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  1. “Doctors should be neutral. Its out jobs and our passion to help anyone in need. Its even harder now with the injuries weve been seeing. Its people like you, who beat up one, to send a message about you and your ‘nobleness’, note sarcasm.. that tell me more than any words could possibly come out of your mouth. Meanwhile the people you claim are the the worst, have allowed enemies to be given proper medical treatment and not once have I had someone attempt to control who I can or cannot treat. The problem is all you idiots keep going after what you percieve is power. There are always reasons to twist stories, trample people, and try to act all heroic. Meanwhile you’re blaming and hurting innocents. Making dumbass excuses of ‘well why did you let this happen?’ When you know damned well that the only reason it happened, was because you catalysted it in the first place. Not so good for you... there are people who see straight through that bullshit.”
  2. “Thank you for clarifing Moody. I know what you meant but with mob mentality that could have gone completley out of control. We have enough people hating each other for their nationality, when the people themselves have done nothing wrong.”
  3. "I'm going to remind you of something because history is repeating itself and people don't think when they're angry. You don't blame Russians. You blame the exact people responsible, as you did call them out. I've met Russians who have defended and protected me with their own lives and are good people. You don't get to categorize a group and especially an awful individual as the entirety of a race. That's how things like the Holocaust happened. Are we having a major issue with the majority of them? Yes. Is every single person from Russia a murdering, psychopath? No. Some have done the very opposite and its not okay to just blame all of them."
  4. thank you! Same! I'm excited to see where we get to go with things.
  5. been having a lot of fun with @MoodyOG, @ToeZ, @Mason26, @SzweN, @derNils, @Razareth, @Sophie and all the others at the compound! Also super fun meeting @Lindse!
  6. This made me laugh, very true ic, just more along the lines of ‘are you okay/hurt?’


  7. Going to be VERY interesting if we ever run into each other in game also @Shikaka will take good care of you guys! One of my favorite people to rp with!
  8. Standoff @dernils


  9. Brian reporting for duty..


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      Joel's best friend ? 

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      Yep! Lol and his kingdom!

  10. Uh-oh @derNils @Kam


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      ? thats adorble

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      I know!!! I was laughing my ass off. 

  11. "I hope you're okay! I've been worried about you. You know how to get in touch, we moved. Stay out of the north. Radiation."
  12. Um.... a little help please?

    We can't see our own emotes at all

    and trying to go into the emote menu makes us stuck... i just relogged

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      You can’t see your own emotes, only other peoples.

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      yeah, but that's something new and makes no sense. We've always been able to see our own emotes up until now.

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      Well...you are meant to see it aswel ?,  but this is dayz

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      I mean that's what is weird...we've always been able to see our own text...until yesterday

  13. “You guys get the package? I stuck my frequency in there if you need me. I’m still where I last met you for now if anyone needs trauma care.”
  14. "I'm going to be giving Moody medicine to bring to people who need it. Thank you."
  15. “Moody, if you can, come meet me where you did last time in a few hours. I have more supplies. Bring anyone who needs medical treatment too.”
  16. “Wolf??? Contact me! Also I think I’m going to need to be doing some serious talking with the medical community here...”
  17. thanks! Unfortunately this seems to be a google document issue, I just tried to clear it up a bit
  18. "Yeah, we are all scattered. Found a few people, others not sure where they are or how they're doing. That's good to hear, but yeah, kinda difficult no matter what. I used to have a talent of making several people who hated each other be able to sit in a room and not at least attempt to kill or scream at each other, hell we even got them laughing sometimes...not sure if that talent still exists but who knows. May be useful to try at some point. I've got my old frequency still if you want to use that. Good to hear to you, I hope Tiv is hanging in there too."
  19. "Major Kotula, could you please contact Elizabeth on 38.6? I'm going to direct you to a few different channels, so we can get something secure. Also, requesting airdrop of decontamination tents and supplies, I'll talk to you in private. Thank you sir."
  20. "Can we please NOT be doing this whole at each others throat thing?"
  21. "Take that extra medication I gave you guys!"
  22. Ch page updated

