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  1. On his way to becoming a pathologist, Kacey Gremm is a CN living in Russia with his wife Laura and Daughter Pheobe. He had recieved a undeniable offer to take a trip on a cruise ship as one of the head nurses. It was perfect since he and Laura had been talking about a vacation for 2 years, and they agreed to allow the family to come fulls paid by the institution. It was the the pinnacle of our lives. They thought everything was going their way for once. When the news reports about accidents happening so close to home started happening they didn't want to go home as they knew he would be sent away to help out. When the storms started to roll in Kacey, Laura, and Pheobe slept in the same bed together as the little one didn't like the storms and was scared. The jolt of the ship hitting something was enough to wake the dead, let alone a small family already barely getting any sleep do to the child clinging on tightly to her parents every time lightning struck close. Rushing to the life boats Kacey remembered the gift he had secretly hidden to give to Laura when they had gotten home. A box that contained a matching set of Earings and necklace that costed him almost all that he had saved up. He ordered her to get on the life boat with Pheobe while he went and found it. When he got back out to the life boats they were already cast out into the dark chaos and can not be seen with the several other life boats floating around that can only be visible for a split second when the lightning struck. Finding an lifeboat not already overcrowded was not an easy task as it is with out being tossed about by the waves pushing the sinking several hundred tonne ship around. Finally getting out into the towering waves in a small life boat, he kept calling out to them. Every now and again he would have sworn he would hear her voice through the deafening static sound of water upon water and the earpiercing cries and screams of several hundreds of other people on that cruise. The storm felt like it lasted an eternity let alone the several days after the storm of being now lost after getting cast about in different directions. When land was finally able to be seen all but two of them survived being extremely lucky they didn't get an infectious cut escaping the hell of that night. When land finally touched that boat it was a relief upon itself. The other two wanted to stick together while he refused and told them to go find help while he searched for the other life boats hoping to find his family once again. After several days of hopeless searching and waiting he finds a life boat with a familiar teddy bear lying in the mud next to it. He decides to make it toward the inland, now in desperate actions to find out anything about where they went.
  2. Hey man.. I am new.. While I can understand your pain, I do have to say give me a while to get back into RPing in a game. I've done it several times, but I don't do it actively and it's been awhile.
  3. Hello everyone, This is Gremmelkid, Gremm, or some of the other various names that are spinoffs of my real name. Just got DayZ today, and I am looking to try this server out. I've done various RP sessions since I was preteens in the yahoo chatrooms : . I don't quite have any type of story to launch my character in or who I want my character to be, but I presume I'll get it all figured out with a few forums I tend to look through. I hope to soon see some of you in there .
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