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  1. Reece

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    Cheers lad!
  2. My name is Marc Rail and well I was a hired assassin out here to do a hit, it was meant to be simple and easy but nothing every is. All I know is that someone back-stabbed a drug lord and I had to get him. I never asked any question I just done as I was told as there was a pretty penny behind each kill. Anyway I was set up waiting for the man to arrive, I see his black suv roll up outside the house and I get ready to take the shot then... a man came sprinting down the street and jumped on the man I was meant to kill.... He tore him to shreds. My scope was very zoomed in and I got a good look the man looked possessed as he ripped out the man's stomach out. I lay there in horror Watching as more and more came down the road tearing people apart like ripping paper. I couldn't watch any longer I got up and walked into the forest to hide and find out what's going on. I reach a radio station with a working radio I tune it in to the local frequency and I hear " Something has happened people are eating each other, this is a message to all not effected yet! Run and leave the country quick! * The radio cracks. The broadcast was over all I knew was that people would try to loot and get things for themselves and that they would do anything to stay alive, like myself. All I know is that 2 years on I am still here and some are not, they made mistakes and I have not. That's the difference between me and them . Now I just need to find a group that survives the way I do and make sure I can trust them!
  3. So deprived, so much love and hatred. Memes.
  4. Reece

    Reapers Media Thread!

    I didn't fire at you Btw.
  5. Just going to post my POV as I was the only one in the castle from my side attacking. We got initiated on in Stary by Zbor me and mak, they take mak (I ran and took position)hostage we rescue him, I flank round to north tree line near prud see zbor moving with all the hostages, then kill one of them in the tree line. Then we push up to the castle aftyer regrouping abd I see the guy watching the door and I kill him push in take shots up the stairs run out reload then run back in hear a nade go off I push up finding only a hostage left and I zbor on the roof trying to kill me, I kill him and then its over. I was the only one in the tower on my side and didn't throw a nade, but I never seen a zbor throw a nade, but since I was the only one on the inside of the tower it must have been someone trying to kill me with it and made a mistake and it got stuck.
  6. I was not warned at all, I was muted for alot of it. I never took your jacket someone else did. My reason for taking your vest is that it benfited me by having the extra space from it. If you could join ts I could explain my side further. I personally never gave you much RP because there were others there in charge of RP and I wasn't going to interrupt them. I took your stuff because I needed it. This more seems like a reapers issue than a server Issue, you were being provide with much roleplay from other members of the reapers I wasn't just going to but in and interrupt.
  7. About the whole handcuff thing, I was off firefighting when the whole connection thing was mentioned IG. I then ran over to the group and said "I have handcuffs" and someone replied "Put them on someone" Then I was wold we were moving them to Novy. So was told to take them off. Then we got to novy summer camp and I handcuff her to take her vest. Then I was told her connection could drop at any point(First time I had heard of it) I then processed to take them off of her. With the takes radio in chat logs that was on the hill not with the main group. Then I continued on the hill and didn't come down until later missing the whole connection with handcuff things. If you wish to discuss this please contact me in ts. If this was mentioned in chat while I was there I apologize because I did not see it. I was only told ta the summer camp after the vest was taken. This video is nothing to do with the current situation that is in discussion here. As it was at least 5 -10 minutes after the whole thing.
  8. Reece

    Gaming Mouse Advice

    If you have big hands, like me then a razer deatheradder would do you. I personally just got another one and would recommend it.
  9. This seems to be happening more and more. Not impressed with the current loremasters. More just a circle of friends with a single mind, not wanting to explore other directions of RP.
  10. I have been on the server all day today. This has to be upped you get no where fast. I really do like the game but its downfall will be that it takes so long that no-one will want to play. We also need to be allowed monuments to protects our chest's.
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