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    Happy birthday Rogue!!

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      Happy Late Bday!!!!!! ❤️

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    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    There will always be hostile rp. Contrary to what everyone thinks about me, except for @Tony who gets where I'm coming from, I don't hate hostile rp. Is it going to happen? yes. It's when it becomes a constant thing you can't get away from, and makes people miserable, is where I'm not okay with it. Especially when most people want to turn it into Saw style. Can situations last for months? Absolutely. The problem is its been the same behavior patterns for years. In the trust, we did nothing but be on the run, constantly. The same now with the friends I've made IC since lore wipe. I know people who have shelved multiple characters that they love because they can't get away from people who won't stop going after them. I know even more people who have flat out stepped away from the community because they're sick of the behavior. That's not okay. Again, this is not specifically about any one singular group. I put nearly a year into building my group, a lot of people don't know that. I've been waiting, and waiting to find a good time to try to put it together. A lot of people joined me who were doing it as a last attempt, for them to have a reason to stay in the community. They wanted to do something good. When I did, yeah I made some bad choices and shit happened, its called learning. We had people declare war on us the second day because someone insulted them. Another tried to take us out from the inside with a bunch of lies. We had like 2 days where we actually did nearly nothing but have doctors working with people and it was amazing. We loved it, and we got a ton of positive feedback from the rp. Then it's been nothing but dealing with bs. I've put up with being called "Bitch, slut, whore, cunt, etc." and all the other typically used terms on women on a constant basis, do you see me declaring war on people? No. It's pathetic. I evacuated my group of mostly doctors, who were doing nothing but taking people in and helping them, because people were having issues with security. Meanwhile we also had a ton of people taking advantage of us not having a lot of security to begin with, sneaking in and pretending to be our security and causing all kinds of problems. Among a bunch of other things. Now I'm being told its been said IC if I return, I'm going to be hunted down because 'we packed up and left' after two groups of people pretty much again, tried to force how I run my group. Threatening to constantly attack us and hurt people if we didn't comply. So... two groups of people essentially come and say if I don't do what they say because they say so, they're going to constantly attack a bunch of doctors because their security is trying to keep them safe? Then because they did the rational thing and evacuate (which yes is the rational response, because complying just means everyone is going to walk all over you) now we will be hunted upon returning. Get rid of people is how it starts, then everything else gets controlled. People were trying to make us be able to only fix certain people, or pay taxes in weaponry. That's not how medical personnel operate, period. Meanwhile, I have a huge list of shit people have done to people I care about IC including near constant torture and murder resulting in perma. I still said if they came to me hurt I'd help them, because that's what doctors are supposed to do. The only thing my character has done to them, is give them lip because she hates bullies and refuses to bend over backwards to them. She's never physically tried to hurt anyone. "Because I don't like them." Sorry, I'm not running my group how people tell me because they're going to act like bullies. I'm almost 32 and I'm done with that type of behavior. I've had nothing but people trying to control how I run my group the second it hit the ground. I never went after anyone physically IC (self defense excluded) and yet again, a place that was only there to try to help people, had all these people coming and trying to cause a ton of trouble. Because apparently that's all some people know how to do. That's not what i put a years worth of work and months of IC planning and actually doing a bunch of stuff, to deal with. The same with a lot of the other people who just wanted to be able to actually rp helping people and not have to deal with a bunch of dramatics. But because of the 'my way or the highway' mentality, it does not matter. That's all I've got to say about any of this, and I'm done commenting.
  3. RogueSolace


    When you GM/DM sends you this and says "This is your smuggler." 

    I've never seen this before... I'm nearly crying I'm laughing so hard.

