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  1. Quiet

    Logitech G430 Mic

    Yeah, sounds like pretty common Logitech issues since I've had the same things happen to me. Head to task manager and force close the Logitech software. Unplug all of your Logitech stuff including keyboard/mouse if you have Logitech ones. Open the software, plug them in and see how it goes. If that doesn't work, uninstall the Logitech Gaming Software completely and do the same as above, plug your products back in and see if that fixes anything.
  2. Quiet

    Logitech G430 Mic

    I had the same issue a couple of times with my different Logitech headsets. One time, it was as simple as plugging the USB adapter into a different USB port. The other time just took a lot of messing around with it. Turn your headset off completely, unplug the USB adapter, plug it back in, turn your headset on again. I'd do a clean install of the drivers too, just to be safe.
  3. Quiet

    Jamie's Art Thread [Requests Currently Open]

    I love this thread, even though mine is better.
  4. Quiet

    Minimum age to join DayZRP

  5. Quiet


    SLAVA NA UKRAINE I like this, best of luck with your whitelist x
  6. Quiet

    A way to kill yourself.

    I don't understand why it would be removed, but +1.
  7. Quiet

    Custom text/colours on names are gone

    I'm feelin it pal I messaged him and told him too, so hopefully whenever he's around it'll work out
  8. Quiet

    Custom text/colours on names are gone

    This is nae good. Seems as though clearing the internet cache isn't the solution. Might be a Roland bug, perhaps only staff can see it for some reason? Just spit balling.
  9. Quiet


    best of luck friends but with that roster, we all know you won't need it!
  10. Quiet

    Making a short music machinima video

    That must've changed in the three months I haven't played then. Thank you kindly
  11. Quiet

    Making a short music machinima video

    There's a lil marijuana bud in game, but I don't think it spawns in yet. I might be wrong, though. Best of luck finding your couple, hopefully more people see this thread. if it ends up with no one else offering, @Smoke and I will.
  12. Quiet



  13. Quiet

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

  14. Quiet

    How to send server wide radio messages?

    https://www.dayzrp.com/servermessage i gotchu fam
  15. Quiet

    Staff Members & Warning Points

    Hiya @Roland! I reported a post from a staff member. At the time, the post in question was up for around 15 minutes or so I believe, which means that the edit was not a "last minute" fix but rather the member acting upon the reported post. The comment was a clear unnecessary post. With unnecessary posts, it's known that members receive one caution had they not used a caution in the past. If they had, punishment would be 3 points as usual. Whenever I looked at the thread again later, I noticed that the staff member had edited their post to make it not an UP. They were never cautioned or warned for the post but instead got the chance to edit it & alleviate their post. Why are staff members given the chance to edit their post as opposed to receiving normal punishment but community members are not? That seems pretty unfair. I would only like to receive an answer from Rolle himself. Thanks! Update; To say that you can't act on it since there is "no concrete evidence" is silly. You can see clearly that the post was edited most likely after the post was discussed in #staffgeneral. To back up this claim, you yourself can read the chat and see what the outcome was decided for the post. It was obviously marked, but the point is that the staff member was allowed to edit it and have no punishment. On top of this, you can see the staff member viewing my profile around the time that the post was reported. This, again, backs up my claim that a. the staff member was allowed to alleviate their post + b. it was not a "genuine" edit as they viewed my profile after it had been reported and had the time to edit their post to circumvent any repercussions.
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