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  1. *He wakes up from a long nap and awakes to the radio broadcast* "We are dealing with a global monster, one that has torn this country and almost the entire world to it's bare body. The United Nations wants nothing but to deal with the infection and help the local population with issues of food, water, medical supplies, and to clear the infection from the buildings some of you used to call home. To the accusations of robbing the local populace, we have done nothing and most certainly this Richard Watson you speak of is not ours. I believe that many of you have done worse than that, and to want war is nothing but moving away from the problem. Let us help you, our teams are ready to help even those who have done horrible actions in a horrible world. This is Corporal Douglass, our intentions are now clear. Out." *He puts away the radio and puts the Royal Navy beret on instead of the UN one.*
  2. deserteagles72

    The United Nations - Lore Faction

    All points of view are respected, and we can always learn from these things. Let's just leave it be and let the actions of the past not effect us.
  3. Of course. The firefight was over and I had ran away into the forest. Permission was granted.
  4. Hello. I am his ally in this little quarrel. Understandably I'm not incredibly involved but I did want to reinforce what was said from both parties. First, I by no circumstance want my man banned for this as it was a lapse in judgement at the time. He seems to not fully understand defense rights and I tried to tell him that right after my encounter with @Sylva and @TIMELAPSE. I thought that my words that he could get banned for this would be enough but it seems not. My POV on the situation: I was at the summer camp south-west of myshkino military when my friend gets a nice spawn after a very funny death near Zeleno. He tells me about a mosin and some ammo and I proceed to loot until I hear him hold someone up for their ak from @Sylva. Keep in mind he was not using push to talk at all, and I could hear every word. Hearing that he got the ak and was on his merry way I calmed down a bit. After about 2 minutes he was talking to the other party who I presume to be @TIMELAPSE. They exchange some words and then silence, he said he was KOS'd. I bolt over to Zeleno to initiate on the opposing party and get his gear and meet both the men. Hearing some old friends probably made me freak out and we talked before I referenced my friend with the ak. Timelapse had his gun out and Sylva had his holstered. He told me to put my hands up but before they could fire on me or anything I spray them down and run off into the trainyard. The conversation that followed was one that I will not forget. We exchanged a trade because me and my excellent aim ruined his backpack so I decided to give him mine because I have enough to make ends meet. I'm going to post the video of his death below because its hilarious and I think that it is technically evidence. Props to @BreadERP for the video
  5. Shots rang out against the grasslands, and enemy fire came from an entrenchment only 200 meters away upon the small squad. Quinn was the elected squad leader of the group of young men who took cover behind the hill and let their hearts race in their rigs, but with a dire situation he acted swiftly. The group was split in 2 by his orders and they moved around the hill to flank the enemy in their trench, utilizing wrecks of vehicles and small sandbag barricades the two groups collapsed on the entrenchment with concussion grenades and a small spray of fire into them. The trench was now clear and the buzzer rang off for the "enemy" to get up. The training was a success and Quinn's C.O. took note of the promising recruit and decided it was time to break him in if he wanted to lead. The next day was one designed for hell, the troop had also taken many other exercises like Quinn's but failed. Quinn was the only one to pass it in his troop, and so he would have to survive today. As soon as the clock hit 0100 hours, alarms rang off in the barracks and the drill sergeants ordered them to pack their things as quickly as possible, to Quinn the day was normal until one of them called over to him with an already loaded backpack filled to the brim with weapons and ammunition. With multiple swear words intertwined with insults and the alarms blaring, he put on the pack along with a number of his belongings in it as well. The pack weighed almost 40kg along with his rig and rifle, and even as he marched out of the barracks he almost stumbled under the weight. The troop was leading and Quinn was starting to fall behind, the drill sergeants were quick to yell at him for abandoning his squad and troop. He stepped quicker and quicker but fell under the weight, it took him a second before his squad yelled as well for him to get up. The squad was leading far above the horizon before he picked up the pack and marched further and further behind his troop. The entire march was 5 kilometers in total, and all along the way, he stood higher even as his back felt like giving out. As the troop crossed the finish line, he was right behind, Quinn nearly pale in the face marched just behind and the entire troop cheered for his eventual finish, and after he crossed that line and took off the pack, he collapsed from exhaustion. Many months later Quinn was forged into a soldier, not just a soldier, but a commando. Showing great promise as a leader he was placed as a squad leader of the same men he was with many weeks ago. He attended the graduation ceremony, and as the green beret was placed