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"Momma's crying, **** Dying, pussy that's what shotta's do!"

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  1. Lets just wait until its actually summer to add summer Chernarus Can’t wait to hop in that Beamer and show off fast and furious Chernarus Drift skills
  2. Jeremiah Foulke was born in 1991 in America, by an American dad and mother. In which included he had an older brother referred as H. Foulke and two others, whilst coming from a small family, Jeremiah's family were proud servants of the united states military, although, his father was. Jemeriah being raised to be a man from a young age, trully impacted him the way how he lives his life, he's a smart but also a very cunning man. Jeremiah decided to enter the marketing industry with on the side practicing his weaponry skills as a hobby. In the years later, Jeremiah was moving to Chernarus, a typ
  3. Good idea to have them rifle slings, better immersive gameplay!
  4. LumenRP


    I found sum' food as well, quiet a lot tho, must be a good day?
  5. This looks really sickkk, I like them images!
  6. Dis thang looks very neat my guy! Hope imma run up onto yall soon !!
  7. Yes, I agree -- although you can leave a few objects out of it, I mean 100 round drummies, we already got the 50, 60's and 75 thats more thn enough for now I guess, but the other crafting items would be really dope!
  8. Ayyy welcome back RyanOG, how ya doin buddd!
  9. Manny Garcia was born in East-LA, along with a bunch of brothers and cousins from the ghetto. He was related to gang activities happening in East-LA, known for robberies, heavy-drug deals and more. He and his brothers and cousins had left to slavic countries such as Russia to continue their business there, although - eventually coming into Chernarus for the big deal. There were these typical Slavic gangsters who called themselfs Sekerový gang (Axe Gang), they wanted to bring there drug business into Chernarus from LA, although, as everything went well, a lot of it went wrong. As the Sekerový t
  10. im famousss!!! thanks for puttin me in
  11. Overal Kechs op de blok, waar zijn de kechs wanneer ik ze op hun bek bok. - Dutch rap bars.

    1. MarikLR


      ah; some quality lyrics. Dutch Rappers do be a different breed 

    2. LumenRP


      For real tho!

  12. Parlez-Vous Anglais ?

  13. Yeah for real the fireplaces are deadly as hell you step on it once you get 100 cuts
  14. Oh My GOD! Good luck with the group, hermano!
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