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""All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you.""

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      Francis! Where have you been? ;) @Batok

  2. RogueSolace

    Your luckiest moment on RP?

    Decided to visit NWA for the hell of it, knew and accepted the involved risks I'm alone until I'm running around tents, two guys in full military gear suddenly hop in the same tent I'm in. I freeze like...shit.... They both look at me and start demanding my name, give them a fake one of course, acting like a scared little girl (to a degree I was). Then I start completely acting like a new idiot- "Um...so hi guys....this place is kinda crazy hua? Looked like a good place to find some supplies...uh funny question really, I've never been this far up north...where are we? I've never seen this place before, this is north right?" They kept looking at each other, then me, and I could feel the brains imploding. Suddenly some gunfire goes off, they swear and run outside, I take that cue after a few seconds to haul ass away from the place out the other end of the tent. Decided to run to Myshinko via having decent luck. Ended up losing a bunch of my stuff as I got mobbed by like 9 zombies, almost died, managed to outrun all but one, hacked the last to death while everything was gray. Manages to hide, bandage and eat and drink until I was better while a friend was running to get me.
  3. RogueSolace

    Your worst death in Dayz?

    walked into a hotel room, dropped dead got stuck under a building and no online tips were helping chorea that kept coming back even with antibiotics
  4. RogueSolace

    Is or should threatening to rape someone repetitively or in detail against the rules?

    I have to agree with a few of these ideas: Outright threatening is not okay, I was recently involved in an rp where someone was saying they wanted to rape 'so and so' who was not there. Kept saying it, and was like 'what are you going to do to stop me?' at another person. My ch was very, uncomfortable and just held her gun tightly, shifting and obvious emotes of not being okay with the topic. She was someone they did not know, and obviously this guy was powerful, so she wasnt going to say a word. If he came up to me and said that, different story. At the same time, I do feel that was very borderline as it did make me very uncomfortable, but I chose to accpet it as rp and not report it. Some people are just going to rp that. I think communication is key, if someone is hinting or implying and you are uncomfortable, state //OOC please stop talking about rape, I'm very uncomfortable. that person SHOULD listen. You have every right to feel safe while playing. But they won't know if what they are doing is going overboard unless you tell them. ---------- For me, it just depends- this is an rp that I would be okay with---- Say I'm tied up with some of my friends around and get this emote as they're trying to scare and get info- *Man walks up and crouches in front of (me) slowly eyeing her up and down.* "I really hope you all come to your senses. Trying to keep someone like this safe, thats got to be a challenge." *looks at the others while remaining crouched* "Now I'm not asking much, I just want a name. Just, a little, name. We don't need to fight you know... *turns back to look at the woman in front of him* You know the name of this person I'm looking for, love?" *character looks away* *He sighs and runs his index finger from the bottom of her neck to her chin, cupping her chin and forcing her to look at him* "I just want a name love. These idiots you're with need to learn, I get bored easily, and then things happen when I'm bored." *looks her up and down again, obviously trying to unsettle them. He runs a finger along her lips as he speaks* "Just imagine...the things I could do to you..." *he smirks as he lets go of her and stands up, he eyes her for a few more seconds before turning to one of the other hostages* "Come on now, you don't want me bored, do you?" ------------- Personally I would be okay with this. A threat is implied to give scare, but at the same time, no real action is being taken. I have every ability to type /OOC Stop it Now if someone were to start removing her clothing, that would prob get reported. I guess it really just depends. Communication is always key, if someone is saying something you are not okay with, then by all means call them out ooc and tell them that. If they act like idiots and ignore you, snapshot and report them. Otherwise, I really do like that this community outright banned it. A lot of people abuse it in storylines and irl and don't realize how upsetting it is to people.
  5. RogueSolace

    Christmas In Cherno [WIP]

    if you could somehow enforce security to those there and anyone nearby, I think it would be a lot of fun! Even if just to sit around and rp
  6. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    had fun running into random people @Ron and Richard guy, @C-J and @DukeSavior who scared the hell out of my character lol. Then later running into @TheProxJack. Hope we get to rp more
  7. RogueSolace

    The US server is almost dead.

    I know part of the frustration for me is the people cap. While I understand the use for it, S1 gets full of people who are rping, and everyone else has to sit and wait on s2 or try to spam s1. If the servers could handle more people, I think we would have a much better time. But yeah I'm with @Lyaria its very hard to find people to rp with. Again the huge problem is they're all on S1 and S1 gets full... so yeah.
  8. RogueSolace

    Serenity [Open Frequency]

    "Some people understand. It can be lonely, and trying. The problem is at the same time, you never know who really wants to be kind, who wants to use you, hurt you or kill you. It's sad watching what people in this world have become. Makes some of us push harder, but does not make it any easier. I read, sleep, scavenge, talk with people. Scavenging keeps me and others alive, makes you put your focus on other things, while keeping your instincts sharp. Find who you can to trust, if anyone. Do things to keep your mind intact, things that force you to think. Listen to the radio, takes notes, learn who probably are not good to say hi or where to go in some cases. Just find a way to hang on somehow."
  9. RogueSolace

    To everyone that can hear me

    "Take care of yourself. It was nice meeting you that one time with Tex."
  10. RogueSolace

    Rest in peace Hawk. [Open Freq]

    "Not trying to ruffle feathers, just sending condolences. It sucks loosing anyone."
  11. RogueSolace

    Rest in peace Hawk. [Open Freq]

    *smiles a bit, picking up the radio* "Once... did not go so well on my end. Working to patch that mess up for now. Next time you want to ask me a question, just ask it. Don't act all shady and point a gun at my face. Usually goes better if you're trying to make a new friend. Bouncing a bullet off their skull, not so much."
  12. RogueSolace

    Rest in peace Hawk. [Open Freq]

    *solace frowns recognizing the name, she picks up the radio and hits the ptt* "I'm sorry for your loss. Wish I could have gotten to know him on better terms." *she shakes her head sadly and puts the radio away*
  13. RogueSolace

    To those assholes that shot my people...