upon his head, he shed some tears in front of his C.O., but the man understood what he had to go through and gave him a heartfelt handshake along with the medal. Quinn would later serve in many different operations across the world, helping allies and defeating enemies, all with the help of his squad. His 7 years of service earned him the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Marines of the Royal Navy, and he was extremely adamant on staying until he could no longer serve. This all came to a stop, when news of an outbreak of a disease in South Zegoria became national headlines. The disease was crawling all across Europe and was spreading incredibly far in such a short amount of time, the crisis was now at full, and the ports of Scotland closed. The entire province was closed now, and as England fell to the infection the border between the two was enforced and his squad as well as his entire platoon was deployed at the border. The borders were lax before, but now they were fulled enforced with military force. That day he saw the horrors created by humanity, as the infected tore at the crowds of refugees, he had to only look at them get mauled to death before his eyes. He had only one thought in his mind, "Scotland must survive. At all costs." As the year turns, and the world laid in total disarray. The radio on his belt rang from command, and they said that they needed to talk to him. He entered the FOB and saw a blue beret on top of an old man, and he knew where he had to go.
  6. Mia was a normal girl born into a normal family in a normal city, but with an abnormal disorder. As she grew up her family had tried their best to raise her during financial struggles and a throughout multiple jobs from the cruel economy to her family. Since they didn't get to spend time with her as much as they wanted to, they dismissed her lack of talking at age 6 as a symptom of their struggles, but they quickly tried to change that through early schooling to have her socialize. This quickly turned futile as she was an easy target to the bullies of society, but instead of taking it harshly it rested deeply in her psyche as an example of the worst people in the world. A teacher soon realized her inability to talk and called in her parents to speak with them, and a quick doctors appointment lead to the lead medical professionals of the Canadian medical system. After a long week of grueling tests and x-rays, it was found that she had Aphonia, her vocal cords were damaged at birth and thus prevents them from vibrating correctly. The news was... not new to Mia. Her body had understood the idea that speech was not something that she could not do, but now learning sign language taught her a new form to life and as she grew older and older, it sunk into her mind that life dealt a wrong hand. The Joker in the deck that never should've been there was drawn, but to take its use was something she grew to master. To combat the lack of speech and social aspects of life, she wrote poetry and many stories and even novels in her life. These novels were a way for people to understand her in a way they knew, as well as many professional writers. On a cold Monday at her school, she was contacted by the CWF, Canadian Writers Foundation, and was directly given a way to express her writing to the world. The group offered her one shot at publishing a book of hers, and she would take the shot. The date was set, and the office was warm. She had a large stack of papers in her and a trusted friend who knew sign too. "Nervous?" Her friend signed to her. Mia hesitated before signing back, "Not nervous, virtuous." With a large grin she knew that this was the time, and her name was called up to the top of the building. The elevator had an astonishing 18 levels and the lady pressed the highest one before telling her that she would need to speak to the lead publisher that the CWF got into contact with. This came with the information that he had already read it along with a majority of her other work, which caused Mia to grasp her friends hand in solidarity. The elevator dinged and she stepped into the bright room with a suited man. This would be it she thought, perhaps he would see what she could do more than anyone else. The man read through a file before telling her the news that her mind had already inprinted in her, that society was filed with the worst people imaginable. He rejected it, stating that her lack of experience was "apparent" in her work. Shedding no tears, she left the building and ripped the papers in half to throw away. Her 13th birthday was around the corner however, and with it a small slip of paper was all she received. It read boldly before her entire family, "You will soon be able to talk." The paper was the salvation in her deprived life, and now all it took was a plane ride to Russia to see a surgeon leading in this field. Her family accompanied her along the way and a drive through South Zegoria landed her in a hospital in Chernogorsk. The doctors knew a small amount of English and told her one thing before putting her under, "You'll be okay." In an accent that was hard to miss in her ears. The blackness encompassed her in her gown and nothing was known to her until she woke up. Unknown to Mia, the time frame that was chosen was one that was not good enough, and the surgeons quickly heard word from the military that there was nothing saving them if they stayed. Soldiers rode through and gunshots rang out at the crawling and frothing infected people. The surgeons didn't have anything to wake her up on hand, as that too was taken by the military. The surgeons locked her in the operating room as a last ditch attempt to save her life. Even as the infected burst through the windows, the same surgeon that told her everything would be okay sacrificed himself to make sure the lock made it on. Her vision grew wider as the day sunk under the horizon and the gown on her was still fresh with no blood on it. As she opened the door to the operating room the enemy of her life attacked her, and as she left the hospital covered in blood, she knew life was never fair to her, and nor were the people that caused this. She vowed that she would gut the person who caused this, and let him bleed upon the sacrament of his life as she has.
