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  1. I said it the last time this came up, and I will say it again...maybe someone will actually pay attention and think about it instead of going on the defensive and bitching me out, or completely throwing what I say out of context. People are here to RP, yes PVP is a part of RP. The problem, is when people are running around the map because people are hiding, and then blaming us has...you need to stop and think. Do you really think we want to be spending our time hiding and moving around in secret? because the answer is hell no we don't Your ACTIONS are having CONSEQUENCES. I've had so many instances of IC being lectured by lots of people with machine guns surrounding me about 'how things aren't fair', 'your actions have consequences and you made us upset', 'suck it up bitch', 'the worlds not fair' blah blah. Yet, the second the tables are turned where the same people are not getting what they want, everything is not fair, not okay, and unacceptable. If you really were in a world like this, where people would just jump you, beat you up, shoot you, et. you'd be stupid to NOT hide. The people doing that, would be killed as threats quickly, and could not just re-spawn. The last time this happened in a thread, everyone was bitching out the people who were hiding out and 'ruining' rp. Then saying that no one had ever explained the problem.... the issue was that a lot of people had expressed frustration and trying to nicely criticize the problem. The responses were 'thanks for feedback f u,' 'sorry your opinions don't matter' , and ' everyone is being a bunch of whiners'. The feedback had been given and was ignored. Never once, did anyone actually decided 'maybe I should actually look at this like I'm part of the problem with what I'm doing, and maybe I have to take responsibility and do something to help this get better.' I'm not saying, and I've never said [contrary to popular belief and my words getting twisted the fuck up beyond recognition to what I originally said or meant ] that pvp stop or people should change everything about it. I'm saying its obvious that only one side is actually having any fun, and people need to step up their game in making it fun and interesting for everyone. You can be bad guys in lots of different ways, why are you not having a turf war with another group who obviously wants to start fights too? Because its too easy to just go after the people who want nothing to do with it? Hmm, I wonder why people are hiding... I've also thankfully had some really good hostile rp recently, because people were making sure I wasn't just getting stomped into the ground or some bs, they actually were being people, with humanity and effect, and going with it. It made it a lot more enjoyable to me as a player instead of just getting screamed at, my stuff being taken 'because someone needs it more' and tossing me out or trying to cut me up or whatever. ^^^^^^^^ all of this
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    Thank you! I had a lot of fun with that too! LOL it made it way more interesting and the interaction had a lot more humanity in it which was really nice
  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    ❤️ you guys @Chernon & co (can't remember everyone to tag lol)

    @Malet, Markus taught Beth well 😂


    1. groovy chernon

      groovy chernon


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    @Phatal Here are some clarifications for you and staff The one test was done using the system designed by @Mark and @Taryn for XSB-1, there was no current loremaster to go to at the time, though we had been sending info to major, who became LM again right after. We told him we rped it (we did) and he okayed it for the one time, but said afterward it became unstable, like the virus mutated or something, moving us back to investigation. and none of us are giving anyone a questionable drug when we’re not mostly sure it wont hurt them any current attempts with medications are put through @Major before any rp is attempted. Major also gave description of pavlovo hospital, and was included in all rp chats involving the basement Im not sure if I met @BreadERP directly, but i did meet with other members of second response team several times, and ended up talking on radio to @BreadERP quite a bit. We intended to meet but did not get the chance. When I called for assistance, he forwarded the call ic to @jdizzel97 and alpha co (as UN2were about to archive, and he’d been trying to get me w alpha co anyways). Alpha co responded and have apparently added keeping an eye on me when able to their list. Not a priority i believe, you would have to ask jdizzle In regards to the medical personnel- this was 100% IC PC interaction and working together, sorry if it sounded like i meant the major units, its a few people, several who are taking breaks atm or quit. Research has been ongoing ic for the past year. WHO 1st response- Dr Tyrus Mason @Mason26 Viral defense league eric grives @Mark hans runkel- @Xzwen Viktor Ivanov @Cosmo UN were mostly guards like @Heathen on Kjartain and Dimirti who is no longer on site We also had @Lindse help the whole being hunted thing is 100% @Major, you would have to talk to him for any details as he’s the one who tossed that at us and we don’t really know what’s going on at all please let me know if there any more questions I can help you with
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    TLOU Vibes

    @Watchman Ahh, okay ty! still getting used to the newer building changes
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    TLOU Vibes

    How did you get the window open? Or is it photoshop?
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    Old Timers

