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  1. Ohh yeah, nice job getting the hospital up and running ! (:
  2. Lol, Kyle added that information 10 hours ago, in his first POV he didn't mention any ghillie, and neither did panda. So why didn't you guys add that there was a ghillie with a sniper in the first place ? it's pretty important in these kinds of situations. It seems you just added it after we told you about it, because I can confirm none of you were actually looking for him, you killed us and just went away afterwards. If you knew there was a ghillie you would have done one of these things: Actively look for the "Enemy" sniper Be very cautious, which you weren't, you just stood there and casually walked around, you wouldn't have done that knowing that there was a sniper spotting you. If you knew where the ghillie was you knew his position, so why did no one actually check the position he was in ? All of your POV's contradict each other.
  3. No look, the whole point of your initiation was because you guys saw a ghillie with a sniper, that's the reason you got suspicious and initiated on us. Now you say "maybe" ?. Panda never saw a ghillie nor did someone tell him there was a ghillie. He only heard there were 2 guys sitting there with binoculars. But yet some of you do mention you called it out on the radio, and told the boys. Can you please explain to me how you can have different stories ? It just doesn't add up.
  4. You said you called it on the radio ? how can it be then that the 2 guys who actually went to the shed didn't see any ghillie suit man ? Either you didn't call it out on the radio, or you are lying.
  5. This ^^, you keep changing the story. And still there hasn't been a single guy apologizing for what happened, instead you keep judging us and trying to get away with it. I really don't think you know how serious this is. You can't just gun people down assuming they are the enemy, we are also very cautious about this, and so should you ! I know I'm just new to the community but I have seen many things, anarchy gets away with a lot of things. Please just listen to me when I say this, the server won't get any better by people ignoring their own faults and continuing blaming others. You should understand and fear the consequences that could be forced upon you if you play reckless like this. It's unfair if you guys are above the server rules and others aren't.
  6. @Brady Please remove @MurasakibaraRP His post too, he wasn't there and his post does not add anything. He should receive warning points too like one of the other guy who posted on here.
  7. The fact is that you had no valid reason to initiate on us, you say you observed us, so you could clearly see we were not part of the hostilities. So you guys knew about that, yet you still initiate on us without giving us any chance to comply (hence the 4 sec between deaths). We were clearly taking cover, which is the smartest thing to do, when there is a firefight you don't just get out of cover put your hands up and walk into an open field. We confirmed it was anarchy, and we know about your reputation of being extremely violent and not really nice to military characters. So we decided to stay put until things calmed down. So in my eyes you guys just kos'd us, you knew we weren't part of it because we didn't fire our weapons, hell, we didn't even have them out in the first place !! So why the super extreme initiation ? It was 4-5 seconds and we were dead, no way we could have complied in that amount of time. So please explain to me why did you initiate like that on us ? You had intel on us and you saw we were not hostile or had hostile intentions, but yet you did try to initiate on us in an extreme way. Also, when I joined the TS, you guys were very unfriendly, or at least a couple of you. I had the feeling you didn't give shit about the situation and just blamed us for being there. You kept going on about why we didn't leave the area, even though we explained that to you. I know you try to justify your intentions but there is no need to be so violent about it. None of you even said sorry or apologized for what happened, or took the responsibility and said yeah we were wrong sorry about it we will watch out next time. I feel you try and justify what you did even though what you did was completely wrong. I grinded hard to find my stuff, and now I have to get it all back again. It just feels shit to get kos'd by someone, especially when the person who did it won't take the responsibly for it and accept the fact he was wrong.
  8. Server and location: EU 1, Novaya patrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:50 GMT +1 Your in game name: David West Names of allies involved: Matt Price, Shazzam. Name of suspect/s: Mr panda ? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were around navoya patrovka meeting up when we heard a lot of gunfire, we hit the deck and got to cover, the shots kept coming and before we knew some guy comes running, he screamed something I could not understand, probably an initiation, a second later I was dead.
  9. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Ohh hell yeah ! let the games begin
  10. The way you initiated on us was complete shit, besides, if a soldier gets captured by a bunch of guys calling him a fag and being complete dicks. He has the right to be done with you guys. As someone said before, not everyone on this server will kiss your ass and cry when you threaten them, definitely not a soldier. And yes, one of your guys shot me while I was running, no initiation, nothing. I didn't care much about it because I killed the guy but he basically kosd me.
  11. Ads on the website

    Yo I I want to support this website by turning off my Adblock, but it still keeps saying I need to turn it off even though I did.... For this reason i'm forced to use shitty Microsoft edge, I think it's super annoying, please fix.
  12. David West

    David's story begins in the small city of den helder, a city of about 50K civilians. His parents were both very active within the Dutch navy, his dad being American and a naval officer and his mother working as a medic on one of the corvettes. Early in his life david was faced with extreme difficulties, his mother and father being on mission most of the time thus being alone. David was always there trying to protect his friends and family, in school, he fought of the bullies even though it would cause him extreme pain. David developed himself as a person who cared deeply for the wellbeing of others, making him vulnerable for people who would take advantage of his kind heart. When David turned 19 he lost his father to cancer, making this moment a key turning point in his life. He decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and enlisted for the dutch marines (Korps mariniers). He aced all the tests and finished his training later that year. Living his life as a marine, he traveled the world. Moving from mission to mission. David fought in both iraq and afghanistan fighting the war on terror. After many years he lost contact with his mom and the rest of his family. A couple of months later he got the news his mom died due to kidney failure. After losing both his parents he decided to not return to den Helder, but rather stayed with the navy. Years gone by and David lost many friends. With all the unrest in Chernarus, David was part of the Dutch marine 14th Combat Support Squadron as part of the NATO QRF. His company was tasked to help set up FOB Foxtrot north of Novigrad in order to maintain a foothold in the bay area. Soon they lost contact with forward outposts and prepared for the worst. As the base was under attack by massive waves of infected, the commander ordered David to prepare to evac the remaining citizens to Novigrad. As the infected run over the base, and after the base is clear of civs and personnel, David initiates the self destruct sequence to hold of the wave of infected. He hides in a well build bunker so he survived, but was knocked out unconscious. After a week or so David woke up just to see nothing was left of the region, he tried to contact NATO but he couldn’t get a response, none of the frequencies worked. Determined to find his squad members and survivors he moves from town to town. After a couple of weeks he heard a voice on the radio, coming from near chernogorsk. He decided to pack up and prepare for the journey towards Cherno. With the hope of finding his fellow soldiers, his never ending quest.
  13. Hello all and thank you for clicking on my introduction, it means I got your attention ! My name is David I'm 20 yo and I was born and raised in the low lands (guess you have to figure that one out yourselfs ). I love to role-play as much as I can as it is one of the greatest thing a man can do in his free time ! I used to play a lot of RP on both Gmod and dayz/arma, Mostly milsims and other Serious RP servers. I'm also a huge fan of RTS games such as Wargame and CoH, so if you wanna play something like that sometime hit me up . Anyways have a nice day everyone and I hope to see you soon in game !