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  1. I think you meant @Alex_Diersmit! But thank you anyway!
  2. i'm 14 please no we have no age limit, shouldn't have rape rp and whatnot with no age limit sorry
  3. thanks eagle had a ton of fun rolling with you guys yesterday & tonight as well!
  4. Sleepyhead


    hello welcome 2 group friend x
  5. The Triangle / Kabanino Cherno Green Mountain
  6. I look forward to buying many drugs from you guys.
  7. There are very good friends of mine, such as EvanM23, who have changed for the better but are refused the opportunity at a chance of redemption. It's fine if some people return, but why can't others who didn't do half the stuff they did?
  8. Or if possible, make it so that the suits spawned in from the item shop don't prevent radiation sickness. That way, you can keep your clothing but it won't give any unfair advantages
  9. @Jackfish - fun & enjoyable as always @OxeN - permission to erp? lmao, thanks for leading me through the darkness @Alex_Diersmit & @Zilly - i love our little home @Parallax - thanks for letting me babysit while we looked for a plate carrier! it was lots of fun @MoodyOG & co - i was not expecting to run into any of you whatsoever and i'm thankful you thought i had more friends than i actually did hahah everyone i missed too because there were so many interactions, thanks!
  10. tumblr_pnnm3mKTKI1ql43puo1_540.gif

    Fucking laser sights?

    1. Wardaddy
    2. Sleepyhead


      damn you got me

  11. @Jackfish & @isaac lineheart I had fun! Thank you! And thanks to @Jerry for leading a helpless dopey child find her way halfway across the map hahah.
  12. because even the softest arms
    can't bear to hold such a fragile frame
    such a broken soul
    i've got a broken soul

  13. thanks lmao

    1. DrMax


      It's okay! I am here to help.

  14. Sleepyhead


    Thanks for having me! It's my pleasure to make the graphics. x
  15. I think it's mainly due to the fact that we don't want to rely on mod owners to update their mod when we update our modpack. But, I don't see why this would be any different from winter Chernarus. Big plus one from me, I'd love to see it.
  16. i love britney spears i'm sorry man a 10/10 song, which isn't a genre you'd usually listen to
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