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  1. Imagine, missing the opportunity to make a game reference on clothing. "Major? MAJOR! MAAAJORRR!!!"

    1. Major


      I heard my name?

    2. Wardaddy


      Off brand MGS reference for the eyepatch, picked Major since there's a "Major" along the MGS storyline.

  2. This dude brings up a very valid point? Any responses?
  3. I like this name

    1. Wardaddy


      You just wanted an excuse to call me "daddy."

    2. Sleepyhead



  4. Sebastian fired a round as he ran inside of the apartment building, trying to make way for himself to escape the infected. He winced to himself as it echoed throughout the stairwell, easily drawing the attention of even more infected. As he neared the highest story, he fired another shot as one of the infected grabbed hold of his ankle. After kicking the dead infected off, he raced to the top and lifted a heavy metal door open, shoving it closed after. The sound of the infected beating on the metal door combined with the sound of their growling filled the night air as he hunched over, hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. He stood up after collecting himself and took out his flashlight. As he began to scan his surroundings on the rooftop, the light of his flashlight fell on a figure on top of the apartment building next to his. There stood a young girl with bright red hair just barely peeking her head over to look at him like a deer in the headlights, Who is this girl? 1 week later… Sebastian made his way over toward where Raine was sitting, puffing away on a cigarette. He frowned to himself for a moment before clearing his throat. “Hey,” he broke the silence. “We need to get moving. We’ve been here for too long now.” The girl let out a sigh and put out her cigarette before standing up off of the ground and following Sebastian into the dense forest. Within the week of the two meeting and being rescued, they had made their way from the top of the apartment buildings in Novodmitrovsk down to a dense forest somewhere south of Kamensk. The plan was to head down south to the coast where they would meet up with Xander and Lucius, a couple of friends of his that he had met after the outbreak began. “Hey, uh.. Wardaddy?” The girl squeaked over the sound of the leaves crunching and twigs snapping beneath their feet as they trudged through the forest. “Hm?” He responded, turning his head to look at her as she followed along behind him. “So… Are you ever going to tell me about yourself? You know my real name. You know.. Uh, you know about me. And a lot of people don’t usually…” “Right.” He responded. “Well, I grew up in Missouri. Came to this shithole of a country and opened up a maintenance shop to the west of the Balota airfield down south. That’s where we’re headed now.” Raine nodded in response, a look on her face as if she expected him to continue. “Dunno what else you want me to say.” He scoffed. “I opened the shop and did what I loved. Worked on vehicles. Made friends. Normal stuff.”
  5. Damn son, fine ass necklace you got their.
  6. Oh yeah, good point, don't want someone turning inside out when the universe takes their clothes.
  7. Realistically those mag pouches on the side are double stack, meaning you fit two in there snugly, and since we can't affix the bag onto the vest maybe it could get a small buff for carry capacity? Maybe make it 4x4 just so you could "dedicate" one of the pouches to ammunition or whatever your character decides to do.
  8. Young Tommy was born during a heavy springtime storm in the lovely city of Cambridge, Ohio on April 1st and shortly after was abandoned at a local Catholic church. Fifteen years later he was a social outcast and a mocking tool for everyone at his local high school. During his sophomore year he met the new girl, Claire, almost an instant click between them and they were inseparable. Over the next two years they planned further and further for each other hoping to one day be a newlywed couple. Tom was first invited to the preforming arts by Claire and instantly loved the attention he got from being front and center after years of being in the shadow of his peers. The day of their graduation from sophomore year Tom proposed something to Claire, they get in her car and run as far east as it'll take them. That night they snuck out and got into her car and drove, all the way to San Francisco. Tommy got into a job as a stunt double for a small name company making action movies, and as soon as he started tasting his success he celebrated a little too much and took something he shouldn't have from the wrong people. A few weeks later he got a big break and was offered a position to travel to a small country named "Chernarus" to film a movie about the Russian Mafia. During his stay in Chernogorsk he received a video call about his thievery back in the states. A very disgruntled Hispanic man let him know that he fucked up and the only way he could repay is to pay with blood. The phone camera flipped to a stream of his fiance tied to a chair with two men standing behind her. Screaming his name was the last thing she said as the man fired a round into her skull and ended the video with a simple "Puta." Two weeks later the recording of the movie was completely halted by civilians who had heard rumors of soldiers attacking civilians, so they halted their recording and went to the nearest US Forces possible. Upon reaching where they were stationed they had found all the US forces picked up in a hurry and rushed evac and the only time they'd be seeing them was bombing runs. Completely abandoned with the rest of the Rural settlements. Tom decided that he was going to hide as far into the woods as he could while still being able to support himself on the environment.
  9. tumblr_pnnm3mKTKI1ql43puo1_540.gif

    Fucking laser sights?

    1. Wardaddy
    2. Sleepyhead


      damn you got me

  10. Wardaddy

    Jesus is that you!?

    No, my friend, that's our lord and saviour Treesus. He's here to preach about the great pine forests in the sky.
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