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  1. Should prolly switch to a PC soon instead laptop

    btw why yall spying on me :@


  2. How do I make profile images like mine again, i know there was a site for it?

    1. Chewy


      I use online-image-editor.

    2. LumenRP


      Oohh aight thanks imma check that out 😉

  3. Hahahahahahah, aight.

  4. Shiii, came back from a long ass vacation u feel me?

  5. If the pla-ket-kett that pla-ket-keett

  6. Ya'll sleeping on J. Cole LOL.

  7.  '' These shackles be lockin' the mental way more than the physical
    I look at freedom like trees, can't grow a forest like overnight
    Hit the ghetto and slowly start plantin' your seeds '' - J Cole


  8. Kechies man wollah, I keep my ID hidden somewhere
  9. I haven't come across any issues so far, I kept having a good FPS above 100+, did not experience any delays or what so ever on my part.
  10. New Song time. 

    Forbidden Fruit 
    Album Born Sinner
    J. Cole
    Featuring: Kendrick Lamar.

  11. Since I keep fucking up making a profile avatar with the sites people send me, if theres someone who's actually good at it pls hit the boy up. 


    luv luv

  12. Anthony Carter was born in the suburbs of Westminster located in the United Kingdom, London. Anthony was member of illegal gang-related activities within London and had caused a lot of trouble since the age of 16. Skipping high school and not seeing school as a way of getting a stable job to keep him on his feet. Anthony was cause of many abusive behaviours upon other people if they were standing on his nerves. Anthony is known to be a hype-man and sometimes very loud. People see it as annoying, but Anthony doesn't really care, as long as if he can have his fun and do what ever he wants. At this moment he is part of this group who represent; '' LootNation ''. Anthony is good in using rifle, which happened to be so as he got stuck in Chernarus after this virus outbreak. He came here for a good time, obviously it changed in a chaotic event. With now Russians partially controlling the region, Anthony now has to find another way to survive and maybe hopefully if theres hope things to be different.
  13. Augustyn Duran born in december 12, 1987. Augustyn was son of Boris Duran former member of CDF but also former NAPA fighter. From a young age, Augustyn has learned that loyalty to once place of birth is one of the most important things that should never be forgotten. Due the facts of brought corruption and threats going through the slavic South-Zagoria, he was taught to always keep his eyes open and never believe the so called propoganda news that was being created from inside workers. As he had joined the CDF on his young age of 18, he fought through many obstacles to think what is right and what is not. His story continued after he had fought various battles fighting of intruders trying to take over certain regions within South-Zagoria. He and his closest friends decided to step back and join the NAPA forces and wait for the bigger arrival of enemy forces to come in and try to take control over his country. As he fought through multiple battles within Chernarus , along with the one who brought him known as Mikhail Bartha, they all fought for Chernarus its freedom and to get rid of foreign intruders. With eventually this virus spreading across the land and the chernarussian people starting to lose hope, desperately looking for help, food, medical aid -there was nothing but darkness awaiting them. As years have passed, and Augustyn coming in and out of retirements, there was one time that Augustyn had to completely retreat from his promised duties. As Chernarus was on the point of total take over, Augustuyn Duran decided to await the return of his other brothers to put an end to this false pro-claimed regime.
  14. How about keep BMW thanks
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