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  1. The real question is, can we initiate via a note
  2. I think alot of those notes need context. I agree that leaving random notes with "if you read this, you gay", or "I hate blacks" is badRP. But it shouldn't be a problem if you are with friends, sitting around the campfire passing notes.
  3. @McFluffyDucky and your ingame brother did an amazing job today. I loved the painRP you guys gave me and I loved the fact that you guys gave me perms to cutting fingers off. Thank you very much!
  4. I have no clue why it was readded. @Roland pls fixerino
  5. Jackfish's POV So after not playing for a month I decided to bring back my beloved character Peter West. I walked up tomo a campfire where I met 3 people. One man with a gasmask (I think it was you) told me to leave while pointing his weapon at me. He told me he was sick of cannibals while he shot in the air telling me to leave once again. I took out my radio and contacted one of my friends. I ran to my friend and he gave me an M4. I decided to run back and get my revange. My ally ran to the 3 people at the campfire while I layed down to get a clean shot. I saw the man who told me to leave while pointing his gun at me and I fired 1 shot. That 1 bullet went trough his head and he dropped down. I then had some amazing RP with the two other people at the campfire (who told me they didn't know the guy) EDIT: I am willing to talk this out if @Atomicrobo is up for it.
  6. Reupload, one of the video's im most proud of
  7. It's a zombie game. Keep killing em.
  8. Hey man, good first try on a trailer! Next time I suggest you disable all overlay.. Now it kinda looks like you are preparing for a video If you have any questions feel free to PM me! Goodluck.
  9. 1:52, my PVP skills in a nutshell. I was just chilling in your church, rping with the spiders up there.
  10. Great shit lads, can't wait for the next one!
  11. People who have fun should be either banned or permabanned. Great thread sweetheart. xoxo your husband.
  12. Jackfish

    Auto run.

    True.. make my -1 a +1
  13. Jackfish

    Auto run.

    Imagine running in to someone who uses the autorun feature, but that person is away from his/her computer, you initiate, easy kill, easy cry from the one who left their computer. Or a big fat avoiding RP report. -1
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