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  1. RogueSolace


    Is the in game chat box now just a lot smaller? Or is there a way to fix it to be bigger like it used to be? thanks. 

    1. DrMax


      Smaller. It’s anoying tbh

    2. RogueSolace


      Thanks @DrMax, agreed it's super annoying. Makes medical rp an absolute bitch, but oh well. good thing I'm fast at typing. 

    3. Phoenix


      its smaller and it pisses me off ?

    4. Samti


      ay she back


    5. RogueSolace


      @Aeryes Can this possibly be changed via mods? Extending the text box?

    6. Aeryes


      Are you talking about font size or word limit?

      Nice to see you are alive Rogue. I haven't seen or heard from you in over a year xD

    7. Phoenix


      I think she means the size of the box so you can fit a longer sentence into it. it's much better for text rp

    8. Aeryes


      right now the word limit is reduced which affects your rp, @Kerkkoh gave me a fix for this which will be in the feb update.

    9. Kerkkoh


      Worked hard on it the entire day. Pretty proud of myself for being useful.

    10. RogueSolace


      Yay! You two rock!!! Thank you!!!

      yeah been a hard year with a lit going on ? but im poking my head around more again

      the text size is fine, its that you can fit very little into it. The medical rpers or those who use a lot of descriptions, its been hell lol. Especially because im refiguring out the movement buttons.

      oh another thought... is there a way to make the button for walk/run a toggle instead of holding it down to walk?


  2. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    "Be careful, speaking from experience here. Every hospital or care center that's been brought up may last for a bit, but then always gets razed by someone to extort or control you. I wish it wasn't that way...I have a great place we could all use together...it just wasn't safe last time, I don't expect it to be now. Maybe, maybe sometime in the future. Good luck."
  3. RogueSolace

    A new character concept idea

    He had a thread explaining the idea and people could sign up. I can't find it though. I did find this-
  4. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had fun last night reuniting with @Lyaria and meeting @Richards173 and the other two guys sorry don’t know your names
  5. RogueSolace

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    This looks amazing! Super excited for surgical tools and armbands with the cross on them! Will the armband be made somehow or a found item?
  6. RogueSolace

    Add contaminated area

    Kamensk Military Base via lore is already high in radiation. If you are there for a few hours, you are okay. a few days, you start getting sick.
  7. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    “Fae... breathe. A lot of shit happened. Everyone is going to have there own versions and blame pointing everywhere for all kinds of shit. It’s done and I don’t care anymore. I’m flat out done. Like I said, I’ve never had anything against you, nor do I. I’ll contact those interested by another frequency. Brandon, you know how to contact me, otherwise I’m going off grid. Be safe and take care.”
  8. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    “Fae? Really? Calm down. Also, you know better. I’ve not only helped you, you also took up a guard position for my hospital. Even after we had asked everyone who volunteered to stop so we could try to get things under control. Considering way too many people were ‘guards’ that had no associations with us and were causing havoc, then claiming it was our fault. You also let your friends in restricted areas they were not supposed to be in, like offices. You were seen doing it multiple times. We’d moved all the previous patient files somewhere safe for their privacy so not sure what the hell they thought they were going to find in there. Something to use against us because they hated us? Because we were giving free care to people and wouldn’t pick ‘sides’ in anyones war? Because somehow being on a base we were given permission to use by the goverment and military? Because I was the only person to think to ask permission? That apparently due to living there we must somehow be storing a ton of weaponry on an already raided military base, somewhere? That never existed, because we were doctors... that never even made sense. Oh except for people dumping crap into tents for you to find as ‘evidence’. The only weaponry we kept was to defend ourselves and our patients. Is that why you’re mad? Because I said ‘no’ to being controlled, again? Then evacuated and locked down the facility? I wasnt putting my doctors and patients at risk because some people didn’t get what they wanted. I’ve had enough done to my people and myself to last several lifetimes. I’m done playing stupid control games. You’re better than that, and we both know it, so knock it off. I never had an issue with you, even when you were doing those things.”
  9. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    “Sure Ethan, thanks. Miss, would you please contact me on 37.8, I’ll give you another frequency there so we can speak privately, and hopefully I can meet with you. Paramedics are important. Its great that anyone with the ability is trying to help. Typically you’re the one keeping someone alive long enough to get them to someone like me. Its a hard job, even harder out here. We need all the good we can get.” *the voice is hard to hear, like she moved the radio and is talking to herself* “Hmmm... get enough interest...we could try again... maybe. Too early to tell. They did open supply lines for us...” *the voice is back to normal* ”I’ll keep an ear out on frequencies.”
  10. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    "good to know. thank you guys."
  11. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    "Hi Brandon, wait what? Shit... I'll get the story from you in person, whenever that ends up being. Hello Jakub, it's good to hear from you again as well. Thank you for the warning. Where exactly north is good to avoid? I'm not really sure what I'm going to do just yet, or if I'll be sticking around for too long. Figured I'd try to be helpful while I'm here though, see how things are going. Thank you."
  12. RogueSolace

