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  1. There was a small pause before he looked at his target, it missed just slightly of where he was aiming. He swore under his breath before a hand rested on his shoulder, his father smiled at him and wanted to try the gun. He placed it on the table and then walked back, his brother stood next to him and motioned him to take off his headset and then said into his ear, "This is so much better than that dumbass doctor work right?" He said laughing before his father came back, his hand clutched in the other. His father looked at him and smiled, this grey hair reflected some of the light of the shooting range. He patted his back, but in his mind it was a great time to bond before the unspeakable would eventually happen. Avery grimaced but his father was quick to take him into his arms and hug him reminding him that his last few months would be spent with him. Avery was at his desk studying for his exam like he had the night before, this exam would mean he would either pass or fail. Medical school had been kicking his ass and he was almost done with it. It would've been easier if not for the fact that his father was about to go to the hospital, which weighed heavily on Avery's mind. He had to pass this exam too and it frustrated him. He threw his pen across the room and fell onto his bed, sighing and falling into a deep sleep. The funeral was planned for the 30th and his exam for the 29th. He would get the results the day the funeral was held. There were a few job positions already lined up for him as well, exciting but also a stab in the heart. He knew exactly where to go in order to fulfill his dads wishes and become what he wanted to be. "I hope I passed dad. If I did, I'm going to become very successful, I promise. I'm doing this for you." Avery said to his dad one last time before he was lowered into his grave. There was the envelope, it laid on his desk. His brother stood next to him as he opened its contents and revealed them, he read it quickly and jumped up out of his chair and yelled up in joy, hugging his brother. Tears streamed down his face and he quickly knew that he was going to make it in the world. ~ Avery was on his plane ride to Livonia, his preferred destination as his father was part Polish. He was on the way there along with many other doctors and medical personnel apart of the 2nd wave response that Livonia had requested as their hospitals had become overfilled. Upon landing and the decontamination he took a long look at the green scenery before being loaded into a LDF APC and headed out straight to one of their tent cities for the sick. The soldiers there had become anxious about this disease and a few talked with them as they headed out towards them, but with quick words they were able to convince the soldiers that it could be solved with their arrival. The doctors there were quick to treat the diseased and luckily were able to reduce the casualties. Avery decided that with a hefty bonus from the Livonian government, he would stay in the region and go over the data of the infection and send it to multiple disease centers around the area for closer examination. In that time he grew in love with the local area and its people, deciding to stay and send money to his brother over in the states. During this time he decided to open up a local Karate dojo like he had always planned and in his free time he decided to train many Livonians in the art he knew quite well. While he was known as Master Fujin, he was little more than an apprentice himself, not taught by an actual Chinese instructor. However he soon gained fame in the city of Topolin while he worked in the hospital there and all over the region. These two parts of him would collide as the disease he had fought came back swinging. In April 2020, he found himself at the center of the frenzied flu outbreak once again working with the LDF and being on the front line helping the people who were infected. This time was worse and when the government decided to reopen slightly after a few weeks, he was one of the figureheads that spoke against them. Every day he was bombarded by patients with new symptoms not seen before and during May 2020 he found himself unable to work the dojo. However on one of the last days he worked, he walked outside for a smoke and gunshots rang over the city. LDF personnel were attacked by what seemed to be rioters by were instead patients. His patients. He ran home, barricaded the door, grabbed the guns in his closet. He quickly grabbed his phone and texted his brother, but his brother had entered the hospital for the frenzied flu already. Avery, Doctor Avery, Master Fujin, what seemed like different people to him were now him. It took a toll on him, but he stood up again and again. This new world would be one he could be in.
  2. So with the new item shop items I saw the new Great Helm being put onto the item shop which makes me quite happy, until I realized that well, it's a helmet. A pretty decent helmet at that too, not the best but still okay. Now I don't think this will be meta defining and the end of DayZRP as we know it, but I'd like to see how the staff team and specifically Roland thinks about this and the thought process behind it. Also, does this item have reduced armour like it says in the fine text of the item shop?
  3. Glad to be aboard y'all, let's make this great eh?
  4. Hope this can fix some of the issues and we don't gotta wipe again.
  5. I want to go ahead and clarify the timeline of events because of the above post. 1. They ask for me to turn off my radio and place it on the ground for their safety. I agree and place it on the group for them. (No hostile intent and I agreed) 2. After getting spooked due to not finding a body and multiple hard hitting questions, they decide to search me of any clear indication of who I am (i.e an armband) 3. I decline the search and state I have done nothing to harm them. 4. They ask for my weapon, I drop my weapon gladly (they still have not shown hostile intent at this point.) 5. They still want to search me after grabbing my weapon, I decline once again and state that I can't hurt them without my weapon. 6. One of them points a gun at me and tells me to do it anyways. (clear hostile intent) 7. I strip down all my clothing and they search it, since I had nothing in my equipment since I was preparing to grab gear they allow me to re-clothe. 8. At this point we talk for a small bit before @Caraham appears in the woods and points a gun at them. 9. The two get spooked again and put a gun to me and tell me to walk towards the compound, one of them clearly stating that if I turn around to shoot me. 10. Locked inside the container.
