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  1. A man would record and sent a pre-recorded message. The message would sound weird, like someone has messed with the recording. The message would repeat itself for one hour and cut out after.
  2. Why on earth would you want Livonia as a second server. We finally got Chernarus back to high pop numbers and you want to ruin that by adding one of the worst maps ever created? Big -1.
  3. Goodluck @Hennessy, your RP is top notch. With you as a leader this group could be sick. Pls don't archive this group within a month.
  4. @Roland Thats a long time ago.. Back when I was a friendly bambi.
  5. +1, also fix hunger. I don't wanna eat 20 cans of food just to get hungry 5 minutes later.
  6. The story of Maxim Petrov, a series that I will never make but I love making trailers.
  7. Big shoutout to you my man. Your hostage RP was how hostage RP should be. You taking a knife and having a swing at me ended up in more RP so thank you so much. Cant wait for the next encounter! EDIT: Carrying you to the chopper was the most intense shit ever. I felt like I was gonna get shot within seconds.
  8. I just want the cars we used to have, UAZs and shit.
  9. Everyone involved in the firefight today, it was sick. The RP during the fight was top notch. @Craig 10/10
  10. I thought we would have new seasons every couple months. When will season 3 come to DayZRP.com?
  11. This is amazing. We should add something new and this is great. Pls buy new PC if you cant handle it thx (joke)
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