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"R.I.P Juice."

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  1. This is just like twitter man, imma post here more. @EndeavourRP is my cousin as well btw.

  2. Imagine being a young lightskin cutie like me, just imagine ... -- all them female attention, its crazy man


    btw rip juice still, he my cousin

  3. LumenRP

    Baiting Sitnik

    My pov: so as i was at the base, or well i was more outside of it untill i was told 503 was coming. So i waited outside of the base and heard everything what was double mic'ed. As one of my guys initiate (not sure anynore tho) i heard firing. I got told that i was capable of shooting them. As i got closer, i crashed and came back in, i saw my boy @Eagle with the 503 armband knowing i had rights, and started gassing. Although he got me in the proces, Gg to my brudda still ❤
  4. funny thing, i was never online during that RAID AHA GG tho
  5. heppie bday cutie ❤️

    1. Randy


      Thanks cutie

  6. bad boy 🙂


  7. LumenRP


    Till next time boiis thanks for havin me
  8. @Conor i noticed i was off the cp somehow which i asked nik to accept me back and this character is also on the jackals roster since a long while back, didnt know if that mattered or not, he accepted me after
  9. POV: So, the boys called me up that we had a hostage situation in the Airfield, I was luckily logged in South Barracks, as soon as I got in, my health was a bit low before so I had to wait, I went up to help the boys and safe our buddy. As I got to the construction site area of the airfield I heard shots, my boys killed another 503 member. Later that moment another guy walks up onto us, we told 'em to leave and asked him why he came towards the shots. As I ran across to the fence he shot at me so my buddy Dew shot 'em down. Later that moment, we ran back towards South Barracks as we saw a guy walking up, one of us recognized him as the one who killed our boy Bobby. So as they yell in my radio I did not hesitate and shot the enemy down. I don't think theres anything wrong with this issue as to me it should've been an invalid kill.
  10. * Alejandro grabs down onto his radio as his boys are on their way back to Chernarus * Ay vato, I heard ya'll talking all that shit over the radio and I was thinking ... should I react to it? We don't care about you shooting another man fool, but I'mma tell you this ... this our House baby. You better put that bullshit somewhere deep in a place where the sun doesn't shine ese, because we coming back fool. Seeya soon puto's! * Alejandro drops his radio. *
  12. jesus man, thats really fucked up
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