    Surgeon Available

    *sits on top of the roof, overlooking a large town. After thinking for awhile she sighs and picks up the radio.* "This is Doctor Elizabeth Valentine, formerly Doctor Smith. A lot of you know me, a lot of you know what I'm capable of doing, and a lot of you hate me for whatever reasons. I'm going to make this short and I'm not responding to anyone throwing their dick around. I'm a qualified trauma surgeon from the United States. I have an actual medical license; not just school, finished residency and passed the legal qualifications test, to own and run my own clinic, kind of certification. I ran a hospital a while back that for reasons all the others had, didn't work out. I'm glad we were able to help some people though. I'll be around, but I'm not able to get all over the map, but I'll do what I can. If you have any major life threatening injuries, I can help you. Or you can also hopefully find a medic who can stabilize you long enough to get you to me, or me to you. I can also attempt to help with longstanding problems, bullet wounds, breaks and fractures that did not heal properly, the like. Let's see... some of the things I've treated while here: broken limbs, fractures, infected wounds, upset stomach, basic colds, brain swelling, more extreme chest wounds and damaged organs than I care to count at this point, amputations, some very minimal dental damage reconstruction, orbital damage reconstruction, eye removal, a lot of bullet removal, muscle and nerve reconstruction or at least stabilization, lacerations, et. I use sterile equipment and do everything I can to make sure the patient is properly medicated and receives the best standard of care I can give them. I'm also not a miracle worker, some wounds I can't fix. I will do the best that I can, and if it is not something that can be fixed, I do my best to make sure the person is not in pain. Also, I don't ask for payment. I accept donations of what I'm able to use, but I do my best to not charge for what I'm doing. Serious inquiries only, contact me on 37.8 and I'll give you another frequency to talk privately. I can also give advice and instructions over the radio. Also...for whatever it's worth to anyone, if anything.... I do have the permission of the Chernarussian Government and Military to practice here. I've worked with them a bit the past year."
  13. RogueSolace

    A Medic's Call

    "Nice to hear a like minded person out there. Good luck Max. If I ever run into you in person I'd like to talk, I may be able to help you out with some things. Meaning I have medical supplies that I can help you get, and I don't mean 'with a price' of some kind. There's few enough people trying to do good in this world. My name's Elizabeth."
  14. RogueSolace


    Really good job with Photoshop!
  15. RogueSolace

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    A great example- clothing. People constantly take jeans from people. I always yell at people IC for that because body differences in real life. If you’ve ever had to deal with female jeans- its beyond a nightmare. So your chs 6’2, 280lb of muscle, is NOT going to fit into my chs 5’6 135lb jeans. Not happening. I’ve only actually had like 3 people go with it too ? one nearly was like ‘eww’ and threw them at me, it was great. ”hey, mister whose taking my stuff.” ”what?!” ”can I please have my jeans from in there? I mean, I’m pretty positive you are not fitting into my tiny ass girl jeans.” ”....” “Please?” *sighs and gives back jeans.* ”Thank you!” way more realistic, and it can add some serious humor if done right
  16. RogueSolace

