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""All the gods, all the heavens, all the hells, are within you.""

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  1. RogueSolace

    This Holy Place [Open Frequency]

    "I did not take you for stupid, but you also were not specifying much. Just killing anyone who got in your way. Huh, well Ive never seen their camp, just heard on the radio they were who to go to. Ive seen a doctor with chief before. What are you near? Maybe someone can help"
  2. RogueSolace

    This Holy Place [Open Frequency]

    "Oh believe me, I am not 'holier than thou.' I'm very different. An I don't turn to look the other way. I know when its time for words to end a conversation or a bullet. I get wanting vengence. But you're talking about taking innocent lives, any innocent life. You want vengence, fine. Just don't take it out on the wrong people. Make you get the real stories, then unleash at the right people." "Also be sure to boil any needle and thread real well before stitching. Also the wound is clean. Other option is to cut a rag to ribbon size an pack the wound with it. Change it twice a day. Put a call on the radio to Hope, she can direct you to medical attention."
  3. RogueSolace

    This Holy Place [Open Frequency]

    *Solace listens and frowns. After a few moments she hits the PTT, using a calm but much deeper voice than usual. Keeping anyone from recognizing her voice* "Um... mister guy from church? I'm really sorry about your friends. I know how bad that hurts. It's not fair that you all got caught in the crossfire. Nothing seems fair now. Maybe you should talk to some of the people those clowns took captive? Learn how they took a large group of people an tortured em, killed a bunch. I'm not saying it evens anything out, but maybe you would understand why these people went after the clowns, trying to keep em from doing it again." "I can't bring your loss back, but maybe you should think about what you're saying. You're asking everyone to just let you into their homes an whatnot. That is a bad plan. Don't let your grief an rage blind you." "Romans 12:17-21. Shortened version anyways. Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight if all. So far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, neveravenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of god....do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."
  4. RogueSolace

    South situation

    * a young female voice responds* "Hey boys, Rogue here. I'm still not sure what is going on exactly, but Im around south. Ill talk to some people. May be able to help some."
  5. RogueSolace

    Any Town Folk of Kamenka left? (Open Frequency)

    *A female voice appears on the radio* "Clowns."
  6. RogueSolace

    To anyone who may hear this. [Open Frequency]

    "Edgar, look around you for apple trees. They've got the red on them."
  7. RogueSolace

    Is someone there? [124.5] [Open Freq]

    *Solace sits against a wall, rain falling outside the abandoned and crumbling hospital. Poking into her bag she nods in approval, she had found some decent things that were somewhat usable. She hoped they would be helpful for those that may need them. After taking a swig of water she puts the container away. Sighing she pulls out the radio and hits the ptt.* "Gregor, I think I know where you are. I heard something that matched something you said. If you are where I think, go northwest and find the buildings. Avoid that huge field."
  8. RogueSolace

    Is someone there? [124.5] [Open Freq]

    "alright, well a friend is walking around clearing out stuff at the moment. Keep your eyes open for him, dressed all in green, probably shooting zombies"
  9. RogueSolace

    Is someone there? [124.5] [Open Freq]

    "Gregor, do you have a private frequency? Could use one right about now"
  10. RogueSolace

    Is someone there? [124.5] [Open Freq]

    "DO NOT MOVE. You have help coming, or at least trying. They'll probably try to contact you soon. DO NOT GIVE YOUR LOCATION ON AN OPEN CHANNEL. KEEP AN EAR ON YOUR RADIO AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LOCATION."
  11. RogueSolace

    Behavior of the People

    I honestly have to wonder how much of this is the RP above all mentality. I was reading the persons post who got banned for asking a question. I get the immersion and the want to be inc all the time. In my 14 years LARPing and some combo tabletop rp this is what I've learned. Communication is obviously essential. But I honestly feel this system can keep issues going, especially for noobs like me to it. I could be wrong with below, please tell me if I am. Okay, so when I get home, I have an hour and have to go to bed. Full time job, long commute, health issues. So say I've got 10 min and have to log. I'm a actually really curious about the response to this too. So 10 min and Im looking for somewhere to plant myself for the night and not become zombie kibble. Suddenly I hear: "hands up or I'll shoot!" I comply. Said person has a mod they want to run with me, that's going to take time. Time that I don't have, and from my understanding I cant just type ((hey Im sorry but medical reasons I have to go to bed.)). I have to respond via rp and the only thing I can think of is making my ch pass out and log. Well other player thinks thats not cool, and with no explanation to know otherwise, files a report for bad rp. Then I get banned. For something that maybe would have taken 5 seconds to clear up ooc. My first rp with anyone my mic wasnt working and I did not realize it. Said player was nice enough to quickly point it out. I tried to fix it and failed. So I had to ((mic broken, have to type.)) he said no problem and we continued to have a fun rp of making a friend, given a city tour and taught some history. Our few ooc clear ups did nothing to hinder our rp. This is also a huge deal to people new to rp. New person: *I turn on the lights of this abandoned house* ((Hun, you realize electricity and water have been off for a year right?)) ((Oh yeah)) *flips switch, nothing happens.* "I always think that one day thats going to work again." Noob does something dumb, its pointed out and fixed, rp continues. Like I said, I get the immersion, but even with rules people get confused. I don't understand the concept of punishing for it. Now if they're having a full blown ooc chat, then okay, thats different. I'm not expecting to change anything, but with the inability to pm each other in game and HAVE to rely on teamspeak, to me it just makes no sense. Anyways there is my two cents
  12. RogueSolace

    Is someone there? [124.5] [Open Freq]

