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  1. When will we know if we will be involved?
  2. *a Chernarussian woman's voice responds* "I hope you are putting these in some kind of record, so they don't get lost. If you travel to Brandon, you may find me with him."
  3. I would like to play Nikola but I would love to be command staff for medical too. Would it be possible to strategically put out medical stashes around areas for in between time as well? I’ll likely be chasing you guys around during that mostly. Character Name: Nikola Čermáková Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): CDF Ground Forces Battalion Kapitán, Trauma and Critical Care Surgeon Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: I don’t think this qualifies? Group Name: Tags around with Brandon Terrano, no official group. Lore-wise CDF. Primary Phase: 1 Reserve Phase: 2 I will save the people while @GalloWB shoots anything trying to stop me, please! LOL
  4. Oh no ?

    1. RogueSolace


      ❤️ not around much but hi!

    2. RogueSolace


      you know where to usually find me lol

    3. Crim


      We don't have the caves mod 

  5. Excited! Totally going to try to whitelist for this!
  6. Heard you are back. Why haven't we met?!

    1. RogueSolace


      Not quite back, have a lot going on and other games, poking my head in when I can. Hopefully will meet soon :-)

  7. Had fun running into you yesterday! 

    1. LeaveOrDieRP


      Da, Dr. lady! Come meet Sergey again soon we go to lunch.

  8. @MajorIs your post currently the most updated one? I know some things got nixed like the virus being able to reactivate. thank you!
  9. was fun! XD Great quotes too! also @Kam and @Mace "Hey...go back to being a henchmen now...okay?" "Oh no...people don't forget..." *Jax totally forgot* "You see what I have to put up with?" "I never wanted your stupid SVD anyways..." best exit line ever
  10. I'm with you...I'm ALWAYS having to eat and drink to a point IC its an actual statement that my ch has high metabolism. Id prefer to have the rates lowered to have more time to rp than have to go looking for food
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