    Breaking into a Base/Home

    Thats awesome!
  17. RogueSolace

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Yeah.... this has been an ongoing bully mentality for two years and part of why I, and a lot of others, took a break. some people are really good at having a scary hostile situation without taking anything. Some take something like your bullets but leave gun and mag. They give good rp thats enjoyable and that both sides have fun. They actually rp with you and not your stuff. then there is this attitude of- well you shouldnt have nice things or don’t go to populated areas, or anything along the lines of ‘if you don’t like it, eff off.’ I’m here to have fun like you. You’re telling me that I have to avoid places to have fun, in which people get initiated on during travel, and have people attack camps. So anything I attempt to accomplish is pointless and i get robbed anyway? No. That is not how a community works. Its a community problem two years has done nothing to fix. People can’t entertain themselves without hostile rp, et. People then refuse to leave you alone and use it as an excuse to be controlling and make people hate playing. Until the bullying mentality gets lost, and people figure out compromising, its going to always be a problem. Especially because actually voicing dislike makes you ‘the reason people can’t have fun’. Instead of ‘how can we all work together to allow everyone to enjoy themselves?’ Which is what a community should be doing.
  18. RogueSolace

    Breaking into a Base/Home

    People are jerks and constanly do this when people are logged off. Either someones solo stash or to anyone trying to have large rp areas. Its done to everyone Unless the rules changed, I believe its a bannable offence. The problem is that you have to actually catch someone in the act with evidence. it would be great if the game could somehow come up with a way to track and be able to tell who is doing it, but does not. People just keep acting like children unfortunately.
  19. RogueSolace

    The Cavaliers [Recruitment Open]

    I mean they did but then again that was an alternate timeline so *shrug*
  20. RogueSolace

    Status [open frequency]

    *her voice is excited* "Hey, its great to hear your voices! Brandon! How are you? I've got the same frequency as I used to if you want to use that! Liam, good to hear you too! Wait, what? Um.... no?" *the radio pauses and her voice sounds depressed and a bit distant* "Yeah, Miroslav was....bad. Really bad.... to be honest, I don't remember much...probably better that way. What I do remember...it's awful... The only reason I survived was a quick thinking soldier who grabbed me and kept me alive. The doctor told me he had used a bag valve mask on me that I'd been starting to pull out before I collapsed....Yeah...waking up on a ventilator not being able to breathe on my own, along with I couldn't hear anything due to eardrums being ruptured... I don't recommend it if you can help it. I miss them too, I know its been crazy sneaking visits in and such. You all keep safe. I'll hopefully see you soon. Rory? How are you? I haven't heard from you in a long time! Good to hear you as well."
  21. RogueSolace

    Status [open frequency]

    "Seriously?..my voice is not raised at all... I'm not heated, at all."
  22. RogueSolace

    Status [open frequency]

    *picks up the radio* "I feel you there... I'm glad people are still trying. We all have to do the best we can if we want to see this world be better. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel quite differently. Actually...quite a lot of people will tell you otherwise. I just try to use what I know to do good and help people. Not my fault a whole bunch of people, for whatever dumb fuck reasons want to go around slandering what I'm able to do when I've helped a lot of people. I still help people, just where people aren't trying to fucking kill me everyday or demand control of who I'm 'allowed' to treat by their biases. It at least makes me feel like I can make some difference in this hell."
  23. RogueSolace

    Status [open frequency]

    *the message is filled with static, fading in and out* ”....... godfather? Officer.... Can.......me? .......hello?... this.....work....” *the line goes quiet for awhile then a voice some may know, others not, appears much clearer.* “stupid signal.... Hello? Can anyone hear me? If you know this voice great, if not, too bad. I’ve been wondering... whats the status of this place? Did you all ever start using your brains to work together? Or is everyone still trying to big dick and bully each other into oblivion? Been debating a visit. My frequency never changed for those who knew it. Doc out.”
  24. RogueSolace

    • RogueSolace
    • Aristocrat

    OMG THEYRE BACK!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    1. Aristocrat



    2. RogueSolace


      YAS!!!!!!! You have to find me if I actually get on!