  6. Vex Piercer POV: Alright, Caraham laid out some key points about this whole thing so I'm here to give the facts about what happened and hopefully shed some light on the situation. Upon approaching the base after driving with @Caraham for about 15 minutes, I decide to crack the code since it is a 3 dial code lock. We had intel about a base south of Swarog previously and decided that if it still had a 3 dial we could crack it so I walked up and started the dialing. However once someone inside started talking I made up being a "Finn" and looking for a person named "Jim" at this exact location and asked for directions to Polana. Since it was 3 dial code locks and we didn't want to leave the base alone since there could possibly be a car or extra supplies for our group. We baited a gunfight in the woods, got lost for a moment and then went back to the base. I sat there for about 15 minutes trying to see if the man would leave before approaching and feigning assistance. Almost immediately a car with 3 people shows up and questions me extensively since they didn't like people at their base. They get suspicious of my radio and ask for it, gladly I turn it of and give it to them hoping that it would show willingness and peace. At this point I just want to GTFO because I've been caught and there is no way in hell I can make it out of this alive or without being robbed. 2 persons escort me into the woods where they want to search me, I decline saying that I don't have anything. Then one of them points a gun at me and makes it clear and obvious that he would kill me if I did not take off my clothing and equipment. They question me some more before David appears in the trees and spooks them, they put a gun to my back and say if he turns around kill him. They drag me inside the compound and into a storage container where they close the doors and ask what to do and question some more (yes there was a whole story I made up and I'd rather not explain it because its long/i forgot). Before the grenade went off, one of them said they spoke to David and said he was the "man of the woods" and wanted me. Since they had guns to me I wondered why he didn't shoot but alas it would come. Then one of them sees him and boom, while I'm in the storage container a grenade goes off and a man falls limp. The rest of the RP interaction happens, a little hostage taking and then I'm released well fed and with water. Now to the point I want to make here: 1. I was validly initiated on in those woods, telling someone to take off their clothes and weapon with a gun to their back is an initiation, giving me and @Caraham Defense Rights. 2. The grenade was not NVFL as OP stated since the DayZ Devs finally fixed grenades killing through walls and being in a container like that would grant me decent protection. 3. I'd like to talk to OP and the group about any other issues they have with the situation at hand, this is clearly just a misunderstanding of defense rights.
  7. As it stands, many people tend to hover around a few guns because they are easily acquired or because they know how to use them. Voted no because there is just so much variety right now and it's just that some people don't want to use some.
  8. Honestly I think 3 should be the limit, I used to build bases quite a lot and gate stacking was the last thing I wanted to do. It was lazy and too difficult for people to get inside, additionally people could take off the metal wire from the side if they did it sloppily (don't know it still works on this server) People should instead place multiple airlocks in front of their gear in a realistic fashion. However I don't believe that there should be a limit to it because that limits player creativity in building bases, creating a list of rules to follow in building stuff will make it way too unfun than it already is having to gather 2x the materials and much more time to build than on other servers. But after a trip to Red Zone for a while where each lock took an hour to destroy, that shit just caused me to come back here.
  9. When I started playing on this community I thought that there needed just one punishment to lead a player to being better as a whole Looking back at that? It still stands true, don't bash the player but give them a taste and they will ultimately become better.
  10. I know we were both tired as fuck but you guys gave it your all. I hope Edgar meets y'all again on better terms Good shit.
  11. Fujin

    Barb wire

    Seems to be mostly issues with desync that kills people but since it's DayZ and we can't do much about it remove it. Or remove the damage. Either or. +1
  12. Thanks! I plan on doing more once I get the time. Chapter 2 starts the killing part of the story so it's gonna be long and extremely vivid.
  13. Impulses of the Adolescent A story carved in the flesh of the ones closest to him, to rot the core of his humanity away, forever an echo. "I'm so sorry Mother... the blood on my hands can't end." -Prologue- -Chapter 1-
  14. Alright that seems fair actually
  15. So you're telling me if I used this and made a base and sent it to Rolle, my group could have a created camp?
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