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  1. Dimitri Reznikova grew up in a rich family. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. His childhood was not as good as people would expect. Out of all the children he was the least favorite one. He got beat by his brothers, abused by his sister and when he turned 16 his father kicked him out of the house and told him to die alone on the streets. He quickly joined a gang and comitted loads of crimes. When Dimitri turned 21 he met the love of his life. He left the gang, married his wife and they got a house together. At the beginning they had some money that Dimitri got from his ganglife but when he got his daughter Natalya the money went down the drain fast. He didn't want his daughter to suffer like he suffered in his childhood so he did whatever he could to get some money. After a couple of years Dimitri's wife got into a car accident and eventually died from her wounds. Dimitri was destroyed, he was now alone with his daughter Natalya and almost no money. One day he looked at his daughter and told her "I'm going to bring you to a house with lots of children. You can play with them there and if I have some money I will pick you back up". The small Natalya didn't want it but that same day Dimitri dropped her off at a orphanage in Miroslavl. It was now Dimitri's task to gain some money to take care of him and his daughter. After trying and failing to get a normal job he decided to get back into his gang. Everything was fine and he almost had enough money. He told his people that this would be his last job, little did he know that the gang would betray him. The job was easy, break into the house of a rich man, take his money and leave. Dimitri opened the window, climbed in and he suddenly saw the body of the man, his daughter and his wife. He froze and looked at the body. He knew he was betrayed, he turned around but it was too late. The police were waiting for him, arrested him and he got sent to Prison Island for murder. Life in prison was hard. He got beat up by other prisoners and tortured by the guards. Eventually he joined a gang and everything calmed down. Eventually the infection broke out and he and alot of prisoners escaped the island. He now tries to survive, not knowing where his daughter is.
  2. The boys made the decision to leave because the people responsible for the racism didn't get banned and they didn't want to work with a staff team who made decisions like that. I wanted to keep going but Staff decided to let Staff lead and kicked me out without a warning. Luckily @Stagsview offered me to join CLF and so me and @Rutkiydid. Dont say things like that if you dont know the truth, thank you.
  3. I always thought (and still think) you guys are great RPers. I had alot of fun while we had S-GRU VS Kamenici, we always typed our GGs after firefights and there was no hate. Then the racist incident happened and I and alot of people lost most of the respect for alot of the Groovy's. The behavior was disgusting and most of you didn't seem to care about it. You were more then lucky that Roland wanted the server to work and thats why alot of you didn't get permed even though some people got permed for less (rip my boy). Then the lorewipe happened and im gonna be honest, I had fun with you boys. The RP you provided was amazing and it was really good to have you around. Then Cali got banned and it seemed to me that alot of you pulled the victim card and acted like Cali got banned without any reason which was not the case at all. You all left the RF and basically said fuck you to the community. Then you made the Ski Resort group and you just did things because you were pissed off OOC. The RP was shit and you were upset your group got archived for obvious reasons. The only 'hate' you got is because you fucked up. I feel like you are acting like the victim here but I can tell you, you are not the victim. You fucked up so deal with the consequences. -=-
  4. Viktor presses the PTT This is who the RAC truly are, Eliska had nothing to do with anything. Have the balls to find me yourself, fucking scum. Goodluck. He releases the PTT
  5. Viktor's betrayal (Some crazy starwars music)
  6. Jesus christ, today was a rollercoaster First off I want to thank the 3 guys who gave us perms to execute them. Top notch RP @blacc, @Dre Khonn and @Yrucaleb For fuck sake.. @Fae, I feel so bad ICly and OOCly I broke your characters trust. We almost became friends IC for the first time.. You and your RP are amazing and I loved every single minute of it. @HarveyLR, my man, your RP was also amazing, no words. @FireDude, I just fucked myself and my people in so many ways. I loved your RP man it was so good. @CLF amazing shit today. We were with a couple but we did great shit.
  7. We didn't always agree with eachother but it's still sad to see you go. Goodluck with the events.
  8. There used to be some really scary groups around. Im all in for more edgy shit in the future!
  9. I hate Livonia and Deer Isle, so just do what most people want.
  10. Dont forget that people also act after ingame events. RAC taking weapons, RAC torturing civilians etc. Maybe thats why so many people hate the RAC. I would support people who would take my only piece of defense in a zombie apocalypse.
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