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  1. I don't play on PC much anymore. Any of you mods know when the console servers will be back?
  2. Hey, ive done everything listed and I am still receiving the same error.
  3. Since I am unable to find it and reinstall it I am receiving an error.
  4. when I try to join either servers I get this error. I'm not set on experimental so im not sure what's going on.l help would be appreciated!
  5. Hey guys! im back after a 6 month break! due to my pc having a little problem and my job im just now able to hop back in and role-play! what's new??
  6. Offsets album releases today??

  7. Finals got be stressing 

  8. Goodnight errybody 

  9. Awkward stage of growing hair out. Gotta love it...

  10. Can’t walk up the stairs after lifting yarrr

  11. If anyone of you want to play tomorrow pm. I had something come up and wasn’t able to play tonight
  12. I like just going through these threads and watching the most random videos
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