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  1. People get away with doing things that are 10x worse 


    1. turtlemilk
    2. Eagle



    3. Coreena



  2. Alexis

    • Alexis
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    is your face claim for your character the "coming out" song girl.?

    1. Alexis


      her name is like allie I think.

    2. turtlemilk


      Ally Hills, good catch, thought no one would know hahah

    3. Alexis


      girl i see you

    4. turtlemilk
  3. turtlemilk


    Maximum relaxation
  4. turtlemilk

    Farewell my friends

    It is very sad to see my sweet Zero go. I will eat your ass another day
  5. *Scout would sigh and pick up her radio, pushing down the PTT with a sarcastic, cheery voice* Oh me oh my! Mean words! What ever are we going to do? *She changes to her regular voice* Santiago, you know this isn't going to end well, a lot of people will be looking for you. When they find you, you will die. You can't hide forever, and if you have any common sense you can't be expecting this to end any other way. *Now she would address Kirby* Kirby, unlike Santiago, you can redeem yourself. Don't make the wrong move. *Scout releases the PTT*
  6. Without our notorious PvP boiis the server pop dropped. Boiis get constant OOC hate. People do not to get on when pop is low. People then complain about it, they say they're bored, then decide that they would rather have the PvP boiis back. 

    We get the boiis back, people complain. 

    What to do... What to do...

    1. -Chow-


      People like the convenience of numbers but not what follows. They like having people to be around but not actually partake in the RP itself. 

      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cant make everyone happy.

    2. turtlemilk



  7. Even when I was not in The Mountain Men, I LOVED The Mountain Men. This group is providing some of the best RP I've experienced in DayZRP, all bias aside.
  8. Ember East was born on a cold October night in 1994. Her mother ended up having to have a c-section due to complications, but in the end it was worth it. Ember was rather spoiled in her childhood as she was the only child in the family, which in turn made her become particularly selfish. She’s a Scorpio, but then again that doesn’t really excuse anything. Her mother forced her into dance as soon as Ember could walk and she ended up loving it. In fact she loved it so much that she decided to pursue it as a career. Ember would leave her hometown in Colorado behind and travel around the world to choreograph dances to several artists and groups. Ultimately though she found herself living in South Korea as the thriving industry of Korean pop music required a lot of choreographers and Ember was more than qualified to create unique and intricate dances for the new up and coming groups. However after a year or so Ember became tired of it and went back to her life of travel. Whilst on traveling back to the United States from South Korea the plane she was on was having extreme difficulties since take off and they had to make an emergency landing in a place called Chernarus. Little did she know she’d end up staying there for what seems like forever. The airports were already taken over by infected so Ember ran. She took refuge in a nearby grocery store with the others that were on the plane and some randoms. Eventually though their little safe haven would be compromised by some asshole bandits so she had to flee. Ever since the traumatic incident with the people in the country Ember never really trusted or liked anyone she came across. Luckily her selfish ways would come in handy as life in Chernarus became exceedingly hard. She only made friends if it would benefit her and under no circumstance gave away any of her supplies to anyone no matter how desperate they were. She met someone on the coast that seemed to be pretty good at surviving out in the shithole so she clung onto them and became friends out of sheer manipulation.
  9. Didn't really have time last night to write this as I was tired af but I thoroughly enjoyed my time last night with The Mountain Men.
  10. Really cool when we meet someone organically in game I'm glad to have our new member @DieselTheSnowMan join us!
  11. Guess we're sippin' Kirby Dew tonight nvm
  12. It's made out of the blood of the fallen Mountain Men. Which is literally no one because we're badasses