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  1. Listen if you would like feel free to pm me and I can provide graphic evidence of how you don’t get “stun locked” when shot. This is a hardcore survival game based on realism, it should be realistic.
  2. ExoticRP


    This is the only recording I have as I did not expect a report to come out of this situation and just recorded the push into the house
  3. ExoticRP


    I had rights on these people since they initiated and stripped @TheRedOne naked and stole his mosin. Leo POV - @G19RP spots them while I was checking Myshkino. @G19RP has bad frames and wasn't able to take them both out. He says they went into a building and I arrive shortly after. @G19RP Unlocks the door I push in and kill them both.
  4. ExoticRP

    Day or Night?

    They don’t. That’s the issue. pls remove night time
  5. I wonder if this has anything to do with the higher quality of voip that was put into the server.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: A guy was aiming his weapon in a fight at me and I shot him for it Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My POV in the report What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed/Reduced to a caution What could you have done better?: Not shoot people aiming their weapons in fights
  7. ExoticRP

    War Goals/Attritation

    My whole issue with the no using weapons on another player: What happens if I get initiated on by a guy with an ax but I can’t shoot him with my SVD/M4 because of this rule Im ok with the attrition and that but that rule would be fucking stupid Also speaking from experience of asking by sides how many losses there are (Both ways) this would not work at all. It would have to be tracked by logs.
  8. @hydroman710 if you weren’t with him why did you shoot @G19RP
  9. @hydroman710 so you weren’t with the guy who shot everyone inside of the piano
  10. Eagle

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    Two weeks.
    A new world record.

  11. ExoticRP

    Player recognition system

    I say nah because that would feel very meta and would be abused a lot. Also it’s fun to throw a orange arm band on and piss @Dew off.
  12. I would like to continue the report Leo POV - We were rollin in kab when I heard from @G19RP that my good friend with a grey mortor cycle helmet had been shot in the piano house. G19 then tells me that the only man in there was a guy with a red mountain backpack that was looting all the dead. I put two and two together and look for the man in the red mountain backpack to kill as he has just slaughtered my friend. G19 tells me he is upstairs in the green building so I line up a shot from the hill and shoot him in the head, he doesn't die somehow so I quickly shoot him in the chest and he flops over. Although G19 was a noncombatant in the situation he is immediately sprayed down in the street by @hydroman710 we then initiate on @hydroman710 and RP with him inside of the two story beige house. He proceeds to tell us "My friend told me he was dead and I was like WHAT?!" followed by "My friend said 'I'm dead and gets shots in the head'. I then punch him to make sure I got his name in the logs for the incident prior. He whips out an AK that he was hiding in his M65. Eagle and I then spray him down that that is the end of the incident. Video of the incident:
  13. I edited my response that is literally all that happened from my POV
  14. I hope you understand that staying in a firefight area and aiming your weapon at people is not valueing your characters life and begging to be shot.
  15. I died? Ambroz POV - Shit hit the fan in grish so I was headed into town to assist the the war effort. There were shots flying everywhere as I went into town and I saw @bcarterames in a shed aiming his weapon at me. I run off to the side and run to the shed, I run around to the front and shoot the man I thought was an enemy. I don't understand if you thought it was a firefight why you thought it was a good idea to aim a weapon at someone coming into town.