  7. That is very very good news and actually makes me quite happy that the developers understand the issue at hand. The reason is also valid I suppose, although I would hope one day either the server or the staffing becomes better but wishful thinking. I am discussing about the issues that face the game in its current state and my view on them. I am not suggesting in anyway a supposed fix because I do not know one. I also need to reiterate my point that I believe from my current playing of the game, it is not viable to build anymore until further fixes. I said no flame, and I mean no flame. I wanted information and I got information that I wanted which is extremely helpful, the staff have done a good job so far. I mean except for the colors on the campfire items like come on Kappa. I don't mean harsh or even bad feelings because I get that they're annoyed too, but now that I have a good answer to my issue that the Bohemia developers know and the issue is staffing for rollbacks on persistence.
  8. If you know what Rolle said, please enlighten me to why he denies a fix to the game.
  9. As well as there being many many bugs that the game has that are not said here. That is a topic for another time, but the topic is on persistent items and buildables that take hours to produce, not 7 mosin bullets.
  10. Logging of items and persistent buildables. It's a tool that has existed for a while, not sure if it is up to date with the current patch but it seems to be. I don't know how much storage a wood wall takes up, but I doubt a single chernarus map with some barrels on it will cause the game to self destruct
  11. Let me preface this as a heated topic, because as a player whom solemnly enjoys creating settlements and the great RP that comes with it and has done so from the second the base building was released, I think I have a say in the matter of what is happening in the here and now. Simply put, building is not viable, and it never will be if the server continues on with this. The main issue is persistence, the most broken and piece of shit system I have seen in recent memory. The system puts so much stress on a server and causes almost all the crashes due to instability and causes extreme lag in spikes. The lag is the part that I don't see because I have a good PC, but I have heard from many that it is an issue. The system is also flawed in part based on the servers it is placed upon. All of these issues blend into this mess of a system that get worse every single day. Now what about the issues I have faced, because I would like to think that it is worth talking about and important. I have went through every single persistence wipe during beta losing things. These wipes were extremely painful and I lost the settlements I had built in a day or less, but never have I seen something as bad as what is going on now, literal deletion of everything. You store an item in a barrel and the game doesn't like it? Sorry buddy, but all those items you stored are gone. You built a compound for your group? Sorry buddy, the game didn't like that either. And I can understand the want of only RP or only to collect guns and ammo, but it seems we're getting screwed on both ends and I've had about enough losing a good week of effort because of a system so integrally flawed. Take this all with a grain of salt, because for all I know the developers at Bohemia and here locally could be working on a fix, but the bandaid solutions are what we desperately need most. Bandaid solutions that allow us players to fully enjoy our experience. Thank you for reading, and again, no flame but pls fix.
  12. deserteagles72

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    This server is 90% hostile groups. There is not a single day that passes where I see a group that is imaginative. Why do y'all need hostileRP to have fun? I don't understand and I want to.
  13. deserteagles72

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    "Diverse." It's the same group but with a gimmick each time.
  14. deserteagles72

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    I love the idea of the drug ring and all that as well as the graphics. My only gripe is with the same idea of HostileRP changing everyday into new groups, I don't get why there has to be a new group like this every week.
  15. Currently as it stands, the item shop has no suit jackets of female and male variety. Now I'm not a coder or anywhere close to that, so simply just putting my word out there as a player with a bit of cash to blow. I purchased the Wool Coat and the Slacks, for a pretty nice business look that fits my character and all, but after looking it over, why aren't the suit jackets in? It seems like a bit of a missed mark because I'm willing along with many others to purchase these items to support the community. So give your take and if you know anything about the game and item shop and how it works, inform me! I love to learn about these things as they are very nice additions.