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  1. Carley Carter

    Carley Carter was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 26th, 1989. She was quickly given up at birth. Eventually Carley was put into foster care and then adopted. Her adoptive mother developed cancer of the skin when Carley was in her teen years. Despite the complications at home Carley did well in her schooling and aspired to become a doctor. This aspiration was heavily influenced by her mother’s illness. Around the time Carley went off for college her mother had succumbed to the cancer and passed away. This event devastated Carley greatly and she would often drown her sorrows in intoxicants. Regardless, Carley carried on and took the necessary steps to becoming a dermatologist. She found the science quite intriguing and was inspired by her mother. Eventually Carley had come across a unique opportunity to contribute to a prestigious pharmaceutical company. She eagerly seized it and began working alongside other researchers in Chernarus. Unbeknownst to her, chaos would then ensue.
  2. Immortals [Open Recruitment]

  3. Jane Stone PoV: This happened a while ago so I apologize if I can't remember everything. @Coreena and I are in Stary because there's people there. We are informed there's going to be a trial and we're on the jury. There's a lot of people in the church so it's of course kind of chaotic. During the trial @OnionRingOfDoom is powergamed into being a pedophile by @Moe who claimed to have a photograph of Onion doing "bad things" to Rory's character Finn who isn't even online at the time. Some other dude I don't remember the name of also claims to have a voice recording of Onion saying he wants to marry Finn or whatever. The jury's verdict was trial by combat, Onion lost. Onion then walks up to @Eagle and says something like: "Oh by the way I'm the replacement for that guy who died" (Not his exact words) then Eagle replies with something like: "Then as a member of The Black Fangs you are free of your crimes" (Not his exact words either) which made the past hour feel pointless but I didn't really care because I wasn't feeling well and just wanted to have a chill night. I personally don't have a problem with anything concerning this report.
  4. hyehlalaayeah.gif.814e3932c9adfd0266637bc92b068183.gif

    This scene made me very sad.

    1. Coreena
    2. Canon360


      Me too, made me realize how bad the film was :/

    • Eagle
    • Stoobs

    Wew a fallower ty ty

  5. Hoping soon that an interesting group gets made and gives me purpose in game, and that it doesn't get ruined by metagaming like Aegis.

    1. Eagle


      Are you New Moon?

    2. Stoobs


      Dunno what that is.

    3. Eagle


      Ow New Moon got the lovely meta treatment.

      Dead meme at this point.

    4. Nihoolious


      great meme

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Where have you been lol, Ken has been looking for Scout for a while

    6. Stoobs


      That is such a shame. C'mon people.

    7. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Stoobs we gotta meet up sometime

    8. Stoobs


      @Mr. Blue This is kind of hard for me to answer without sounding like a little baby but I just needed a break from being robbed tbh. So I've been playing a pointless stoner character that requires no effort. 

    9. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @Stoobs No worries, the group has just missed Scout is all :) 

      We'll be ready whenever you feel like coming back.

  6. Waiting for the server to come back up.


    1. TateRinefield


      Everyone is, everyone is.

    2. Stoobs


      Scooot must return...

    3. BRK'99


      We all do ; )

  7. It appears my potato PC will not allow me to play in Stary


    1. jangoskull
    2. Stoobs


      First I can't raid on WoW

      Now this

      What is a loser to do?

    3. WesternRP



    1. Hebee


      Calling in @Dusty. Please post your full attempt to blast this lesbian back to the Beta realm. 

    2. Stoobs


      I'm a woman. 

    3. Josei


      I'M DYING. LMAO.

      This is great. Best thing to wake up too. 💙💙💙💙💙

    4. Hebee


      kk fixed @Stoobs

    5. Stoobs
  8. Computer giveaway

    *Imagines a world where I'm able to play games on any settings above "very low" and sheds a tear*
  9. I guess something we can all take from today is that we could all improve upon ourselves.

    1. Cid


      Damn right.  No one is perfect.

    2. ExoticRP


      I'm perfect

    3. Cid


      Good meme.

  10. It's Time To Stop!

    I've given feedback privately to those I feel needed it. I can't speak for Coreena though. The PM idea, at least how it was described to me, was to invite people to speak about the subject who are too afraid to do so on the forums for fear of getting flamed or memed on or lose reputation.