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  1. @Eagles & i on our way to destroy pizza planet (and grimm's base) with a nuke


    1. RiZ


      DO NOT

  2. Thanks so much for the RP! ? It was lots of fun! Nice meeting you and heli man v2!
  3. I had so much fun with you guys as well! ^^ Thanks for putting up with Sammi's... problem. @Finn - Sammi is either gonna love or hate Toby for sure. He might even put her into cardiac arrest with the breathing. @groovy blisna - we were better off without our deadbeat, womanizing father
  4. no one u freak she's like 5 ➢ Kasper Hinsen ➢ Rush Hinsen ➢ ➢ ROY Sammi Hinsen was born to her mother Dorothy & father Rush Hinsen on the 13th of October, 2004 in Wilmington, North Carolina. For some reason, she seems to insist that new friends call her "Foxface". The girl had a relatively normal childhood and was quite bubbly up until the death of her mother, Dorothy. Following her mother's passing, Sammi found herself quite introverted and timid - unwilling to make very many friends. She still excelled in her studies at school despite her troubles. More often than not, she was bullied by other students for her very apparent speech impediment. This further pushed the girl away from the will to make friends and she found herself playing board games quite often - most notably Dungeons & Dragons. It was her escape from most of the bad experiences she endured in her childhood and held onto it up through her teenage years until current. It provided her with ample happiness and soon, she would constantly be playing the game as well as sketching characters & writing stories based on them. After Kasper graduated from high school, he & Sammi found themselves traveling to the new Russian federation State of Chernarus to visit their Russian cousin as well as the rest of the Chernarussian side of their family. During their visit, the 4th wave of the infection hit causing Sammi & her brother to be sent to a QZ together. The two were sent to Quarantine Zone 7 located in Novodmitrovsk. While her brother found watching the soldiers go about their duties day after day, Sammi found herself rather secluded as usual. There weren't many other kids her age in the quarantine zone, and the ones that were, the girl was too shy to make friends with them. Unlike her brother, the constant firing from the soldiers bothered her. It often got on her nerves and as much as she tried to find a quiet spot to herself, the shots ringing out still shook her to her core. Still, she pushed on and tried to make it through the days. More often than not, she would try to get Kasper to play Dungeons & Dragons with her, though he almost always declined as he was busy writing or watching the soldiers. She huffed, annoyed at her lack of attention, and found better things to do with her time... writing her own stories based on fictional characters and making makeshift weapons out of stones and sticks... as well as potions made out of... dirt? water? It was hard to tell what concoctions the girl was mixing and claiming to be a "potion". A couple of months passed and the siblings found themselves in a still changing world. The soldiers were moving out and the two found themselves in yet another QZ, this one owned by the RAC, although time proved that this was much worse than anticipated. Kasper had fallen into a depression of sorts and despite her best efforts, Sammi found that she couldn't help him. Still, the two survived - just barely - until the RAC too had moved out. The girl pushed on, ready for an adventure at any given point and was sure that together, she & her brother could endure just about anything. For a while after that, Sammi followed Kasper's lead as he searched for a new place to call their home. Finally, another QZ controlled by the Russian soldiers had popped up. The hopes of the same previous group of Russian soldiers leading the QZ were soon crushed when they learned that it was a new group. Then, just as all the others, they too left - leaving the siblings with nothing and no place to call home once again. Despite her crushed morale, Sammi pushed for she & Kasper to find somewhere to call home. For people to call family & friends. And so, they continued their long search. Beanies T-shirts & Jeans Sweaters & Glasses No current tattoos. October 19th, 2020 A few small scrapes & bruises here and there, likely from adventuring. ➢ Dungeons & Dragons ➢ Sketching ➢ Adventuring Primrose Like Home Cradle of Myriad Stars
  5. hi miss u uwu

    1. Sleepyhead


      i miss u too!!! uwu happy near year whitename! i hope it's kind to you ?

  6. 058299bb606e3c42c2c0f8d1899f87f3.jpg.833aa48377c0412646f31448cbca37e0.jpg

    Youve just been hecked

  7. I wish Llewellyn Moss were still here. RIP. 

    1. Sleepyhead


      PS here's another super cool video i made with @evanm23, hope he sends in an appeal and gets unbanned sometime soon. 


  8. i got my first poor pentakill thanks to @evanm23 ?

    1. RavenousRP


      Imagine flexing that penta kill

    2. Sleepyhead


      @RavenousRP i'm very happy! it was my first!!

    3. RavenousRP


      Remember the first time we played i got a pentakill with yasou then u never played again? yeah snake

    4. Eagle


      A sloppy penta but I penta none the less.

    5. Sleepyhead


      u got it and were flexing so many kills when i was still a wee baby and i was like


  9. If we keep the twitch shirt, this should be in too ?
  10. Metro boomin want some more _____

    1. Sleepyhead


      My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperial, can you say the same?

  11. sorry @WongRP take this as my apology x

    1. Eagle


      Animal torture as an apology oof.

    2. Whitename


      i have 3 of these floofies

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