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  1. Born in Poland, lost faMy name is Adam Kowalczuk, i came from poland seeking for shelter and a group to keep my self safe with, i currently travel alone and tend to stay in the darkness and go unnoticed when i can. I don't like to harm people but always help people when they need it. I lost my wife and son when the first infection had spread. I had lost my self for awhile, doing what ever i could to survive the hard times in poland. I joined a bandit camp and did some terrible things to fit in and survive with the group. Like killing helpless groups traveling across the country, and taking over friendly camps for food and supplies. It got to a point where i could not take this way of life anymore and decided that it would be best the run away north with the little supplies i had, a gun to defend my self and some food to keep my self alive. While on my way up to russia, i had met a woman on the same path as me, heading to the same place. We had fallen in love during our journeys and kept eachother company on the cold nights. But one night we were seperated by a herd of zombies. I was forced to push to the west and she was pushed to the east. We lost eachother to that night. I still wonder if Quincey is still alive to this day. I hope to one day find her once again in the place we both were headed to.mily during the outbreak. Met a lady on his way up to Russia but got separated on their way up. Hopes to one day find her in the land of Russia
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