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  1. @CaliforniaRP seems, im gonna get my own Ski Mask Collection
  2. @KidSmithsta, @ornberg means hit me up!
  3. shiiit homiee welcome back! Nottshack here
  4. 20190210114549_1.jpg

    © @Stannis
    The Sons of Chernarus


  6. Augustyn was born in Sinistok, a small town, with many Chernarussian Brothers. Most of him called him just ''August'', which was to make his name easier to be pronounced. Augustyn was born in a fairly patriotic family, proud of the country as if they were bleeding its colors. Augustyn as a teenager, was very focused on the traditions and true life-style of a Chernarussian. As he had seen corruption grow within his country, the filth entering his country, trying to take over with fake propaganda's and happening wars against the people of Chernarus. Augustyn was told to not mix him within any of these situations, but he couldn't just wait and watch the polution spread across his country. Augustyn secretly joined a extremist group called NAPA, fighting for the freedom of Chernarus along with his closest brothers and friends, which later changed him into a more dangerous and agressive person. Augustyn changed completely, he became more involved and merged with the restoration of his country to its glory free from foreigners and communism. As later, this Outbreak happen, which he believes that the foreigners had caused, his anger became even bigger and bigger. His home was being invaded by thieves and corrupted people, his country was being infected with a horrible sickness, and his people had to suffer because of that. As during these weeks, months and years he had found brothers with the same ideals and perspectives to bleed and fight for his home; Chernarus.
  7. My POV: I heard that @DK_Majorwas being robbed by @Puncture and some other guys. I went to the airfield as @Jackfish was notified as well, he was in Kabanino, and mentioned that they were there. I ran back, and we started talking a little bit. As they walked away for a moment (I was planning to shoot 'em but, could barely move due frame issues) after it got better, @Puncture came at me, pointing his gun at me and telling me to put my hands up. I attempt to shoot him down, but he had me first and got killed. END of PoV
  8. Welkom! De Nederlandse nemen het eindelijk over, ghehehehehe!
  9. And tell the police that I'm robbing the bank and I want all my money in 100s
    Bitch, I'm tired of living on the edge

  10. * Gustav pressed his radio button. * HAHA! KURVA! I think demon-pig must be baptized by some holy pope. * He releases the button. *
  11. * Gustav grabs onto his radio and pushes the button. * Novaya Petrovka! * He releases the button once again. *
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