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  1. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    BFF Soulmates! Always going to find each other somehow!
  2. RogueSolace


    I finally found an accurate representation of a Beth hug with her girls  @Spartan @Brayces



    1. Samti


      Does she ignore the other one?

    2. cheeks


      more like the last oneoIersVi.gif.84e80c3e7651771704f348c72d1c0ace.gif

    3. RogueSolace


      LOL yeah that did make me lol. No they both get the same tackle hug! either at the same time or one at a time, but they both get it lol.

      I don't know the context but I do think the guy  in the background is fucking hilarious. I hope you guys are doing well, miss you ❤️ 

    4. Spartan


      Damn weebs 😄 

  3. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    "I'm Elizabeth, I'm a trauma surgeon."
  4. RogueSolace


    1. Samti


      oooh deadpool

  5. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    "Thank you for the update on the chest wound. It's up to the man being treated. As long as he's not showing any signs of a lung collapsing, or the break or fracture is moving around. I can also help with pain if you need something for it. You can follow up with whomever you like. If you start wheezing or feel your chest getting tight, call for help."
  6. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    “Biggsbe, where are you? I can help. Especially if bullets and scratches are involved.”
  7. RogueSolace

    When will the winter mod be removed ?

    Could we maybe push to the end of Feb? Usually thats when the frosts stop. Plus, we are way up North. I agree, its absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Everything feels newer and more exciting, and just, different. Serene. I love it. I am a bit disappointed that we’re not finding all the car stash gifts like they did last year.
  8. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    “If you mean me, I believe we did meet a few days ago? I got shot after you left, thankfully just a graze. I’ll have to meet you somewhere different. Talk to your Sgt. police officer, he can get you into private contact with me. We can set up a place later to meet if you’re okay with that. Not much I can do for cracked ribs, but I have caught internal bleeding before. I’d rather be safe and make sure that’s the only problem.”
  9. RogueSolace

    United Nations Contact Broadcast!

