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  1. Some nice RP on the forums and discord
  2. We survived the server twice, brought amazing RP to the server, but unfortunately there are things happening in this community that I can't mention because it will give me points. We did well. 1 more video will come with some pictures from this lore.
  3. Love the current state of the community and staff. We did well boys, group of the year for sure.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: There are a couple things that confuse me in this case. Starting with why @Maybelele signed this. Since @Inferno is clearly his friend: Second, what kind of flame was I baiting here? I told @Inferno that it was lowkey yikes to make a radio message against us about how he saw his executed friend running around and how we needed glasses. This was clearly big-dicking on the radio and he should get points for that since staff seems to be very strict with "big dicking" on the radio. @Duke has been fighting against S-GRU, we capture him and execute him. @Duke decides not to progress the lore and doesn't PK, all fine but why would @Inferno make a radio message like that? Looks like it was OOC motivated. I also told @Inferno that we would release the video footage soon, this would be IC and again, I see no flame in this post. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There is a difference between flamebaiting and just talking to people. This was no flamebait at all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and ban lifted from the DayZRP discord. What could you have done better?: Not take @Inferno's flamebait.
  5. He didnt even give me beans. I feel sad.
  6. @Watchman add some Russian flags around Cherno too. Thanks babe. We are so crazy.
  7. The QZ haopened because IC events. If you want to leave the QZ go ahead. Noone is getting forced OOCly to stay there.
  8. Post your funny moments here
  9. Would be sick to see you guys selling drugs etc in Cherno. Maybe even pay police or soldiers to ignore it. Alot of potential. Goodluck lads.
  10. So like @Challenger said, we got information about @Phoenyxx being in Cherno. @Phoenyxx her character has been fighting against SGRU since the beginning, insulted and threatened us multible times on the radio. We run up and eventually initiate on her. We walk her to the police station, while walking to the police station @Phoenyxx saw atleast 8 of us walking around her + police officers so she knew there was alot of us. We eventually put her in a jail cell and I attempt to RP with her. It was hard because there was alot of screams. Alot of civillians show up and all I hear is screams outside. Suddenly I hear alot of shots and people get killed outside. At this point there were around 5-8 of us inside/outside of the PD. I didn't want to kill @Phoenyxx even though it was clear her friends were killing my people, I wanted to RP. Suddenly @Phoenyxx wips out her MP7 from a cooking pot and sprays me and @Banksyy down. It was a good play from @Phoenyxx and I gave her the GGs because she outplayed me. I do have to lowkey agree with @Challenger that is was NVFL. She knew there was 8+ of us around, there is noway she would of escaped the situation alive. We could of continued a storyline instead of them attacking us on a daily basis and not PKing if we capture them. - END OF POV -
  11. Thanks to every civillian in Cherno today. It really starts to feel like a real town. Hopefully this can last and wont get ruined and force us back to the old boring RP ways from the last weeks. Thanks everyone
  12. Viktor presses the PTT Man who got stolen from. We sent police officers away who herassed civilians. He sighs The police who run around Cherno now are working closely with the Russian Millitary and will follow the new LAW. NOT the old one. Everything will be better. We will keep fighting against those terrorists untill all of them are dead. He releases the PTT
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The fact that I even have to make this appeal is ridiculous. There are multible radio threads up where people flame S-GRU both IC and lowkey OOC. Now I am a part of S-GRU so all of that flame is aimed at my character too. I barely reply to those kinds of threads but decided to do it now because my character is done with it. It makes IC sense to do so. Viktor insulted the people who said they would kill us and destroy the society that we have created. The same people who ICly don't do much but only talk mad shit on the radio, maybe staff should look at that instead. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?: I didn't do anything wrong so there is nothing I could of done better.
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