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  1. turtlemilk

    Call on The Mountain

    *Scout would be sitting in a shed she deemed home for the night and picks up her radio, presses the PTT* This is Scout. I'm alive. *Audible chuckle followed with a very sarcastic tone* Unfooortunately. *An infected screeches in the background and begins clawing at the shed, Scout subconsciously leaving the PTT on* What the actual fuck these things all of a sudden have super sonic hearing now? *Radio turns off*
  2. @Zero I love you

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      I guess he's taken

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  3. Ethel Smirnov was born on July 24th, 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts. She led quite the wild life until she got knocked up by accident by an immigrant named Yerik hat she barely knew, and didn’t know the language he spoke either. The two ended up getting married and moved back to Yerik’s homeland, Chernarus. Ethel was upset at the move at first, but as soon as she realized how cheap the cigarettes were her mood immediately brightened. Eventually her husband would perish in a car accident, and her children put her up in an old folks home. However the day of freedom was upon Ethel, and with the help of her roommate “Gram Gram” she snuck out only to be met with actual hell.
  4. turtlemilk

    Using The Potius Cras name in game ICly

    OOF that hurts knowing more than just the few we encountered are doing this. My golden rule of DayZRP: "Never assume everyone is going to follow the rules" I really do appreciate and respect you for this.
  5. @JkpFrog tfw you can't find Ace


  6. turtlemilk

    Nerf Zombies Please

    As someone with a potato computer, fighting more than 1 zombie at a time is a death sentence and shooting them is impossible with my lag. That being said though, I'm not basing my vote off that. They've become rather tedious to kill, I've had zombies absorb up to 10+ hits with an axe and I wish I was exaggerating. Doesn't help that the new melee is kind of... Well... Shit imo. The fact that it's better to fight a zombie with a small knife because it stun locks them is kind of dumb but that's what we have to do because that's just the way it is right now. I've found it kind of fun though having to sneak around towns. I don't think they need huge nerf, just a small one.
  7. TFW you want to play DayZ but your ancient computer can't run it and you're in so much medical debt you can't do shit about it :)))))))

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      Get this lady a patreon. Sell feet pics to all those weirdos for EZ bucks. 

  8. DECLASSIFIED INFORMATION: Operator “Hydra” has been deployed to assist and monitor the ongoing mission in Chernarus. Operator “Hydra” has achieved high status within the Potius Cras corporation putting her amongst some of the higher ranks. While operator “Hydra” is known for her talent with diplomacy, she is also known to ignore protocol making her a wildcard in the field. Due to the nature of the people residing currently in Chernarus the decision of deployment is one of desperation seeing as any significant results are not being seen at this time. The corporation is confident in this operator’s abilities and is hopeful the addition will fix the leadership problems.
  9. Biography: Mostly classified to public. She was extremely athletic and excelled in school. She even won a small Ms. South African Pagent before joining the military. Current Situation: The operator Wildflower is known to be one that does not deal with bull shit, which is one of the reasons she was elected to be one of the first to be sent back down with the team that was signaling the Corporations second landing in South Zagoria. She arrived with, Penguin, Reaper, R, Urchin, and a few of the others some time ago but they got split up when things got botched at one of the check points they were choosing to be their satellite base of field operations. She was on her own for a while, but she recently was able to reestablish contact with Urchin. She has also been on the line recently with Wolverine, who is back with the higher ups and is right now over seeing their operations in the area. This is her first time being deployed to Chernarus, but she read enough of the reports from the first teams that came down 6 months ago to know what they are in for. She has also spoken at great length with Reaper who warned her about the landscape and the hell that Chernarus was. One of their priorities now is to figure out what happened to Penguin as he is the one who has been longest out of contact with the others.
  10. Zero

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    Good to see you are not dead, I was worried because of almost two months of inactivity. ?

  11. GaryCash

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  12. People get away with doing things that are 10x worse 


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  13. Alexis

    • Alexis
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    is your face claim for your character the "coming out" song girl.?

    1. Alexis


      her name is like allie I think.

    2. turtlemilk


      Ally Hills, good catch, thought no one would know hahah

    3. Alexis


      girl i see you

    4. turtlemilk
  14. turtlemilk


    Maximum relaxation
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