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  1. RogueSolace


    So I am curious about something I may or may not decide to write about topic wise.

    All players encouraged to respond: please keep it nice. No accusations or name calling.

    has there been a time where punished or not, you understood what the rules here stated. But then something happened via an "implied" or "you're not stupid and this should be obvious" (but is not clearly stated) rule, getting you in trouble or not. 

    Please explain.


    I had an incident w some others (we cleared it on our own) where I understood initiation rule to mean: "A VERBAL warning consisting of BOTH an ORDER AND CONSEQUENCE." 

    Example: put your hands up or I shoot you.

    Did not know: apparently it is "implied" that raising a gun or weapon after simply giving the order, counts as the consequence.

    Problem- while I can see why people could think this is obvious, this community seems very 'cross t, dot i' on rules. I expected there to say: "raising of a weapon after giving an order is accepted as a threat and counts as an initiation."

    1. Mexi


      Look it at from this PoV.

      Someone raises a gun to you giving you a very strict order and they're quite obviously giving you an ultimatum are you going to say no to the person with the gun pointed at you? Personally I'd say that's quite clearly an initiation.

    2. RogueSolace


      I appreciate you clarifying :) I do understand it now. The thing I'm trying to bring up here, before making it an everyone goes crazy at people topic, is trying to figure out how people understand and perceive the specific rules. 

      Some people like me, expect where rules are taken very seriously, to be laid out as such. My larping community had its own rules and it was pretty much: if this is not .exactly.as.stated, it's wrong.  There was no guessing or what should be obvious.

      So when I see a set of rules, my brain being how it is, associated it with being the exact rule. It does not think there could be things similar but not stated that also count. As a longtime rp player, I feel things like that need to be clarified.

      I also have a comprehension learning disability and a heart condition that makes my brain just useless a lot memory/communication wise. I'm trying to look at this in ways people who may think similarly may be having the same problems. 

      I've noticed a lot of appeals regarding similar situations of misunderstandings, and then people get slammed with very harsh punishments. I get there are rules, and the community runs how it does. I'm not arguing against that. I recently made a mistake, which I'm sure others have used as an advantage to cheat (I did not and filed my appeal for it) and am dealing with the consequences. The issue in part, is going over the rules, there is a very small statement that can be easily overlooked that explains the situation, but is not clearly stated AS a rule that gets your attention.

      I'm noticing a huge player disconnect with staff via communication in these areas, and I'm trying to figure out ways that could be suggested to staff, to make things clearer for new players who may understand or perceive things a bit differently than most people. Disabilities don't make you unintelligent, they just make it so that your brain does process something a certain way, and I feel people are being punished for it. It may not be any of my damn business. 

      I'm just trying to be helpful player and help figure out a problem, and suggest ways to fix it, to make jobs on staff easier.


    3. Mexi


      You're pointing out a lot of things which have already been brought up to staff's attention multiple times, I would just wait for the answer we've all been waiting for which would be 'We;re updating them, thank you for waiting'