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  1. Betty Blue

    Betty Blue was born October 25th in 1947. It was a beautiful fall day in Denver, Colorado and her parents couldn’t be more happy to have a healthy baby girl. Her father served in the military during World War 2 and could show Betty a thing or two about guns when her mother wasn’t around to nag about how “unladylike” it was. Chores were a must in the household and Betty could wash dishes faster than you could say Mississippi. Betty’s favorite thing to do was work in the garden with her mother. All in all she had a good childhood. In her late teenage years Betty was quite the wildcard. She stayed up late, went to parties, experimented with various things and she had all the boys wrapped around her little finger. The sheriff turned the other cheek if she got in trouble so she was living the life. She met her future husband Herman when she was 16 but they didn’t get serious until she was 20, and pregnant with his child. Due to her having to be a mother she never got the opportunity to go to college. As an adult Betty was a stay at home mom caring after her 5 year old daughter Penelope and newborn son Peter. Herman had been drafted into the Vietnam War but fortunately Betty was well off financially thanks to her parents. It was tough having to raise 2 kids on her own especially when you live such a wild lifestyle. She often times left her kids with her parents while she went out on the town doing God knows what. Years go by and unfortunately when Betty’s children had grown up and moved out, Herman had passed away. Betty was quite depressed and the only thing she really ever did was sew and garden. Her kids only visited for holidays and she found her fellow old people to be boring. So she was pretty lonely. Eventually, finally, she had some grandchildren. Just like how Betty did to her parents, Penelope would often have Betty babysit her kids. Their names were Serena and Robert. And they were a pain in the ass. One day the family decided to go on a nice vacation. They could have gone to Hawaii, Mexico, or Rome. But no, they went to Chernarus instead. Which would ultimately be their downfall. When the outbreak happened Betty didn’t really care but her children and grandchildren (aside from Serena who was high all the time) were all panicked and tried to leave. They couldn’t though. And all of them died horribly. Except Betty, Serena, and the hotel maid that just so happen to be in the room when it all went down. Now Betty spends her time laying low and gardening. She doesn’t like to rely on others and created her own food source of which she takes great pride in it. Who knows what comes next.
  2. Stoobs AKA Nicole Clark POV: My character is hired by @Coreena's character for protection and assistance. She had permissions to set up at the Bounty Hunter's compound (school building) and provide medical assistance. We were never officially part of the group, we just had a tent there. So I go to the compound as I heard they need some help around the compound and I didn't have anything better to do so I figured might as well go. Everything was going fine until @Cody Husky shows up walking towards the school. According to @Coreena he was the man that had been suspiciously following her and her friend called Eddy I think. @Cody Husky is told to leave and he does, but later comes back dressed differently. We were all able to tell he was the same person because of his voice and some items in his bag. Apparently he was bad mouthing, I didn't hear any of it because I had a bad feeling and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the situation so I went elsewhere in the school when the interrogation was taking place. @Coreena's only role in the interrogation was to make sure he didn't die, she did not do anything to the man and refused to provide medical supplies for use of torture. I was too far to hear anything going on but I heard a lot of gunshots. Though I could hear the Bounty Hunters saying there were hostiles so I hid. I made my way towards @Coreena and the group of the civilians (unsure who they all were) as they were trying to figure out an escape plan. I never heard an initiation, but apparently there was one. We were all crouched down in a hallway and couldn't hear anything going on other than gunfire. None of us had our guns out (that I can remember) and before we could do anything I just hear "Surprise Motherfuckers" and I'm shot dead immediately. None of us as far as I know were part of the initiating dynamic. I don't know anything that happened after that, as I was very dead. I do not have any video/screenshot evidence.
  3. A Guide Of How Not To Metagame:

    Don't Metagame

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  4. Shelby Jackson POV: I get on TS along with @Coreena and @Boston and we start talking about what we want to do today. Boston talks to us about the situation where he and @Cody Husky got into a hostile situation and we wanted to find the people involved and get revenge (to the best of my understanding). I've never done hostile RP and I thought I'd go along with it for the experience. Because I've never really done this sort of thing before I opted to just do over-watch and post up in a building with my Winchester and keep an eye on everything. During the time I was doing over-watch I couldn't hear anything going on down where everyone was and it was unclear to me what was happening as there was very little talk in TS. Eventually I am asked to take the queen of Severograd ( @LadyInBlue ) away. This caught me completely off guard so I said whatever I had to to get her to follow me. The Ddosing of the server played a huge role in how the RP was carried out among everyone online. The lag was so bad. I took the queen to a church outside of town as requested by my group. There I tried my best to provide RP and explain to the queen why all this was happening. My reasoning was that as a queen, she should look after her people and protect them, which to my character it was unacceptable that the queen gets to run around constantly followed and looked after while the rest of the people of Severograd have to fend off infected, starvation, etc. Not only that, but her "people" previously had engaged in hostilities with Boston and Cody Husky (I don't recall if there were others). Coreena joins me in the church with the queen and Coreena expresses her desire to kill the queen and roughs her up a bit. The queen states that she just wanted her people safe and she didn't care what happened to her and requests she at least gets to say her goodbyes before she dies. We honor her request and take her back to town to let her say her goodbyes. There Coreena asks LadyInBlue for permission to perma. LadyInBlue says yes if it means everyone else is safe. Coreena OOCly states that LadyInBlue can deny. If she denied we would have RP'd it out as best we could but before any of that could happen LadyInBlue OOCly asks permission to use the bathroom. Permission is granted and then our group was initiated on by @Taryn's group in a different location. The member(s) of our group that were initiated on did not inform us that we had been initiated on and Coreena and I were promptly killed by Taryn's group I believe called themselves "The Bounty Hunters" or something along those lines. I do not have any video/screenshot evidence.
  5. Safe Zone Trial

