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  1. When will we know if we will be involved?
  2. *a Chernarussian woman's voice responds* "I hope you are putting these in some kind of record, so they don't get lost. If you travel to Brandon, you may find me with him."
  3. I would like to play Nikola but I would love to be command staff for medical too. Would it be possible to strategically put out medical stashes around areas for in between time as well? I’ll likely be chasing you guys around during that mostly. Character Name: Nikola Čermáková Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): CDF Ground Forces Battalion Kapitán, Trauma and Critical Care Surgeon Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: I don’t think this qualifies? Group Name: Tags around with Brandon Terrano, no official group. Lore-wise CDF. Primary Phase: 1 Reserve Phase: 2 I will save the people while @GalloWB shoots anything trying to stop me, please! LOL
  4. Oh no 😎

    1. RogueSolace


      ❤️ not around much but hi!

    2. RogueSolace


      you know where to usually find me lol

    3. Crim


      We don't have the caves mod 

  5. Excited! Totally going to try to whitelist for this!
  6. Heard you are back. Why haven't we met?!

    1. RogueSolace


      Not quite back, have a lot going on and other games, poking my head in when I can. Hopefully will meet soon :-)

  7. Had fun running into you yesterday! 

    1. LeaveOrDieRP


      Da, Dr. lady! Come meet Sergey again soon we go to lunch.

  8. Nikola Čermáková (Shortened to Nikola Kova for in game name length) Born in Primorsk, Chernarus, 33 years old. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston S Churchill Nikola was born to a suburban household in a typical neighborhood. Both of her parents were CDF and her grandparents before them. She had grown up wanting to be a soldier like them. She began modeling professionally for a small company at age 12, and continued modeling when she had any extra time until the outbreak. Some works got around Chernarus but it was never anything on a large scale, it’s not like anyone on the street would ever know her name or face. She enjoyed modeling more as a fun hobby than a career possibility. At 18 she applied to the CDF and became a student in the Medical Corps. Nikola went into training as a War Surgeon, and spent many years studying and learning. Her residency was at Pavlovo Military Hospital and obtained her surgeons certificate of practice. Due to her specific degree and required training, she was awarded the title of Captain as a Battalion Surgeon. She was stationed in 23rd “Léčitel” Medical Company at Pavlovo. As the outbreak began to take over, Nikola along with several groups were evacuated from the area. Since then she has been serving at various medical hospitals in the larger standing cities, most recently Miroslavl. Nikola was most recently given orders to return to South Zagoria and to provide medical care to the citizens of Chernarus, along with other survivors. Pavlovo Military Base A more backwater base, the military used the odd location of Pavlovo to its strategic advantage. Two military units were stationed in Pavlovo. The base is known as the “logistic base” or the 23rd Company Base. The 415th “Skála” Battalion The 415th or “Skála” Battalion served multiple purposes. The unit primarily worked to rebuild and repair ground combat and combat support equipment. It also worked to provide other units basic materials, reserve parts, ordnance and fuels. Along with maintaining any specific-purpose resources, such as missiles, fuel, and wiring. The 23rd “Léčitel” Medical Company The second unit to call the base home, was The 23rd “Léčitel” Medical Company. Their job was medical support, running the hospital, medical training, and attending to the near constant triage of injured personnel. Pre-outbreak Level II Trauma Center Pavlovo military base was built during the era of the Soviet Union. The hospital hidden away inside of it served as the only military trauma center in Chernarus. A level II trauma center, it dealt with nearly all war wounds, including civilians if the need was severe enough. It typically had immediate 24-hour coverage by full medical staff and general surgeons. Specialists stationed there also included those in the departments of orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology and critical care. The hospital worked closely with Novigrad, being the closest level I trauma center. For the few wounds above what they could treat, or for long-term treatment and rehabilitation, Pavlovo could easily transfer patients via helicopter to Novigrad. Or further west to another Trauma I center. While the structure looked awful on the outside, Chernarus ensured proper care of its military forces. Past the broken outer windows and crumbling exterior areas, the inside had been reinforced. There were guards, and doors that could be physically bolted shut in an emergency, or an event in which the hospital needed to close. The inner building was very different from the outside. Government and military joined forces to ensure that the best technology available to them was brought in for their troops. The military hospital surpassed the abilities of even the largest civilian hospitals such as Kamensk and Chernogorsk. Being a hidden spot that few knew the actual capabilities of, it came closer to matching the first world technological centers such as Miroslavl. Massive backup generators and gas lines throughout the base ensured that the hospital could continue to function in events such as power loss. - History of Pavlovo Military Base via @Major
  9. @MajorIs your post currently the most updated one? I know some things got nixed like the virus being able to reactivate. thank you!
  10. was fun! XD Great quotes too! also @Kam and @Mace "Hey...go back to being a henchmen now...okay?" "Oh no...people don't forget..." *Jax totally forgot* "You see what I have to put up with?" "I never wanted your stupid SVD anyways..." best exit line ever
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