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  1. deserteagles72

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    "The rest is up to you Wolfy."
  2. deserteagles72

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Agreed 100%. With the recent addition of the M65 and other military gear into the item shop and hi-cap clothing I do worry for the future of the item shop I love. +1
  3. deserteagles72

    Persistence Wipes?

    I do understand that people are annoyed at the lack of guns spawning in because of hoarding, if that even is the isssue, but this is not the solution. This means that if people want to build settlements to enjoy that rp they would have to play around this system It works in other games, not this one sadly. -1
  4. deserteagles72

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    To be honest, youtubers did. I loved watching people just fucking around and getting massive drops
  5. deserteagles72

    Good times.

    Sir, I have to ask you. Did you or did you not have Sweet home Alabama moments with that cow?
  6. deserteagles72

    The vatos are back.

    Kevin was about to take a walk outside for some fresh air until the radio started talking once again, He says "Fuck it," and takes the radio outside and starts walking. "I've lived in this country for 2 winters and when I thought I had seen the worst, you came along. Your sad lonely people, knowing only pain and drugs. I thought I could help you and then I got stabbed in the gut." "After countless battles with your people, you things, fiends, not worth the ground I stand on, I would've hoped you would've overdosed on whatever the hell you produced or died choking on lead. You disappeared and I breathed well, until you fucks came back." The sound of waves crashing on the shore breaks Kevin's focus until he remembers what he's doing "I lost everything in this country and yet you want more... I'll let you in on a little secret: The last thing you'll see is the world turning against you, and my smile as I cut your fucking heads off." My name is Kevin, vatos I've killed your men before, and I will again. Good luck." He throws the radio into the ocean and continues the walk, whistling a tune.
  7. deserteagles72

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    Oh shit mine is: An Feeder lemme add that to the post
  8. deserteagles72

    Official Old-School Runescape Thread

    Please, I'm lonely Also flex on me RSN: An Feeder
  9. deserteagles72

    Add back double stamina

    +1 to fixing cars being assholes
  10. A voice appears right after, not at the scene of the incident "Everyone talks." It disappears into the void and static fills the frequency for a few minutes
  • deserteagles72

    The vatos are back.

    Kevin reaches into his bag for the noisy radio and shuts it off, but decides to give a piece of mind "Hm, I honestly don't understand why you all went into hiding, Perhaps some military guy gave you what you're worth or a lucky bullet into a man's skull." He chuckles a bit "There is just so much blood you have spilt onto the red carpet you walk on. Keep in mind that many, including me, have lost people to yours, And personally I won't stop until I raise one of your pea-brains above the horizon." "Heed my warning, vatos." He releases the PTT and sighs
  • deserteagles72

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Good luck guys, settlements are pretty cool to make so I can wait
  • deserteagles72

    What do you listen to ?

  • deserteagles72

    Add back double stamina

    I love how I hit no, but I still agree. -1 to the no counter because this website is great and I'm stupid For real though, add back double stamina
  • deserteagles72

    Turn down zombie agro

    +1 I would love to just run up on a zombie and knife them and not have the town aggro. Guns are fine but melee isn't.
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