    So far, almost every time I go there, regardless of the server population, there's little to no one there. Now there is a log lodge type building in the safe zone that I think would be a good place for some sort of trading group to take advantage of. It even has a bar. Just a thought.
  6. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    @RogueSolace Ah yes of course I forgot to add that. Always up to the player.
  7. Get out of jail card idea

    Well it's not like we're letting anyone back in if they pay, they still have to get approval. Might as well try it out and see what happens.
  8. Tying people up for extended period of time

    This is just an unfortunate glitch that nobody can really do much about. I understand there is a fear of losing everything but your captors also have that fear, that's why you're tied up, usually. Maybe try to RP a reason for them to untie you, might not work, but you never know. You can try asking OOC like @Lyca does if your fear is that strong. But these situations are unavoidable. It is great that you brought it to the attention of the community though because not everyone is aware of this. This post might make people become more responsible when taking hostages.
  9. Personally I think it's okay to know things to a certain extent if your character has been written to be in Chernarus from the beginning of the outbreak, like major lore events. Otherwise I feel like it would make for some awkward RP. It's not like you just randomly appeared in the middle of Chernarus. Maybe you've been hiding, maybe everyone you knew died, maybe you lost your memory, maybe it's Maybelline. This is all just my opinion though.
  10. Permadeath/Storylines Discussion

    I agree completely. I understand that it can be hard to part with a character you put so much time and effort into, but your choice of killing it off won't be in vain. Death in real life is extremely devastating and it changes everyone involved, especially if you are murdered. In RP it is no different. Not only will it further the RP around you but you will gain a lot of experience out of it. Now, yeah, some deaths don't warrant a perma, that's inevitable. Think about your deaths more though. What happened? Who was involved? Even if it was an accident you could choose to perma and make the person who killed you feel guilty and they'll have to live with that, thus furthering RP. As part of a role play community I believe that we owe it to everyone to provide the best game play to our abilities. We've got a good thing going here.
  11. Scout Tucker

    Scout Tucker was born and raised in Utah. Most of her life has been pretty rough. Home life environment was very negative and filled with abuse. When she got older, though, she finally got a chance to get out and chase her dreams that her parents wouldn’t let her do because “Girls can’t do those things”. Snowboarding, archery, guns, photography, whatever she wanted. All with her friend Skyler at her side. Skyler and Scout were very close, and the pair made a good team. They planned on joining the marines together but both were turned down. Skyler had gotten into a motorcycle accident that left him with a lot of metal in his arm due to surgery and Scout had a lot of mental issues and was on a lot of medications. That didn’t stop them from pursuing their passions however. Having multiple hobbies was a way for Scout to escape from her demons. While she couldn’t shake them all the time, it was nice to get away from them for at least a minute. She excelled at most of them if not all. Photography eventually became Scout’s career as she had gained quite the following on social media. Many people were reaching out to have her film or take pictures for them, proof that if you’re passionate about something you can make something of it. Her favorite jobs were when she was invited to music festivals or tours to take photos and such. One particular job landed Scout in Chernarus. It was to be work for a producer on a documentary regarding the history of Chernarus as it became more relevant. She was there before the infection broke out. When the shit hit the fan Scout wasn’t that much affected by it at first due to her medication numbing her emotions. Eventually when Scout ran out of her medications she went through horrible withdrawal and her illnesses got significantly worse. Having to deal with this it really took a toll on her. She would try to sneak around and avoid people. Despite her best efforts Scout got snagged into a dispute that quickly turned violent. That was the day Scout had killed a person for the first time. Now Scout roams the land trying to survive. She doesn’t care much about anything or anyone as her mind state is very negative, but despite that she brings out her inner actor around other people to come off as fine. Humor is the best way she copes although her sarcasm has landed her in trouble a few times. Regardless of her struggles Scout tries to stay alive in hopes of reuniting with her friends and family.
  12. @Dusty I spoke with @Mr. Blue and @Dew and we agreed to speak at 10PM EST tonight. Sorry for such short notice I only saw the message today.
  13. It's fine lol. Well IRL I had met him the day the tent thing happened but we had been playing for the majority of the day if I remember correctly, I'm not entirely sure @Mr. Blue might be able to make a more accurate time frame but I would assume about 2 days. The friendship between the two was really genuine and they had bonded a lot in such a short time after going through so much in such little time together so it would make sense for Ken to be defensive in the situation.