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  1. *picks up his radio lights a Cigarette take out his note block and starts transmitting* Ok, then little boy there you go... I heard that your hanging around with some guys called Alex, Matt, and Gabe you guys were walking around at the summer camp at green mountain. Pretty dangerous company from what I've heard you also planning to capture a guy called Louie or whatever that kid is called well but that's not the important part. *He takes a swing from his whiskey bottle and continues* That Alex guy is a Cannibal and one of these weirdos that walk around torturing people so the question that comes up is your running around with cannibals and crazy fucks like that concerns me. I've known Jesse for a while now I just want him to know what you do or what you've become. Whatever see you around I hope you won't eat me if I meet you *he chuckles* I guess if you're a friend of Jesse you're a friend of mine so keep on rocking. *He stores his radio in his bag as he approaches the airfield*
  2. *Spike hears the transmission unsure what to say sighs* Not really your business pal. *shakes his head mumbles what a dumbass* If your a friend of Jesse it shouldn't concern you if not I suggest you should keep your head down *puts his radio in his backpack continues walking to Stary*
  3. *Spike sits in a house near Kabanino drinking some whiskey as he starts transmitting* Hey, Jesse fucking Carter *he chuckles* I have some interesting information for you I don't know where you ran off to after yesterday but if you're still alive I heard about that fucker you were looking for what was his name... *he scratches his head looking at his note block* Oh, yea Tex or something we should meet up so I can tell you a little story about your dear friend or whatever he is for you. Make sure to stay alive and if your not interested in that info we should meet up anyways and have a drink together was great fun yesterday. *he drinks the rest of his whiskey* shit now I need to find something else *he stumbles as he walks out the room*
  4. *Alex sits in a house drinks the last bit out his moonshine takes his radio* Hey ... *he releases the ptt sighs starts again* uh ok hey if you can hear me I just wanted to say that I love you and hope that you are ok.... *he gets interrupted by Tex walking in and starts talking "shhh not yet bud" he presses ptt again* god dammit well I don't care what happened a month ago or whatever when your dear friend who nearly got me killed I'm still there for you stay safe and stay out of trouble! *he releases ptt and walks clumsily out of the house*
  5. Well a short summary of my career I started as a kid with 1.6 my cousin showed me how it works and I was part of his little "team" so a few years later when source launched I played a lot more and eventually was noticed by the german scene so I got involved in a few small tournaments at first like CeBIT in Hannover and some other small stuff than I somehow got better and ended up at a pretty good level at the end of source. I started CS:GO as a pro with a team called n!faculty we played a few tournaments together and I got into coaching (I was a stand-in) a few month later I became an invite from Heaton to join NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) so that's what I did. I was a trainer for them for over 2 years and we got a pretty good win streak going. Unfortunately, I had to leave because of irl stuff so I joined a german team named Penta Esports and was a trainer there too till like 1 month ago now I'm in NiP again. ok, some clarification I'm speaking of a trainer, not a coach. coach is the guy who is behind the teams a the tournaments. Trainer is the guy who organizes the team and teaches them how to play. I was a trainer for Aim and tactic execution. The esea acc that you find as well as the steam and facit account are all smurfs so that I can play with my lower friends nobody wants go get matched with a top rank when he's playing on the lower end
  6. Ok sorry little new year break happy new year btw Everything I can say you never reached the top if you get the basics down for once you will stay at a pretty decent level and matchmaking is a complete joke the system just benefits the people who play a lot you will only ruin your experience if you don't play as a full team it's sad but the community is full of hackers and toxic people. That may sound bad but it's the truth even on the higher ranks of matchmaking it's still pretty bad and not really enjoyable. I would recommend faceit for the majority of people it's a decent skill level and its free if you want to commit and play really good you need esea wich costs a monthly fee. The training for solo progression can be done at any time just add me and write me on steam if you are interested. When we have enough people we can do some team practice we will see how that goes I need to see first with what kind of people were dealing here. nobody is too bad to do this btw it's just for fun after all if you play cs actively or want to get back into it or even start playing it right now just add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034251946 if that link doesn't work for some weird reason just type in Linuari should be the only one
