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  1. *Brent grabs his radio from his side pocket and fidgets with the knobs* "I hear about this little conflict between our people and it is honestly so childish, all we seem to do is yell at each other over the radio and it seems that it would be easily settled if we would just meet and speak about our disputes." *He pauses to take a drink and you hear him gag on it and whisper something about a piss bottle* "I do hope that when we do meet it comes to a polite end because if it does not, then it will surely not end well for you dipshits." *He puts his radio back into his pants and begins to rinse out his canteen*
  2. Gibby8023


    I find these people everywhere but they are just relaxing everytime
  3. Gibby8023

    PVP blood suckers

    Found these two "Hanging" around in vavilovo
  4. I found these two just "hanging" out in vavilovo
  5. Brent grew up on Dolan street in Defiance, Ohio. He worked alongside his father doing simple tasks around the neighborhood such as helping their neighbors with their plumbing and selling firewood to their surrounding area. He made his way through high school with many friends and little to no enemies. His father worked a few part-time jobs but one of them offered an even brighter future in the country of chernarus. They moved there many years before the war started and lived a nice quiet life up in the mountains and have been there ever since.
  6. Benjamin was born and raised in Adrian, Michigan and traveled all around the state doing various activities. He was an avid fisherman and hunter and loved to ride around the trails on his four wheeler. He was also very good in school and was one of the more popular kid in his class, people like him because he seemed to want to take care of everyone he met. He was an overall very caring guy all throughout his school years and ended up graduating top of his class with honors. He went to college to be an attorney and eventually became one. He started his own firm and eventually started to branch out into other states and even up into Canada. He began to notice opportunities to branch into smaller countries in Europe and decided to start with Chernarus. He traveled over to search for a location to purchase in Novodmitrovsk and set up a new firm. While searching for a space the outbreak began and he has been stuck there ever since.
  7. God forgives but he never forgets, you dirty little slut.
  8. I really like to see this type of thing
  9. Dr. Adrian white grew up in the wilderness of Canada with his mother. His father is unknown due to his mother being a prostitute in her early twenties and not using protection. He lived with his mother and never had any problems growing up. He was well liked and relatively popular at school. He ended up graduation with honors and going to the Ohio state university in the United states. He went there for medical school and passed all of his classes and earned his bachelors. He went through all the required training and was able to become a doctor. On his journey he had heard of a whole bunch of alternative medicinal practices. He was told of some types coming from Chernarus that really interested him and he decided to go and learn some from the source. He traveled to chernarus long before the outbreak and began to learn. He has been there ever since and has been stuck in the country.
  10. Michael Trogly was born on a dark and stormy night, his mother had been abducted by a cult of meth-heads and rapists. He was born in the middle of a satanic ritual in which his mother was murdered and he was torn from her stomach. For years after he was raised by the people and he witnessed everything they did to all the people they abducted. He would watch and learn all of the things they were doing to these people and began to get involved in their doings. He also started to do his own side work such as abduction and murder. He would attack the weak and young, in doing so he began to drawn attention to himself and eventually gained recognition in the town and was officially put on the most wanted list for the county. After years of being hunted he was able to flee to chernarus. As chernarus was in ruins at the time of his arrival, he was able to continue on his path of reaping without repercussions due to the lack of law enforcement. He was there for years before the outbreak and was still operating at the start of the outbreak and is still somewhat at large but willing to do anything to survive.
  11. Nathan Grand is just a normal kid off the streets of Toledo, he was always striving for more, weather it be to get better grades, get a better life started for him and his family, or to get better at singing. He always was proud of his singing voice and his parent's were too. He was always in the school productions and always wanted to join a band. That is actually the reason he was in chernarus, he was looking for opportunities to make a better life for himself. He was planning on sending half of the money he would make over there to his family back in america. He came just a few weeks before the outbreak started due to the cheap travel costs at the time and has been stuck here ever since, trying to avoid as much human contact as possible due to the lack of trust.
  12. Server and location: S1 - Electro Train Tracks (East Side) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-05-09, 01:30 Your in game name: Craig Sloan Names of allies involved: KrissBlade (Keith Keiser) Name of suspect/s: Greg Larsky https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/14821-urban_sniper/ Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad Hatchback Detailed description of the events: I was running to meet up with Kriss who was coming to pick me up on the Eastern side of Electro but was confronted by Greg who I had met on the train tracks East side of Electro. Almost immediately after, he aimed down and shot me in the legs, bandaged me, tied me up and ran away. I attempted to talk to him OOC by doing // but was given no response. Kriss drove past me once I had broke cuffs as I told him on the radio what happened and as he rounded the corner, he saw Greg running down the road and then had vanished since he had logged off. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to log back on but never did.
  13. Took lesson than five minutes to make the most amusing RP I've ever witnessed. Your paint chips weren't so bad.

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