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  1. No offense but this group page looks empty and makes no sense at all. I really suggest working on graphics, read the lore and maybe play more before creating a group. I also suggest joining a group first before creating one.
  2. Before the appocolypse When Vadim turned 18 he joined the Chernarussian Police Force and was stationed in Elektrogorsk but after 9 years he was forced to work at Prison Island as a guard. After working on Prison Island for some years he decided he was done with being a guard or a police officer and in 2001 he joined the CDF. He ended up being a part of the 88th 'Duch' CBRN Company. He fought in the Chernarussian civil war and he was a part of 'Operation Arrowhead'. When he returned from Takistan he joined the COBR.
  3. Love the fact that there are so many zombies at a millitary compound. This will let you think twice if you really want that assault rifle. Dont get why people want zombies that weak. The only thing that bothers me is that you cant sneak to avoid them. If that is fixed then the zombies are sick and could even be stronger. Right now its like "better then real life simulator". People are way nicer to eachother then in real life. Greeting everyone, pretending that you are just going out shopping (Ofc not everyone, SO to all the diehard rpers). I wish the game was more scary. Wish the airfields would be full of zombies that are super strong so you would really need a plan to get in and get the gear you want. Would also wish people would RP like something is going on. People these days just walk over to a group of people who are carrying guns and say "HEY HOW ARE YOU DOING TODAY, I NEED AMMO PLS". Sorry for my rant but I wish DayZRP chernarus would be a scary place with lots of things you can do but not without planning. But I guess its partly DayZ's fault that Chernarus doesnt look like a apocolyptic world. Hopefully one day we will have a mod for that.
  4. Did you find people? I wish I could find RP with this fog.
  5. I think Jim already said its a problem with the server. @Roland needs to fix it
  6. I could do it stealthy. U need a silenced pistol. I love the zombies RN. Dont nerf pls
  7. It could open alot of opportunities for RP if I could find RP while running in the fog the DayZ devs fucked something up again and im not sure if our devs can do something about it. The fog shouldnt be this thick. A little bit of fog is really sick but I still want to find my RP and not run for 6 hours trying to find RP because I cant see 5m ahead. I love different weather types but this is just broken fog (also because its client side). I say remove it or make it that thick for 30 minutes just after restart. I noticed it went away yesterday but having fog 24_7 is stupid as hell.
  8. With the mist you cant see 6 meters ahead, which means you cant see campfires etc. In the dark you can use a flashlight to atleast see more then 6 m, and you can see campfires from a long way. Thats why I like the night more then mist
  9. Love this. I hated the mist yesterday though. Its just to much.
  10. @Jean why did you let me punch you to death ?. Laughed alot again though
  11. Spoke with the Saviors on TS. We good.
  12. Dont really know why you are getting involved since you weren't involved in the situation + you are not a Savior. Trust me, I know how to RP. We dont run into every town with the megaphone, we did it once and it was great since we slowwalked the town. We had some great RP moments with our Nationalist characters from people that actually stayed and rped with us. I dont know why they are saying we walked in and started insulting them, this is a stright up lie. We started insulting you guys when you suddenly ran away without talking and when we saw foreigners cutting down our tree's. But its all good, will not argue on here. EDIT: @Dusty since when are you a Savior?
  13. We came blasting the Chernarussian anthem trying to have some interesting RP. We walk up, say hello and a couple of you say hi and sprint off. I just dont get why you need to sprint to your little OP bunker, hide in there and then start rping. Wish you guys would stand your fucking ground instead of running away and then chat shit. I can already see what your attitude is in this discussion. I rather talk with Moody then with you.
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