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  1. Offsets album releases today??

  2. Finals got be stressing 

  3. Goodnight errybody 

  4. Awkward stage of growing hair out. Gotta love it...

  5. Rainmaker

    Cipher's Avis

    Looks good
  6. Can’t walk up the stairs after lifting yarrr

  7. If anyone of you want to play tomorrow pm. I had something come up and wasn’t able to play tonight
  8. Rainmaker

    New Moon Media Thread

    I like just going through these threads and watching the most random videos
  9. Rainmaker

    Persistance observation

    Are you doing a long term trial? Or all short term?
  10. Rainmaker

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    What are the numbers looking like now?
  11. Rainmaker

    Motorcycle Club Roleplay Guide

  12. Rainmaker

    Wolves of Eden (Recruitment open)

    Graphics are amazing. Just gotta get that out there
  13. Rainmaker

    Proposed change to the wording of rule 4.6 (CL)

    You really can’t help if you get robbed. It’s not your doing. There hasn’t been a problem with the rule until now apparently. But it’d be nice to clarify it. Just to make it more clear
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