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  23. IMO I really would not like this at all. Personally, other and myself have put more hours into our characters via research and development, than we can possibly keep any track of at this point. Just wiping all of it would make everything we’ve accomplished irrelevant and would suck. Will it eventually happen, yeah, but give us a chance to even finish this storyline. This storyline can do better ic without being wiped, the problem is the community needs to work together OOC. I’m putting in my two cents and then avoiding forums again. Sorry if I sound elitist, apparently sharing 15+ years of various rp experience; seeing things fail and go well, giving advice and suggestions from that, means that I’m a bitch: TLDR: Base building is still too broken The lore mentality has absolutely nothing to do with it and a wipe will not solve all the issues of fighting It’s a mentality that people must be able to work together and meet in the middle sort of thing A lot of people have put a ton of time and energy into this lore and relationships etc. and while a lore wipe will come at some point, it just feels like an awful time for it Guess what, nearly everyone ignores the day to day lore IC, even though it’s the most important aspect of the game BASE BUILDING While cool, it’s still completely unstable and with any server crash you could lose days-weeks of work instantly. It’s not reliable enough yet. Plus we have a lot of server crashes. FIGHTING This is a state of mind that simply has not been figured out how to compromise areas, and making sure you are rping with the type of people who enjoy what you do, have zones to combine stuff like hostile. It does not matter what you do, reset the story, etc. It’s gonna happen because someone is bored and that’s how they have fun. It does not matter if you make people and groups have goals because those goals can still be used to hate people People need to be working together OOC to ensure that if they have IC conflicts or things. That they’re actually all okay with it on an OOC basis, and that they communicate to keep things fun Work together for ‘what do we want to accomplish and how do we help each other accomplish this’ If someone or a group really does not like something, put that into consideration, what can you do instead This is a community of people, and working together provides better rp because it ensures people are moderately okay with what is happening Can you still do random stuff, occasionally yes, an opportunity presents itself go for it, just make sure later things are okay or shift plans You don’t need an IC reason to just drop something if its really upsetting someone OOC. Peoples OOC mental heath is more important than you holding a grudge because they looked at you funny IC This is not scripted RP. It’s not. Scripted is where you literally make a script and do line for line actions. That is a prewritten story. Having ooc communication, goals, et. Helps significantly in making sure that while IC people can hate each other, OOC they know they’re people playing a game and working to try to have fun with it. Groups and people who do this kind of thing, are usually overall a lot happier and less stressed. LORE People have largely been ignoring the lore We’ve been told these flat out by @Major in the story lore, yet nearly everyone ignores it and then gets mad at the people who actually pay attention: WE DO NOT LIVE IN THE WORLD WE SEE IN THE VIDEO GAME We are in modern settings with modern items Homes are not covered in blood with broken glass everywhere and is not the awful state in game The country is 2nd world, meaning go look up the Czech Republic. That’s a second world country. You have varying areas: great places with modern cities and tech, outer areas, farms, rural, etc. All kinds of things. The world hasn’t fallen yet, its struggling, but has not fallen People fall ill and go to full effects within 12-24 hours. Stores, hospitals, et. When they realize something is happen, overstock the hell out of everything they could possibly need in case. Plus, people turned faster than they had any chance to use the majority of the supplies We have a ton of normal stores like wal-marts et. In towns, its not that hard to find things While yes there was some panic, its not going to be like what people think in regards to looting etc. WHO and other guides point out that mass panic and looting are two of the hugest misconceptions to nearly everyone during disasters. People remain calm and help each other. The few cases of reported looting were more like certain people needing food and breaking into a grocery or corner store. The media loves to focus on the few instances of some people stealing electronics or something. We pretty much got the equivalent supplies of = one person is a COSTCO or some large warehouse. Per person…. We are not out of major supplies for years…plus stuff in homes…dried/canned goods etc. There is lore going on, there are people working with that lore to try to do things. I’m one of them. LAST RESTART It was nice without fighting for all of maybe 1 - 2 weeks. That seriously seems to be the record of people being able to not initiate on someone. In that time though, people still caused issues Groups did things that made no sense with their counterpart RL version causing extreme confusion Confusion and people causing issues = people starting fights and warring no real military or lore based repercussions for those actions because we can’t generate an npc army to be guards, et.
  24. I would like to point out this statement from @Roland as this sort of behavior is what forced me to close my group Also this: While not part of the original UN response, I did stay with them, and I can 100% say that yes, people walked and many were ready to say 'fuck it' because they were NOT having fun or able to do anything along their mission. I had to shut down my hospital group for the same reasons, even after Rolle stated that all the reasons we were being harassed IC were not allowed. Yet it never stopped. I didn't want to have to report anyone so I never put up a report, maybe I should have. I ended up saying fuck it and leaving for 6 months because I was DONE with the player mentality of 'we have to control everything'. I'm still only back as a trial. When is this mentality and what Roland said, going to actually start to matter? Because plenty of groups just get pulled into other people's drama and target sights because its easy. People get exhausted and angry ooc because of this bs constantly IC, and tbh, it sounds to me like that's how said person was responding in game. It does not make it right, but there is only so much of 'I show up to do this to have fun, and everyone who I don't even know just beats me down and tries to puppet and control everything I do' before you're just done. I've pointed this out, the amount of hostility on this server makes no sense. It's a game, you want to play bad guys, fine. But you don't get to always use the excuse of 'well this is how it would be' when I can literally and have pulled up 70 year scientific/psychological studies of the human populace saying 'lone wolves and bad guys do not survive in disaster.' you don't get role play protection rules when you want to walk up and fuck with someone who has a gun and will defend their families again a perceived harasser or attacker. And you sure as hell don't get respawn to be able to hold a grudge and keep going after them. I know I'm probably going to be bitched out, but having been with the UN through all of the bs harassment, and then the same with my hospital, I can honestly say, this sort of thing is what drives people to 100% quit and its not a 'game mentality' its a bullying mentality. The response is not "well you just need to do what we tell you/toughen up" the response is to realize that not everyone has fun being pulled into constant drama and violence and that they have that right to not like it. Does it mean you need to stop your hostile rp? No. But it does mean that maybe you need to stop doing it as much to the people who very obviously don't enjoy it. Maybe you'd get more enjoyable and better rp if you let them actually do their thing. The point of peace groups is to make people who don't usually get together, have to work together. Which was part of the point and something that totally failed about the hospital due to player mentality. But when that does actually happen, you can get a lot of amazing conflict and drama rp that does not involve violence. My suggestion would be just that. Stop trying to turn groups who are supposed to be peaceful into the ones constantly put at gunpoint, corruption and bullshit lies that everyone knows are lies. You want to rp? LET THEM RP HOW THEY WANT TO, JUST LIKE YOU ARE. Harassing people constantly is not roleplay, its abuse. How the hell is a group who just wants to give out food and water and medical treatment going to ruin your game? It won't. It's an advantage to you actually, which is why it makes no sense to go after them. I don't know what to suggest to you guys, I can only give you input based on the years I've been playing here and my own experiences. But what I see happening is exactly the same as before, and is actually in the rules as not allowed. I really hope you all can work it out and I look forward to rp with everyone in the future. Also, isn’t there a rule somewhere that actually states that you are not allowed to pretend to be members of an organization in order to discredit them more?
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