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  1. Very good RP from you guys again. @Elmo Cringe's and my character will have a sexual relationship very soon.
  2. Peter would of never been allowed with these rules, meaning we could never have our romantic relationship oocly..
  3. Good RP from alot of people again. Thank you to all the people we took infront of the bar. Good RP from you guys. @beatbapple669(I think it was you hehe) Thank you for the RP too! Enjoyed it @Bunnie I hope she wont forget the things we told her this time Thanks for the RP! @ImFrosty and the rest of C-Block, great first encounter with you lads. Lets keep the RP going.
  4. @ImFrosty & Co, interesting RP we had today. Really thought it was gonna end up in a firefight but we actually RPed and made some //nice business deals. Curious where the story goes!
  5. Inner Circle Prefab Object Count: 76 Short story: Yuri told Vlad and his men where they could find the scientists. They were taken hostage by former Russian soldiers somewhere in Old Russia. They moved up to their helicopter and flew down to the location. Getting into the lab was hard, multiple Russian soldiers were there to defend the place and a couple Inner Circle members died while fighting them. Eventually they found the scientists, including Yuri's brother. They also found the vaccines they had been working on, together with alot more interesting stuff. After
  6. I really want to thank you guys for making another group and I want to wish you best of luck. However, there are a two things I would like to mention, no hate only feedback - Your group goals are not really original and are pretty simple. I suggest adding some new ones or changing the current ones. - It's another drug trading group. We had 3 or 4 of those this lore, what will make you different? Goodluck lads, can't wait for the PVP RP between our groups
  7. I would love to join. Please unban me from the DayZRP discord. Even if its just for this discussion. EDIT: Already unbanned.
  8. Thank you hardcore roleplayer @Craig. I support your statement and I will also be saying yes. +1
  9. Fake news. If you work together with the hostile group you will not be attacked non-stop. If you team up with other groups you can have a fair fight with hostile groups. I know campfire RPers who enjoy getting taken hostage. They try to enjoy the roleplay instead of being upset that they cant play their guitar for the 7th time that day or talk about how they arrived in Chernarus. If pub groups play it smart they would be fine. Not saying that everyone who dislikes our RP also OOC hates us, what I ment was that you shouldn't ask people who hate us how our RP is like. You don't l
  10. They literally sell cars? They are not running the server, they are running the car business. My group has build relations with the transporters by handing them supplies and buying cars. I could of been salty that they have hella cars and choppers but I can also fix it IC. They even gave me a helicopter ride (thanks @Craig) An event that happened ICly, its their business, why be mad about it? Maybe talk with other groups and attack the big bad transporter base instead of being upset on the forums. There is no clear solution. Large factions would happen in a apocalypse. People c
  11. Thanks for the compliment lad but.. We haven't just been running around and robbing people, kinda disappointed you say that. We created storylines, informants and try to work with the loreteam for some //nice chemical weapons or vaccines if possible. You can ask around and most people (not the people who OOC hate us) enjoy the roleplay we give them. Its a shame our groups didn't have more RP before you archived. Things could of been more interesting then right now. Being a hostile group without enemies is sad I do agree that there is a HubRP vs Hostile RP thing going on. I persona
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