    Sharing for others to enjoy


  4. RogueSolace

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    I'm saying this in general about groups and overall behavior- I'm not specifically blaming any group, this is a very overall mentality of this server I've noticed. I'm personally simply done with the mentality of people acting that you have to do what they tell you, in order to exist or have fun without severe and constant consequences. It's not fun, period. it's a game, where everyone is supposed to be having fun playing it. I'm not spending months of time and energy to attempt to enjoy myself and give a lot of fun things for others, only to relive constant school bullying. There is a difference between conflict rp being fun for all parties involved, and when a lot of people don't actually want to play because they're so sick of it. Or shelf characters they love playing because they can't get away from the behavior. Because then its affecting others ability to have fun, people end up feeling like they can't play with their friends or do what they enjoy etc, and that's not okay.
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    Look at what I just ordered 😄 It actually has Loki! Though I would think it should also possibly mention hearth for him, but *shrug* 

    @Heathen @dimitri @lukaszxe @Limpan

    This one in runic




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      Wow that is so fucking awesome! ❤️

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      Deus vult, heretic

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      My god has a hammer, your god was nailed to a cross. Any questions!?

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      Amazing ❤

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      thats actualy cool looking..

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    Radio Broadcasts From Beyond - [Multiple Sources, Lore Broadcasts]

    *static fills the channel, a signal fading in and out. A female voice with a Georgian accent can be heard* ნინო? ნინო! გატაცება *several loud thumps are heard and the static clears away. The voice is out of breath.* ნინო? გესმის ჩემი? გესმის ჩემი სიყვარული! ძალიან კარგია თქვენი ხმის მოსმენა ... არ ვიცოდი, რომ ისევ ისმევდი ... მაგრამ მე არ ვაძლევდი. არა თქვენ. მე არასოდეს არ დავთმობ. *her voice becomes angry and emotional* ისინი გვაცრუეს! ყველა ჩვენთაგანი! ისინი ხალხს სჩადიან, რომ ჩვენი მთავრობა დაიცვას! ადამიანები, რომლებსაც ჩვენი სისხლი ავიღებთ, ჩვენი სახლის უსაფრთხოებისთვის სანაცვლოდ! ისინი არაფერს გააკეთებდნენ, მაგრამ ჩვენთვის ტყუილია! მე არ მჯერა ეს! ვიცოდი, რომ ეს ცუდი ნაბიჯი იყო, რომ კაპიტოლისკენ მიგვეღო ყველა ჩვენგანი. მათ დატოვეს ხალხი, ისევე როგორც ჩემი მშობლები, უნდა გაანადგურეს! ისინი უნდა იტყუებდნენ .... ისინი უნდა იყვნენ .... *the voice calms significantly, but remains quick* დაბომბვა ... ამბობდნენ ამბერი მკვდარი? ნინო, მომისმინე. მოუსმინე ჩემთვის ძალიან, ძალიან ფრთხილად. მე ბავშვობიდან წამოვიყვანე ნივთები ... რამ ვიცი, არ გინდა დატოვონ უკან ... თქვენ არ მჯერა, რა აღმოვაჩინე იქ .... *static interrupts momentarily and another female voice speaks softly into the radio* "ჰუა? რა?" *the previous voice can be heard saying something that can’t be understood.* "ოჰ!" *slight static as the woman moves close to the radio* "ნინო? ნინო, ხარ კარგად? ელეინი მოვიდა ... ვფიქრობდი, რომ შიშით მოკვდა ერთი წუთით, ის დაეცა იატაკზე და ჩაკეტა მისი გული ... ვფიქრობდი, რომ ის კვდება! ის კარგად არის. " "მე გადავედი ჩვენს სახლში ... ერთი თვის წინ ... მე იქ ველოდები, მარტო. ელენა ამბობს, რომ თქვენი უხუცესები გითხარით, რომ მკვდარი ვიყავი და მისი მსგავსი. მე არ ვარ მკვდარი! რატომ ამბობენ ისინი? მე არ მინდოდა წასვლა გარეთ, მინდოდა შიგნით დარჩენა, დარჩეს უსაფრთხოდ, როგორც მითხრა, რომ გავაკეთო .... მან გაათრია me out თუმცა. მან თქვა, რომ მომიყვებოდა და ის უკან არ დატოვებს. არც კი ვიცი, სად ვართ თუ რა მიმართულებით, ეს დღეა! ნინო ... რა მოხდება, თუ ჩვენ slavers შევიდა? მე არ მინდა ... მე არ შემიძლია ... მე არ შემიძლია ... მე არ შემიძლია ... " *the radio would be pulled away and the other female voice would be speaking, again muffled. The tone is firm, yet gentle. After a moment the original voice returns to the radio* "თქვენ იცით, რომ მე შევინარჩუნებ უსაფრთხოდ შემიძლია. აღარ ვამბობ ... ჩვენ ახლა ფრთხილად უნდა ვიყოთ, მშვიდი. შემიძლია გითხრათ ორი რამ. ერთი, მე შენ მიყვარხარ. ორი, მზად იყავი. არ ვიცი, როდის ან სად, მაგრამ როცა მოვუწოდებ შენ, მზად იყავი გასაშვებად. მანქანა სასურველია, მაგრამ აშკარად არც ისე ადვილია მიიღოს ahold ახლა. იყავით უსაფრთხო სიყვარული. " *the broadcast ends*
  8. RogueSolace


