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  1. Craig Sloan

    Whilst Craig was growing up he was always bullied by the bigger kids and the pretty girls for not being like them. He finally one day decided to stand up for himself and made the right decision to go to the principal instead of getting into a fight. Instead of helping Craig, the principal scoffed and said boys will be boys. Craig instead of getting his problem solved ended up in worse trouble because the bullies knew what he did. After school the followed him home and beat him down. He was hospitalized and no one would believe who did it. After that he decided that he would fight for who ever needed help. He gained popularity among the smaller and less popular kids and eventually got into a serious relationship because of his bravery. His girlfriend gave him the nickname of sugar due to how sweet and caring he was to everyone. But just like sugar he can ruin your mouth and put your dental bill through the roof. He eventually graduated from school and went on to become a bodyguard for many famous people. One of his many employers was going on a trip to chernarus. Craig was not to comfortable with leaving the states and his girlfriend behind but he was going to get paid very well and be able to support him and his significant other for a very long time. So when he left and arrived in chernarus, he heard talks of some sort of outbreak. He wanted to leave but his employer would not allow it and offered more for him to stay but, Craig would not accept and ended up on his employers bad side. He was beaten and left in the woods whilst his employer went back home. He came with no money and only the clothes on his back and what was supplied to him. He has been stuck here since then and is just looking to go home. He will do whatever it takes to return to his home.
  2. Venting emotions {Open Freq}

    *He clicks on his radio and responds to the somewhat rude sounding man* This scum I speak of are people who steal rob and rape the helpless and the people who simply wont fight for themselves. These scum are the mother fucking communists who live down on the coast of the land. They have beaten many and just stolen from even more. Me and some others are going to handle this shit once and for all and put these guys on their asses. *He shuts his radio off and sits back down after he used most of the breath he can hold in his cancer ridden lungs to voice his opinions*
  3. To the people in Stary Sobor (Open Frequency)

    *The buzz of a transmission is heard through the radio* Though I do not know of you I do not believe anyone could even have the resources available to them to become a chemical bomber. As for the food and other items I do thank you though I am not going to be able to use them I assure you some people deserving of them will definitely be getting to them some time soon, so for them I thank you. *His radio cuts off leaving a silence of the frequency*
  4. Venting emotions {Open Freq}

    *The radio buzzes to life with a faint coughing heard in the background of the output* Is anyone out there, if you are respond if you want, it does not matter to me. My name is chuck and some of you may have seen me around. I am going through a lot right now and I just want people to know that I am doing fine. I am in quite a bit of pain but I am still able to function. I am going to be doing something I thought I was never going to do again and it really has me on edge. I am going on one final crusade against what I see as the true evil of this damned country. I just want people to know that with what little I have left I am going to be fighting to make this place safer for you. I am going to be trying to remove the scum from this already filthy place. I suppose I am just righting some of my wrongs, some of you may know whats happening but most don't. I just hope that some of you wish me luck and that some may want to join me and my rag tag group of fighters. Let me know if you do. I suppose that is it for now. I wish you all good luck and good fortune. *The radio goes quiet and Charles lays back down to rest, still listening to his radio just in case someone answers*
  5. Theodore Swanson

    Theodore grew up on the outskirts of Ardmore and had a very rough childhood. He worked everyday on the family farm feeding the animals and keeping the cattle in check. Through this he learned how to use many of the tools that were at his disposal on the farm as well as how to work a rope and lasso. He went hunting with his father and brother a lot which got him a lot of experience with a gun. He was mainly skilled with any .357 magnum rifle or handgun. He had grown up and eventually moved away from his fathers farm which allowed him to gain more experience in the real world which cause him to have some spite towards the American dream so he decided to escape the North American scene and move to a smaller more isolated country. He chose chernarus. He had been looking for somewhere small and simple which would give him a challenge to live in just like back on the farm. He was able to find a small house in the town of gorka but sadly that did not last to long as he just settled in when the infection started.
  6. Help a friend of mines son

    My friend is about to have a son and he is going to be born with only half of a heart. I would really appreciate if some of you great role players would help him and his family out. Thanks so much for your time. https://www.youcaring.com/FixingQuintinsHeart
  7. Charles Masterson

    Charles was your average working man with a happy family and a stable job. He worked as a coal miner in the Rosebud Coal Mine and made enough money to support his family with plenty to spare. He was given the chance to change his life forever with a job offer that would send him across the ocean to a whole new world. He was offered a job in chernarus which he was on the edge of denying because of the war that had broken out and he knew the country was in a sort of rehabilitation stage. He did however end up accepting the job and moved his family across the ocean and would almost guarantee them a better life. He also picked up hunting when he moved there and became a very skilled rifleman.
  8. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Kincayd Mathews (Goes by K) Country: America English Skills: Primary Language Dayz Mod Experience: Not much when it comes to RP Dayz Standalone: 1662 Hours Rp Experience: 100-200 hours favored role: Gunman/Hunter and Sniper Clan Experience: I have been in 3 clans previously Best form of contact: Ts or forums Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-5405/
  9. Cant connect

    OK I will try reinstalling, if that does not work I will format, Thanks for the help. I have already tried the verification so that's why I'm not doing that.
  10. Cant connect

    When I try to connect to any server my screen sits on the severograd screen. I cant figure out how to fix it and if one of you guys could help me, that would be great. If you cant understand my question ask me for more detail.
  11. to the boys [Open Frequency]

    *Picks radio up* " OK Louie lets do this shit. If this Max guy talks to much shit about your girl I will fuck him up for. What you back max, your ass will be grass if you don't" *Takes his radio and throws it into his bag from across the room like a basketball player"
  12. Andy [Open Frequency]

    *Picks up radio questioning how to respond* "Number one, Who the fuck is Emily. Number 2, Where is it being held" *Tosses radio onto some hay and decides to practice his melee combat*
  13. Andy [Open Frequency]

    *Grabs radio and realizes he wont get any sleep tonight* "Seriously though we can work out the rough details and get this going. cant wait to see you brother" *Sits radio in lap and sings to himself while waiting for a response*
  14. Andy [Open Frequency]

    *Grabs radio for the last time* "How about we meet in the middle of the damn airfield if you want people to know about it" *Shoves radio into jacket pocket and tries to take a good nappie*
  15. Andy [Open Frequency]

    *Pulls radio out of bag* "If you have what I needed we are gonna have a good time" *Tosses radio back to bag and lays down for nap time*