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  1. "Last night, I was on the outskirts of a town of some kind and spotted movement, same time you must have. I hid but couldn't see you very well. I got closer and you kept standing in one spot looking around. Took long enough but I finally got closer and tried to get a better look at you. I tried to say hello but you turned and ran, so I turned and ran too. Who was that? I think you were just as nervous about me as I was of you."
  2. "Who are you people? Why is everyone fighting? Is there somewhere we can meet survivors? Peacefully and leave without being hurt or robbed?"
  3. *female, american voice* "Green mountain? Lonely house? Where are those? I don't know any of this continent. Also how do I tell where black mountain is? I want to stay far from it"
  4. "Well that's unfortunate. Good thing I've done alright on my own then." *she pauses then hits the ptt* "If you find me, I wont hurt or rob you. I think staying away from the north is advisable. Lots of people on these frequencies sound dangerous. Where are you going and ending up robbed? Or just people on the road?"
  5. *female voice, american accent* "I've been around the southeast and south. Have not seen anyone living yet."
  6. "If this is Lord of the Flies, I'm staying out of it the best I can. I was hoping humanity could do better."
  7. "I may have some... just dug through some stuff from a run... I have ...bottles but dont know what they say. Plus Id have to meet you and that does not sound at all safe from this. Shit. If any of these are what you need, you can have them, no use to me. I dont know how we could meet safely.... especially from this radio. Maybe well get lucky and run into each other. I'm Rogue."
  8. *another young (22) female voice crackles onto the audio* "Hi..um... hi? Dont say where you are, but... most major cities I've passed have hospitals, probably pharmacies too. If you are really quiet, careful, and fast you can probably get in and out. Maybe you'll find something? Daytime is easier to see Zombies, but make sure to listen. If you move by keeping yourself pressed against the ground, it takes awhile, but zombies wont see you. Saved me a few times." "Wow... I was excited about hearing more people... but now I'm wondering if that's a good thing..."
  9. *a light voice responds, sounding very happy* "I hated that show..." *light chuckle* "Oh my gods... it's so good to hear someone else's voice... Well, I think its been about a year... I have no real way to keep track, just.....that the leaves are changing. I got shipped over as a last ditch effort by the military....suicide chance really ... but the only one we had... everywhere else was quiet too... they thought maybe we could find something... it was stupid...but there was no where else. *a short pause* "But...they all died. I've been on my own since, been traveling around, but no people. At least not any alive ones. I can...go by Rogue for now. Probably stupidly common, hua?" *another light chuckle* "I guess that works for now... who are you? Do you know if there are others?"
  10. *radio static fades in and out for several moments as someone struggles to get it working. A young woman's (22) voice can be heard. American accent* "Come on, come on, come on...." *a bit more static before the radio clears* "yea!" "Hello? Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me? .... I have not seen another human in over a year now. I... I don't know if I'm alone..... Is there anywhere safe? With people? I don't know where I am... I can't read these signs.... the last one I saw was..um....3, echo, echo, kilo, tango, papa, oscar, 3, alpha, beta, oscar, alpha, charlie, kilo...... I could not stay, too many zombies... I'm leaving a small town somewhere nearby.... I'll try to find a sign..."
  11. Solace found herself going in circles and lots of army crawling to avoid zeds. First cities shes come across have been heavily looted. She is struggling to find gear as well as carry it. Has yet to see another human
  12. Just finally got whole application in yesterday
  13. Thank you! It's more of an 'my brain understood the question incorrectly.' I have a learning disability with comprehension so I just get to deal with it. The last one was one about being banned and trying to appeal I thought it was you contact an admin, missed the part where it said WHO can start one, not who do you go to in order to start one
  14. Hello Dayz RP, I am a new user trying to get through the whitelist, waiting for the 8 hour cool-down. Unfortunately I get really confused on tests so messed up twice. Let's hope my brain will not get confused on the next one ; (Brain fail). Anyways 30 year old female, interested in RP session. Only issue is limited time, I have an hour from getting home from work to bed, and possibly an hour early morning, depends if I want to rp on here or SWTOR. (full time job, long commute, partial caretaker) Started playing dayz (I have to play in 3PP due to nausea reasons and sometimes still get nauseous) and am never on when my friends are. So looking for somewhere to have some fun with the game. I've been active in LARPing for 12+ years. Some tabletop etc, but am very familiar with rp. I also have been rping on SWTOR for about a year and have a great time with it. I'm hoping I may be able to meet you all later! -Brenna/Solace
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