    this looks awesome and is very original, good luck!
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    Thanks @Pontiff! We'll see
  9. I had fun with all of you guys too! I accidentally hit the wrong button trying to put hands up (my buttons switched all around and I've yet to fix it or learn the new ones) so thanks for taking whatever I did instead as humorous >.<) I really liked the dynamic you guys had going, ('Why do they call us Mexicans? None of us are from Mexico!' was great) and I appreciate a lot that while I did get robbed, you guys let me keep a lot of things. I always appreciate that kind of rp as it feels like its actually more of an encounter than someone just taking all your stuff and tossing you out the door. I always enjoy the bits of humanity in things like not throwing us out in the dark, and actually making sure the pregnant lady is okay, et. I had fun Thanks, I'm trying... Surprised I've gotten this far with the little one honestly, we'll see if it keeps up. Also meeting and hanging out with @arttu!
  10. its not that they are difficult to obtain...its that they don't work
  11. “I can help as well. Your friends have my frequency.”
  12. cool, well good job @Kai!
  13. Just wanted to say I had fun yesterday interacting with you guys. while more of an 'we are really damn lost...hi? oops....fuck' moment for us, I really appreciated how whoever was talking to us (puncture?) actually kept it civil. It made the rp a lot more enjoyable to me than just getting the usual yelled at, guns pointed, stuff taken, which is what I usually encounter. It made the rp last longer and gave it a lot more depth to which I really enjoyed. Also while peanut butter and beth hate each other ic, I always find rping with him enjoyable and their banter hilarious
  14. That would be awesome, i just also think they need to scale down a lot of the med gear it shouldnt take anywhere near the room it does
  15. *the voice sounds exhausted* "I wish you luck in whatever you are doing, but be careful. All of you. Multiple attempts over the past two years to set up clinics, hospitals, and other areas have resulted in a few weeks, maybe a month or two survival, before having to go into hiding. Peace treaties don't work, there are always people here who don't care that you are willing to help them, you're helping their enemy. Most medical groups who were completely neutral were ran out because of this. One persons entire hospital staff was executed by a fanatic group because the lead doctor and owner was a woman and they felt women should not be doctors, and she refused to close her hospital. Most of the time your supplies will be taken, area strewn about, and a lot of people are gonna try to control what you do and threaten death when you tell them to fuck off. I had people try to plant a shit ton of limbs in a building nearby my hospital and try to claim we were doing human experiments, which was complete bullshit....we still are freaked out about where he could have even gotten the limb count that was found... also have tried to have areas for emergencies and pretty much got threatened with death because 'we didn't have permission' from the large group running around... then the building got shot up anyways and a bunch of medics and a guard got shot....Ended up having to evacuate my hospital after a bunch of threats including people trying to get us to go gather guns for them and refusing... we're medics...how that even made sense I'll never know...we have weapons to protect ourselves and our patients, we don't collect them for any other reason. Oh and of course that resulted in people planting a bunch of weaponry in our tents and trying to go 'they lied!' I'm not saying don't help people, that's the very last thing I'd say. Just be careful. I'd love to open the hospital and get people working together again, but I'm not going to until things settle down. I'm not willing to risk those lives again. Your best bet is to stay word of mouth for awhile. Get a feeling for what is going on and around. Dr. Fisher, I told you the same. Be careful. Help everyone you can, but be careful. There are reasons you don't see the other clinics and hospitals being staffed right now, and its not for a lack of want. Dr. Valentine out."
  16. I just found out it was some of your group who found me Sat. Of course, walk away from computer for 20 seconds...and people are there. Sorry about that! still managed to scare each other by accident lol anyways, I really enjoyed your rp! My ch was terrified, and it was really nice you all were kind to her. You look like an interesting group and I hope we can run into each other some more!
  17. These are just suggestions, plus M65 is my favorite jacket due to pockets! I think it heavily varies on military/civilian and area to area. The thing is, while great to have a red jacket to stand out, the problem is that most people don't care that you're a medic and will use it to target you faster, at least from my experience >.<; Maybe have variations of both? Lets see what I can find example wise. Under spoilers for length. Looks def like military and civilian can very extremely around the world. I also suggested English because it was easier for me to make sure the patches were right, but also we do know in lore that Allies were helping and while not in massive force, American and Britain were two places involved who sent people. Also thank you! The were just thrown together, I don't know how to do anything to actually make them in game, thus why its a suggestion. I also was really looking forward to the cross armband (you can see it in several military uniforms) but I don't know if that's going to be a thing or when. Military Civilian
  18. Possible suggestion: I personally have not tried the system of burying anything though I was super excited when the concept came out Would it be possible to disable guns themselves as items to be buried? It seems here that weaponry is the main problem, not regular items like food or medical stuff. I figure this is probably not possible, but figured it couldn't hurt to suggest.
  19. I don't know if I'm supposed to put this here or in suggestions, apologies if it's in the wrong spot. I got really excited and bought the M65 jacket from the item shop as it has a medic version. While that's great, I noticed a bit of an issue. As soon as you put a backpack on it, you can't tell that its medic anymore. I played around in photoshop and came up with a few ideas, the badges are in English, I don't know if you would want to make them Russian, or possibly have them be American variants. Black Coyote Backpack Black Coyote Medical Bags M65 Jacket Variants Medic Vest Variants Badges used
  20. “I won’t be able to get there, nor know where. At the same time use a private frequency and change the date and time unless you want a massacre. I hope you all find the strength to continue, for the short time I knew him and was around, he was a really good guy. I’m going to miss him. If you need me, as always I’ll help anyone with medical need the best I can. Some of you should have my radio frequency. Take care of yourselves. Don’t stop fighting.”
  21. “Pamyati... The truth is that’s what happens to anyone and any groups trying to do actual good. People start nothing but lies and slander. Thats why people hate the UN. I would know, I watched it happen. Thats why a lot of good people are hated. Because they are a threat to the people who want to keep terror and what they think is power. The question is... are you just going to give up and slink away to the shadows... or are you going to keep fighting for the people out there who are worth what you sought to protect anyways? Words are one thing. Actions are another, and actions prove truth over words.”
  22. “Go for it. 37.5 and we’ll hop a few channels to get to a private frequency.”
  23. “Whats going on? Doubt I can get to you but talk to me.”
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