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  1. I'd like to say that it was not @Dodge who was there during that situation on the assumed first time he broke in.
  2. Server and location: S1 || Soup Kitchen Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-04-07, 03:10 Your in game name: Ali Durham Names of allies involved: Sassy, Vegas Name of suspect/s: ? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: As I got into Soup Kitchen, I got sick by i dont know how. I kept puking so I drank water from the water barrel. The boys wanted to initiate on the camp so I let them do it and since we're in dynamic, I had nothing to do with it since i was sick i didnt wanted to risk it. I deciided to run towards the medical cabin to get some medicine, I already had my gun out as i walked to the medical cabin, and as soon as I walked out of it, I got shot without any rights on me since I never initiated. PS: I also tried to run away from the situation as there was shot, although I immediately got shot before I could even run 5 meters away.
  3. PoV: As we got to the camp some us got the plan to take the car from Soup Kitchen. As Dodge breaks into the lock and gets to the car people came up towards the tent us and and asked Dodge to stop being at the car, which he did. @UnReALjay is saying he told us to leave but that never happened. As we walked to the back camp for a bit and came up hanging there for a bit I stood there next to nik and dodge. As I couldn't hear a lot of In Game chatter because of an conversation i had irl i saw Unrealjay raising his gun and saw a little delay so i couldnt tell from that point if he initiated or not as he shot him I assumed he did and ran around him and shot him down for killing Dodge. Later I heard he didnt initiate so that was an issue on my end. There was being initiated again after unrealjay got killed. Also I'd like to call it up as a bit of ruleplay as Dodge got asked to get away from the car as he complied with the demand, due without any roleplay on him or further instructions as theres being said on Unrealjay's pov no one was told to leave the camp as he only told benjamib: "when i see him again im shooting him."
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  7. What do you mean about wiggle (if you are speaking about me moving a lot, where are the rules that I can't move a lot whenever I want '' That was on the report as well'', apparently I was running too much, wasn't everyone moving a lot?) my entity and act like a clown? I was simply having fun when funny things happened, and no - not only because my boys told me to, I wasn't having the intention to keep the shoes, I was going to give them back anyway, right now you're just assuming things. I was not even chmping out, I was literally having a laughter with what happened, such as hutch his fight or when one guy tried to slap someones ass in game, and apparently I can not express laughter because of that? Kinda weird, and I'd like to ask you if that was a robbery on that guy with the shoes, I don't know if its being seen as a robbery, but what ever - you stated I did multiple quick robberies, can you tell me which ones they were? I can tell you I was just srlsy roleplaying, I don't even see the issue with me having fun IG and having a good laughter.
  8. Link to the situation: No Link, but its about banned for BadRP Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Here I was accused for BadRP and Poor display of RP, in which I apparently was consistantly running around, and I was being told that I robbed someone of his shoes with a knife in which that case the knife was put away. During that situation I told a man to give me his shoes with the intention to give them back eitherway, as it just was a joke. Although, it seems that I can't put up an joke anymore like that and others can. There also I've been claimed of doing several quick robberies, which is not true as well, I haven't robbed anybody as I got in soup kitchen, what I only remember is we initiated on a guy who apparently killed two of our Saints' allies, the man even acknowledged it in game. Further whilst being in Soup Kitchen we all had a lot of fun, especially my charactrer was having a good laughter, and in this reporting warning there is being claimed me saying memey lines, which I never did. Also, why is that - that I can't say '' you take that fam'' anytime I want? My character is from London, Westminster, that's why I can say that sort of stuff, I dont see a valid reason to deny that I can't say that, whenever I want, it seems that you're trying to control what I can say or not, doesn't seem really realistic at all. I'd like have you read my character background as well, that might clear up his behaviour a little bit more. As this character is from 2019 created when the Anarchy came back. My questions are simply, why were my actions deemed as BadRP, as nothing was really memey or trolly about it. I found this was poorly viewed. Suggestions for improvement: Maybe try to figure out why my character is being like this, a slight information can be found on my character page before trying to ban me for badrp as nothing was really supposed to be bad about it, never really had any complaints about the way I roleplayed this character, and I'm 100% i've roleplayed the character the same way with some staff members i encountered in game way before.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No Report Why the verdict is not fair: Apparently, I got observed and banned for BadRP for roleplaying the way how I ALWAYS roleplay my character and never had issues with it. So as I was in Soup Kitchen, apparently some of us got shot by someone, although I did not know why, so my guys were searching for this specific person. As they found that person they initiated on him and there was some shit talk going through it, can't remember what about, but it happen. So, after my guys took care of this specific person we got back into the camp. We had some fun situations by Hutch and someone else taking a fist fight. We all had lots of fun and we were like challenging them against each other to brawl, and apparently I said '' do you take that fam'' too much, I mean I don't understand why I can not say that as many times as I want, as this is the way how I ALWAYS roleplayed on this character. I was moving a lot around in the cap, as we all had some funny situations and out I-G reaction my character backed off for a moment to express that he found it funny. Later that moment a friend of mine ordered a man in a mask to sit down and called him a dog, obviously my character would react to that and I asked him if the man took that and he reminded the man that my friend Sassy called him a dog in game. I can't remember what I said, but I jokingly took my knife out after being called a ''liar'' but, again it was all for jokes. As I put the knife up and I told him to give me his shoes ''not with the intention to keep him, I would give them back anyway, but before I could my friends told me to give 'em back, which was the initial plan.'' I just don't understand how that is badrp, as I am just literally portaying my character the way as I've done since I started this character. Apparently I also did several quick robberies which is a lie as I never robbed anyone. (I don't know if telling the guy to give him his shoes is a robbery, because im pretty sure i had my knife back in my inventory BEFORE i told him to give me his shoes, also the shoes were to be given back anyway, which again was the intention) I also was being told in the warning my roleplay was all looking meme, but I never really made a memey statement or action as I literally was acting the way my character would, and I am clear minded enough nothing had to do with any memery, since that was never my intention i was just engaged within the roleplay. The report also mentioned memey lines, but I never had made any memey lines, if so - I'd like to hear that my self, because if I would be meming, It would've turned it in other things than the roleplay that I did. Im also known to be a decent roleplay and that I know how I portray my character the right way, if I would've done bad, I would've noticed my self. EDIT: (i'd also like to mention I was lagging a lot on my view, that couldve also been one of the reasons seeing me move a lot because I couldn't exactly see my self moving to the positions I wanted to) I'd also like to mention to refer on my characters biography theres being mentioned that he's a bit aggressive by nature, he doesnt take things like rlly lightly which also concluded me taking the mans shoes although still in the back of my mind to give them back eitherway, although YES my boys got to me first as i wanted to wait for a bit and continue the rp we had. (i got a vod over here, its from the current time its playing till like 15/20 minutes of video play time) Time on vod: 4:45:16 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/576928780?t=4h45m16s Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't really understand how I'm being told why I can not roleplay literally the way I've always roleplayed it before since the beginning of its creation, if anyone would had problems with it OOCLY they would've told me, but I NEVER had any complains. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: remove 5 day ban and remove 10 points What could you have done better?: not let my character have so much fun EDIT: and I portray it in a more calmer way, EDIT: also might calm down with my excitement a lil bit, might as well admit my hyperactiveness took over but no excuse for that
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