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"Better use your manners when you talk about me."

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  1. LumenRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    I'm talking from a neutral perspective, I honestly didnt target anyone on my reply, I rarely care what people report about, I came to this community to have fun and play, not to back someome up in his reports, minding my own business on that type of situation. Its just something that Ive noticed in the past couple of weeks
  2. LumenRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Sometimes to me it looks like people are trying so hard to get a guy or a group of people banned, simply cuzz they angry at em due a certain situation, reports nowadays are not even made anymore to solve a happened situation, its all anger hate and all that stuff, kinda childish if u ask me, also using private conversation screenshots to get someone banned is weak as fuck, not to sound stupid but its facts, stop with that tbh, be less triggered
  3. LumenRP

    Specific magazine pouches

    -User Was Warned for This Post-
  4. LumenRP


    * Manny presses the PTT button. * Ay, vato, mind your own business or something? You tryna' bully me for no reason, ese, that's some dangerous shit man. Like you are being racist and shit ese, the fuck. Damn homie, being such a pendejo dawg, no need for that. A la mierda con tu mama or something homie. * Manny releases the PTT button. *
  5. LumenRP


    *Manny grabs on his radio* Daaaamnnn, señorita! You're rejecting the good cholo?! *Manny releases the radio button*
  6. LumenRP


    *Manny grabs on his radio again after laughing hard and speaks* Señorita I think you want a real man who treats you right, not sum' goofy ass culo who calls you his "Mistress", such a pussy pendejo. You see back in East-L.A. they called me the "El Tigre" or "El Niño", Imma treat you like a real woman, you feel me buena cosa? Just hit me up! *Manny removes his finger from the button*
  7. LumenRP


    *Manny grabs onto his radio after hearing this random message and presses the button* Goddamn Señorita, you're on your kinky shit, ese! *After some laughter he releases the button *
  8. LumenRP

    Combat Logging

    There could be numerous IC reasons, such as following them to their friends etc
  9. LumenRP

    Combat Logging

    But what if someone releases the hostage to follow 'em?
  10. LumenRP

    The House Media

    Dayumn this is dope!
  11. LumenRP

    Racism and Homophobia

    As a blackman I accept the N-word being used tbh, i dont find it disturbing even if no one is streaming, its Roleplay, you shouldnt take it personally most us are grown and should be knowing that, if your younger oh well, its at your own risk, its a no for me on this one homie.
  12. LumenRP

    James Blacks Story

    Damnn gekke shit
  13. LumenRP

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    @LumenRP when he finally buys a new computer
  14. LumenRP



  15. LumenRP

    Rule 4 bans for OOC Hate

    I agree tho, to me Cipher was the RP guru of DayZRP, he knew how to balance RP and a little bit of PvP through his game-plays. #Bringbackcipher.
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