    So just fyi to people. I'm dealing with a lot of things right now including people I love rapidly going downhill, and its bad. Also that's only part of it, a lot is happening.

    So especially right now, and for I don't know how long, I'm probably going to be ignoring most things except to hop on at some point to distract myself from the real world. I'm not in any mood to deal with anything else. I've got too much real life stress right now to even be trying to deal with being online. 

    Take care everyone❤️

    1. Cobe


      Sorry to hear this @RogueSolaceI hope things get better for you, My grandad told me that time heals everything. Get back when you can and take your time 🙂❤️ 

    2. RogueSolace


      Ty ❤️ not going to be gone, gone. Just dealing w real life and the absurd amount of stress that follows for awhile

  9. RogueSolace




    I'm already very broken. Watching as my world shatters around me, again. Everything being thrown in the air and crashing to the ground. Wondering how more broken I'll be from all of this. Will I finally shatter? I won't know until I hit the ground. It nearly killed me last time, I was hanging over the edge, and managed to pull back. Now I'm just falling, waiting, not sure how anything can be better after all of this. Just waiting for impact. Suspended in the blast wave. Waiting.


    1. bloodcrusader


      always sending you ❤️  Beth ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. SgtSmithy


      Always here for you hun ❤️ 

    3. RogueSolace


      ty guys ❤️ I'm hanging in there...I'm doing okay.... just being reflective of like the past 10 year of near sheer hell. On top of this. bleh.

    4. SgtSmithy



  10. RogueSolace


    Was awesome of course. As a fan of the comics, it was worth the wait.


  11. RogueSolace

    Anarchy Announcement.

    "Don't manipulate children? You're very wrong there. You may have had one or two you chose to not manipulate. Try explaining that about the girl you kidnapped, held and abused. Keeping her locked in a shed in the middle of January and planning to force her to kill someone. Beating her for stupid things your own men did, like burn down a house and put the blame on her. Then the 12 year old boy you murdered. His name was Tyler. He died from being made to do hard labor his body couldn't handle, then you decapitated him and put his head on a pike. First one I witnessed myself."
  12. RogueSolace

    Zone Rentals for Groups

    Personally I'd like this but think it would only work on a case by case basis of why. I went through lore to try to take steps to actually have a protected area and have a reason WHY it would that way, that made sense. It just did not get final approval.
  13. RogueSolace

    things and stuff

    I feel you, I'm not leaving but taking some steps back for the same reasons. 2 years of the same behavior patterns and I'm just done. It's bad when you know it makes you respond to things in ways you normally never would. Best of luck to you, had fun having you! Take care and hopefully see you around!
  14. RogueSolace

    Dr.Anderssons Journal

    Its all good tbh i share those fears but were at least trying.
  15. RogueSolace

    Dr.Anderssons Journal

    Yay! All i can do is hope as well were trying, best we can do. Even w issues still having a lot of patients daily so at least doing some good