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    The SRD - The Sheriff's Ranger Department

    Nalapsi is not whitelisted and will need to be removed from your roster until they are. Camet has also recently received a blacklist and thus, they will need to be removed as well. This means you will only have three members on your roster when we require 5. You will have until February 11th to gain 5 members total, otherwise your group will be archived. Best of luck.
  2. Sleepyhead

    S1 02:45 KoS Green Mountain

    Hello there. Would you kindly please update your report to follow the template found below? Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in your report being closed. Thank you.
  3. Sleepyhead

    Freemen Security [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Hiya, I really like your group. Prior to approval, you'll need to add dates specific to your goals. I'd also like to see less "ongoing" goals. The goals themselves are alright, but the dates will need to be fixed. Once that's taken care of, feel free to send me a message & I'll look over them as soon as possible. x
  4. Sleepyhead

    The Highwaymen [Recruiting active U.S timezones prioritized]

    Neat little group you've got here. I see no reason to not accept, but I would like to see one or two more goals that have specific dates to aim to be completed by. Yeehaw. Best of luck & congratulations x
  5. Sleepyhead

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Hiya! Sylva & tosstheball will need to be removed from your roster due to the fact that they are no longer within our community. Aside from that, your groups activity is great which is a really nice thing to see. Prior to becoming official, you'll need to update your group's goals so that they abide by SMART goals. Some of your goals have (Completed) next to them which is great, but as for the rest - they'll need specific dates that they should aim to be completed by. Once you amend the above, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Sleepyhead

    Order Of Demons [Open Recruitment]

    We still need the roster to be updated with forum names next to your character names. I mostly agree with some other points that have been made. The group goals are okay, they're a little bland but they'll do. Some of the lore realistically doesn't make sense unless your character has proper issues. For example, finding an evil book and going through a change where someone believes they're Lucifer just doesn't make any sense unless it's all in their head. Before becoming official, I'd like to see the group lore become a little more fleshed out so that it doesn't feel like an extended backstory for your character.
  7. Sleepyhead

    Arkangel (Open Recruitment)

    All of your group members haven't played in at least a week, which ranges up to two weeks. Prior to becoming an official group, we'd like to see you become more active in game to show that you have the dedication of running an official group. Also, a majority of the dates next to your goals have already been passed. How are these goals going? You will need to update them prior to becoming official as well. As a final note, please add the names of your characters next to your forum names on the roster. Thank you.
  8. Sleepyhead

    Final Warning Appeal

    Hello Hollows, The admin team have reviewed your final warning appeal and have come to an agreement of which we'll be accepting it. Since you were placed on final warning, you have had plenty of time to change your attitude and now portray yourself in a much better manner on the forums. Your in game activity is also good, and therefore we see no reason to deny your appeal. With that being said, we'll give you one last friendly reminder. Should your attitude change for the worse and go back to how you used to act, you will be permanently removed from the community. We no longer issue multiple final warnings and this will be your last chance. Kind regards, Sleepyhead & notes
  9. Sleepyhead

    Combat Logging

    The staff team have decided to have your appeal remain open for further investigation into the report at hand. It will reach a verdict soon. Thank you for your patience.
  10. Sleepyhead

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    Can confirm
  11. Sleepyhead

    Vac Ban Blacklist

    You said you gave a few to your brother. Would you kindly please link those as well?
  12. Sleepyhead

    Steam Blacklist for underage and dishonesty

    Hello @officialdrewie, Would you kindly please link us all of the Steam accounts that you have access to? Thank you in advance.
  13. Sleepyhead

    Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019

    Hello @Striverus, A separate team of staff members have reviewed the original report as well as your appeal and have come to the following conclusion. Based on the fact that you were invited to destroy a base which you believed to be owned by those who were destroying it, we don't see a reason for you to keep your ban or warning points. As you can see in our rules below, 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done. We don't believe you had any ill intent when you were destroying the base and seeing as you had IC reasoning to do so at the time, we'll go ahead and remove your warning points and your temporary ban will be lifted as well. Kind regards, @Sleepyhead & notes
  14. Sleepyhead

    Steam blacklist

    Due to the fact that you have not responded in over 24 hours, this appeal will be closed. You may create another appeal in the future with the above requested information.
  15. Sleepyhead

    PWN Appeal - Multiple Accounts (Double Account Verification)

    Hiya @pwn! The admin team have reviewed your appeal and have come to the conclusion that we see no reason to keep you blacklisted. In the future, we ask that you refrain from creating any more dual accounts as this will lead to your permanent removal from the community. From now on, you will continue to use this forum account. Should you ever forget the login credentials, you may submit a support ticket and we'll assist you with recovering your account. Appeal accepted, forum accounts merged. Signed by @Sleepyhead & notes
  16. Sleepyhead


    Your appeal is still being discussed. It will be handled shortly, please do not bump it during this time. We apologize for the delay.
  17. Sleepyhead

    Underage Blacklist Appeal

    Hiya, SecretBeats! To start off, DayZRP no longer has an age restriction and in that case, we would have no reason to keep you blacklisted whether you were of age or not. However, DayZRP honors all VAC bans until they are at least a year old. Seeing as one of your Steam accounts has a VAC ban that is only 245 days old, we're going to have to deny your appeal and keep you blacklisted for the time being. Once your VAC ban reaches at least a year old, you may feel free to submit another appeal just as you did with this one and we will review it then. Kind regards, Sleepyhead & notes
  18. Sleepyhead

    Vac Ban Blacklist

    Regardless, could you please link those as well? Thank you!
  19. Sleepyhead

    Underage Blacklist Appeal

    Hiya, Please link us all of the Steam accounts that you have access to. Thank you kindly.
  20. Sleepyhead

    DayZRP Mod Wiki

    That's actually really nice. I love it.
  21. Sleepyhead

    Invalid Kill

    Hello @Jkrofls, Originally, you were temporarily banned because you had not responded to the report due to forum inactivity. Once you responded to the report, a Gamemaster should have removed your temporary ban to let you continue to play on our servers. This was unfortunately not done. Then, the report reached a verdict in which you received a punishment for an invalid kill. The punishment for this is a 3 day ban as well as 10 warning points. Your ban will carry out as usual. You currently have 1 day & 17 hours to wait. Kind regards, Sleepyhead
  22. Sleepyhead

    Vac Ban Blacklist

    Hello there Deadshotvv, Please link us all of the Steam accounts that you currently have access to. Thank you kindly!
  23. Sleepyhead

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    This group will be moved to archive. If someone wishes to take over this group, send a PM to a Moderator+ with explicit permission from the thread owner. /Closed.
  24. Sleepyhead

    The Highwaymen [Recruiting active U.S timezones prioritized]

    Archived due to the fact that you have not managed to reach 5 members. Best of luck.
  25. Sleepyhead

    Freeing up usernames

    It's a case by case but yes, we do that on occasion. If you put in a support request we can handle it there.
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