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  1. RogueSolace


    Seriously, wtf. People want good rp and chances to interact with people they normally wouldn't. 

    People make several places for good open interaction. 2 to be exact.

    Other people decide to go on killing sprees, forcing both to shut down. People drift off and go back to bitching about not getting interaction.

    I get this is a thing, open groups dont last, due to raiders etc.

    At the same time, WHAT IS THE POINT? You keep fucking up your own opportunities to advance in lots of ways.

    Someone makes you mad? Make a damn plot to kidnap them and terms of release no retaliation. Or you're going to get bits back. Along with unpleasant radio calls of said person being hurt, while friends cant do anything as they dont know where you are yet. 

    Its not that hard to come up w rp w/o dragging huge groups in. For fucks sake, what are people expecting? You're all repeadedly fucking yourselves over and then whining about it.



    1. Mexi


      Hostile/ Bandit groups. Think everything would be 100% perfect in real life? Nope. Point is if the camp(s) want to be protected against said attacks they can ally and hire people to help defend them or come up with terms with their aggressors. I understand your frustration but RP stems from everything that takes place in game. Even settlements being attacked. 

    2. RogueSolace


      I totally expect bandits and problems. Obviously that would be happening. Just feels like people keep shooting themselves in the foot and whining about it.

    3. Mexi


      As I said RP can stem from incidents like this, the group who controls such an area who is getting attacked can choose where the RP is supposedly taking place are the ones who decide the RP after constant attacks in my opinion.

    4. RogueSolace


      How would you expect people to change? Settlements? People attacking?

    5. Mexi


      By coming up with alternatives as stated above, ally with people. Attempt to make a deal with said aggressors for them to stop attacking you and your people. It doesn't ALWAYS have to end with the group archiving. 

    6. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      And if the aggressors either A). Have demands that are so outrageously unobtainable that there's no point in trying or B). The don't want a deal but rather keep attacking because "it's fun." At that point, you up a creek without a paddle, and trust me, you can't keep rping it when you are attacked about every day, and even though you stave off attacks and kill the majority of them, they come back like it never happened and repeat the process. 

    7. RogueSolace


      Both good points ? Just trying to get people talking about it