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  1. It's good to be a part of this group.
  2. Edit: We need more people who can play some GOOD baddies.
  3. Maybe if we let gas make the map smaller we will find more people? Just like in Battle Royale.
  4. These kinds of groups only work if you have great RPers on your roster. It would be fucking sick to see a good cannibal group running around though. Goodluck.
  5. Nice, now I can finally post status updates again!
  6. I think both campfire RPers and HostileRPers have things they need to improve on. Let me start with the dirty HostileRPers since I am one of those. HostileRP: Good HostileRP is needed on the server. If HostileRP disappears then the server will die. But then again, it has to be good HostileRP. A good example of good hostileRP is the RP that @Elmo and his group gave me. I remember getting taken by them a couple weeks ago. It was out of the blue, no shittalk or anything. They found out who I was by acting nice and took me by suprise. They took me into a forest and we had some juicy RP. Not the casual shittalk or the "Do this or I will absolutely destroy you kid" roleplay. To prove myself they had to cut something into my arm. I told @Elmo that he would make me his bitch if I allowed him to cut something in my arm and that I didn't want that. Instead of saying "TOO BAD KIDDO IM THE BIG BAD MAN SO YOU DO WHAT I SAY" He simply said "Then you also cut something in mine". I did not expect that and it made the situation so much more fun for me (the hostage). I think the problem with alot of Hostile groups these days is that they don't do anything original. They just big dick and say "Do this for us or you die, ezpzlemonsqz". HostileRPers need to make it fun for hostages too (like giving them something to do like @Elmo did) and Maybe leave them with some of their gear/ guns instead of taking everything away and put it in your PVP stash. I also think HostileRPers should PK more often. If you are in a war/conflict with someone and they eventually take you and ask you to PK just PK. There is no fun in fighting a war if there are no winners. I understand it can be hard to let go of your beloved character but just do it. Makes the Baddies VS the Hero's way more fun. CampfireRP: CampfireRP, the kind of RP people use to relax and get some storylines going. Not all of us are here to be the bad guys. I think the biggest problem with Campfire RPers these days is that they don't give the Hostile RPers a chance to RP with them. I had plenty of hostages who just sat there, not providing any type of pain/fear RP and were just waiting for it to be over. Because of that, hostile RPers get bored and they will be the ones who eventually get a bad rep. Just give Hostile RPers a chance instead of complaining about it OOCly while you are the one not providing quality hostageRP. To the OP: It seems to me that you made this thread because your group got archived and you blame others for it instead of looking at your own actions. I've been in many hostile groups and none of those groups got force archived. That could mean three things: 1: @Ryan Shepherd and the leaders of the other groups were great leaders, who knew how to run a group and how to handle feedback. 2: We were original and gave hostages a good time. 3: We met the right people who don't complain that much TLDR: Hostile RPers need to be more original instead of doing the same thing over and over again. Campfire Rpers need to give Hostile RPers a chance instead of complaining about it none stop. (will fix grammar issues later)
  7. Shooting the prison walls was fun. 07
  8. We should just remove base building + having containers tbh. No need for it.
  9. Those two guns are nice and should be added. However I would Personally like to see more civilian guns instead of millitary ones. But a very good idea, +1.
  10. Namalsk will come out some day. We can play there.
  11. Goodluck @OxeN, may the spirits watch over you.
  12. I think some of these features are great. Breaking arms etc. is very cool and should be added. The sleeping part not so much. My character sleeps when I log off. It's been a while since DayZRP added some game changing mods, we should try this.
  13. It's pretty easy, If people use it just to be edgy or to meme around friends (majority), ez points if reported If people do it while providing 10/10 RP, Ez "Who's RP did you enjoy today?" What @Jerry said is also true: We shouldn't act like the RP on the server is amazing. Overall the quality of RP is pretty low. Don't get me wrong, there are amazing roleplayers out there and I do enjoy playing alot, but RP hubs like the Hospital or Soup kitchen do more harm then good.
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