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  1. cAt FuCkInG dIeS


  2. BorisRP

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    your cat is Beutiful

    1. KyleRP


      It is a very naise cat

  3. I was born in Louisiana. I grew up to an abusive father, I was beaten nearly everyday so when turned 14 I ran away to join a fishing crew. Years passes and then I met a man named Captain Locke. We shrimped for years until we decided to move to fishing. Things got worse and worse on the sea. We had to resort to taking from others in a form of modern day banditry but things only went down hill from there. Quality of life continued to decline but the new land that they have wrecked on has brought new resources.
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    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    Avery POV- I watched @UndeadRP start to put his gun away after he was initiated on and he was shot. @Anouk was also shot once I believe. I then run around asking a couple of people what is happening down where Bones was shot. They don't know so I waited a bit until I found @SylvaRP and he subsequently initiated on me. I killed him, looted his body and was shot at by another man with no initiation by him. He hit me once I think and I killed him. I then asked @BorisRP for assistance and he bandaged my wound. In the video below you can hear a faint initiation by @G19RP but I did not hear it at the time as it was faint. I then run around for a bit when I ran into @Para and @bloodcrusader. I show them the bodies where @G19RP shoots me and I bleed out. https://plays.tv/s/LoF3O98DLSL6
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      everyone can stop sobbing 

      Image result for party gif

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      Hah. I knew you wouldnt go through with it! You did bamboozle everyone pretty well by making an actual leaving thread this time.

      "You havent truly lived untill they make a new rule because of you"

    3. Eagle


      Still the in the hands of staff tbh.


    4. Eagle


      Nvm @SylvaRP's gone 😞 

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    You still wont do it. You are a good lad Luke, I hope the herpes doesn't do you in.
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    The Sea Men

    I would love to be added to the roster
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    boy's will be boys.



    Your mature in my book tobbbbbby

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      I appreciate that

  10. I mean we can just ask you a guess... Was he in TS with you or did he just leave his PC on.
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    Can someone ban me from posting for a few days

    Close the tab
  12. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2018-07-07, 00:00 Your in game name: Leo Lynch Names of allies involved: @G19RP @Agent Banks @BorisRP Name of suspect/s: @Dirty Dan @Grey Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Not that I have Detailed description of the events: We were RPing in Vybor industrial after Leo was recently recruited into the PCC and @Dirty Dan was spotted by @G19RP and he recognizes him as the man who he formerly fought in the PCC/Viridian days. Fast forward a bit and it is called out by @G19RP that they were heading down to Vybor town. Wanting to catch up a bit they are pursued down to the town where @BorisRP sports them again and they run into a two story red house. Boris yells "Hellooooooooooooooooo" and they hear him and proceed to log out leaving us with bodies that are marked with "Unknown entity". I then poked @Dirty Dan to tell him that @BorisRP was trying to RP with him when he logged out to which he responded that he was going to bed as it was 1 AM and the server restarted. I continued to ask him why he didn't just log back in to Rp with @BorisRP. I basically was told by him and he wanted to go to bed and didn't want to RP with @BorisRP. I was then msged by @Grey who was the other man inside of the house and I had a conversation with him. This is also coming not even 24 hours after I sat in TS with Dan and discussed another situation where he berated @BorisRP with insults about both his RP and him as a person. I have a feeling like this will be a reoccurring theme with @Dirty Dan whenever @BorisRP tries to RP with him and I would like to not have this kind of behavior presented to us in Rp due to OOC disdain. I will link the chat that I had with both @Grey and @Dirty Dan. Dan: Grey: He also never went to bed and this can be confirmed by @Sleepyhead
  13. ExoticRP

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    I bet you havnt even played Fable

    1. Roach


      Fuck! Why'd you have to say Fable? Now I gots to download and play it cause nostalgia 

    2. UndeadRP


      its fantastic fuck you.

      Jack of blades is my boy.

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      +1 for Jack of Blades and Fable profile

    4. UndeadRP


      the only proper choice.


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    Radio Chatter Rule

    This is a great suggestion, maybe even an exceptional suggestion +1 from me
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    TeamSpeak Issue

    Works for me now and I changed literally nothing........... ok I guess.