  7. Hi there, I'm a professional cs player for a few years now and I know how hard it is for casuals to enter the higher ranks so I thought would be a nice idea to get some people together and make cs great again and if your not interested in higher ranks trust me it will make your cs experience a lot better when you understand the game. I'm not talking about hardcore coaching here mostly just for fun I was playing with a few guys from the community maybe we can do something cool here to improve dayzrp in general. I will offer solo training and if enough people are interested maybe we can bring a dayzrp cs team on the line we will see. If you're interested in csgo training for solo progression or team play just pm me with your steam id, cs go playtime and I want you to rate your skill from 1 (beginner) to 10 (pro player) for teams its the same from the members and league experience if you guys have some. would be awesome if we could find a few people greetings Linuari
  8. *Alex hears chris on the radio walks into the bar in Grishino grabs a beer and pushes PTT* Not the sanes person you say *he laughs a bit and cracks the beer takes a swing* you dont even know. About Louie a good guy you say thats the guy who nearly killed me a few weeks ago and emily shes ok for now i think but they have to be carefull. *he lights a cigarette and takes a big inhale* lets say a few people have some buissness with them and I myself would like to talk to her I dont even think she knows that im still alive. *tex walks into the bar and starts talking* hey man we have some stuff to do grab some ammo and lets go *Alex nods and continues* If I meet her again I will tell you guys whats up *he mumbles if shes still alive with this idiot by her side* ok so I have stuff to do I hope to see you guys soon *Alex grabs his m4 and leaves the bar with tex*
  9. *Alex wakes up because he hears a familiar voice on the radio he rubs his eyes and starts transmitting* Hello, Sanctuary eh *he grins as he lights a cigarette* really interesting to hear that name again well since we split up it was very interesting indeed. We will see how that will work many things happened and I don't know if I can still be friends with you guys. I don't want to hurt anybody. *thinks about his last sentence and laughs a bit* I can just say I will move on from now on that would be the best for everyone. *he releases the PTT for a few seconds sighs and holds it again* oh and Chris interesting to hear from you again didn't think I would hear that voice again *grins puts his plate carrier on takes his m4 and walks towards the airfield*
  10. *Alex exits the bar rubbing his head mumbles* god dammit my head thanks, Tex *he chuckles takes a huge swing from the well starts transmitting* Hey my friend how are you doing just wanted to tell you that I'm back I really want to meet up with you in the future we have some things to discuss maybe by a glass of vodka *he grins coughs and spits out feeling a bit sick from the whiskey last night* ugh so I hope you're ok out there I don't want to lose any more friends *Alex lights a cigarette and takes a big inhale* do you have any contact with our former members beside Emily and Louie I would like to catch up with everybody anyway see you soon stay safe! *he walks back to the bar to get something to drink*
  11. *Alex hears some familiar voices on the radio picks it up sighs and presses the PTT* Hello guys... I heard on the radio that im dead so dont be scared im not the first speaking Infected in the world Im alive and doing perfectly fine... *he takes a big swing of whisky to supress the pain in the chest* Tex my friend good to hear that your still alive I think we have a few things to discuss. I hope your doing well in this shithole how are jessie and cash doing are they ok too? *chuckles thinking of the good time he had with them* We should meet up pretty soon im tired of this cabin and the beans marco gave me god dammit he could have brought a bit more variety. *A door opens you hear some people screaming in pain in the background alex yells close the door you fuck the door slams he sighs* sorry about that were a bit busy up here I will get in touch with you later oh and emily good to hear that your alive dont know if you want to meet me if so just contact me. *He sighs sad not sure how she thinks about him* ok guys stay save and dont get shot *you hear a shot in the background* god dammit marco i wanted to talk to him you idiot *transmission breaks up*
  12. Nominee: Riggsee Reason: The best RP streamer on twitch I found so far. Streams nearly every day and produces great contend for everybody. Evidence: Twitch
  13. *speaks silently afraid of someone hearing him* Oh thank god ok I will hit you up on your frequency then *sighs hopefull* see you soon *stores away his radio and walks back into town*
  14. *Tim is breathing heavily holding the ptt button down nervously speaking fast* Hey about the people in Zelenogorsk.. *has to interrupt to catch his breath* ...they I'm not sure whats going on but they were talking about cannibals cut off toes and shooting people... *catches breath again* ...I don't know but they don't seem that nice to me I guess I will come down to Cherno than *releases ptt keeps on running*
  15. *hears the reply hopeful that someone answered* Thank god I hope I can trust you... *looks at his map looking for the place sighs* Ok I will have a look. I hope they can help me... *his stomach grumbles takes out his bottle and sips a few times on it holding his hurting stomach*
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