    "The problem is most of you make excuses for shit you have no idea about or only heard of. I'm not UN or WHO, but I've been around em long enough to know a good deal. The first UN response group was here to specifically protect a select group of WHO doctors, trying to get what information they could. This confused a lot of people, because normally the UN is entrusted with taking care of civilians. This was not these people's jobs. Even when it was not, they tried setting up areas for civilians, only to be repeatedly attacked and overrun by bandits and people trying to cause problems. They were not staffed to be protection units for large camps. This caused an extreme amount of confusion because people were demanding protection from a group normally associated with such, whose mission was different. Even then, they did try to help. The doctors were collecting samples to be sent back to larger bases for analysis. During this time people were constantly complaining they were not moving fast enough or doing their jobs. There is only so fast you can move when people are constantly stealing, shooting at you, and destroying your stuff. They did not have the equipment to do the analysis, they were collecting samples and doing what they could research. Another problem is that people don't get how a lot of things work. Some blood tests can take short periods like a half hour to get back. More in depth stuff though, can take a lot longer. Guess what, your fun crime TV shows...are TV shows, entertainment. Actual chemical and drug tests at times can take months to get back. They have to be sent to labs able to do the tests properly, and even then, they take a lot of time. Anyone who has had a loved one receive a proper autopsy knows that it can take months to get results, even then, they can be inconclusive. This was BEFORE everything went to hell. Some other things, just because someone is a doctor, does not make them a doctor of human medicine. A medical doctor and a pharmacist are two very different skill sets. A doctorate degree, is the highest level of academic degree, and you can get it in damn near anything. It's used to prove you are qualified to teach in that field at a college level. A pathologist is a doctor who studies diseases, they respond to the body, progress, and work with primary care or emergency doctors to create treatment plans. A microbiologist studies things on a microscopic level. A hematologist studied blood born diseases and how it affects the body. A immunologist studies the immune system and its responses, etc. All of these people have to work together to find out why things are happenings, it's not a one person for everything job. Along with that, they need time, and technology. The first response team didn't have that. They were collecting samples for the people who did. Yet people were showing up demanding to see doctors for medical attention, not understanding that just because someone is a doctor, does not mean they are a medical doctor and can help fix your problems. People were getting upset when they demanded attention and the only guy there at the time was a doctor who specialized in blood diseases and had no idea how the hell to fix a broken arm or finger. Or expecting the psychologist to know what to do about a collapsed lung. It does not work that way. Yet because they were not doing things fast enough to everyone's liking, they were deemed incompetent. Because they had to share medical spaces in places they were trying to help keep civilians safe, civilians would wander in and fuck with their supplies. Not like they had a huge amount of room, trying to keep their supplies and information in order, and repeatedly taking in angrier and angrier civilians. Not knowing what anything was and because they wanted to blame them for doing something wrong. This lead to accusations of cannibalism. There is only so much security and they quickly got overwhelmed. Also, telling people to stay out of areas, or signs, doesn't work. Don't act like that's an excuse, some people don't care and openly go into places they should not just to be defiant. They didn't have the labs or technology to process this stuff, even then, it would have taken months and months. Yet people were demanding immediate answers and because they could not get them, were saying these people were not doing their jobs...while they were also making it nearly impossible for the doctors to do their jobs. When they finally did send in helicopters to take the collected samples to the bases that could do the actual work, and to evacuate the civilians they had tried to evacuate, it turned into a blood bath. People did not want that information getting to the people it needed to be. They like this fucked up world we were in and even brought fucking rocket launchers. The evacuation was an absolute mess and near disaster because people wanted them to not succeed. They had been trying to gather civilians safely to get out, but too many people decided they were more important and that their bombs, weapons, and power were far more important than anything else and tried to fuck it up for everyone. Even after that, a lot of the staff voluntarily stayed behind. They were not asked to stay behind, they nearly demanded they were staying. Because they knew people needed them here. They could have left you all, they could have gone somewhere safe, away from this shit, and they didn't. They stayed because they wanted to keep trying to help the people who needed it...and were repaid by torture and executions. A lot of bad shit happened, and lot of lies. There is always someones bullshit going on to make someone who could actually be really trying to help you to look bad. It's called spreading mistrust and misinformation. It's a great way to make an already panicked population even more panicky. Because you are less likely to use your rational thought and go with the first thing you hear. If you've ever been in an emergency situation and froze, until someone started yelling orders at you, it's the same concept. When you get surrounded and are being screamed at by a bunch of people with guns, being told all kinds of different directions at the same time, it's a fear tactic, it confuses you, it makes you too overwhelmed to think straight so you just do what you're told in hopes that it stops. These guys are good people. They responded after I got shot to try to help me. They're trying to help you all...but again, people are being manipulative to fuck with you all. The ones on here making up lies and shit about who has done what, because they know you are already untrustworthy of these people. They want to manipulate you to keep believing it and that their continued reign of chaos is supposed to be some kind of heavenly gift. I dunno....none of the places that have actually genuinely TRIED to help people, have stood standing. Including neutral medical centers. Stuff that is there to help YOU survive and not suffer. Hmm... in a totally logical society, they would be left the fuck alone to help people. But here... no, people want control and to manipulate you all. Maybe you should start paying attention to the actual actions you see, and make sure you understand the circumstances that you saw them under. A doctor with a gun shooting at someone, has the right to use lethal force to protect their patients who can't protect themselves. They don't want to use that force, most won't. Some will, if it comes down to protecting someone who can't defend themselves, from someone intent on causing them permanent or irreparable harm. Instead of just believing the 'I saw, I had this happen.' Always keep those in mind, but pay attention to what is actually being done, not what is being claimed or said by others. Ask questions of the people the claims are against, how did this rumor start? Why did this rumor start? Do they know? Can they provide you insight you may not have had before? Use your heads people... you've all made it this far. That proves you're more than capable of weeding out a bunch of propaganda and lies versus coming to your own determinations."
  10. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    "People with the chest trauma, have you been seen? Even if so I'd like to get a look at you guys. You'd be surprised at how much a dislodged rib can cause."
  11. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had a great time with everyone! Also meeting @BillyR really fascinating character lol, scared the hell out of the pregnant lady XD Welcome to our crazy little family Also getting to have great RP with @Razareth!
  12. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    “Give it some time. If the support is still strong both to help, and protect...in a month or two... I may have something you all would like. Past experiences are not keeping my hopes up though.”
  13. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Oops, sorry! Was meaning to tag @Good Fella
  14. RogueSolace

    Medical Camp [Open Frequency]

    “I tried the neutrality thing buddy. With permission from the local government and military. People here don’t care that you’re willing to fix them, they care you’re fixing *their* enemies. They’ll try to twist neutrality so you are suddenly harboring fugitives, and anything else they can think of. It sucks. I’ll try to keep in touch with you though. Be careful, and good luck.”
  15. RogueSolace

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Meeting new people including @Spartans ch and mentioning Ella I can't remember my police buddy's forum name, but it was awesome seeing you again! Finally running into @Aristocrat and @Jonal! I missed my red coat boys tons!!! Hopefully we'll get to hang out with each other more too. Also side cheering on Aristocrat through Jonal SOS with @Dakotaen, @deserteagles72, and @Richards173 to the rescue! Then ended up having to patch up one of them XD Thanks guys