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Characters Comments posted by RogueSolace

  1. 6 hours ago, MouseWB said:

    Guess Whose Back?

    eh we will see, busy on other platforms but we will see.

  2. No we ran into someone on their way to green mountain. Same first name, I don’t remember the last one though and the military stuff somewhat fits as that person was looking for military. I said I don’t know that I have the right person but saying hi anyway ?

  3. On 11/25/2018 at 3:58 PM, SpicyMcWrap said:

    How on earth did you survive a cut to your femoral artery? I'm no doctor but you would die within a few minutes of blood loss, just saying. Consider changing that part because you really would have not survived it at all, no matter what the surrounding circumstances are

    because there are surgical grade gauze and other things that are made to specifically stop something like an artery bleed. Something my ch keeps in extremely easy access areas on her for 'no time to think grab the stuff' responses. 

    Believe me, I've done a stupid amount of researching over a year on all kinds of things medical including what is actually available and exists etc. You can youtube videos on various things for fixing an arterial cut too

    On 12/26/2018 at 10:35 AM, Sivarg said:

    Love the 'Reveal hidden content' things, especially the friends & allies, neutral, enemies, betrayed by, really cool to see the portraits of other characters, atleast I presume it is.

    thank you! I actually got mad at the whole thing because it keeps cutting out things and whatnot so the list is constantly changing ;_; I'm glad someone appreciates it though!

  4. @Brayces Oops! Pictures were giving me trouble this morning, ty for the heads up! I will fix it when able!

    Also I love that Elizabeth, Ella and Dolores could literally pass themselves off as sisters and probably have no questions raised due to looks lol

  5. There are literally 3 main changes from this Beth via Pre-Beth. I find it weird as most people loved her ch.

    1.) instead of having 'experience' it made more sense to just give her a degree

    2.) aged her up a year

    3.) Otter not playing Jim Recker atm


    Examples of child prodigies 

        Balamurali Ambati (born 1977)

    a.       Doctor age 17

    2.       Akrit Jaswal

    a.       Performed surgery at age 7 to separate the fingers of a 8 year old burn victim

    b.      Entered medical university at 12

    c.       Started master’s degree age 17


          March Tian Boedihardjo

    a.       Enrolled college age 9

    b.      He participated in a specially-designed double-degree program, Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science and Master of Philosophy in Mathematics, which he completed in 2011—one year earlier than the designed curriculum.


           Tanishq Matthew Abraham

    a.       Joined Mensa age 4

    b.      Age 5 finished a course designed for advanced students by Stanford University (kindergarten to 5th grade) on all five levels in 6 months.

    c.       6 years old and in college courses, maintaining 4.0 GPA

    d.      Publishes essays on NASA’s Lunar Science Website


      Sho Yano

    a.       Started college age 9

    b.      Graduated summa cum laude at 12

    c.       PhD at 18

    d.      MD 21


         Kim Ung-Yong

    a.       PhD age 15

    3.       Chan Hao Shan

    a.       Malaysia’s youngest doctor (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery MBBS) next year

    b.      She spent two months completing her Forms 1 and 2 syllabus, and another two months completing her Form 3 and O Level syllabus

    c.       She completed her entire secondary school in just a year.

    d.      At 14, Chan enrolled in the Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) program at a private college and finished her studies within a year.

    e.      "I love to challenge myself, which enabled me to skip years in school. I felt bored in class as the progress was too slow, and the teachers kept repeating the same thing. In just a few days, I've finished studying the whole textbook," Chan said.”


    I seriously have a list of like 25 child prodigies, from that list :

    Average age of graduation from college (16 people) = 13.5

    Average age of obtaining PhD (7 people) = 18.7

    Average age of obtaining MD (6 people) = 16    



    MD/PHD Combo is an actual college degree and was done my March above, #3

    The Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy (MD–PhD) is a dual doctoral degree for physician–scientists. The degree is granted by medical schools often through the Medical Scientist Training Program or other non-MSTP MD–PhD programs.

    Note that the average time to complete a biomedical Ph.D. in the United States is about 6 years. Thus, if pursued independently, obtaining a dual degree would take about 10 years. By integrating the didactic components of training, dual-degree students complete the program in 7 or 8 years on average.Jun 17, 2011

     If these kids are getting their PhD and MD averaging 16-18, with a normal 6 to 10 years for most people; graduating at 19 with a combo degree that takes less time isn’t that out there. The kid who did it, actually also finished a year early. Making it more plausible.

    Also, most are free.


    Another reason for going with MD-PhD combo vs MD:

     There are many reasons for a researcher to have a MD or an MD/PhD - they're interested in the clinical aspects of the research science they do, have seen their interests evolve over time toward more research and less patient care, or are in research areas that necessitate having the expertise that comes along with having an MD. There are some medical school programs that are more oriented towards producing new researchers than practicing doctors, and medical schools are massive sources of clinical research in the U.S. It's really not surprising there's a number of professors out there with MDs - my doctoral advisor was one of them.

    There's also some...field-specific traditions. For example, there are tons of MDs working in infectious disease research and epidemiology, because it spawns fairly naturally from "Treat this weird infection" to "Why does this weird infection infected X people?" to "How do we stop this weird infection from spreading


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