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  1. Jackfish

    Jackfish's series & trailers

    The Press A new series coming soon! Trailer here:
  2. Jackfish

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Old one from back in -2016 As you can hear I was a pleb who got angry when robbed. I am a changed man now.
  3. Jackfish

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    I rather have choppers. Or a AC130
  4. Jackfish

    Increase AR spawn.

    I rather have more civilian guns in the game then all the millitary ones. -1 more civilian guns pls.
  5. Jackfish

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    They had a reskin, shame it never got added.
  6. Jackfish

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    R.I.P. Peter West
  7. Jackfish

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    Looking good boss. First people were hiding in the woods, now they will be hiding in caves.
  8. Jackfish

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Rare GIF of Jackfish sitting next to @Ryan Shepherd while he promotes the active members. Gratz boys, will he active soon I promise❤❤
  9. Jackfish

    Movie edits (DayZRP)

    Hopefully this works (youtube keeps fucking me over so I just recorded the video from youtube., Sorry for bad quality)
  10. Jackfish

    Movie edits (DayZRP)

    That's a big oof. There goes my work *cries*
  11. Jackfish

    Movie edits (DayZRP)

    Part 2 nvm, Disney got me
  12. Jackfish

    Can't respond to radio threads

    //Nice This can be closed then
  13. Jackfish

    Can't respond to radio threads

    Maybe im stupid but why can't I respond to radio threads?
  14. Jackfish

    Movie edits (DayZRP)

    How can you forget a masterpiece like that ❤❤
  15. Jackfish

    Movie edits (DayZRP)

    I liked this one though
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