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  1. Kateryna Yanukovych

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Kateryna “Kat” Yanukovych was born to her parents in the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. Her family consisted of herself, her parents as well as three other siblings, Kat being the oldest sibling.. Her mother and father had well-paying jobs and she herself had a high level of education. In her school, she was taught various languages as well as various other subjects. Most she was uninterested in, however any subject that involved something to do with the military or history she would pay close attention to as this fascinated her the most. Kat had light blonde hair with pale skin and freckles across her nose and cheeks. She was fairly short compared to her family and friends. The girl was an intelligent, caring & easygoing person overall. On top of this, she stood for what she believed was right under any circumstances. At some points, she would deal with things with too much of a heavy hand. She wasn’t by any means afraid to voice her opinion or try to work things out. The government had grown corrupt and continued to do so more and more as time went on. The lower and upper class gap grew larger as well and many people in Ukraine didn’t make very much income. The fact that taxes were getting higher for many citizens in Ukraine was infuriating. When Kat was younger, she always heard stories about The People’s Army of Ukraine and could only dream of joining their ranks. She & her entire family had despised the Russian soldier. This only showed more when they would pass through towns and take what they pleased without paying. Growing up, Kateryna had always wanted to help serve the military in one way or another. This was due to a variety of reasons, one being the fighting near her home country of Ukraine. From a young age, she & her family would put together care packages for the army as a way to provide their support. Her parents knew that their eldest daughter had desperately wanted to enlist, though they did their best to prevent it. One of their main excuses was because she was just a girl, and girls weren’t made for war. At the age of fifteen, she would formally volunteer to help the army as this was the pretty much the extent of what her parents would allow. Kat took anything she could get and agreed up until the age of twenty when she went against her parent’s will and enlisted in the army. Eventually, she was recruited and left her home to go to training, starting her military life. During her training, she learned quickly and was among the top recruits out of the people around her. She grew to be very respected from the others she worked alongside and grew quickly through the ranks to become a captain. She thought that maybe this was because of her knowledge or her personal qualities. In time, she would lead a small rebel army unit with a few close friends and a loyal dog, Kapitan as they fought against their enemies. After a few months of working together, they found themselves in a brutal conflict and her unit was brutally slaughtered, leaving only she & Kapitan alive. Time went on and a year before the outbreak, she joined with a new unit in the People’s Army of Ukraine. She continues to fight alongside them to this day. Unknown Unknown ✘ Weapons ✘ Bubblegum ✘ Dogs Blood On My Name - The Brothers Bright ✘ Children of the Grave/Embryo - Black Sabbath
  2. The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "I'm forever fuckin' memorized." - @Strider 2k17
  3. Unfortunately, a lot of members have been fairly inactive and our stories aren't progressing as we wished they would. I'm gutted, but we'll be back soon. // Requesting archive.
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    lit karaoke nights

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    <20:45:35> "Dew": Ye well you're talking to the 2 time back to back 2011 2012 MCPVP survival Game winner
    <20:45:45> "Dew": I'd watch your tone if I were you

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    I love it, Galaxy. Good luck. <3
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  8. feel free to join us on ts at any time! c: edit: oh jamie already said it
  9. Taken Hostage by the Ukrainians

    When the people you want an alliance with take you hsotage with the Ukrainians.