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  1. Is this using the old dayRp mod? Or just dayz
  2. Just got the game and could use a group, anyone here wants to squad up?
  3. Oh shit, didn't even see that. What you get for using crappy editor to blur faces
  4. Most current pop singers, What decision would you take back if you could, in the context of Dayzrp
  5. Had a good time the other day! hopefully i'll be around more shortly.
  6. Too many to count, back in the old watchers we teamed up with volki to fight off pretty much every bandit clan in the server from attacking desal. We setup all around the camp, i think i killed about 7 people trying to cover our sniper (they were coming for him). Fight took several hours. Another was against SDS when was a sort of guerilla warfare style of fight, where they ambushed us and retreated more and more into the forest until we all died. Still was an epic fight. #BringBackMOD What is your dream job?
  7. I think that most people here would not abandon DayZ SA as it is the main game for the community, seeing this server doesn't really fill up constantly i can't see having two servers atm is a good idea, it'll just thin them out even more. However i think that there is room for Arma 2 Dayzrp mod. Allot of older members have some really good experiences from the mod, and may come back just to run around like they used to (and said members may consider using that get out of jail card rolle mentioned before, just to get back to mod) I know i would play the hell out of it. And on another note Arma 2 is dirt cheap, compared to arma 3.
  8. Not my own. (Skull) What is the scariest thing that happened to you in Dayzrp?
  9. IGN: (In - Game Name) Yuval Kama Od Country: Israel English skills: Second language, rusty atm 8/10? DayZ Mod Experience:11/10 DayZ Standalone Experience:3/10 Roleplaying Experience: Dayzrp Mod, from joining to the breakdown of mod What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, i enjoy roaming around meeting people, gathering supplies Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Watchers, B-17, Gray Fangs, Outsiders, RBO, BoS list goes on.. Additional notes: Best way to contact you: TS PM Backstory: Public character
  10. I sure hope so too. Back when DayzRP switched to SA from mod i got frustrated from the game itself. But i still have enough good memories from this community to keep me coming back Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully we'll have time to chat before i go back to base
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