    "Gregory, what are you near? Not where are you. Do not say where ever. First calm down. Look for some apple trees and grab a bunch. Then find a abandoned anything and get out of the rain. Sit and eat. If you can build a quick fire outside to dry off, do so. Just dont let it alert anyone to your location."
  13. RogueSolace

    To the Clowns

    "Kid until you learn more, stay the hell away from people. Logan is good, Chief seems nice. I'm Rogue, I wont hurt you, probably help if I can. But right now there are very dangerous people out there, ones who will try to lure you in. Just because a place is pretty does not make it safe. Dont ever on open frequency say your real name or location. EVER. I'm sorry you have to grow up in this, but if you want to live you need to stop being a kid,and start learning, fast. Otherwise you're going to have horrible things happen. Don't let your guard down, ever. Yes being lonely sucks, but being lonley and being okay are better than torture and death for some company. Be careful." "P.S. sounds like you need to stay the hell away from Jamestown."
  14. RogueSolace

    Groups? (Open frequency)

    "I'd be up for that Chief. I go by Rogue, you want my name ask Logan there. You in the same spot I met him? I'm north east from it, I can start moving back. Were you two firing guns last night? You scared the hell outta me."
  15. RogueSolace

    Groups? (Open frequency)

    "You okay there? Be careful! Also don't worry, I know when to keep my mouth shut and let more dangerous things do the talking."
  16. RogueSolace

    Groups? (Open frequency)

    *Solace listens to the responses, peering out the window to see shadows of the empty city she had been searching in the early hours. Damn place had been picked clean, and it was huge. Almost everywhere she'd been was empty. She rubs a stone against the blade of a large black axe. No damage from the zombies she killed earlier. She'd been lucky, no wounds this time. Satisfied, she lays it across her lap, leaning against the wall again.* *she smiles at the new voice* "I like you, you think like I do. Also I'm a girl, lots of people doing that though, maybe a good thing." "I like to learn, Chief. Asking questions help me learn what people think and how they see things. Everyone views things differently, helps when you can understand something from their point of view." *she looks at the sky, an hour, maybe a bit more, then time to move on.*
  17. RogueSolace

    Groups? (Open frequency)

    *solace listens and sighs, suprised that only only one person has responded all day. Her back to the wall she picks up the radio. A combination of rain and ocean can be heard in the background.* "I can understand that. It just makes me worried, like walking into a massive brawl about to happen. Especially because I don't have anything to do with anyone. Wouldn't know who anyone is anyways."
  18. RogueSolace

    Groups? (Open frequency)

    "I keep hearing all of these different names, camp 101, pagans...by the sound of them not the followers of the religion. Who are all these groups? Why do you all hate each other?"
  19. RogueSolace

    photo question

    Im trying to put photos on the character page. It says we can have 3. Yet when I put the links and save, they show as unable to be viewed
  20. RogueSolace

    photo question

    I'm putting images into Imgur then copying the link to my profile, but pictures are not appearing correctly. Any ideas on how to fix?
  21. RogueSolace

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    "Heh, you sound like me. Nice to meet you."
  22. RogueSolace

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *smirks a bit at the response, she hits the button.* "Have you been listening to any other feeds? A lot of the people are highly questionable. I'm hearing a lot of threats and mentons of torture, not very comforting." *Solace takes a few breaths and continues, hesitantly. She speaks somewhat softly, not allowing her voice to crack, ignoring the tears that started again.* "I don't expect anyone to be a friend.... I just didn't expect to have to worry if I found anyone.... that instead of helping each other.... they're doing horrible things to one another...." ". a year ago this place was the last hope the marines who took care of us had. They thought we'd all ban together against the outbreak....humanity would somehow endure, as it always did." "But they died....I was alone, and well.." *she laughs nervously, but with sadness* "Finding all this just makes me wonder...what was the point of it all? When did humans become the monsters we were trying so hard to get rid of? Maybe we would have been better off if we'd let them..." *she pauses and shakes her head, hitting the button again.* "It's just...like fighting a nightmare, telling yourself eventually you'd wake up. That the nightmare has to end sometime. Only to find you always were awake... kinda defeats the purpose, you know?...anyways, for now, I'm Rogue" "Thanks, you too. I have no idea where Im going. I can't read the damn signs. Everyones pretty much saying to stay away from everywhere, anyways. You too."
  23. RogueSolace

    108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Solace lightly slams her forehead onto the radio lying on the ground with a heavy and frusturated sigh. Lying on the ground she finds it hard to believe what she's listening to. After repeating the motion a few times she looks around and pulls an apple out of her jacket. She eats quickly and throws the core as far away from her as possible. She sighs and angrily hits the ptt* "So the best survivors who lived through humanity pretty much ending, are only capable of threats and ripping each others throats out. Not actually working together to survive against an enemy thats not that hard to actually kill. But no, you all have to focus on hurting each other. What is wrong with you? Why are so many people crazy? We all see bad shit but come on.... For fucks sake, a lot of you sound worse than the zombies. I'm starting to think living around them is safer than you all. Do you have any idea how pathetic that is?" *solace clicks the button of and grumbles. Frustration and anger settling over her, she takes a moment to focus her breathing and wipe away the hot silent tears streaming down her face. She pauses hearing a zombie far in the distance. She curls up into her jacket and wonders what the fuck to do now.*
  24. RogueSolace

    Who was that? [open frequency]

    "10:30pm GMT to 11:30pm is the only time I've got. See you if you're there, or not." //6:30pm to 7:30pm est only time I have on weekdays//
  25. RogueSolace

    .61 Current Issues and Information

    I want to be able to get a wolf puppy and train it as a pet
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