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  1. Melanie Myers

    My childhood was fantastic, I had everything I could ever want and more. If I asked, I had it, I was spoiled rotten, selfish. And I would proudly carry that title all throughout my life, selfish. My parents rarely interacted with me and I was very content with that. My mother was a neurosurgeon and my father was an engineer so we were well off. Due to parental neglect or just natural teenage rebellion I ended up drinking heavily and using drugs for a spell. During uni though I cut back the shit a bit and started working towards becoming a lawyer. Being a lawyer was perfect for me. I was damn good at it and I loved the job. After I had won a big case that took far too many hours out of my sleep, I decided I would treat myself to a vacation alone somewhere I’d never been considering I’ve been damn near everywhere at that point. The case was similar to the “OJ” case except no celebrities were involved, but people still denounced me for getting him off. I couldn’t give a fuck less, I got paid. Chernarus seemed a bit too inferior for my tastes but against my better judgement I settled on it.
  2. Throw out your most interesting or crazy character ideas. Be free. I have writers block pls inspire me.
  3. Potius Cras

    ~Taking a temporary break from the group to play an alt~
  4. *Cypher hears the radio chatter whilst tinkering with her solar panel and sighs, pushing down the PTT* "It's amazing how the people in this country don't trust a soul they come across, but then believe any rumor they hear. The Corporation does not take samples without consent, and if an operative does not follow protocol they are reprimanded for their actions." *She accidentally pinches her finger on something and curses in Korean* "We offer help and supplies to all those who give samples. We don't have to help anyone with anything but we do. I don't see what the big deal is, we take blood, and a small sliver of skin, if allowed, for testing. All employees have given samples already. You're worried about us, meanwhile there are actual cannibals and psychopaths running about slaughtering people out here." *Releases PTT and continues working*
  5. After roleplaying with this group, I've got to say they're my favorite group out there. Excellent RP! Love it.
  6. Potius Cras

    There is never a boring day in this group. RIP TRICERATOPS!
  7. Amber Lee

    Amber Lee, code name ‘Cypher’ was deployed as part of team 4 of “The Corporation” to assist in the operations being carried out in South Zagoria. Cypher specializes in technological warfare, stealth combat, and is exceptionally adept with computers. She is a superior improviser and can jerry-jig just about anything. She also has engineering capabilities. Cypher is not a naturally angry person but when provoked she can be very aggressive. Wandering the country, Cypher has been attempting to get into radio contact with the rest of the operatives in the area but has not had any luck until recently.
  8. Tobias Tanner

    After the accident, things were a blur for a while. Sloth knew what his skills were, and he knew what his name and remembered who he was employed by, but for a long time everything was a haze. Ash and the rest of them who had come with him on the helicopter had managed to rescue him, but they lost the helicopter in the process. When they found him, blasted backwards and concussed, they were just happy that 'Sloth,' was alive and in one piece. Though he wasn't all there still mentally. Sloth was one of the Corporations explosive specialists. And when they were investigating an area, he found a poorly rigged explosive booby trap that had been set ahead of him, he had successfully disarmed it, but because of its poor craftsmanship by who ever had created the device, it was still capable of triggering due to faulty crafting. He had set it down and walked away from it a few feet when it went off, nearly killing him. The blast had attracted the infected, he was nearly swarmed and killed when he was unconscious but Ash and the others managed to rescue him, though they lost one of their own, operator 'Sunfish,' in the process. Finally the others were able to get Sloth up and moving again, and he with the others have been ordered to rally at Check Point 6.
  9. ForniteRP

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    I am so sorry for the level of awkward that meeting was ♥

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      You know what, I liked it.

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      It was fun, we 100% did not expect to find anyone inside the police station and there was a mini freakout on TS when it happened xD

  10. More events please, throw a party, have a birthday, hell idk something...

  11. Scout Tucker

    Scout Tucker was born on the 24th of June, 1997 in Salt Lake City Utah to a pair of unqualified parents in an abusive relationship. Her childhood was rather unfortunate, and adulthood would prove to be no different. Scout was a high school drop-out despite being very intelligent, her home life lead her astray. The amount of abuse and general shit she has gone through in just her wee 20 years of life is enough to beat the Harry Potter books in length, but she’s far over past and has become very jaded. Scout doesn’t really care about anything but her best friend Skyler, and her cats. Scout’s pursuit for her career in photography has lead her to Chernarus, which turned out to be a major shitfest.
  12. Avery Abrams

    Declassified Background Information: Operator, 'Tempest,' was hired by The Corporation 3 years ago. She was picked up by their scouts after she had come up on their radar with her recent discharge from the military. Not much is known about 'Tempest,' younger years or childhood, but it says in her file she was a 'problem,' during grade school, many times beating up boys that were older than her despite her smaller size. She is incredibly smart, fast and capable. She displayed excellent prowess in the field and in all of her tests involving firearms she proved to be an apt shooter. She practiced her sharpshooting ability for a good duration of time after her discharge from the military and became an even better shot after her service. The Corporation deployed her to South Zagoria with team 5. Things have been bad since when she first dropped in, she knew the Corporation had already suffered heavy casualties in the zone so she and her associates were proceeding on their mission with extreme caution.