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  1. @G19RP & I have settled the conflict and no longer need to have a report over it. Its been handled
  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll make some edits.
  3. Welcome to the Server! You will definitely enjoy it man! Can't wait to see you around and RP with you.
  4. European Air Group The European Air Group is made up of airmen that were stationed at the North West Airfield to deliver supplies to all of Chernarus. We span from 7 different countries in Europe. (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain & The United Kingdom. W fight for what we need to get where we need to go. Lore The men of this flight division were sent to Chernarus to help combat the infected. They were only stationed there for 3 days. On the first day the men would meet the government people there to make a plan to help fight the infected and help any civilian in need. The Obserst of the division was the man that lead the group of airmen and was in charge of them while they were stationed in Chernarus. The Obserst's name was Heinrich Fuchis. He led the group of men for those 3 days. He was there to help them if they needed anything. On the final day the men were stationed they were ready to leave when they heard a loud explosion outside. The men all looked at each other and knew that that was their ride home. Heinrich looked out the barracks window to see ion it truly was the airplane that they were to take home. Heinrich did not say anything and just looked at the ground and shook his head. Heinrich got the men together to tell the the plan. Heinrich told them they would do whatever they had to do to survive. He told how much he loved them. Our Purpose Our purpose in the server is to make allies and fight alongside those said allies. IC Goals Become Allies with many people Fight alongside with them Setup base in Grishino OOC Goals Have a friendly environment for members to enjoy Banter and crack jokes Chill and have a fun time RP'ing with other players Recruitment
  5. *Luoi reaches in his coat pocket and pulls out a pen and paper* *He begins to write out the clicks he is hearing over the radio, He responds* "I could use some assistance. Im frightened. Im scared. There are infected have surrounded my house in Pogorevka. Come help. Please... *Luoi screams over the radio* *Releases ptt*
  6. rainmaker29

    favorite initiation lines?

    Don't really have a favorite line. But I love to run up to them and yell as loud as possible "put your fucking hands up"
  7. now that base-building is in game & persistent will you be using it consistently?
  8. Server and location: S1 Vybor Factories Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15 MINUTES AGO Your in game name: Luoi McCoy Names of allies involved: Calypso Moon Name of suspect/s: NA Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no video evidence Detailed description of the events: I meet a guy at the Kabanino Well. His name is Tracy. We go to Vybor to meet a buddy of mine(CalypsoMoon). We get into a situation with zombies so I started to shoot them with my M4. We start to head up the field to get some gear at The NWAF. 3 guys start to walk up on us and talk to us. Calypso and I so we have to go. So we do that. Then, they initiate and say "put your hands up." I die immediately after they say that due to one of them shooting me when I was complying.
  9. I just got back into DayZ and im trying to join DayZRP servers. Im getting the error stated in the title. Anyone know why it says I have the wrong version? I don't have the stress test version anymore. I have no tests going.
  10. rainmaker29

    At Armageddon's Edge [Unofficial Altis Lore]

    That's like 50 essays. Great job man. Looking forward to the rest. Talk to you soon. 10/10
  11. *Mccoy looks far out into an open field wondering when his rescuers will show up..... "McCoy here, it's been a hell of a while since I've seen anyone.* *a gunshot is heard in the background of the radio chatter* "God, it's like a war zone out here. All Im requesting is assistance in getting me home safe. I miss everyone.... Everyone I used to have.. I'm not sure if they are even alive." *footsteps are heard walking closer to the radio* "oh god, here they come. I'll try my best to update you. If you hear this please respond. Save me.... Rescue me from this hell hole of a....." *radio cuts off*
  12. I always love seeing this but then I hate it after 10 minutes. xD. Just shows how popular this community is
  13. When DayZ beta is released into beta the devs said they will drop the files sometime during beta. Think DayZRP staff would make a modded server like lots of servers have on Arma 3?
  14. How many heads are you going to take? :3