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Dynamic Events: "The Mutated.."
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  1. until
    Multiple test subjects have escaped but did they make it out alive?.. And what are those creatures that people saw jumping over the rooftops of Nyheim?..
  2. @Zanaan & everyone who was with you. You guys did amazing and the RP was great. I hope you guys enjoyed the bit of information the poor man gave you before he died. I also hope you enjoyed the jump scares
  3. Trust me, there is alot we want added too. But like I said on different threads.. @Rolandis the only one who carries that power and he will be gone untill the 16th of August... Be a little more patients and hopefully loads of new things get added once he returns. No promisses though
  4. 1160702303_DayZScreenshot2021_07.30-23_12_00_54.png.93cff92e2eaea7e349e443154d1749e8.png

    Tonight there will be some more dynamic events! Contracts, test subjects and more!

    1. Zanaan


      Gotta say, while I can't be there for all of the events (work is a bitch) I really do appreciate all that you and the rest of the lore masters and staff have done to keep the community engaged, and have greatly enjoyed taking part in what events I have managed to worm my way into.

    2. Jackfish


      Thank you @Zanaan, really appreciate it. We will try to keep this up!

    3. Cal


      wow!! im excited

  5. until
    Jimmy and the No Mads continue to hand out contracts to survivors. Some experiments managed to escape the special PLIKT soldiers and have some more information to tell the survivors of Nyheim..
  6. @Guylaxy, @Terra & co, even though not everything went as expected I still enjoyed the RP we had untill the firefight. Thank you! @Millie @RPShilo , was very fun to see you guys handle an event instead of helping with one. You guys did good! @SusKobold, sorry for scaring you. Your RP was amazing! Keep it up. @Jay22 , you did amazing during the mini-event man! Hope you enjoyed it. @Mason & your boys. You guys did fantastic today. I hope you don't take offense if I say I did not expect this kind of serious, realistic and just amazing roleplay from you guys. I hope yo
  7. until

    Im doing events most of the time, they are announced on the forums. I now know your name so if you play during a event we might show up
  8. Everytime a helicopter flies over you could hear the following broadcast on your radio for 2 minutes straight.
  9. @Squillium, what is it you exactly want? This happened back on Chernarus and it is happening again. You never play and only hop on the forums to say how bad everything is and complain about whatever you can come up with but never come up with any good solutions. If you dislike it here so much why don't you just leave for good? Barely anyone enjoys your shitposting and you are only helping to make things look bad for newcomers.
  10. until
    The O-Squad seems to be more active then ever before.. What dark plans does PLIKT have?
  11. I wont be there for the event tonight. Goodluck @Niveous!

    1. Niveous


      Suspicious Monkey GIF by MOODMAN

    2. AndreyQ


      That's great news! 🙂

  12. I personally think you should PM the people who are responsable for this behavior or bring it up with staff. I've seen multiple people RP like absolute monkeys while flying around and spectating their RP but I think they don't even know that their RP is pretty bad. There are problems within the current community, I agree with you and I hope the worst ones will slowly vanish over time. The one that I find most annoying is inactive community members only hopping on the forums to complain and not coming with any solutions. Never understood that and I never will.
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