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  1. Hall of Shame

    I get banned for IG rule breaks not my opinion idgaf if people see how many points I have gotten.
  2. told you i would ban you

    • ExoticRainbow
    • Sleepyhead

    Mercy mains are garbage

  3. Chewy Alex Mendez was also only in the viridian fight not this report situation
  4. the AKM is a good weapon if you know how to use it right exotic?

    1. Chewy


      Dropping like flies

    2. evanm23


      dont ban him hes a good boy 

    3. Chewy


      I mean

      If he didn't do anything wrong, what's he got to be afraid of amirite

    4. evanm23


      i dont care dont ban him

    5. Puncture


      Well neither did dusty but look what happened to him :)

    6. evanm23


      yep he got banned for exercising his  KOS rights

    7. Chewy


      The smiley... GET IT AWAY FROM ME

    8. Infamous


      tbh Id make a great gamemaster 

    9. Chewy


      Apply, Louie

    10. evanm23


      louie might get paid

    11. Chewy


      Not before I do

    12. ExoticRainbow


      The akm is a shit close range weapon

    13. evanm23


      you're retarded exotic

    14. evanm23
  5. Leo POV- We talk to a guy up in the trees after a fight at Devils and we then move into the town after and find tents. There is a car there so @Lucass gets in it and starts to drive off before he out of the walls he is initiated on in voip only. I then get initiated after @Lucass complies and I don't comply I hit one them and he shoots @Lucass while Lucas has his hands up. I then fight a guy with an svd and kill him. I then run around for a while. After I run around I shoot guy in blue and he is killed by @Cody Husky. I was also given perms to log by @James00 while in the help desk with @Ender
  6. Perma-deathing?

    I agree with you and think this is a very good suggestion but these threads go up a lot and it always ends in people bitching about how their stories aren't over yet. They feel like they can't have a character permd even if it would drive rp forward because they have too much attachment. But maybe this thread will change that mindset this time who knows.
  7. oh shit your ice poseidon

    1. ExoticRainbow


      Oh shucks it's ice boi 

    2. evanm23
    3. Brother Henning

      Brother Henning


    4. evanm23
    5. Brother Henning

      Brother Henning

      No, go to school you illiterate imbecile.

    6. evanm23


      you're 5 foot nothing

    7. Brother Henning

      Brother Henning

      To be fair, I'm only 1.71 m tall. Not sure what that is in subhuman units, though.

    8. ExoticRainbow


      Henning you know your place don't overstep we all know the US system is better.

    9. Brother Henning

      Brother Henning

      "The US system"


  8. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Rp favorite kind of pie?
  9. The Defiants Media thread

    I miss jack But not this lmao
  10. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    This was me Leo POV - I came late and tried to convince the guy in the tower I was a hostage. It didn't work he shot me in the arm. I then, rushed up the tower with everyone and killed the guy on the stairs. We cleared the rest of the tower to find that the other guy(s) combat logged. Don't have much to add.
  11. Exotic's Dank Media Thread

    @BrickWall and Co.
  12. you're a bunt exotib

  13. exotic

    origin of name

    1. evanm23


      exotic where does ur fuccin name come from

    2. ExoticRainbow


      I made it up cunt

    3. evanm23


      your a fucking retard

    4. ExoticRainbow
    5. evanm23


      soontobefinal exotic rainbow