    "Agreed... sadly I don't. I may have something we can do though. I'll get back to you later."
  14. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had good breakdown rp w @Lt._Grimstein lastnight then also @Combat Logo overall fun rps with @Combat Logo @SpaceCowboy And co the past few weeks. Just the vocal tones from being scolded, damn lol. Solace was scared lol. Also fun bonding time w @Stradic
  15. RogueSolace

    To those assholes that shot my people...

    ((A female voice is heard, quiet, almost hollow)). "Kitty, fuzzballs... you still want to fix this? You'll be dealing with me. I hear we've got some mutual friends... that may be helpful. Won't say who for their safety. Got a way we can talk? Privately? Im listening for ideas."
  16. RogueSolace

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    (( a shakey female voice appears. Obviously crying hard, it takes a few attemps to get the words across)) "where...you? Come back...need to stay together....please?"
  17. RogueSolace

    "Cash" [Private Frequency]

    [the female voice sounds oddly hollow and quiet] "Cash...Tex... where the hell did you say you moved the bar? I'm gonna need one hell of a drink really soon...Rogue out."
  18. RogueSolace

    To the fuck that took my left eye out [open frequency]

    "Um... I thought the fireflies were a small, nice group of people. Why the fuck does everyone suddenly want to kill each other..."
  19. RogueSolace

    Bring back old website features

  20. RogueSolace

    Roamer Care Package (Open Frequency)

    *Rogue listens to Stradic and smiles, people may not agree, or take advantage. But it was good to know that there were still good people out there, willing to do things like this. Listening and hearing the second voice she smiles again and picks up the radio.* "There's a voice I'm glad to hear...I was starting to worry. Glad you're doing something, I hope it's helping. Keep safe out there boys."
  21. RogueSolace

    To those assholes that shot my people...

    *yawns and picks up the radio* "Guys, really....what is up with the pissing contest going on...two guys seem to be level headed and whoever else is responding is just trying to have a pissing contest. I dunno what you were trying to pull, but yeah, it went very wrong. You fucking wanted to ask us questions or not have tried to leave, you shouldn't have started acting like we were some kind of prey. Again, two younger girls...versus what 4 or 5 of you? Really? Anyways, no one has physically threatened anyone. So stop acting like it. We're trying to be peaceful here."
  22. RogueSolace

    To those assholes that shot my people...

    *Rogue wakes up hearing the commotion. Rolling over on her bag, being used as a pillow, she accidently rolls the bandaged left part of her head into something hard. She screams in pain before slamming her hand over her mouth. Whimpering she takes a few deep breaths before yelling "I'm okay!...just....rolled wrong.." *she curls up as her already hurting head gets much worse for a few minutes. The floor felt like it was spinning, and it took most of her concentration and willpower to keep what little was in her stomach down. Damn bag wasnt that hard. Groaning a bit she prayed she had not popped the stitches. Another moment or two and she was pretty sure she was okay. Catching her breath she picks up the radio and hits the PTT. Her words come out slowly, taking extreme effort to focus* "You guys get pissy real damn fast. Breathe, no one's threatening anyone. I do believe we were having a calm civil discussion. We had no problems with you. I even let em walk behind me too. Then some of your boys gained some distance an started circling us like a pack of wolves checking out its prey, thinking we didnt notice. So yeah we were on guard an trying to leave. Not so nice having a decent conversation, then be told to put your hands up, an have three or four guns pointed at your face. You wanted to ask us questions.. were two little girls so intimidating you had to point guns at us for it? Lets see, two little girls with 3 or however many there was large guys and a kitty. I don't know you, I don't know what you intended to do to us. My reflex wasnt very smart, but I think ms kitty should have understood the thought process there. I did not intend to shoot at you, not that youd know, just hoping maybe youd give your plan a second thought. Not the brightest idea but I was not just gonna stand there after hearing all these stories of people being hurt. That's my side anyways. I dunno what they want from you, but I'm sure its not something too horrible. You wanna settle this nicely, we'd appreciate that. No one's calling for blood, that I can tell anyways. I already tried to give you a chance and you fucked up, of course they don't trust you. Your turn, settle this peacefully like we all want, or make it worse." *Groaning again she wondered where that energy had come from. Her bandage was not wet, a good sign. She adjusts her bag and carefully lays back down. Reaching over she grabs a can of cola and sips at it, hoping to help settle her stomach. Curling up again into a ball from the pain she pulls a white jacket up as a blanket and closes her eyes.*
  23. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    had a ton of fun last night with Chief, Paul, The Marshall, Coda, Spacecowboy, Coda852, Lt._Grimstein, etc was great getting to rp with you all and also fun to rp injury, you all did great with it! <3
  24. RogueSolace

    Maybe there could be hope (Open Freq)

    *solace grins and hits the ptt* "Me too, listen to the last guy who spoke. He's a good one."
  25. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    had fun meeting some of the moonrunners and some other new people
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