James was born October 24th, 1993 in Anchorage, Alaska. Her father was an abusive alcoholic fisherman and her mother was kind and caring registered nurse. They weren’t exactly poor, but they weren’t exactly rich either, in fact Jacklyn’s parents fought over money making it an unhappy marriage that they couldn’t afford to get out of. Jacklyn’s childhood was alright given the circumstances, as she got older she’d stay over at her friends’ house more than her own due to her parents constantly in fights. Eventually Jacklyn’s father would drink himself to death which would have been sad had he not have been a complete asshole. However his passing away put a strain on the family income. Jacklyn had to take up a part time job in high school and help support her mother and 2 brothers as she was the oldest child in her family. The extra responsibility of having a job put a dent in her grades but she managed. Growing up all Jacklyn wanted to do was get the hell out of Alaska and travel so naturally she decided to become a pilot. It was arduous work and exceptionally time consuming having to put in a certain amount of hours of flight time to get her pilot’s license. Jacklyn didn’t much enjoy hauling a bunch of people around, and she certainly didn’t like the responsibility and having to deal with others thus her focus was thrown towards becoming a bush pilot. She loved having her little plane and sweet solitude, the only people she had to deal with were villagers of whom Jacklyn delivered supplies to which was only a small exchange often times. Things were all well and good for some time. One day Jacklyn received a rather unique job proposition to transport some provisions to a location she hadn’t really heard of before. The assignment paid exceedingly well and she jumped on the opportunity not really thinking about it. Little did she know this “meager” errand would put her in an unthinkable position, fighting for her life. Jacklyn didn’t speak the native language of the land so she searched long and hard for other survivors that spoke English, eventually coming upon a woman who would later become her good friend. The two stuck together as they not only spoke the same language, but were coincidentally tremendously like minded and similar in some aspects. Together they would carry on as best they could given the circumstances. Life went on okay for some time until Jacklyn’s new friend turned on her. They were low on food and the hunger had driven her friend mad. Jacklyn awoke just in time before her friend was about to attack her in her sleep, likely to eat her corpse. In defence Jacklyn had to murder her friend and she learned a valuable lesson of trust that would be engraved in the back of her mind forever.
  2. Heather “Gecko” Healy was born July 24th, 1989 in [REDACTED] to parents [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] who were severe drug addicts. Heather acted out as a teenager and as a result was sent to a “correctional boot camp”. During her time in the camp a recruiter for a private corporation called [REDACTED] had studied Heather and offered her parents a large sum of money to sign their daughter into the custody of the corporation before Heather came of legal age to have a say. Her parents accepted as they were desperate for cash having spent every penny on various drugs. She would then stay with the corporation for several years dedicating her life to it.
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    Maximum relaxation
  4. turtlemilk

    Farewell my friends

    It is very sad to see my sweet Zero go. I will eat your ass another day
  5. *Scout would sigh and pick up her radio, pushing down the PTT with a sarcastic, cheery voice* Oh me oh my! Mean words! What ever are we going to do? *She changes to her regular voice* Santiago, you know this isn't going to end well, a lot of people will be looking for you. When they find you, you will die. You can't hide forever, and if you have any common sense you can't be expecting this to end any other way. *Now she would address Kirby* Kirby, unlike Santiago, you can redeem yourself. Don't make the wrong move. *Scout releases the PTT*
  6. Even when I was not in The Mountain Men, I LOVED The Mountain Men. This group is providing some of the best RP I've experienced in DayZRP, all bias aside.
  7. Didn't really have time last night to write this as I was tired af but I thoroughly enjoyed my time last night with The Mountain Men.
  8. Really cool when we meet someone organically in game I'm glad to have our new member @DieselTheSnowMan join us!
  9. Guess we're sippin' Kirby Dew tonight nvm
  10. It's made out of the blood of the fallen Mountain Men. Which is literally no one because we're badasses
  11. turtlemilk

    Radio Chatter Rule

    I am guilty of doing this but the person I was responding to on the radio I had talked to OOC and they said it was fine. Regardless, yeah this is a good idea.
  12. turtlemilk

    Guess who's alive ;)

    Nothing has changed. "RP" is at Vyshnoye. Welcome back.