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  1. RogueSolace


    Is the in game chat box now just a lot smaller? Or is there a way to fix it to be bigger like it used to be? thanks. 

    1. DrMax


      Smaller. It’s anoying tbh

    2. RogueSolace


      Thanks @DrMax, agreed it's super annoying. Makes medical rp an absolute bitch, but oh well. good thing I'm fast at typing. 

    3. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      its smaller and it pisses me off ?

    4. Samti


      ay she back


    5. RogueSolace


      @Aeryes Can this possibly be changed via mods? Extending the text box?

    6. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      I think she means the size of the box so you can fit a longer sentence into it. it's much better for text rp

    7. Kerkkoh


      Worked hard on it the entire day. Pretty proud of myself for being useful.

    8. RogueSolace


      Yay! You two rock!!! Thank you!!!

      yeah been a hard year with a lit going on ? but im poking my head around more again

      the text size is fine, its that you can fit very little into it. The medical rpers or those who use a lot of descriptions, its been hell lol. Especially because im refiguring out the movement buttons.

      oh another thought... is there a way to make the button for walk/run a toggle instead of holding it down to walk?


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