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  1. Sleepyhead

    The House Media

    a yung cipher was annoyed that only he posts to the thread, so @ASqueakyCleanPado @ASqueakyCleanPado & @Cipher @Diamond @Cipher the bois
  2. Sleepyhead

    Vac Ban Blacklisted 365 days have passed.

    Hello there, Would you kindly please update your original post to use the format found below?
  3. Sleepyhead

    back from ban

    hello there sylva
  4. Sleepyhead

    new to rp

    Welcome back to the community & good luck with your whitelist.
  5. Sleepyhead

    Cant play

  6. Sleepyhead

    This is odd

    // moved to community discussion
  7. Sleepyhead

    S1: Invalid Robbery/Bad RP in Vybor Military-19/08/2018-16:30ish

    Connection Logs [2018/10/19 15:57:12]: (Jacob Makarov) connected 16:31:55 | Player "Jacob Makarov" has been disconnected [2018/10/19 16:25:4]: (Jamie Sabic) connected [2018/10/19 16:42:15]: (Jamie Sabic) disconnected Hit Logs [2018/10/19 16:31:26]: (Jacob Makarov) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Heart with Bullet_762x39 [2018/10/19 16:31:26]: (Jacob Makarov) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to Torso with Bullet_762x39 [2018/10/19 16:31:26]: (Jacob Makarov) hit by (Jamie Sabic) to LeftLeg with Bullet_762x39 Kill Logs 16:31:26 | Player "Jacob Makarov" has been killed by player "Jamie Sabic" Chat Logs 16:28:24 | Chat("Jamie Sabic"): Hello 16:28:30 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): *//SORRY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH VOIP AUDIO, CAN'T HEAR YOU 16:28:57 | Chat("Jamie Sabic"): You are loud as fuck my man. 16:29:18 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): I know, sorry 16:29:23 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): plenty of infected around 16:29:32 | Chat("Jamie Sabic"): They are reacting to your shots. 16:29:35 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): //jesus christ, my mic just went to shit too :P 16:29:50 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): yeah figured that much out, bust stil gotta defend myself 16:30:13 | Chat("Jamie Sabic"): you trading the jacket? 16:30:21 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): nah sorry, really like it 16:30:34 | Chat("Jamie Sabic"): Drop the jacket and run, or you are dead. 16:30:40 | Chat("Jacob Makarov"): ok Calling in @JamieSabic for his full & detailed PoV as well as any video evidence he may have. @JamieSabic Can you also please answer why you logged out 18 minutes before your combat timer was over?
  8. Sleepyhead

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    This thread has grown entirely out of hand & off-topic. We've never allowed threads to bandwagon on putting someone down. If you have an issue with someone's roleplay, you should send them a message or put up a report. // closed.
  9. Sleepyhead

    • Sleepyhead
    • ASqueakyCleanPado

    B O S S    F I G H T

  10. Sleepyhead

    Whitelist passphrase

    Read the rules out loud, you'll find it! Unfortunately we cannot give it out. Good luck.
  11. Sleepyhead

    S1 / No time to comply and RDM / 18.10.2018

    I've merged your reports as they are the same situation. Logs will be posted shortly.
  12. Sleepyhead


    welcome back!
  13. Sleepyhead


  14. Sleepyhead

    Staff Feedback: Sleepyhead

    Aww, thank you! Was really nice speaking with you. I'll pass on your love to Cipher.
  15. Sleepyhead

    Hello!! :D

    hey there omer, welcome to the community