    3. bloodcrusader



  25. RogueSolace

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    There will always be hostile rp. Contrary to what everyone thinks about me, except for @Tony who gets where I'm coming from, I don't hate hostile rp. Is it going to happen? yes. It's when it becomes a constant thing you can't get away from, and makes people miserable, is where I'm not okay with it. Especially when most people want to turn it into Saw style. Can situations last for months? Absolutely. The problem is its been the same behavior patterns for years. In the trust, we did nothing but be on the run, constantly. The same now with the friends I've made IC since lore wipe. I know people who have shelved multiple characters that they love because they can't get away from people who won't stop going after them. I know even more people who have flat out stepped away from the community because they're sick of the behavior. That's not okay. Again, this is not specifically about any one singular group. I put nearly a year into building my group, a lot of people don't know that. I've been waiting, and waiting to find a good time to try to put it together. A lot of people joined me who were doing it as a last attempt, for them to have a reason to stay in the community. They wanted to do something good. When I did, yeah I made some bad choices and shit happened, its called learning. We had people declare war on us the second day because someone insulted them. Another tried to take us out from the inside with a bunch of lies. We had like 2 days where we actually did nearly nothing but have doctors working with people and it was amazing. We loved it, and we got a ton of positive feedback from the rp. Then it's been nothing but dealing with bs. I've put up with being called "Bitch, slut, whore, cunt, etc." and all the other typically used terms on women on a constant basis, do you see me declaring war on people? No. It's pathetic. I evacuated my group of mostly doctors, who were doing nothing but taking people in and helping them, because people were having issues with security. Meanwhile we also had a ton of people taking advantage of us not having a lot of security to begin with, sneaking in and pretending to be our security and causing all kinds of problems. Among a bunch of other things. Now I'm being told its been said IC if I return, I'm going to be hunted down because 'we packed up and left' after two groups of people pretty much again, tried to force how I run my group. Threatening to constantly attack us and hurt people if we didn't comply. So... two groups of people essentially come and say if I don't do what they say because they say so, they're going to constantly attack a bunch of doctors because their security is trying to keep them safe? Then because they did the rational thing and evacuate (which yes is the rational response, because complying just means everyone is going to walk all over you) now we will be hunted upon returning. Get rid of people is how it starts, then everything else gets controlled. People were trying to make us be able to only fix certain people, or pay taxes in weaponry. That's not how medical personnel operate, period. Meanwhile, I have a huge list of shit people have done to people I care about IC including near constant torture and murder resulting in perma. I still said if they came to me hurt I'd help them, because that's what doctors are supposed to do. The only thing my character has done to them, is give them lip because she hates bullies and refuses to bend over backwards to them. She's never physically tried to hurt anyone. "Because I don't like them." Sorry, I'm not running my group how people tell me because they're going to act like bullies. I'm almost 32 and I'm done with that type of behavior. I've had nothing but people trying to control how I run my group the second it hit the ground. I never went after anyone physically IC (self defense excluded) and yet again, a place that was only there to try to help people, had all these people coming and trying to cause a ton of trouble. Because apparently that's all some people know how to do. That's not what i put a years worth of work and months of IC planning and actually doing a bunch of stuff, to deal with. The same with a lot of the other people who just wanted to be able to actually rp helping people and not have to deal with a bunch of dramatics. But because of the 'my way or the highway' mentality, it does not matter. That's all I've got to say about any of this, and I'm done commenting.
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