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  1. RogueSolace


    fuck cliffhangers...

    and anxiety...

    and hostile bs... xD personally sick of dick waving contests being plot, its annoying. even though I know they wont end.

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    2. Rory


      @Elmo yes and constructive criticism is part of the video game to ensure porth parties have a pleasent experience. 

      Both* sorry for my english.


    3. gElmo


      I always thought we play how we want, guess my attempt to lighten the mood was lost on you though, apologies then. 

    4. Gaylaxitive


      To be honest it's all improvised and you can kinda RP how you want. Just because you were friendly one time doesn't mean you're gonna be the same as long as it has some RP sense that one person may not know since a lot changes in a week in a half.

    5. Rory


      @Elmo we do play how we want. what's wrong with criticism?

    6. gElmo


      It usually never works with RP, or so I've found. The best way to encourage better RP is to focus on yourself, give your best and let others follow suit.  I can't tell you to fix your RP, I can show you how to by trying to bring everybody else up. I don't bother criticising people's RP anymore because it just doesn't do anything, they get defensive, I waste time, nobody wins. 

    7. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      @Moody20 I told you ICly that we don't take being pushed into corners well, and that we'd talk and listen to what you had to say. Today, with your actions, you have made sure that there will be no more peaceful intentions with us, and there will never, EVER be any whole hearted cooperation. Saying as it is. I enjoyed the RP that rippled through the group, and being on the island without being found by you was a bit nerve racking. Overall, I enjoyed the situation from you, though I had to roll my eyes OOCly at the very clear Neegan rip-off. It was textbook, don't deny that, just own it and wear it as it is.

      Btw, no, I'm not upset OOCly, don't take this as that. Disappointed, yes, I was expecting more, but we roll with what we get and I was hoping the relationship could open up between the two groups. But all we saw today ICly was that the leader of the Saviors isn't even in control of his own men, since one in particular was arguing with you in front of everyone today and leaning more to bloodlust over much else. Playing his character as he felt it should be.

      We'll see how this goes, but I have a feeling nobody will like the outcomes.

      Adding as a side note, something I meant to say in the above, Moody, in your attempts to get us to ALLOW you in our camp to come and talk, your promises of peace and good will and without ill intent to harm anyone, you showed your true colors to a lot of people that you couldn't be trusted and would say anything to get the upper hand. I hope that one trick pony was worth it, Moody. :D

      Would have worked so much better if you'd have kept to your word, we could have had a future! Pick and choose your battles, fists and guns don't work everywhere. And this isn't the WD universe, sadly, and we aren't Alexandria.

    8. RogueSolace


      Marshal nailed it 100%

      i enjoyed @Moody20 being a decent person w solace, but then we viewed him as having 0 control of his men and will not be giving any of them second chances. Went downhill as soon as bloodlust hit


    9. LouieRP


      The problem at hand here is you guys rely too much on OOC than IC. That is a huge problem take what you get, and try to make the best out of it. If you go into it with a negative mindset you will leave with it.

      We were not looking to make friends with you ICly. @Moody20 wanted to do good cop bad cop, Our intentions were to go in and give out to ya for shooting at us over recent events we kicked the shit out of one guy and then we left it at that. We could of went many other routes... You got the nice option. 

      Find our RP bad report it. Not everyone wants sunshine and rainbows.         

    10. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      @lukzo2024 Get out of here with the 'OOC hate' accusations. Please. If you took time to read everything fully, I clearly stated that I'm not upset OOC and that was not to be taken in that way. This is your argument to every word we ever speak that has the slightest to do with you, please find a new line of response if you feel the need to make one at all, of which it's really not much needed, since that was directed at Moody. Hence why I didn't @ you.

      I also never in any way said the RP was bad, again, actually READ what I write instead of assuming since it's not me sticking my nose up your ass in praise then it must be useless complaining about horrible RP. This is why you and I tend to have problems, because you come into conversations so defensively. Maybe you should distance yourself from these.

      Also, pst, we never shot any of you :3

    11. LouieRP


      Do I gotta provide the screenshot of that quote on quote hostile acts = NO RP from us. ?

    12. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      You don't need to provide anything, Luke. I'm not asking you to. We're beyond this, and I'm kinda over anything to do with you after we talked for almost an hour and you talked up about all this creative original stuff you had planned to go around that had me interested and excited, then it turned out to be just a pure rip from TWD 7x01 when the Value Brand Neegan visits Chief's group on the island- I mean Neegan visits Rick's group in the woods. Sorry, there was so few differences I got the two mixed up!

