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  1. I love this, good luck Beni!!
  • strider

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    best of luck everyone!
  • strider

    Ban Rape RP

    i'm 14 please no we have no age limit, shouldn't have rape rp and whatnot with no age limit sorry
  • strider

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    thanks eagle had a ton of fun rolling with you guys yesterday & tonight as well!
  • ✘ None ✘ Harrison Foulke ✘ Rafe Sullivan ✘ Unknown ✘ Unknown Isabelle Foulke represented the brighter side of the Foulke household - while her big brother, Harry, enveloped himself in the streets of their hometown in Norfolk, Isabelle watched his deterioration from afar. Fortunately, unlike Harry, Isabelle found her home life tenable, and her schoolwork a breeze. She graduated 2nd in her class, with plenty of offers from top schools in the area. Dartmouth was her first choice, and she experienced an enjoyably average 4 years at the university, except for the times her brother’s antics landed him in jail, and the bail cut into her monthly allowance. That is, until she met a recruiter at a job fair who gave her a very interesting offer… Soon, Isabelle found herself working for the US Embassy in Takistan, as a Foreign Service Officer in the economic career track. The job was boring, mostly - running the numbers and inventory for purchases the embassy made to keep itself running smoothly. It was there she met Rafe Sullivan, a Political Officer that worked alongside her department. They quickly struck up a friendship, and life was simple, if not a little boring. As the months wore on at the job, and life became routine, the curiosity about Harry’s life on the other side grew dramatically. “Do you get a lot of secret documents with your account credentials?” Rafe side-eyed Isabelle when the words hit his ears. “No… why do you ask?” Rafe said, after a moment of thought. “It’s just… I have a brother, and he got into some pretty bad stuff when we were younger. Like, really bad. I was wondering how he was doing, and I was wondering if you had the ability to look into it.” Rafe shifted his eyes to hers, and gave her a look of suspicion. “Why not just call him?” That night, she picked up the phone. It only rang for a couple of seconds before she heard his voice. “Isabelle! Been a minute since we’ve spoke… four years if I recall. What do you need?” “Nothing, Harrison. I don’t need anything; just wanted to hear from you, see how you were doing…” “Well, I won’t be eating into your savings for bail money, if that’s what you’re getting at. I’ve cleaned up, sis; I’m working now.” Isabelle heard the wavering in his voice; the hesitation. He wasn’t telling the full story. “Really? That’s great, Harrison. What’re you doing now?” “I’m working for a shipping company, actually. Insuring shipments across the pond. Lets me travel, see the world. Just pulled into this port in Chernarus…” Isabelle talked for a few more minutes with Harry before he “had to go”. He wasn’t a very good liar; she could tell that he was hiding something. But what? The next morning, she saw more Marines than normal patrolling the gates around the embassy. The guards were stiffer than usual. What was going on? “Reports of animalistic, rabid behavior among soldiers in Chernarus…” The reports garnered no more than a passing glance, at first. Day after day, however, the reports became more frequent. After a week, the news regarding the outbreak in Chernarus became the centerpiece of the twenty-four hour news cycle. The Marines, once sparsely populating the embassy, became a small army inside of the embassy. Then the origin of the infection reports began to spread globally, on a daily basis. The US embassy in Takistan entered a permanent lockdown. Slowly, but ever so surely, people began to lose hope. The embassy became a quarantine zone for survivors of the infection, but nature always finds a way, and the same rings true for the infection. Eventually, the infection found it’s way inside the walls of the embassy. The military, fearing that their position was untenable, abandoned the zone and left the survivors to their devices. Fearing that they’d be next, Rafe and Isabelle took their chances on the road. Their stories bear a remarkable resemblance to whoever else was unlucky enough to share the stage of this apocalypse - they learned the ways of their new life. They learned the rules. They learned the routine. But, once again, Isabelle’s curiosity about her brother - and the hope of a better life that might surround a man with his skillset - got the best of her. She convinced Rafe that their chances were better off down in Chernarus than in the desert, and so they began their journey into the epicenter of the infection. Isabelle was determined to find her brother, whatever the cost. ✘ ✘ March 24th, 2019 No current injuries. ✘ Money ✘ Animals ✘ Tea ✘
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    Real life picture Thread

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    hello welcome 2 group friend x
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    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    The Triangle / Kabanino Cherno Green Mountain
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    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    i can't believe i didn't die
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I look forward to buying many drugs from you guys.
  • strider

    Amnesty Who?

    There are very good friends of mine, such as EvanM23, who have changed for the better but are refused the opportunity at a chance of redemption. It's fine if some people return, but why can't others who didn't do half the stuff they did?
  • strider

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Or if possible, make it so that the suits spawned in from the item shop don't prevent radiation sickness. That way, you can keep your clothing but it won't give any unfair advantages
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    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Jackfish - fun & enjoyable as always @OxeN - permission to erp? lmao, thanks for leading me through the darkness @Alex_Diersmit & @Zilly - i love our little home @Parallax - thanks for letting me babysit while we looked for a plate carrier! it was lots of fun @MoodyOG & co - i was not expecting to run into any of you whatsoever and i'm thankful you thought i had more friends than i actually did hahah everyone i missed too because there were so many interactions, thanks!
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