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  1. Im sure Kerch will not camp the trader, giving you 0 chance to get to it. Does it make it harder? Sure, but I personally enjoy that. Things like this will make the server more interesting. Kerch has some good roleplayers so enjoy the moment when they get you or sneak your way in
  2. smh GIF

    1. Mason


      nice gif ima have to steal it though

  3. Admins need to wait for managment to approve it, aka, @Roland or @Hofer. My suggestion also has no confirmation yet. Im sure we'll have our answers by next week.
  4. We should add this mod. It adds loads of new clothing (actual custom clothing, not retextured.) and more content like mag pounches for vests, new vests etc.
  5. Haha thank you! You guys did great. Yes that was me! Very sad
  6. Great suggestions!
  7. Maybe we should combine these mods: That way we can make infected harder in high military areas ? Idea?
  8. Congratulations, this is needed.

  9. No because the core problem is the toxicity of the community. Alot of the people who did RP like that are gone because of toxicity (Also one of the main problems why the server is in a bad state.) I don't think you read what I said, the refactor will not happen anymore which means we can start adding things. If we added new content while doing the refactor alot of new files would come in, meaning the one who did the refactor had to spent more time on doing the organising of those files. There are factors that are stopping us from adding more mods by the way. It has to do with the framework. If you want to know details I suggest DMing a dev because I have no clue. I do know what a refactor is We indeed have this on the server but like I also said, it would not fit the lore. I want a shit ton of content too, like I also said, create a well written lore change thread
  10. Hello @Mason, I agree with you on some points. When the map expansion gets released we should add one or two chopper spawns. It will give people something new to do. However.. We care because the lore always mattered to a certain point. We approve or deny groups based on their lore. There are people who have a wider imagination and who can roleplay 50 years into the future. Just because you can't doesn't mean nobody can. I personally dislike the 50 year time jump and I am down to work on a new lore together with the lore team. I am not sure if they are down and most importantly, It's not my call to make. We disabled alot, not everything I agree with. The server indeed has not much content, but everything got put on hold because of the refactor. Now @RedSkyleft us the refactor will not be done and we will be able to start adding new content in. I want alot of shit in but once again, not my call. You know I've been making suggestions left and right for more content, but things like choppers and tons of guns just don't fit this lore. We had an unofficial poll for it already, maybe make another well written suggestion for a lore change?
  11. Ngl, arma 3 adds alot of content. I would love it.. However, will people be able to run it
  12. This looks very good and I'm sure more people will enjoy it. Keep up the great work champ.
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