    13. RogueSolace


      Woah woah, calm the fuck down people!

      There is no OOC hate being flung at anyone! I'm not saying to anyone omg you suck/bad rp!

      I'm simply stating most groups as of late have just been having 'who is more powerful' fights, and it feels like thats all that happens lately. Its a personal opinion, I'm not trying to attack anyone.

      There is no ooc hate from anyone. You responded as your characters, not as people, we're good about ensuring that stays separate. 

      Please calm down, no more arguing or I'm deleting thread


    14. RogueSolace


      I enjoy rp with people, including all of you

      I did enjoy the rp, tension, fear etc

      I really liked moody having the personal moment with me too, it really adds to having respect for someones character. But then watching people hes supposed to be in charge of run wild, does not make it look so good ic.

      Ive rpd with louie at gmtc and had fun whenever we did. Im not saying the rp was bad by any means.

      I have to agree w Phoenix too. We were fully cooperative and get told were being rude etc. We were massively outnumbered and no plans to try anything. I understand its not meant to, but all the accusations and taunting did come off as feeling baity. Im also not quite sure what could have been done to make it better though.

      All in all, as always, good rp. I'm just personally tired that every group or people I run into, as more bad guy aligned wants to:

      * take all my stuff

      * threaten me

      * beat me

      * mutilate me

      * eat me

      * enslave me

      * make me afraid

      * send word of how awesome they are

      * beat up someone I care about as a point 

      * torture me 

      * use me to send 'a message'

      * all of the above


      It feels like whenever someone gives off the threatening or hostile act, its like spinning a wheel going 'what happening this hour?' Not everyones going to be good or get along. It just feels like everyone is doing the same things.

      Now you guys did not go hostile, which was appreciated.

      I find chs like moody more interesting because they can do good things in the middle of bad, and it baffles your perception of what they are a bit. Even Batok does stuff like that which is why i liked the rp w him.

      Louis sounds like that, but I dont know him like Western. Its just how it is

      were all here to have fun, not argue. Lets have fun

    15. RogueSolace


      No one is trying to get anyone in trouble. Please take any problems to pm

    16. Rory


      @Moody20 Seriously? You start this back up after solace clearly asked for it to be settled down? Nobody is flaming anybody here. Just calm down.

    17. LouieRP


      Listen right. I spoke to Marshal thought we had a clearing on some things but I guess not. There is clear hate for us. This is image alone proves this. 


      All we want is for it to stop. We just wanna play and not read petty status updates about us because the RP did not swing in your favour. 

    18. Rory


      @lukzo2024 If you call that hate you have never truly seen hate before. That's feedback, criticism and it's called an Opinion. Hate looks a lot different.

    19. King


      This started off having a level of constructive criticism from both sides and has since completely derailed.

      From my perspective, what I can see people saying @lukzo2024 is they want your roleplay to be more creative. Whether it was styled from Neegan's scene from the walking dead or not, the criticism should be taken or rejected. There is no need for any backchat from anyone.

      Best thing to do is leave it now. There is no need for anything more unless it will actually help anyone. A large proportion of this is down to differences in how different groups roleplay as it has always been. You will get different dynamics who roleplay differently and thats just how it is.

      Nobody hates anyone here. We're all mature enough to be reasonable. As @RogueSolace says, nobody is being called out for providing bad roleplay @lukzo2024 @Moody20; all they want to do is improve roleplay for everyone in the future. The hostility between the saviors and the novy svet could be very interesting, but only if it is enjoyable from all sides.

    20. The Marshal

      The Marshal

      If y'all think this is me baiting, you've never read any of my responses to people I genuinely don't like, obviously.

      Although, if you wanted points, Lukzo, I imagine sharing the contents of a PRIVATE message not addressed to you by the author in a public forum outside of a report would be a good way to go about it...

      If you want it to stop, you yourself need to stop responding then. Your responses tend to just try and fan flames that aren't there while attempting to play the victim card. That's the only petty thing anybody not on your crew is seeing...

    21. Mexi


      Locking this update to prevent further issues, if this is to be solved come to teamspeak and do so or take it to PM's. /closed