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  1. Alexander Gal, Was a lost man that searched for a future, Having a rough past, forcing on him a rough future. He had a few close buddies, That decided to give Chernarus a visit, "Connect to their Roots." Rather. Since one of his buddies had a family at all great Chernarus, They went planning the visit. Yet of course... After the Civil War that was going around there not long ago, This 'mad' idea of one of his buddies, To visit his family's land especially after such time of heat, Gave them a different perspective over their reason of visit. Having a pleasant time. As time passed, They all understood they got into deep deep trouble. By that time Alexander was just a simple guy who was aiming into Finding himself around. realizing that his life is soon to change. It was then, that time when the whole mess began, They obviously expected things to be in heat around there. Staying around the Village of Msta. The group eventually got caught in the massive evacuation along with the family they were staying with, Remorse was striking them heavily. It was then once again... When Alexander realized he got caught by his misfortune again. The moment when he got lost, during his evacuation follow up towards Elektrozavodsk. That moment of hopeless fleeing, Forcing Isolation, Paranoia, And disbelief in his own survival. Isolating himself up north away from everything, Living from whatever he could pack before the evacuation, Knowing... He won't last long with whatever he got. And from there... It is a story for another day. Alexander was catching his uncertain future and sharpening his survival skills and attaching the speech and a few other factor skillss into his own life. Letting himself pass through a massive trust, Personal safety, And caution change. Along with giving a try into making contact once again with his gone friends, After all... He had his moment realizing he is not alone out there, Trying to make the best out of his current situation, With bits of uncertain hope. Expecting on seeing all the horrors of war going out there, Preparing himself for the worst, Yet uncertain about the less. And every one knows what they say about wars? Wars, Never change. Looking around seeing Cannibals, Bandits, Slavers and more, Thinking to himself as asking the question, "Do you like hurting other people? Would you? If needed?" That only the future will decide. Through his life experiences he quickly realizes that he began to change as well, Catching the change he never wanted, Catching the change he never expected. After all, survival requires adaption. And war, never changes.
  2. Would be somewhat difficult to catch on sight, but not impossible, I think this is the rule that would bring me back ingame heh. Good stuff, +1.
  3. What an Aesthetic profile.

  4. *Jacket smashes his PTT button with his thumb, pressing it and talking in a fast manner the moment he finishes boiling the thoughts over wat he just heard, thinking to himself while talking. Apparently he had been sitting on this frequency* Are you still there? ....... Where are you? *Jacket lets go of the PTT button*
  5. *Jacket presses the PTT button rather quickly after he catches the first broadcast of the frequency host, speaking in a curious confused way.* Western. Endeavour Western? I see time has done only bad to you. I have not been tuned up that much to the happening, Besides that seemingly... You are very conflicted with a large amount of people, Some Island? Group named... Uh... *He pauses for a few short moments, trying to come up with the name, muttering something to himself* ' Blyat....' Ah, Yes. The Heathen....s. I think. And uh... Who are you? A survivor, like all of us. perhaps one that used to have a cause, I stopped following what was happening after the big cluster fuck of.... Some day. Wouldn't recommend on hanging around in public that often, Since I think that you have a really really nice amount of hating 'fans'. Heh... Surprised that none of your people contacted you, or perhaps... Aided. ..... *Jacket lets go of the PTT button, Continues doing whatever he was doing before*
  6. *Jacket ponders and wonders to himself sometime before pressing the PTT button and starting to speak in the same quiet manner he was speaking before, He seemingly ignores all the previous commets he had heard, focusing on his words* Ah, if so. How is it all going? Heard your people were a bit /unfriendly/ or rather... unpositive regarding the positive goal, You used to aim for, unsure though. How is it going then? *Jacket releases the PTT button, the transmission from his side hits static*
  7. *Jacket holds the PTT button, His tone would sound somewhat quietly curious, unknown for what reason* Huh. Did everything fell apart, again? *Static*
  8. *Jacket would fiddle with his garbage somewhat broken Radio, Switching to a random frequency and starting to speak in a bit bored calm and somewhat curious tone, His voice would show small traces of an Eastern European Accent, Himself not expecting any responses due to the completely randomized frequency he hopped on. Sounding like he would be talking to himself* All those people, All those settlements... *He slows his talking temp down* All... Those... Changes... Times change, they never idle. Humanity changes, it never stop 'developing' either. *He ceases talking for a few moments before returning to his words* They say developing and ascending is a natural thing, For humanity... For life. *He clears his throat, a tap on the radio could be heard before he proceeds back to talking* From time to time, we hear of those who try returning some hope, or perhaps progress back to humanity around Chernarus. They try, They succeed, They fail. But for how long is it all gonna go for? All those people, All those places, They vanish. They... Just... End. *A chuckle could be heard along with a sigh, moments before Jacket returns to speaking* But fuck that... I hear these days it is more about who is the Owner or perhaps the one that Governs or Controls areas. Is it all about control nowadays, here? Greed and self achievement? *He tosses a few glances around, returning his attention to the radio of his* Doing anything, by anyone or anywhere would be pretty much useless if we all won't sober up and just realize, What we really need. Couldn't care less about reasons of self greed or 'bad' actions, But we... We can get comfortable doing that once we claim safety for humanity itself, once we answer our humane needs. What are we even on today, Survival? Getting rich? Forming families? Cappin' Territory? Do we even have hope? Not that bullshit spiritual belief one, A realistic actual efficient one. I wonder. *The transmission ends rather quickly after the operator of the radio ceases talking, All could be heard is just that boring meaningless static, empty as the hope for humanity to reform itself.*
  9. It's gonna be a bit hard to uncover, Plus as a feature ingame that allows you to adjust the FOV and peek from time to time, You are going to have a pretty hard time to prove that someone did that (Except If someone would actually record his own footage that would actually reveal the thing). Would it be wise to put more pressure on the player though? I personally don't want to sit and worry about every single step I take, especially during combat. We have enough rules to worry about.
  10. Heh, I think it fits perfectly to the current playerbase of ours here. Besides... snow would make you rethink PVP and consider RP at times... wouldn't it?
  11. AT LAST. Hopefully it could spice up the campfireRP of ours, hypeeee
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