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  1. ExoticRP


    Lmao I don’t think Roger would give 25 to this place
  2. ExoticRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I will have to say that I am disappointed because it seems you have skewed your math to make us look bad You see if we take a look at the of the numbers and statements that I highlighted you will see that your simple math is right however the more complex percentages are in fact wrong. You see if I write out the math to get the correct numbers (26+69=95; 26/95=27.4%) so less than 1 third thought that anarchy should be not be accepted. Again using your figure of 69 unbiased votes we can see that (69+40=109; 40/109=36.7%) Again your are using biased and untrue statistics to try and support your claim. If you are going to shit on the group please try and do so with good backing and valid evidence.
  3. ExoticRP

    Open judgement for behaviour

    This is an amazing idea and I think it should be approved immediately no questions asked!
  4. I agree with Exotic
  5. ExoticRP

    Staff Feedback: JimRP

    -user was warned for this post-
  6. ExoticRP

    Why don't you get in game?

    All friends don’t play/are banned. and also running into the same 6 people is shit tbh
  7. ExoticRP

    Can I buy the server? <3

    This seems like ooc hate against staff. If it were up to me I would perm you now ;D.
  8. ExoticRP

    Where The Fudge Is Everyone?

    I usually find people in Sevet. and Severo. Where the fuck did my dog go
  9. ExoticRP

    Ask the admins

    Q1 - Does the admin team think that pineapple belongs on pizza? A1 - Pineapple on pizza is absolutely haram. - Roland A2 - people who believe pineapple belongs on pizza are savages. -Ark A3 - I'm Allergic to pineapple. Also it's gross to go on pizza. - Brayces
  10. ExoticRP

    The Sea Men

    https://plays.tv/s/Lpp6-698OYzF An encounter from tonight!
  11. ExoticRP

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    1. UndeadRP


      she dun diddly got bannned 😞


  12. cAt FuCkInG dIeS


    1. Farmer-BorisRP



  13. Farmer-BorisRP

    • Farmer-BorisRP
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    your cat is Beutiful

    1. KyleRP


      It is a very naise cat